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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 501 — Han Ying Xue’s Battle Companion

Chapter 501: Han Ying Xue’s Battle Companion

The Teleportation Circle was activated. Zhang Yang arrived at the Winst Castle in no time at all.

The moment after he walked right out of the Teleportation Hall, he saw Han Ying Xue running in a hurry towards him. Before he could even open his mouth to ask, he saw that annoying whiner NPC, Messick chasing after her plump buttocks!

He chuckled, amused, "Witchy Snow, why did you simply flirt around and attract weird beings again?"

Zhang Yang appeared to be a savior to Han Ying Xue the moment she laid eyes on him. She quickly ran behind Zhang Yang and used him as her human shield, then she said, "My charm is too great to be ignored! Even NPCs can be seduced by just looking at me! Silly Yu, please save me!"

Messick revealed an impatient expression on his face as he stared at Zhang Yang, "I say you, ugly horse! Stand aside, while a gentleman like myself is pursuing True Love!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud. Then, he turned around and pulled Han Ying Xue into his arms, "Well, you see, this is my woman, you whiner! Do you want more of Felice’s {Fire Missile}?"

Messick could still remember very clearly how ‘sweet’ the {Fire Missiles} that Felice had thrown onto him were, so he could not help but to feel a shiver down his spine as he took a few steps back. His facial expression at the moment was truly ‘remarkable’! But he instantly shouted back to Zhang Yang after that, " Your woman, you say? I say you, ugly horse! Stop dreaming about! Do you think you are worthy of this lady who is as bedazzling as the sunlight and as noble as the moon? Do you think you can be her man with your ugly face on your ugly horse body?"

Han Ying Xue smiled as raised her face up a little and gave Zhang Yang a kiss on his cheek, "I am your woman?"

Instead of blushing, Zhang Yang rubbed his face in disgust as he said, "Whiner! Are your eyes so blind that they are actually on your butt? Do you seriously think that she’s a beauty?"

Well, Han Ying Xue had set up her avatar in the game to look at plain as possible. Although the results were not ugly at all, but she was far from an actual, bedazzling, mesmerizing beauty! Looks like Messick the whiner had not seen a woman for a very long time, and he could no longer differentiate a vegetable from a bunch of meat!

Han Ying Xue was provoked, as she lifted up her leg and trod on Zhang Yang’s foot.

The ‘flame of justice’ in Messick suddenly ignited as he challenged her, "What say you pretty, let go that ugly beast and charge at me!"

Zhang Yang was stung by the pain on his foot and he tightened his teeth, and then he quickly changed the topic, "Why is this NPC after you in the first place?"

"He insisted on becoming my Battle Companion, and he is forcing me to sign the Contract Bond with him!" it seemed that the focus of Han Ying Xue had successfully been diverted to another matter. Now, her focus was fixed on bad-mouthing Messick as she complained about everything to Zhang Yang, "I will definitely not have this perverted, sick, sexual, psycho following me around! It’s very annoying!"

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh out loud. He had intended to let either Fatty Han or Endless Starlight to subdue Messick into becoming either one of their Battle Companions. Well, Messick basically has the same ‘scent’ as those two wretched perverts. In spite of what he never expected was that Han Ying Xue had such great charm, that Messick would come up to her by himself, and beg her to make him her Battle Companion!

After giving some thoughts about it, Zhang Yang told Han Ying Xue, "I think you should just take him in. Despite this NPC loves to speak foul and wretched language, all of his Skills are good. He is a natural-born meatshield that can really protect you well! Think about it."

Han Ying Xue pointed one of her fingers at Messick and said, "I don’t think he wants to protect me at all! Look at his face now! All he wants is to swallow me whole!"

Zhang Yang turned his eyes towards Messick and he could only see Messick drooling at Han Ying Xue, like a hungry wolf. That wretched face of his was beyond saving. Zhang Yang could not help but to let out a breath of sigh, and then he tried to convince Han Ying Xue again, "Well, it would be even more annoying than letting him follow you all over the place, right? Taking him in as your Battle Companion would allow you to keep him in your Battle Companion Slot all the time. You would only summon him out if you ever need him to tank for you!"

