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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 496 — Meka and the Countess

Chapter 496: Meka and the Countess

This Countess is a level 135 Mythical Boss, and her level is already 32 levels higher than Zhang Yang’s level! The damage he inflicts on the boss would be restricted by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game! That was just unfair! Zhang Yang and the ladies would not be able to channel their damage output efficiently, because of the Level Gap Suppression function of the game!

Furthermore, this is not just some Yellow-Gold boss! This is an actual Mythical Tier boss!

Zhang Yang had not forgotten the day when he had to struggle against the Spectre b*tch from the Imperial Heaven's Empire who had been dead for thousands of years! It had been so tiring! Compared to that encounter with that boss, although they had one more Violet-Platinum Tier [Mount] and a Battle Companion with higher Tiers with them this time, they were still far stronger than they are now.

Why? They had been given full sets of Mythical Tier equipment before they engaged in battle with that Spectre b*tch! Even with all those ‘power ups’, they were still having difficulties in battling that boss! They were actually close to being defeated, themselves! Now? There were only the 3 of them here. This would be mission impossible for them!

Well, all they can hope for now is that Meka finishes concocting his potion as swiftly as possible, and quickly fixes his penis! Then, he can swoop into the scene and save Zhang Yang and the ladies by defeating the entire army with his newly revived penis! Or else, they are going to die.

"Kill them all." the Countess gazed upon Zhang Yang and the 3 ladies as she gave the command to attack - in a very cold and merciless tone. In an instant, countless arrows were released, and countless circular magic formations were formed right above the sky, releasing a bombardment at Zhang Yang and the ladies.

However, the little cottage played its role there and then, with its diminutive structure. Most of the attacks landed onto the walls and bricks of the little cottage. The bombardment of the magic attacks and the arrow shootings were so strong that the entire cottage was trembling, to the point that the walls were beginning to break off, brick by brick!

Boom! Boom! Shoof! Shoof!

Under heavy fire from the monsters, holes started filling up the wall. Shoof! Shoof! Shoof! Instantly, countless arrows flew in from the sky. Many magic attacks had been mixed into the arrow attacks, greatly increasing the chances of them being hit!

Zhang Yang and the ladies quickly took a few steps back further into the little cottage. After just a short while, they had found themselves at the very end of the little cottage, the bedroom!

Meka was still squatting on the floor, by the side of a small furnace. While this middle-age man was still throwing the materials into the furnace with care and love, he was sweating all over his face. He was so focused on what he was doing that he did not even realize that Zhang Yang and the ladies had entered the bedroom!

"A bunch of imbeciles!" the Countess snapped coldly, as she began to walk towards Zhang Yang and the ladies impatiently.

"Please, forgive us!" the monsters fell to their knees in fear.

The Countess did not even look at them as she raised her right hand up and pointed her staff at Zhang Yang. Buzz! A bolt of blazing white lightning flew at Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang quickly took a few steps forward and met the lightning strike head-on!

{Thunder Flash}! Not only could it inflict damage to it’s primary target, it could also leap over to the next closest targets. Zhang Yang did not want Wei Yan Er to suffer from the leaping of the bolt, so he ran out of the range!


A large patch of burn mark was ‘stamped’ onto the middle of Zhang Yang’s chest, as he was inflicted with a very high amount damage. A large chunk of his HP bar was lost! That attack was not as powerful as he had expected, judging by the attack power of the boss. Because of the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, every single hit from the boss had a chance of dealing double damage!

"Silly Yu, the damage of this boss is too much! I can’t heal you up in time!" Han Ying Xue knew her own healing capabilities very well. She could only heal Zhang Yang by 7,000 HP per second. That amount of healing would not be able to balance out with the damage the boss was capable of putting out.

Furthermore, this attack came solely from the boss. If those Elite monsters decide to join in, how long would this party last, then?

"Just buy me some time! My quest doesn’t require me killing this boss. All I need to do in order to complete this quest is to delay enough time for that uncle over there to finish with his ‘work’ and ‘stand up’!" Zhang Yang told the ladies.

"I don’t think that buying time is any much easier than killing the boss!" Han Ying Xue refuted.

Zhang Yang laughed it off. If they could manage in keeping the boss occupied and delay some time, then, they would naturally stand a chance to kill the boss. But, Zhang Yang had no idea at all on how long would Meka take in order to complete his potion. A minute? Two minutes? Or is it ten minutes? Or twenty minutes? If it’s just one or two minutes, it was possible for Zhang Yang to hold on, if he activates all of his super skills and life-saving skills. But to hold on for at least a twenty minutes? They might as well abandon the quest now!

Zhang Yang stepped up and barricaded the entrance of the little cottage with his body. As for Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Felice, and last but not least, the [Mythical Turtle], they went straight into the last room of the cottage and remained there. Since that they could not slay the boss, they might as well buy as much time as possible.

Buzz! Buzz!

The boss activated her {Thunder Flash} over and over again on Zhang Yang, and inflicted a substantial amount of damage on him. He would turn into a roasted chicken at this rate! Surges of flashing thunder kept slamming into his body, and Zhang Yang could even smell his own charred flesh!

Wei Yan Er was really heartless as she was laughing at Zhang Yang instead of pitying him. Felice was so angry to see her laughing at her ‘big brother’. She could not take it anymore as she raised up her lance and pointed straight at the little brat, attacking her to the point that the little brat was screaming for help!

{Berserker’s Heal}, {Shield Wall}, {Last Vigor}! Zhang Yang had activated every single Skills that he has. He had even activated the ultimate life-saving skill of the [Titan Wall]! However, under the oppressive assaults from a Level 135 Mythical Tier boss, every effort that Zhang Yang put in were all washed away. He was only postponing the inevitable!

