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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 495 — Hold the Peni… eherm, Door! Hold the door!

Chapter 495: Hold the Peni… eherm, Door! Hold the door!

Upon seeing the hundreds of female Knights before them, Han Ying Xue lost her tongue for the moment, before she recovered and said, "Silly Yu, why couldn’t you just lure a small number of monsters every time you summon me?"

Zhang Yang shook his head as he said, "Nonsense! If I’m only fighting a small number of monsters, why would I even need your help?"

"You ruffians! How dare you go against the will of Snowflake castle! In the name of the Countess, we shall kill you all!" a female Knight with a pair of extremely outstanding boobs shouted, as she waved her sword and directed it at Zhang Yang! Instantly, the hundreds of female Knights right before Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue started their charge.

As this was going to be a Defensive Battle where the door drew the line, Zhang Yang had already summoned out the [Mythical Turtle], which stood by his side, guarding the door of the little cottage. Meanwhile, Felice had already transformed into her Dragonhawk form as she started taking off.

Currently, the [Mythical Turtle] was Level 103, and had a total of 65,420 HP on it! That amount was actually more than the HP of 90% tankers at the current stage of the game! With a thick shell and a super healer like Han Ying Xue supporting it, it would be able to guard the door as easily as it breathes!

Zhang Yang let out a battle cry as he met their charge. With his {Blood Rage} activated, he acquired 30 Rage Points instantly. With a flick in his sword, Zhang Yang sent out a {Blast Wave} out front, as his attack spread out in a conical area, stunning all the female Knights within the effective range of the skill. Each of the female Knights within the effective range was inflicted with a damage of 877!

The replicated effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] was triggered repeatedly and inflicted the horde with a few more rounds of damage. The area blew up with numerical values of damage.

Felice was bombarding the horde by activating her {Pulverizing Flame}. Streams of blazing flames were splattered upon the monsters, inflicting them with massive damage! The monsters were inflicted with 3,000 damage in every second! The entire battlefield was blazing in a sea of flames. The scene was magnificent!

However, the HP of these elite Tier monsters were just too long. Although the damage was as high as hundreds of thousands damage, it was still not enough to instant-kill them. It would require a few rounds of equally damaging combinations before they die!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The forces had already forced their way through the flames, and they were approaching Zhang Yang at a high speed! They were charging towards Zhang Yang, their spears pointed straight at him as if they were in a jousting contest, with their lives at stake!

As there was a super healer like Han Ying Xue supporting him, Zhang Yang courageously faced the oncoming spearheads!

[Mythical Turtle] was a Violet-Platinum [Mount]. It had the advantage of being a higher Tier [Mount]. Zhang Yang also had a full set of Violet-Platinum equipment. Of course, he would be much more powerful than these monsters! The [Mythical Turtle] and Zhang Yang were both far superior to the female knights. With these two ‘dams’ standing in front of the door, there was no way that these Elite monsters would be able to ‘break’ through the turtle-man ‘dam’!

Grounded combat had its limits. They could not maneuver in three-dimensional combat like how it would be between warplanes and submarines. For instance, [Mythical Turtle] and Zhang Yang currently had their backs against the door. So, they would only have to face the assaults of the monsters from one direction, the front! Furthermore, the battle horses were massive, so only 4 of the Elite monsters could attack Zhang Yang and [Mythical Turtle] at the same time. The rest of the monsters could only line up for their turns behind their comrades, standing idly!

Of course, the damage of four elite monsters was nothing that Han Ying Xue couldn’t heal.

Other healers would be able to perform just as well initially, but they would run out of MP in no time. They would be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers! It was different for Han Ying Xue, because she had {Divine Soul}, a Skill that reduces the MP consumption of all her healing skills by 75%! Furthermore, she was a highly skilled professional player, with a superhuman level of MP management, gained through her experience from hundreds of impossible battles. Well, practice makes perfect, and Han Ying Xue had lots of it, being a veteran member of Zhang Yang’s crazy little party! This level of healing was a piece of cake for her. As long as she has enough [MP Potions] on hand, she would be able to keep up, all day long!