Han Ying Xue can be pretty reasonable when it comes to it, so after some pondering, she saw that Zhang Yang did gave a valid point and that it was really a good idea. So she said, "Alright, I shall take you in as my Battle Companion, with half of my heart! Not the whole thing!"

Messick quickly nodded his head like he was shaking up a bunch of onion heads as he took out a piece of [Contract Book].

Initially, players should be the ones purchasing the [Contract Book] and providing it during the signing of the Contract Bond. Nonetheless, Messick really is a wretched NPC! He had actually provided the [Contract Book] and presented it to Han Ying Xue like a slave! What a shameless fellow! Zhang Yang could not help but feel a little ecky around him!

The Contract Bond was identified, and Messick had officially became the Battle Companion of Han Ying Xue. Two streams of white light beamed across each of them, indicating that the Contact has been signed. As Han Ying Xue was only Level 100 at the moment, and because the level of a Battle Companion could not be higher than the level of their owner, the level of Messick was brought down accordingly.

Zhang Yang asked Han Ying Xue to post out the attributes of Messick.

[Messick] (Humanoid Creature)

Level: 100

HP: 71,200 (Without {Vitality Aura})

Defense: 2,820

Melee Attack: 10,802 - 12,802


[Light of Life]: Instantly recovers 10% HP. Cost: 100 Focus Points. Cooldown: 1 Minute

[Foul Chatters]: Begins to curse at a target, drawing in a large amount of aggro from the target. Instant activation. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

[Parry]: Parries attacks, high chance of completely negating one attack. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

[Play Dead]: Lies on the floor and play dead. There was a high rate of causing the enemies to ignore the caster. If this skill is triggered successfully, the current aggro would be reduced to zero. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Note: The Battle Companion of Little Snow.

After becoming a Battle Companion to a player, the HP of Messick had been reduced sharply. The skill {Light of Life} had been greatly depowered as well. However, Han Ying Xue is a Super healer, so healing him up should not be a problem for her at all.

Meanwhile, the Skill {Parry} is a very practical Skill, making Messick a powerful Tank in the game. Also, his Attack power had increased exponentially. That should cover up the loss of his HP and self-healing capabilities. It’s actually pretty awesome!

As for the Skill - {Play Dead}, it only showed that this whiner is truly wretched. Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue could only assume that Messick would definitely not fight to his death whenever he find himself in a seriously f*cked up situation! All Battle Companions had a great deal of autonomy. Hence, when the time comes, this whiner would definitely decide to lie down on the ground and play dead.

Han Ying Xue was already very annoyed, so she quickly sent him into her inventory. The world finally went back to peace, as it was before.

"Silly Yu, have you completed your quest?" she asked Zhang Yang randomly.

"Not yet. But I am about to!"

"Hmm. When you’re done, take me up on your [Flying Mount] and help me search for the remaining fragments of my ‘Inheritance Quest’!"

"… can’t you just ask the little brat to help you? Her [Winged Tiger] is about to gain its flying ability any time from now!"

"Silly Yu, can’t you see that I just want to spend some time with you, alone? You dimwitted oaf!"

After leaving the Winst Castle, Zhang Yang headed straight over to the Ancient Stone Peak with Whitey Jr… About half an hour later, he finally arrived at the deserted mountain land. However, he did not manage to find Aegolous the Gargoyle King, after scouting around in the entire area, together with Whitey Jr…

He circled closer to the area for another two rounds and had failed to find any signs of that boss. Instead of finding the boss, he came across a little cave halfway up the mountain. Logically speaking, that Gargoyle King should be inside that cave!

As Zhang Yang landed by the entrance of the cave with Whitey Jr., he summoned Whitey and let the Serpent rest in his inventory, as the size of the cave is too narrow for the Serpent’s large body. So, the man and his bear headed deep into the cave to begin exploring.

The interior of the cave was surprisingly dark, thus. Zhang Yang had to activate the Appearance Effect of his Titan Armor Set in order to reveal an area of 3 to 4 meters around him with the light illuminating from his armor. The cave was starting to give Zhang Yang the creeps, and he quickened his steps. Despite the area of the cave was small to Whitey Jr., it was still rather large to a human. It had a height of about 3 meters and a width of about 4 to 5 meters. Nonetheless, Zhang Yang and Whitey could actually walk side by side. It was not too cramped up after all.

