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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 505 — The Last Target, Fire Element King Laguana

Chapter 505: The Last Target, Fire Element King Laguana

Like a boy on a Pogo Stick, Zhang Yang hopped about, evading all the laser beams attacks! Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er who were standing a distance away from where Zhang Yang was battling, clapped their hands and cheered him on.

The boss’ {Death Ray} attack radius was vast. Luckily, Felice had the battle awareness and intelligence to maneuver around the beam in the air. All the while, the two girls were having a good time cheering for the both of them, but Zhang Yang was too busy to respond.

The time taken for the entire skill to complete was 30 seconds! Even though Zhang Yang had not been struck by the beam attack, he was extremely tired. The 30 seconds of nonstop dodging had cost Zhang Yang mental energy! Be it his awareness or movement speed, he had to constantly react by the millisecond, or he would be struck! If he was even grazed by the beam, he would be petrified in stone and immobilized for 5 seconds. If that happens, a domino effect would occur. His petrified form would only take more and more hits of the beam attack, hacking his HP away till there’s only 1 HP left.

After the dark ray beam stopped being fired by the Hydra, Geopolo retracted its heads and initiated a body slam! Sadly, the poor flying serpent only had 1 HP left. It could not endure a single blow from the boss and had turned into a beam of light, flowing into Zhang Yang’s inventory. It would take 10 minutes for Zhang Yang to re-summon the serpent once again. Though there was nothing that Zhang Yang could do at the moment, he had lost a fair bit of firepower!

Zhang Yang sighed. Thank god that he still had Felice in the field to help him. Since most of the damage output came from her, the battle could still go on without being affected much. Soon, the boss’ HP had dropped down to 89%.

Not long after, Zhang Yang swung his sword and had managed to cut off one of the Hydra’s nine heads. The long, giraffe-like head fell off and struck the ground, oozing out a pool of fresh blood. The Hydra shrieked and wailed in pain, spewing more blood from the dismembered stump of its body, even splashing some blood on Zhang Yang’s face.


Shortly after the first head was sliced off, Felice’s incessant {Fire Missile} attacks burned the second head away, sending the Hydra into brief frenzy.

After two of the heads had been dismembered, the boss did not show signs being weakened. Apparently, the number of heads had no correlation to the Hydra’s attack power. Still, it does reduce the attack radius of the beam attack, which gave Zhang Yang and Felice an easier time.

"D*mn you ruffians! I will crush you! I WILL CRUSH YOU!" the Hydra raged on, its distorted voice had turned even deeper and demonic to point that it was just random screeching.

Zhang Yang laughed aloud and said, "I’ve heard that phrase for many times now. Too bad, I’m still standing, since none of them could actually crush me!"

Even though Zhang Yang had one less attacker in his party, Geopolo the Hydra’s HP was hacked away without any pause, since it did not possess any recovery skills. Soon, more of its heads were hacked off, leaving the boss with one last head at 10% HP. At every 11% HP loss, the boss would "drop" one head off. Zhang Yang felt a sense of accomplishment and overwhelming pride. He felt as if he was actually chopping off the heads of a dragon!

When the boss was left with only 10% HP, Zhang Yang had no reason to hold back anymore, and activated {Glare of the Death God}, while summoning Devastator! The bulky machine threw machine gun punches at the Hydra. This time, Zhang Yang was pretty lucky. The {Glare of the Death God} was able to proc for 8 times and the boss was pulverized.

When the massive scaly body of the Nine Head Hydra Geopolo fell to earth and expelled an amount of battle loot, the two money-minded girls, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er waltzed their way to the loot but cried out disgruntledly when they could not pick the loot. Since they had not contributed to the boss fight whatsoever, they did not have the players’"qualification" to loot.

The two ladies had been holding down their urges to pick the loot. That much Zhang Yang was sure, and no amount of persuasion could pacify them. So, he decided to ignore the ladies and went on to loot all the items.

Geopolo, the Nine Head Hydra was far kinder than Aegolous, the Gargoyle King. It dropped a total of four equipment and one red leather-bound skill book. What a shame! There’s no way for an equipment to match up to a skill book! To make things worse, among the four equipment drops, three of them were Yellow-Gold tier and only one was Violet-Platinum tier, which was an emerald-green long spear. The spear’s head was wavy, like the body of a serpent, which reminded Zhang Yang of the weapon that Mang Zhang Fei of the Romance of the Three Kingdom had used, an 18 Zhang Viper Spear (roughly 2.14 meters long).

[Viper Lord's Spear] (Violet-Platinum, Two Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 3,684 - 4,284

Attack Interval: 3.4 seconds

DPS: 1,048

Equip Effect: Increases attack power by 7%

Equip Effect: On attack, grants a 1% chance to inflict {Poisoned}, deals 3,500 Natural damage.


Level Requirement: 120

Sadly, the attack interval was 3.4 seconds instead of 3.8 seconds. By Violet-Platinum standards, this spear was mediocre. Still, compared to other Yellow-Gold and Gray-Silver tier weapon, the Viper Lord’s Spear was several times stronger. Many would still pay a large sum to own it in the Little Merchandise Shop!

Zhang Yang tucked the spear into his bag and picked up the skill book next.

[Skill Book: Aqua Guard]

Use: Teaches you {Aqua Guard}.

Class Requirement: Priest, Spellcaster, Knight.

Level Requirement: 100

Zhang Yang tossed the skill book to Han Ying Xue and grunted, "It’s yours."

