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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 499 — Black Dragon Anubask

Chapter 499: Black Dragon Anubask

However, it was actually not impossible to slay the boss at the current moment. It would only require the support of powerful items such as the [Forbidden Scroll]!

Zhang Yang could not help but let out a breath of sigh as he began to think about the insufficient number of good cards on his deck. If only he could get a large number of [Forbidden Scrolls], then he should be able to crush this boss without any problems. Unfortunate for him, being the first to enter the Chaos Realm, Zhang Yang had only managed to obtain one [Forbidden Scroll] ever since he stepped foot into this realm. It seems that the rate of dropping of this item is extremely low. So, hoping for players to sell out a rare item like the [Forbidden Scroll] isn’t going to cut it.

Zhang Yang could not simply put aside the [God of War Inheritance], even momentarily. He was so fixated that his heart screamed for him to somehow find a way to finish the quest. After giving thoughts on how to proceed with the quest, he finally decided to travel over to the Land of the Flaming Rocks to check on how powerful the boss can be. If he really stands a chance to tank against the boss, then he can just summon Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er over to aid him in battle! Zhang Yang was so determined to slay the boss, no matter on how great the cost is! As long as he can slay that dragon, every effort he puts in would be worth it!

After he made his decision, Zhang Yang summoned Whitey Jr. and headed straight to the Land of the Flaming Rocks.

Although the map of this Land of the Flaming Rocks is just a Level 120 - 150 grinding map, there were 4 maps in between the map of Land of the Flaming Rocks and the map of the Camarro Islands. In other words, the distance between these two maps would still be very far and wide. Whitey Jr. Was once again ‘tortured’ to flying across the maps. When they arrived at the map blazing with volcanic lava, Whitey Jr. looked like it was about to die of tiredness.

The level of Zhang Yang was way too low for the map. The moment he landed on the ground, it was like a naked beautiful woman stepping into the lair of dirty swines! The monsters were already charging towards him, 40 to 50 meters away while they were ‘howling’ as if they had just spotted their prey. Poor Whitey Jr., without being spared a second of respite, was forced to go airborne again to leave the swarm of monsters behind.

Though the ground was definitely hostile, the sky was not much safer. Flying birds, with no indication of their levels, flew towards Zhang Yang, one after another as they began to launch their attacks on Whitey Jr. and himself.

Although the Level Gap Suppression function of the game is effective, making Zhang Yang’s attack power drop and the damage he receives to increase a lot, but it was still a simple task for Zhang Yang to slay normal monsters. The only difference was that their HP bars were a little longer. It only felt like battling an Elite Tier monster of his level!

Zhang Yang took out every single monster that came in his way as he headed for the Crimson Flame Peak.

The moment he entered the area of the Crimson Flame Peak, where lava flowed everywhere across the ground, Zhang Yang stopped encountering those annoying birds, and that concerned him a little. Obviously, he had entered the territory of that foul Black Dragon, Anubask. No living creature in that land would dare to provoke or disturb the dragon. None would even dare to move within it’s radar!

In no time at all, Zhang Yang had located a gigantic black dragon by the west side of the peak!

This black dragon was at least 300 meters long. Those dragons that the Knights of the White Jade castle rode upon were merely the size of baby dragons when they are to be compared to the size of this black dragon! Its body was fully covered with dark and black scales. Each of the scales were as large as the size of a cover lid of a well. The dragon looked very fierce and intimidating!

At that moment, the black dragon was still lying on the ground, having a nap. The two nostrils of the dragon were even wider than an underground sewer, as breaths of fire were coming right out of the nostrils, heating up the ground below its head, to the point that the ground was blazing red! Even hard rocks across that area were cracking up!

The dragon curled it’s massive body up as it slept. Its tail is at least about a hundred meters long. Even though it was just asleep, the massive body of the dragon was already intimidating enough as it is!

[Black Dragon Anubask] (Ethereal, Dragon)

Level: 150

HP: 450,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Attack: ???

Skills: ???

