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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 498 — The True Ordeal

Chapter 498: The True Ordeal

The massacre was endless!

Zhang Yang had lost count on how many opponents he had slain! However, both sides of the arena were piled up with countless bodies, and the very air itself was shrouded in red mist!

In this arena, the passing time would be much slower than the time in the game. Because Dream Technology has managed to adjust the in-game time and the real time to the ratio of 3:1, they would have no problem adjusting it further, here!

Zhang Yang felt that he had been killing for an entire month, already!

Whenever he battled one opponent during the day, he would have one night to rest it off, before he would encounter another new opponent the next day. Zhang Yang figured that he had probably ‘overnight’ for over 30 times! Finally, he was teleported out of the arena!

Although he reacquired all of his equipment, and all of the blood on him had disappeared the moment he left the arena, however, a month of restless killing had taken a toll on his psyche. There was a murderous look on him, and his eyes looked dead and empty. Some might even wet their pants by simply making eye contact with him!

From the depths of his heart, he was furious at the game’s developers. Such a quest was too much! Making one participate in such a mass slaughter could really change a person’s soul and plant the seed of evil in it! He recalled that the [God of War Inheritor] in his previous life was an American who had a thirst for killing! Having gone through this part of the quest now, he believed that it wasn’t really the true nature of the American. After all, he must have passed the trial after killing so many people, and it had affected him so much!

Even though he felt as if he had stayed in the arena for over 30 days, it had merely been a few hours on the ‘outside’ world of the game. At least he did not feel any thirst or hunger after he completed the trial.

"The third trial will test your ‘Determination’!"

The deep voice of Ares boomed across his ears, and the scene in front of Zhang Yang changed again, this time, he found himself by a lake! The water of the lake was so crystal clear that he could see the bottom of the lake. The moon was high in the sky, its reflection clearly seen on the surface of the lake.

At one end of the lake, there was a heavenly beautiful woman dipped in the pool. Her fair, naked body was reflected under the pale, clear moonlight, it was an immeasurably mesmerizing scene!

The woman appeared to be at the age of 24 or 25 years old, the age where humans would be at their prime, and women would be at the height of their beauty. Her body shape was lined with perfect grace, her skin as white as polished jade, with the water sliding off its flawless surface! Her fair neck was graceful and long, and her folded arms that were wrapped around her flat stomach ‘unintentionally’ lifted her full, heavy breasts up, and two light, strawberry-yogurt pink circular tips jutted out of the mountains. Her slim, hypnotic waist could only be matched by her round, perky buttocks. Her two long thighs were so fair that they appeared to be an illusion - blurry to the eyes! Her perfectly shaped body formed an hourglass that was lacking in neither symmetry or proportions.

When it comes to Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, and Yu Li, they were truly beautiful creatures. However, humans are never perfect. There would always be some flaw. But, the body of the woman right before Zhang Yang’s eyes is the definition of perfection. There were no flaws, at all! Every inch of her fair skin was perfectly sculpted!

Zhang Yang could not take his eyes off this surreal image!

‘Ding! You accepted the third trial from Ares! Warrior, you must guard your soul! To defeat you, the enemy will use all sorts of schemes and conspiracies that exist in this realm, including Seduction! Ares will never want a person without a stout heart to inherit his legacy and power!


warrior, you have only


chance to prove yourself within these 30 minutes! Don’t mess it up and make yourself look stupid!’

Zhang Yang could not help but to feel embarrassed. Although he had overcame the ‘one month’ of killing and slaughtering, he was now in an extreme need to ‘release’ his stress! What better way to let it all lose in one climatic, spurt of love and passion?!

But, Zhang Yang was not so silly that he would mix up the game and reality together! He was not so ‘hungry’ to get a hard-on while looking at a virtual character! At worst, he could just ram into Han Ying Xue’s room and ‘teach’ the witch a good ‘lesson’! Well, the witch might even get into it and have fun with him!

So, is this trial a bonus for him, then?

As for the beautiful woman bathing by the side of the lake, it seemed that Zhang Yang did not exist in her eyes. Even though they were just tens of meters away from each other, the woman had not even spared a glance at Zhang Yang. She did not even turn her head over towards the direction where Zhang Yang was standing. However, when Zhang Yang saw the information right above her head, he could not help but to feel shocked!

[Lachesis, The Goddess of War] (???)

Level: ???

HP: ???

Defense: ???

Attack: ??

Skills ???

Note: Represents the Goddess of War, the existence of this Goddess trembles over the gods in the divine realm!

What the f*ck! He actually got a chance to feast his eyes upon the scene of a Goddess of War bathing with his eyes! Looks like this Ares is not all stout of heart either! Of all women in the world, he actually picked the Goddess of War to be the projection for his trial object! It seems like he had a thing for this Lachesis, back then!

"Come… come!"

Low voices were suddenly heard by the ears of Zhang Yang. The voices were more like moans, and the voices were so seductive, attempting to rob Zhang Yang of his senses, making him lose grip of reality! It was a difficult sensation to explain, so let’s take an inappropriate example. It’s as if a person is feeling an urge to urinate while dreaming, but a part of his subconscious is strongly suggesting him not to.

Zhang Yang was feeling that way, all the time, as he stood over there. A strong seductive force was trying to lead him into walking forward! But he seemed to remember that he needed to complete the quest! He knew that everything would be over if he ever walks towards that woman!

It was like being awake, and not being awake at the same time! It was the unexplainable sensation of drifting across a fantasy!

At the same moment, a blazing white light suddenly burst right out of the chest of Zhang Yang. Felice actually broke through the restriction of this area and materialized as Zhang Yang’s Battle Companion!

