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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 503 — Bewitchment and Disarment

Chapter 503: Bewitchment and Disarment

With her {Absolute Defense} activated, Felice became every tank player’s envy. Every attack from the boss was like an itch to her.

Aegolous let out a series of thunderous roars as it fluttered its wings, stirring up waves of strong air currents that were so strong, that they almost blew Zhang Yang off his feet! Zhang Yang could feel as if he was a small raft in the middle of a thunderstorm that threatened to capsize him at anytime!

In less than 2 minutes, Zhang Yang recovered his stance and began to increase his damage output towards the boss.

As the DPS of Felice in her Humanoid Form is much weaker than her DPS when she is in her Dragonhawk Form, it became easier for Zhang Yang to retake the aggro of the boss. With some increment in his DPS, Zhang Yang managed to put himself back at the top of the aggro list of the boss in just 5 seconds.

The boss let out another thunderous roar as it began to turn its attention towards Zhang Yang. The Gargoyle King turned its head towards Zhang Yang and reached out with its monkey-claws in an attempt to slash Zhang Yang. At the same instant, Felice’s {Absolute Defense} faded off. Without wasting any time, she took the form of a Dragonhawk and began to unleash hell upon the boss with her {Fire Missiles}.

As for Whitey Jr., all it ever needed to do was to spat it’s venomous saliva whenever it was able. It would always be the last on the aggro list of the boss. It was by no means weak in any way, Zhang Yang and Felice were just on a level of their own!

Poor Aegolous, having its fate toyed around by Zhang Yang and Felice.

Well, that is the one disadvantage of being a boss in a game. Although a boss has powerful Skills and terrifying Attack, it must follow the protocol of the Aggro System in the game to decide which target it would hit first. If they had the intelligence to discern situations like how a player could, every boss battle would become insanely difficult as they would naturally wipe out the Healer Classes first of all! With the Healers gone, the Tankers would be living on borrowed time! Bosses would be able to take out players with ease and not get taken down by a bunch of footmen!

The amount of Aegolous’s HP started off strong. It had about 10,000,000 HP. With Zhang Yang, Felice and Whitey Jr. working together, 10 minutes would be enough to empty out that amount. Even though the boss could recover its health little by little with its Skill, Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash} had caused the healing efficiency of the boss to drop by 75%! Furthermore, that healing Skill of the boss had a cool down period of 5 minutes! The boss simply could not keep up with them.

30%, 20%, 10%!

The boss suddenly let out a deafening screech as a bloody-red light began to beam across the entire body of the boss. The boss had just entered its Berserk form!

Well, the moment that Zhang Yang had been waiting for was finally here!

After the animation of the boss entering the Berserk form passed, Zhang Yang quickly cast the {Glare of the Death God}! A shroud came over the head of the boss and began to form into a dark skull right above its head.

"This! This is the Special Skill of the Hell’s Lord!" It seemed that Aegolous recognized the Skill right away as it let out a roar in fear. It made perfect sense though. Aegolous used to be one of the ‘fangs’ that served the God of Darkness. It doesn’t matter if it was an ally or a foe of the gods, Aegolous must have seen the Hell Lord’s power and Skills. No wonder Aegolous would tremble in fear the moment it knew that this is one of the Skills of the Hell’s Lord!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and proceeded with his assaults. There was no time to lose at all!

With a swing of his one hand, Zhang Yang summoned out his [Devastator] to aid him. At the current stage of the game, this Silver-Tier Servant could no longer provide anything in terms of DPS, however, Zhang Yang had summoned the servant, not because he wanted to increase the total damage output towards the boss! He summoned the servant to increase the number of hits that land on the boss! The rate of triggering the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} is not based on the amount of damage output, but the number of hits that land on the boss! As long as the attacks hit the boss, then the chance to trigger the special effect would be based on the 10% rate of triggering. Any hits also stand a chance of proccing the 10% rate and triggering the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}! In other words, the more hits they land on the boss, the higher the chance they can trigger the special effect of the Skill!

From that moment onwards, Aegolous was assaulted violently by Zhang Yang, Felice, Whitey Jr., and the [Devastator] from all 4 directions around it.