That did not seem to be necessary, as the monsters were finite in numbers! The AoE attacks of Zhang Yang and Felice are extremely powerful and effective! In not more than 10 minutes, the HP bars of a large number of monsters had been emptied out, and they collapsed onto the ground, one after another.

Han Ying Xue quickly said, "Quickly, summon Yan Er here, now! Look at the number of monsters here! She will definitely earn quite a lot of experience points here!

Tsk! This witch was treating the little brat better than him!

Zhang Yang took his [Party Summon Order] out. Well, it had already been more than 2 hours already, since he last used it. The little brat instantly appeared right before Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue atop her flying tiger. Fortunately, she had materialized at a less chaotic corner at the side of the house, away from the thick of battle. If she had appeared in the midst of those deadly knights, she would have been immediately shredded to pieces!

As they were currently in an indoor environment, the mount of the little brat was unsummoned automatically, and she fell straight onto the ground on her butt. She rubbed her butt in anger.

"Noob tank! I hate you!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Hurry up then, get us out of here then, so that you can summon your [Mount] and get its levels up!"

Still, the monsters were blocking the way out by the door, how could Wei Yan Er get out of the indoor environment? She steeled up her heart, took out her axe and started swing it at the roof of the house like a mad girl. She actually took out the entire roof of the house! After that, the system indicated that the area was no longer an indoor environment! That little brat actually managed to summon her [Mount] again!

That actually worked?

Zhang Yang shook his head in amazement, only this little brat would be crazy enough to come out with such ideas and follow through! This time, her wild idea had actually worked! Zhang Yang was left speechless, as he did not know what to say at all! Well, let’s hope it doesn’t affect Meka’s progress in any way. If this NPC ever gets interrupted and something goes wrong, he might end up having a weird penis! It might become the joke of a life time when he goes into the ‘battlefield’ again, if ever!

As the little brat had resummoned her [Winged Tiger], Zhang Yang could now see that it had already reach Level 42. It was so much bigger compared to the time Zhang Yang last saw it. The body was fully covered in snowy white fur, and its wings were like the wings of a bat, no, in fact, they were actually the wings of a dragon! It looked most magnificent and attractive!

Zhang Yang had also mounted atop his [Mythical Turtle], and the two of them worked together, blocking the monsters at the entrance of the house.

The [Winged Tiger] suddenly opened up its mouth wide, and spat out a blazing breath of dragon breath! It waved its head to the left and right, allowing the dragon’s breath to sweep across the area in a conical AoE, burning every monster there with a damage of 2,000!

Zhang Yang was startled, "Little brat, your ‘baby’ does AoE attacks?"

"Of course it can!" Wei Yan Er was feeling proud and happy. She only had a Gray-Silver Tier [Mount] before she got her [Winged Tiger]. Now that it was such a jump in Tiers, she was in cloud nine! She quickly posted the skill description of her ‘baby’ onto the party channel.

[Flame of the Dragon Breath]: Releases Dragon Breath at the targets. The attack spreads out over a conical area, inflicting 2,000 Fire Damage to all targets for every second. Lasts for 10 seconds. Instant activation. Requires channeling. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Cost: 100 Focus Points.

This skill was highly similar to Felice’s {Pulverizing Flame}. It was just slightly weaker, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of when Felice is involved!

With two [Mounts], two powerful players and one superb Battle Companion, the firepower of this little gang had already surpassed that of a full party of 10! In just a couple of minutes, another large group of monsters crumpled to the ground! Golden lights flashed through the body of the [Winged Tiger] as it continuously gained more levels!

After more than an hour, the entire army was wiped out, and the area was peaceful once again. The [Winged Tiger] had actually shot up to Level 67! It was even faster than the speed of a rocket!

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er quickly went out to ‘clean up’ the ground. The number of loots these hundreds of monsters dropped were substantial! The ladies were so attracted by the glittering coins that were lying all over the ground where they have slain the monsters!