The drifting feeling was instantly removed from his body as Zhang Yang instantly regained his senses! Although the woman in the lake was extremely beautiful and seductive, it was really difficult to actually shake Zhang Yang’s will. A normal man would only look at a poster with a pretty sexy girl on it, and feast their eyes upon it, instead of charging towards the poster with their erected penises.

"Felice! How did you manage to come out?" Zhang Yang was really curious on how Felice broke through the restriction of the area.

Felice was gazing upon the beautiful woman in the lake with a confused expression on her face as she was muttering, "Big brother, I feel like I know her! But no matter how hard I try to remember, I just cannot recall who she is!"

After listening to her, Zhang Yang suddenly realized that features of Lachesis actually looked just like Felice’s!

Could it be, that Felice is actually the daughter of Lachesis?

To think that Felice is already as powerful as a Mythical Tier, with 4 seals still holding her back, would she become as powerful as a Celestial Tier being, if all 4 seals are unsealed away? This actually makes sense for such a powerful existence to have a Goddess of War as her mother!

Meka did say that a war erupted over thousands of years ago. Lachesis might have fallen during that war, while Felice got away from it, most probably because of the seals! Anyway, this is just a game, any designed story in the game by the designers would do, as long as it makes sense.

"Big brother, why do I feel like crying right now?" Felice turned around and looked at Zhang Yang, as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She looked really sad at the moment.

Zhang Yang quickly pulled the little lady into his arms as he said, "Don’t cry. I’m here for you."

With the appearance of Felice, this supposedly extremely difficult trial had become extremely easy. Zhang Yang hugged the little lady for half an hour and passed the third trial very easily.

This time, he was not transported to another special scene. He found himself back in the middle of the cave he found Ares. Right in front of him was the gigantic skeleton of Ares, lying against the wall again.

"Very well. You have passed the first three trials. So, let us move on to the next phase. The true ordeal is about to come at you!" the deep voice of Ares was thunderous, "You have the ‘Courage’, the ‘Bloodlust’, and the ‘Determination’! But those are not enough! You must also possess a certain level of Strength in order to proceed with the Inheritance of my power! Or else, you might just be crushed by the fragments of my rampant power!"

"Furthermore, the vitality of my soul is nearing it’s limit. I must recharge my soul in order to prolong my pitiful existence. So, warrior, go on and slay a Black Dragon named Anubask, and bring me back the blood of that giant lizard! Pour it on me when you return! With the nourishment of the dragon’s blood, my soul should be able to cling on to this world for another one or two years!"

Right after Ares finished his words, he sat right back to the corner of the cave by one of the walls and continued to pretend to be dead.

‘Ding! Ares has given you a quest: The True Ordeal, accept or decline?"

… can he really choose not to accept this?

[The True Ordeal] (Difficulty: S-rank)

Description: Ares wants you to kill the Black Dragon Anubask and obtain the [Black Dragon’s Blood] to prolong the vitality of his soul. Warrior. The Black Dragon Anubask is extremely powerful. You better be prepared! Bring along a thousand, no, ten thousand players before you head for the boss! The Black Dragon Anubask is rumored to be found by Crimson Flames Peak in the area of the Land of the Flaming Rocks.

Completion: Slay the Black Dragon Anubask 0/1, acquire the Black Dragon’s Heart 0/1.

Slay a black dragon?

Zhang Yang felt a group of muscles twitching below his left eye. The Land of the Flaming Rocks is a Level 120 - Level 150 map, and Ethereal bosses start appearing in the map, starting from Level 140! He was very positive that this Anubask must be an Ethereal Tier boss at the very least! If he ever encounters any Ethereal Tier boss with his current equipment, he should rejoice if he even gets to walk away in one piece! To even think about slaying a Black Dragon is totally absurd!

Unless Zhang Yang invites Queen Serena over to aid him on this. Slaying a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss would definitely be easy and enjoyable if he ever takes on the dragon boss, together with an Ascended Tier NPC that wields the heavenly [Meteor Sword] by his side. Or else, he would really need to recruit a large number of players before he can take down an Ethereal boss!

In his previous life, Zhang Yang had mobilized all his entire guild members from his previous guild - Clear Water in order to obtain the Inheritance from the King Kong boss. After they had been launching their assaults without any pause for one day one night straight, they finally took down that King Kong boss!

But the only Lone Desert Smoke members who can enter the Chaos Realm at the moment are Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. The rest have not even reached Level 100 yet. Although they already have a tanker, a healer, and a DPS player already, it would still be a joke if the 3 of them went up against an Ethereal boss!

Well, if you intend to sacrifice yourself, at least die a meaningful death!

So what should he do now? Should he really wait for most of his guild members to reach Level 100 and enter the Chaos Realm, before he heads out for the Black Dragon Anubask?

Furthermore, Zhang Yang had already accepted a Main Story Quest where he is required to gather 3 different kinds of materials, back from when he was Level 10. One of the materials required would be the [Black Dragon’s Heart]. He had already acquired the [Horn of the Mythical Unicorn] previously. So if he can just get his hands on the [Black Dragon’s Heart], he would only need to locate [Book of the Damned] before he can finally complete that quest!

After all, he has the [Friendship Jade] which allowed him to disguise himself as a Spectre and infiltrate deep into the lair of the Spectre to steal the [Book of the Damned] with ease. Well, it would mean that he can finally complete that quest that he accepted ever since he was Level 10 within a short period of time right, after he gets his hands on the [Black Dragon’s Heart]!

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