Although 10% was not a high rate, every hit was an additional chance! The special effect was triggered over again and again! By the time the {Glare of the Death God} was over, the boss had lost 1% HP by a total number of 7 times!

Aegolous was left with only 1% HP remaining! It no longer looked intimidating!

"No ---" The Gargoyle King let out it’s final roar that shook the heavens as it flapped its wings one last time before it collapsed down to the ground and died. Boom! Dark flames began to ignite on the dead body of the boss. After that, loot dropped right out of the boss as its dead body burned into a pile of ash. Only a few sharp teeth of the Gargoyle King remained, lying among the loot.

{Glare of the Death God} is just awesome!

Zhang Yang could not help but to feel a rush of joy in his heart. After all, this Skill would only gain more power when used on a tougher enemy! Even if a boss has 100 Billion HP, the {Glare of the Death God} would still function according to it’s power that reduces 1% HP of the boss, no matter what! The boss would still lose 100 Billion HP! Of course, if Zhang Yang used this on a boss with only 10,000 HP, the boss would only lose 1,000 HP every time the special effect of the Skill triggers.

Skills that work via percentages are really useful as the game progresses! The higher the level of the enemy, the better the effects!

After being amazed at himself for awhile, Zhang Yang quickly went up to pick up the loot. Aegolous had dropped a total of 3 pieces of equipment. One was a long crimson sword, another one was a pale-gray cloak, and last but not least, a dark-green ring. Other than that, there were two [Skill Books] as well. Zhang Yang gazed upon them with joy.

He assumed that the crimson sword would be the best item among all of the equipment he got today, so he decided to look at the other two equipment first, as he loves to save the best for the last to savor it.

So firstly, the pale-green cloak - [Gargoyle Cloak]. It is a Level 120 Yellow-Gold equipment more suited for Physical Attack types. So Zhang Yang shoved it directly into his inventory. It would still contribute to Zhang Yang’s finance. Next, the dark-green ring.

[Angelus Ring] (Ring, Violet-Platinum)

Vitality: +212

Strength: +137

Agility: +137

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 270 points.

Equip: Increases 2% damage and 2% healing efficiency.

Equip: Increases 35% Shadow Damage of your weapon.


Required Level: 120

Note: Angelus is a Haunted Mountain in the realm of Hell. Countless dark souls are intertwined there. This ring is formed from the dark energy that comes from the Angelus Mountain. It has unimaginably evil power.

The ring is truly powerful. The additional Shadow Damage of the ring should reach up to 50% much after being identified! Unfortunately, Zhang Yang had no Shadow Skills, not even one. This ring had been purposely designed for players with the Death Knight Inheritance.

However, Zhang Yang also had the {Frost Strike} that could divert the Physical Attack into Frost Damage. Unfortunately for him, this ring adds Shadow Damage, not Frost Damage. Of course, Zhang Yang would not have equipped the ring as well, even if the ring adds Frost Damage. He would not abandon his Defense ability just to boost the damage of one of his many Skills. That would be short-sighted and foolish!

"Unfortunately, no one has gotten the [Death Knight Inheritance] yet. Or else, people would buy it, even if I put a price of 1 million dollars on it!" Zhang Yang could only let out a sigh. Such was one of the disadvantages of being far too ahead of the game. Just like the current situation, although Zhang Yang could beat the boss and acquire some quite powerful equipment, he would not be able to find any real buyers. He would have to hold on to them for quite a while before people become strong enough to purchase the good stuff from him!

After putting the ring into his inventory, Zhang Yang turned his attention towards the crimson sword.

[Crimson Blazing Sword] (Violet-Platinum, Two-handed Sword, Special Weapon for Battle Companion)

Attack: 5,191 - 6,191

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 1,498

Equip: Increases 10% damage.

Equip: Increases 2% Critical Rate.

Required Level: 120

A special Weapon for Battle Companions!

Compared it to his [Sword of Purging Devourer], Zhang Yang could only weep tears of depression. The Attack of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] is between 2,219 - 2,619. That was not even half of the Attack that this [Crimson Blazing Sword] has!