Before Zhang Yang even has the chance to breathe properly, the sky was suddenly darkened, as if a dark cloud had formed over their heads. Zhang Yang looked up to see what was going on. That was the moment when he realized that they were in deep trouble. He saw the underbellies of a large number of Griffins hovering above him. More female Knights sat on the back of each Griffin. The Griffins let out shrill screams in unison as they descended swiftly towards the little cottage! The female Knights started to fire sharp edged arrows as they descended!

What the f*ck!

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes in exasperation, "Little brat! Look at what you have done! You’ve taken out the roof, and now, we are now sitting ducks! They can just keep shooting at us like stationary targets! Whose side are you on?"

Wei Yan Er moved her eyes around innocently and she giggled, "I’m still young and naive, you said it yourself, so I don’t know anything about this! I’m innocent!"

Zhang Yang felt a vein popping. What movies has she been watching, recently? How could she come up with such a low standard excuse! As they were still in combat mode, Zhang Yang could not switch mounts, so Felice was the only one who could battle in midair. However, despite her immense power, she would still be crushed by their sheer numbers!

In aerial combat, it was a dogfight. Combat would take place at 360 degrees. Every single monsters on this fleet also happened to be ranged monsters. So, thousands of monsters could actually fire their arrows at a single target altogether. Even if Zhang Yang were to activate his {Shield Wall}, he would still be instantly-killed on spot!

Well, Zhang Yang would never forgive himself if he allowed Felice to die in such a manner, so he quickly led the 3 ladies into the cottage.

Fortunately for them, although the little cottage was tiny, it was divided into three distinct sections. The first section was the front living room, the second was the main living room, and last but not least, the third was the bedroom. Meka was concocting his potion in the bedroom. Well, this wasn’t exactly a tiny cottage, afterall!

Normal monsters have limited intelligence. Although Zhang Yang and the ladies were inside the little cottage, none of the monsters came down to tear off the roof. Instead, the monsters landed on the ground and squeezed in through the door towards Zhang Yang and the ladies.

But, that was not it. The first living room was quickly being filled up! Other than the Griffin riding Archers, there were also Spellcasters and Warriors types gushing into the little cottage. Zhang yang was most bothered by the appearance of a single Priest in a white robe!

That Priest was healing up the monsters, undoing all the efforts of Zhang Yang and the ladies!

The HP bars of the Elite monsters were just too long, giving the Priest enough time to heal the Elite monsters back up before Zhang Yang and the ladies could kill the monsters. The Priest would also use AoE Skills that would heal 4 to 5 monsters, and sometimes even 10 monsters at the same instant! Her presence had completely halted the deaths of the army! Zhang Yang and the ladies were forced to huddle up together!

Fortunately, this quest was not about slaying monsters, it was to buy time for Meka.

But a little while later, the real challenge was revealed!

A beautiful lady, dressed in a very fancy dress made her way into the little cottage. She held a black staff in her hand. Her golden hair reflected the pale sunlight, and her lovely blue eyes were fixated on them. She had a great figure. Her chest ‘boomed’ out, and so did her rear. It was so perky that her booty buttocks formed the perfect shape of a peach. Whenever she took a step, the thin fabric would stretch and crease around her buttocks, revealing the atomic shape of her atomic buttocks, which would awaken the passion within the hearts of everything that loved women!

[Countess Kate Jingle]

Level: 135

HP: 40,500,000

Defense: 5,560

Magic Attack: 19,521 - 21,521


[Thunder Flash]: Strikes the target with the power of thunder, inflicting 150% Magic Attack in the form of Nature Damage to all targets nearby. Instant activation. Range: 40 meters. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

[Thunderous Annihilation]: Summons thunder and inflicts Nature Damage to all targets within the area of 40 X 40 meter square area. Lasts for 30 seconds. Instant activation. Requires channeling. Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Lightning Shield]: Summons a shield made of lightning to shield the caster, reflecting 10,000 Nature Damage back at the attackers. Lasts for 1 minute. Instant activation. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

Note: Countess of the Snowflakes Castle. Her words are absolute and are not to be disobeyed!

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