Zhang Yang could not help but let out a sigh after the boss had struck through the shield of the [Titan Wall]. Just when all hope was lost, and he was about to give in to the boss, he suddenly heard a series of laughter coming from behind him. Meka suddenly leaped up from the floor. Boom! With his slim and athletic body, he broke through the roof with brute force and landed right outside the little cottage, like a god descending down to the earth from the heavens!

[Meka] (Mythical, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 140

HP: 42,000,000

Defense: 5,920

Melee Attack: 25,191 - 29,191

Skills: ???

Note: The reinvigorated penis… eherm! The reinvigorated Meka!

"Hahaha! Kate! Didn’t you want to see me badly? I’m here, as you asked for!" Meka was monstrously powerful. He did not even need a weapon! He punched his fist into the air and instantly, a visible stream of air flow radiated out from his punch, across the surroundings! Bam! Bam! Bam! Every single one of the Snowflakes Castle’s female Knights was sent flying off by the powerful airflow emitted out from Meka’s fist! The armor and clothes on their bodies were shredded, revealing the scent of spring across the surrounding.

This delinquent middle-age man then let out a howl like a wolf and gave another punch into the ground. That punch was extremely powerful and concussive, that the ground was cracked as it trembled! Waves that were tens of meters tall were formed from the impact of the punch, as well across the Shuhada Lake! Mighty waves were beating the shore and the scene was powerful and dynamic!

--- Finally, Zhang Yang had witnessed that wretched man’s handsome and yet perverted heroic posture, with his penis rejuvenated!

"Meka! I have heard of your name across many lands! Come and fight me!" the Countess challenged Meka in a cold tone.

"You want a battle with me? Then let’s have a battle that you will never forget!" Meka let out a roar in excitement as he charged towards Kate. Boom! Boom! Boom! His hands were blazingly fast. Zhang Yang and the ladies could not even see them coming! All of them were kicked right out from the little cottage. Right after that, torn pieces of clothes were flung right out from the little cottage.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sound of clashing did not stop as the entire cottage shook violently!

Zhang Yang, "…"

Han Ying Xue, "…"

Wei Yan Er, "Wow! These two bosses are battling so vigorously that the cottage is shaking!"

The cottage shook continuously for one entire hour before it stopped. After a brief moment, the Countess came out from the cottage, her clothes torn and askew, her eyes lost in tenderness and love. After she half mumbled, ‘Back to the castle’, she led her army and went straight back to her castle.

Another brief moment later, they finally saw Meka stepping out with a lightness in his feet, the pent-up expression on his face no longer there.

Han Ying Xue shivered as she quickly asked Wei Yan Er to leave with her, "Yan Er, let’s go and grind up your Winged Tiger!"

After the two ladies left, Zhang Yang went up to Meka and asked, "Mr. Meka, so tell me, what’s the story behind this axe?"

"Young man, I shall never forget about the things I promised you!" Meka nodded as a gentle wind blown by. His blonde hair was flowing in the wind and the man's mature charm had been exponentially raised.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Not to be Disturbed, acquired 5,000,000 experience points!’

Meka turned solemn, as he looked into a far distance, trying to reorganize his emotions, and then he began to say, "According to legend, for god knows how many tens of thousands of years, the gods in the heavens had a great war! The war was nasty! Even the gods could not avoid death. Only they know how many of the powerful gods fell on that day!"

He paused a while before he continued to talk, "These gods, well… even though they had fallen, but their souls and wills were not extinguished! They were searching for humans who were worthy of inheriting their godly power, offering them to extend their lives in a new form! The axe that you obtained earlier on is the weapon that the gods have used before during the war. You can locate the places where the gods fell, get the god’s acknowledgments, and inherit the god’s godly power!"

"Use your heart to feel the power within this [Axe of the Fallen], and it will guide you towards the right direction!"

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: The Search for


acquired 100,000 experience points!’

A mere reward of 100,000 experience points? Zhang Yang could not help but to shake his head again and again. He took out the Inheritance Keepsake of the God of War and when he touched that axe once again, Zhang Yang instantly received a notification from the system.

‘Ding! You have found out about the hidden story behind the axe. By the guidance of Meka, you have used your heart to feel the power within it. Somewhere within it, you heard a vague voice saying, "Go to the Camarro Islands! Go to the Camarro Islands!"’

So, the next stop is the Camarro Islands!

Zhang Yang used a [Teleportation Scroll] and traveled back to Morning Town. After the cool down period for his [Party Summon Order] was finally over, he summoned Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er over to his location. Then, he linked their [Teleportation Scrolls] onto the Teleportation Circle in Morning Town for their convenience.

The little brat was very eager to ride on her [Flying Mount], so she went off with the ]Winged Tiger] to grind it’s level up. On the other hand, Han Ying Xue was not as energetic. She got Zhang Yang to identify her [Enigmatic Prophet's Boots] before she headed down the streets for a casual walk. After that, she went off to see that blind little girl Luilina and went straight to Winst Castle to gaze upon the view of the Chaos Realm from the top of the palace.

Zhang Yang summoned out the Serpent and headed straight towards the Camarro Islands.

In order to unseal the second seal on his [Sword of Purging Devourer], Zhang Yang was required to locate the [Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang]. However, after weighing the importance between the quests, naturally, getting the [God of War Inheritance] would be his main priority. Whatever side quests or minor quests that come after that would have to wait until he gets his hands on the [God of War Inheritance].

After flying in the sky for about 4 to 5 hours, Zhang Yang had finally entered the area of the Camarro Islands. It was a grinding map ranging from Level 100 to Level 130. Like the ten barren seas, it was a large ocean dotted with small islands.

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