Note: According to legend, the Black Dragon Anubask was once the Battle Companion of the Hell's Lord, Chigallor. Filled up with Evil force by Chigallor himself, this dragon has an eternal lifespan, just like the gods! However, during the War, Anubask was severely wounded, and has yet to fully recover still.

A difference of 47 levels! Zhang Yang could only see the level, the HP amount and the Defense of the boss. As for the attack power and the skills of the boss, Zhang Yang could only see a bunch of question marks.

So it appears that this dragon was there when the great War happened!

No wonder Ares had mentioned the name of this dragon as a specific target! It seems that during the great War among the gods, the God of War and the Hell’s Lord must have been enemies, and this black dragon must have chewed on his penis for a couple of times to be able to piss him off so much that he would still remember the name of this dragon, thousands of years after he has fallen!

There was one problem… this is a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss! To be able to take down such powerful boss, Zhang Yang must at least reach Level 120, in order to disable the Level Gap Suppression' function of the game! Although it sounded like a simple 17-level difference between Level 103 and Level 120, it’s really not an easy task to grind from Level 103 to Level 120. Without any quest rewards that would reward Zhang Yang with levels, it would take up approximately 170 days just to grind 17 levels to reach Level 120!

170 days is a freaking half a year!

Furthermore, this freaking boss has over 450,000,000 HP! Zhang Yang frowned so intensely that his face almost started cramping up! Zhang Yang could still remember clearly, that the King Kong boss in his previous life only had a total of 45,000,000 HP. Both bosses were Level 150, however, the difference in both of their HP amount was like day and night!

In Zhang Yang’s previous life, the entire guild of Clear Water had been mobilized when they were battling the King Kong boss, and it took them a day and a night of non-stop fighting before they narrowly defeated the boss. It was a close call, as they had almost failed to defeat the boss! At the current stage of the game, although Lone Desert Smoke is the strongest guild there is in the China server, but the timing is not right. Most of the members of Lone Desert Smoke were still around Level 90. It would take up to 3 to 4 months at the least, before all of the core players of the Lone Desert Smokes can enter the Chaos Realm!

Before Zhang Yang set his eyes upon the mighty boss, he still had some ideas in his mind, and looked around the terrain to see if he could exploit it in any way to kill the boss in a cheap, but effective manner. After thoroughly scouting the area, that didn’t seem feasible.


Just as Zhang Yang was about to give up on slaying the dragon, a stream of white light suddenly gushed out of his chest as Felice appeared right in front of him, as if she had lost control over herself.

The little lady stood on the back of Whitey Jr. as she stared at the Black Dragon Anubask with her eyes blazing with hatred and rage, "Big brother! I think, I have seen this large, crawling lizard from somewhere before! I just can’t find the reason why I hate it so much! I feel like tearing this lizard into pieces!"

Zhang Yang was a little moved by her words. He always had been suspecting if Felice is the daughter of the Goddess of War. The Goddess of War was among those who had fallen during the great War, and she had somehow managed to protect Felice! Furthermore, this black dragon must have engaged with the gods during the war, so there is a big possibility that Felice have seen the dragon before. Well, this dragon might even have something to do with the Goddess of War’s death! Then the rage and hatred that Felice has towards the dragon would be understandable!

"Big brother, I can’t hold it anymore!" Felice let out a roar and turned into her Dragonhawk Form. Then, she charged straight towards the boss.

Zhang Yang was freaking out! Although Felice might at least be a Mythical Tier Battle Companion, however, even with her 4 seals removed, and as a Celestial Tier Battle Companion, it would still be impossible for her to defeat the boss! No matter how powerful she gets, she would never have the HP to outlast a boss. For instance, Felice only has about tens of thousands of HP, just like a player with a full set of Mythical Tier equipment. It is totally incomparable to the amount of HP of a boss!

Well, it is a suicidal act for a battle companion to charge towards the boss without any backup!

Zhang Yang tried to unsummon Felice back into the Battle Companion slot in his inventory, but failed to do so! The little lady was disobeying his orders, and Zhang Yang could not do anything about it other than to watch!

"Well, do or die!" Zhang Yang let out a battle cry and he patted Whitey Jr. and charged straight towards the boss. He had promised that he would take care of Felice for as long as he is able to. Even it was just a promise that he made to a virtual character in a virtual game, Zhang Yang did not want to go back on his own words.