Zhang Yang threw the [Crimson Blazing Sword] over to Felice and said, "Felice, this is for you!"

Felice took up the sword and had a quick look at it, but she shook her head and said, "But, big brother, this sword is lame! I don’t want this."

Zhang Yang staggered for a moment and quickly asked, "Felice, is your lance much powerful than this sword?"

"Of course!" The little lady answered swiftly as she passed her lance over to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang quickly took a closer look at the attributes of the lance. He stared speechless at what he saw, like an innocent child!

[Primordial Dragon Lance] (Mythical, Two-handed Sword, Special Weapon for Battle Companion)

Magic Attack: 5,116 - 6,116

Melee Attack: 6,614 - 7,614

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DpS: 1,872

Equip: Increases 20% Damage.

Equip: Increases 3% Critical Rate.

Required Level: 100

Special: Felice’s Personal Specialized Equipment.

Special: Weapon will be upgraded as according to Felice's Level and the number of Seal broken.

No… no wonder this little girl packed such a punch! The damage of the lance itself was already a couple of notches higher than Zhang Yang’s total Attack! Furthermore, this equipment would actually improve according to the Level of Felice, growing alongside her! However, for a Lance to be categorized as a Sword Type, it was the main reason why Zhang Yang was struck speechless. Well, that might be the developer’s mistake, then.

Zhang Yang looked at Felice as he stared at her from head to toe, looking like a weird, loli-abducting sleazy old man. Felice could not help but to feel self-conscious after being stared at like that. She blushed as she began to wonder out loud, "Big brother, why are you staring at me like that?"

"Little Felice, please take off all your clothes and let me, your big brother, have a good look at them!" Zhang Yang began to laugh in a weird manner.

Felice, "…"

Well, don’t misunderstand Zhang Yang for that. He only planned to look at Felice’s equipment, nothing more. If the lance is already so powerful, how about the test of the equipment on her? It was obvious that he had only wanted to examine the attributes of the equipment, all of them!

After a series of persuasion and sweet talking, Felice finally agreed to take off all her equipment and showed it to Zhang Yang. Her face was so flushed that it looked like an apple. She looked so cute and pure as her blush only grew deeper. Her breasts had already grown into quite a large ‘scale’! Zhang Yang could not help but stared at her until he almost howled into the sky like a wolf in excitement.

Every single equipment on Felice was of Mythical Tier. Furthermore, just like the [Primordial Dragon Lance], all of her equipment would improve based on Felice’s level, and the Tier of her equipment could be improved according to the number of Seals that are unsealed! They would grow as she does!

Zhang Yang could already guess deep down his heart. Although Battle Companions are not labeled with ‘Tiers’ like how the Pets and Mounts are, the equipment sets on them would define their Strength. The initial equipment on the Battle Companions can level up automatically, but these equipment would only level up without any changes to their ‘Tiers’.

Just like Pets.

For instance, Whitey Jr. would have a large improvement in its attributes whenever it levels up. It was as if Whitey Jr. had just switched out a new set of equipment, boosting its attributes. For example, a Pet can only equip Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipment when it reaches Level 69. When it reaches Level 70, it would be as if the Pet had automatically switched out the entire set of the Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipment on it with a new set of Level 70 equipment. This would be why Pets gained so much level whenever the second digit of their level is a zero.

By comparing Pets with the Battle Companions, the ‘equipment’ of the Pets are hidden, while the equipment of the Battle Companions are shown publicly. The largest distinction is that Pets cannot switch their ‘equipment’ but the Battle Companions can, giving the Battle Companions more space to improve and grow into more powerful beings, just like players! Players might end up worse than Black-Steel Tier Pets after they take out every single piece of equipment on them. Or, they can be much more powerful than a boss if they ever get the chance to equip a full set of Celestial Tier equipment to boost their attributes!

Unfortunately, the equipment on normal Battle Companions would only improve according to the level of the Battle Companions, unlike Felice’s. Felice still had seals to unseal in order to improve the Tier of her equipment! That would only mean that she was capable of improving her equipment from Mythical to Ethereal, moving on to Holy, Ascended, and even going up to the Celestial Tier!