Han Ying Xue snorted and helped herself to the book without saying anything in return. She patted the book against her oversized chest and gained a new skill in her skill tree.

[Aqua Guard]: Summons 10 water orbs to surround you. Restores 50 MP every 3 seconds. Upon each attack received, one water orb will be destroyed and grants you 500 MP. The water orbs will last for 10 minutes, or until all orbs are destroyed. Instant Cast. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Han Yang Xue grinned happily and immediately tried the skill out. With a magical flash, 10 blue softball-sized orbs of water appeared in the air and orbited around Han Ying Xue. The water orbs were crystal clear and gave Han Ying Xue an angelic visage.

"Not bad. Looks like our Healer can last much longer in battle!" said Zhang Yang.

Han Ying Xue smirked wider. Bosses at Zhang Yang stages had plenty of AoE attacks. With each attack landing on Han Ying Xue, she could instantly regain a portion of her MP pool. With the slow recovery of MP that occurs every three seconds, it was a good boost to her endurance in a boss fight. If they encounter a boss with a DoT aura, she could restore a 5,000 MP in one go, by simply activating the skill! All in all, having more skills would never hurt!

After collecting all the battle loots, Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue, and Wei Yan Er teleported to Morning town. It has been few days since they had last restocked. They would need to return to town to repair their equipment. As for Zhang Yang, he needed to concoct potions to restock his own supply of top tiered potions. After everything is ready, they could proceed to Laguana and obtain the God of War Inheritance!

Zhang Yang was so excited at the thought of him actually obtaining the Inheritance! In his previous life, the King Kong Inheritance that he obtained was merely B class. That alone had him running from east to west, north, and south! There was hardly the need to fight strong foes! Imagine the strength he would acquire after obtaining the God of War, S class Inheritance!

After concocting a bunch of potions and repairing his equipment, Zhang Yang returned to Morning Town from White Jade Castle and headed to the Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster. The Searing Peak was located in the eastern direction of the flatlands. The entire mountain was red and the peak of it was shining brilliantly, even in daylight, as if it had been lit up by a raging forest fire.

Zhang Yang circled around the peak and found the boss without much problem. He then descended down and landed near a giant altar. At the center of the altar, there were five fire elementals lined up in order. At the center of them was a larger and more prominent fire elemental. The fire elementals here were vastly different compared to what he had fought when he was only Level 10. They had fiery humanoid bodies, and the one in the center wielded a hammer in its right hand and a shield in his left and was at least 20 meters tall. The other four elementals were smaller, but still stood as tall as 3 or 4 meters, and were equipped in a similar manner.

Without a doubt, the larger guy had to be the boss.

[Fire Element King, Laguana] (Violet-Platinum, Elemental Being)

Level: 125

HP: 12,500,000

Defense: 3,300

Melee Attack: 17,310 - 19,310 (Physical Attack with Fire Attribute)


[Flaming Cleanse]: Slams the earth and unleashes a powerful firey wave that will deal 20,00 Fire damage to all targets, 40 meters around the caster.

[Burning Aura]: Causes 5,000 Fire damage every 3 seconds, to all targets 30 meters around the caster. Similar aura effect cannot be stacked.

[Summon Servant: Fire Elemental]: Summons Fire Elementals, double of the number of players in the aggro list. While the Fire Elemental Servants are active, Laguana will enter a hibernation state. In the hibernation state, Laguana cannot attack and cannot be attacked. After 2 minutes, Laguana will awaken and will absorb all the remaining HP from the remaining Fire Elementals, healing himself.

[Fire Constitution]: Restores itself when struck by any and all Fire element attacks.

Note: Loyal follower of the God of Fire. After the fall of the Fire God, Laguana had been searching for the Soul of the Fire God, in hopes of becoming the second God of Fire.

The other 4 Fire elementals were nothing compared to the boss. They were all Level 115 elite tier monsters, with HPs as high as 1,150,000. All of them had a weaker form of the {Burning Aura}; dealing 3,000 Fire damage every 3 seconds. However, they shared a similar trait. Their attacks had Fire attributes which could ignore all Defense, and had an immunity to Fire based attack. However, unlike the boss, Fire attacks would not restore their HP.

Zhang Yang strategy was to kill the monsters before the boss. However, all 5 entities were standing close to each other. No matter how Zhang Yang goes in to attack, all 5 of them would surely be attracted at the same time. In that case, Zhang Yang would have to use the "Aggro Separation" technique.

Under normal circumstances, this technique can only be used by classes who have aggro clearing skills like a Hunter’s {Fake Death} and a Thief’s {Vanish}. Zhang Yang was able to use this technique since he had the skill {Shadow of the Void} to leave the battlefield at will.

Just before he was able to activate {Charge}, he felt a sudden distortion in the air around him. Due to his vast experience of battling, he was 100% sure that there was a Thief around him!

Zhang Yang stopped his movement and concentrated hard. Was it a monster…or a player?

No…it cannot be. A monster would never remain invisible for long, since they would automatically break out of their stealth the moment a player is around.

Zhang Yang knew something was wrong. He then pretended to walk in a circle, as if he was deep in thought and walked in a wider circle to increase his "sensing" radius. When he had circled around for the fourth time, he pulled out his sword in a split second and slashed the air before him!


Fresh blood was spilled in the air and a shadowy figure that belonged to a SMEXY blonde-haired chick puffed out into visibility!

Dusk Phoenix! The European top tiered Thief class player!

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