Not long after, they saw a statue that was beginning to tremble. Countless of stone pebbles were falling from the statue itself, as the statue turned into a Gargoyle in front of Zhang Yang’s eyes. It looked a little like a monkey with a pair of bat-like wings. It simply looked hideous, with a face that looked like it wanted to chew off anyone’s face!

[Albino Gargoyle] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 115

HP: 1,150,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 8,123 - 9,123


[Gargoyle Strike]: Deals 100% of Physical Damage in the form of a Melee Attack, there is a certain rate to reduce 10% Attack of the target. Lasts for 15 seconds.

[Petrifying]: Petrifies itself and recover 10% HP for every second. The damage received while it is petrified will be reduced by 50%. But, when the Gargoyle is inflicted with Holy Attacks, the damage received will be increased by 100%. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Note: According to legend, these undead creatures came from the Realm of Hell. During the great war among the gods, they followed their master, the God of Darkness and invaded this world. Although the great war had occurred over thousands of years ago, and most of the Gargoyles had returned back to Realm of Hell, a number of them remained in this realm.

"KREEK!" the Gargoyle let out a deafening screech as it began to move the two sharp claws that looked like the arm of a monkey and clawed at Zhang Yang.


‘-912!’ Deflected!

‘-103!’ {Molten Armor}!

+30 Rage Points!

Zhang Yang immediately swung his sword right across the body of the Gargoyle and inflicted a damage of 4000+ onto the Gargoyle, boosting his Rage Points up to a total of 65 points. He then activated his {Frost Strike} without any delay!


A layer of frost immediately formed across the body of the Gargoyle, and the monster was frozen in just an instant, entering a 10 seconds duration of freezing! In other words, the monster will be unable to move for 10 seconds as it is frozen!

This skill is awesome!

Time to experiment with the new Skill that Zhang Yang just acquired! Activating the {Glare of the Death God}!

Instantly, the hollow shadow of a person entered the body of the Gargoyle. Shrouds of dark evil mists began to form right over the Gargoyle’s head as they slowly formed the shape of a shrouding dark skull that was cackling evilly!

Zhang Yang and Whitey struck the monster consecutively, trying to trigger the 10% rate of instant death effect on the monster.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds … 7 seconds, 8 seconds!

Suddenly, right after a slash from Zhang Yang’s sword, the dark skull right above the Gargoyle began to expand rapidly as it opened up its dark foul mouth wide and swallowed the Gargoyle whole! The large mouth shook up for a brief moment, then the Gargoyle stumbled straight onto the ground and died!

What… what an incredible Skill!

Zhang Yang and Whitey could only inflict about 100,000 damage onto the monster before the effect of the {Glare of the Death God} kicked in and instantly killed the monster! Although the monster still had about 1,000,000 HP, it was still instantly killed by the effect of the Skill! There’s no way one could find any shortcomings about that skill!

Unfortunately, the cooldown of this skill is 60 minutes long!

Slightly regretting the fact that he had used the Skill a little too early, Zhang Yang and Whitey continued to push forward. There was a large number of these Gargoyles along the path of the cave as Zhang Yang went deeper into the cave. They would encounter one of these monsters every time they walked forward for about tens of meters. Without the heavenly powerful {Glare of the Death God} and a powerful DPS like Felice, Zhang Yang and Whitey had to take about 2 minutes or so, just to kill one monster before they could proceed further in.

Well, the cave was indeed dark and eerie, and it continued to pressure Zhang Yang by giving him the creeps. It took 3 days and 3 nights of continuous slashing for Zhang Yang to reach the end of the cave. However, that was not the end of the cave. Right before Zhang Yang, was a huge palace!

Clearly, this palace did not belong to the human, or the elites, or the Orcs, or the Dwarfs. The palace looked like pure evil, shrouded in the atmosphere of darkness. The walls of the palace were full of Gargoyles that were still in their petrified forms. Well, all of them looked very wretched and scary. They stood guard over every corner of the palace.

Fortunately for Zhang Yang, it had been 3 days ago since he first entered the cave. He could actually summon out Felice by now. Zhang Yang quickly summoned the little lady out, instantly increasing their total firepower by a few notches up.

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