When he gets back, Zhang Yang intended to look upon Han Ying Xue and ask her to summon out Messick that whiner, to confirm his deductions.

Zhang Yang put the [Crimson Blazing Sword] into his inventory as he continued to look at the two [Skill Books].

[Pet’s Skill Book: Bewitchment]

Use: Teaches your pet {Bewitchment}.

Zhang Yang turned around casually as he tapped the book against the Serpent. He now possessed a total of 7 [Pet Skill Engravement Scroll]. He could still retrieve the Pet’s Skills if he ever gets a better Pet in the future.

[Bewitchment]: Bewitches the target and get the target confused, restricting the movement of the target. Lasts for 15 seconds. While under the state of ‘Bewitched’, the target would break free if immediately if the target receives any form of attacks. The rate of successfully applying this effect on bosses is much lower. Casting time: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters. Consumes: 100 Focus Points. Cool Down: 5 minutes.

This Skill is not bad at all. Another Status Restriction Skill that can work on bosses, at Zhang Yang’s disposal. Although the Skill does not have a 100% rate of success, the rate was there. When it triggers, it can interrupt any boss’s super skill while the boss is in Berserk mode, reducing the threat of the boss.

Moving on to the next [Skill Book].

[Skill Book: Disarm]

Use: Teaches you {Disarm}.

Required Class: Not Restricted.

Required Level: 100

Oh yes! He knew this one well!

Zhang Yang quickly took up the [Skill Book] and tapped it on himself. A stream of golden light coursed through his entire body as the [Skill Book] entered his body. There, he obtained another new powerful Skill!

[Disarm]: Removes the weapon of the target, the target will not be able to equip any new weapon for a set of duration. Last for 10 seconds. Instant activation. Range: Melee. Cool Down: 2 minutes.

This is one of the best practical Skills for PvP! It doesn’t matter if it’s Melee Class, Ranged Class, Physical Class or Spellcaster Class, the effect would still be the same!

When {Disarm} is activated, the opponent would temporarily lose their weapons. Physical Classes will definitely become useless against anything, while the Spellcaster Class would not feel good either. Staves could increase Magic Attack by so much that half of the Attack of the player would be removed without the weapon. Without a staff, a Spellcaster would lose half of their attacks!

Unfortunately, this Skill would not work on bosses!

Well, one must not be too greedy after obtaining something this nice. Zhang Yang grinned stupidly on his own for awhile. Just when he was thinking of taking out his [Teleportation Scroll] out from his inventory, he suddenly saw there were a few [Gargoyle Teeth,] shrouded by evil energy, lying on the ground, close to where the boss had died.

While Felice was disgusted by the looks of those teeth on the ground, Zhang Yang picked one of the teeth up and took a closer look at it.

[Gargoyle’s Tooth] (Consumable)

Use: Can be inserted into a Level 3 or better Socket, providing 1% Passive Damage Immunity to players.

Required Level: 100

Zhang Yang widened his eyes for a bit. It is actually a [Gemstone]. [Gemstones] usually only add on to the 5 basic attributes in the game. But this [Gargoyle Tooth] adds a very rare attribute, Passive Damage Immunity! This is actually the best [Gemstone] there is for a Tanker. It would make up for Tankers who are lacking in vitality!

Naturally, Tankers who have not met the requirements to be a primary Tanker should focus on getting their HP amount up as much as possible before considering other attributes like this ‘Damage Immunity’.

Unfortunately, the boss only dropped a total of 3 [Gargoyle Tooth]. Zhang Yang had them inserted into the [Titan Chest Plate] and the [Sword of Purging Devourer]. Well, after comparing all his options, these two pieces of equipment would stay longer on him before he switches them with more powerful equipment.

For that, Zhang Yang had lost about 3,000 HP, but he had boosted up his rate of ‘Damage Immunity’ to 23%!

After tearing a [Teleportation Scroll], a white light streamed through Zhang Yang’s entire body and he was teleported straight back to Morning Town.

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