Felice descended down to a position that was about the height of 30 to 40 meters above the Black Dragon Anubask. Then she suddenly transformed herself back into her Humanoid Form, as she raised her lance up and stabbed it straight down the head of the black dragon.

As an Ethereal boss, the aggro range of Anubask is very vast, as expected. It had already detected Felice as she was approaching it from above. It opened its eyes and scrambled to its feet, opening its mouth up wide as it flung out a blazing dragon breath towards Felice!


Zhang Yang did not even bother to check if he could use the skill on a Battle Companion. Without thinking, he had already thrown his skill right onto Felice and activated his [Heart of the Death Knight], entering a state of invincibility.


Although the boss attacked after Felice did, the dragon breath attack had reached Felice first, as it was a ranged attack. A blazing blast of dragon breath collided into Felice as the flames engulfed Felice entirely! But Zhang Yang did not see any ‘Immune’ word appearing on top of him. It seems that the skill - {Sacrifice} cannot be used on a Battle Companion!

However, Zhang Yang did not see Felice in the Battle Companion slots of his inventory!

--- When a Battle Companion dies, the Battle Companion will receive a penalty of -1 level and returns back to the Battle Companion slot in the owner’s inventory. The Battle Companion can only be summoned again after 1 hour.

Since he could not see Felice in the Battle Companion slot, that would only mean that Felice was still alive!


A human silhouette broke right through the blazing dragon breath and appeared right in front of the head of the black dragon! A lance plunged straight into the head of the dragon!


20,000? 240,000? Zhang Yang rubbed his eyes and took another look at the numbers… What the f*ck! It’s more than 2,420,000 damage!

What is this? A cosmic Explosion? Super Saiyan Felice? Or did the Buddha possess her momentarily and unleash a heavenly strike! Zhang Yang tightened his grip on Whitey Jr. as hard as he could, as he was stunned to see that amount of damage done to the boss!

"It’s you!" Black Dragon Anubask spoke in a thunderous voice, "You actually survived! How can you be not dead?!"

Felice let out another cry and swung her lance around agilely like she was dancing in the wind. Her powerful stabs could actually penetrate the super thick scales of the dragon! Her strike had left a large cut on the dragon! The blood of the black dragon was oozing out of the open cut, like a spectacular fountain! Zhang Yang felt excited, as he saw the dragon’s blood oozing out like that! Well, it was not because he was sadistic or what, it was simply because that blood was exactly what he needed for the quest! As he could not go up and collect the blood at the moment, as it was engaged in a battle, he could only watch all the blood oozing into the surroundings, seeing how the blood had gone to waste, just like that.




Naturally, the boss would not just stand there and let others slaughter it up! Immediately, the dragon opened up its mouth and began to launch it’s attack aggressively. However, none of it’s attacks had inflicted Felice with damage that is more than 1,000!

{Absolute Defense}!

Felice had activated her super damage immunity Skill. She was basically invincible for the next two minutes!

This little lady over there is definitely in Story Mode! Or else, she would not have inflicted a damage that is higher than a million! However, it’s actually normal, after Zhang Yang had given some thoughts on it. There had been no Battle Companion System in his previous life. Well, Felice did not appear before in the game in his previous life. He could only imagine how important this ‘NPC’ is now!


A stream of blazing light flashed across the lance of Felice, and Zhang Yang knew exactly what it was! It was her {Blazing Dragon's Spear}! However, this {Blazing Dragon's Spear} of Felice had just inflicted over 7 million damage on the black dragon! That was not just an awesome amount damage, that was heavenly!

"Why is this happening? How can this be happening?" The black dragon boss was roaring thunderously, as it endured the divinely powerful attacks of Felice. The initial amount of 450,000,000 HP was decreasing gradually at every passing second!




Zhang Yang could felt the intense beating of his heart, that he lost his breath for a moment there. If Felice can continue to channel such a high damage output onto the boss, then it was possible for her to slay the boss within the 2-minute effective period of her {Absolute Defense}!

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