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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 506 — One More Round with Dusk Phoenix

Chapter 506: One More Round with Dusk Phoenix

Since when did this chick get to Level 100?!

But then again, if Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were able to discover the main story quest, others would be able to. There are many wonders and mysteries in ‘God’s Miracle’. Things like how did Dusk Phoenix being Level 100 wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The real question was, why was Dusk Phoenix here with him?

It would really be a 1 in a million chance that Dusk Phoenix would be there because of a quest! If that was really the case, she should be here Zhang Yang! It was likely, as Zhang Yang had embarrassed the hell out of her in the Land of the Sacred Glory. So, how did she even find him?

Both of them were not exactly friends, so they were not on each other’s friend lists. In the game, the system would only give away the location of a friend. Even if Dusk Phoenix had managed to slip past Hundred Shots and got into Lone Desert Smoke, she would only able to have his general map name and not his exact position. Only a party member could do that. Would Han Ying Xue or Wei Yan Er leak the information instead? That would be impossible.

So back to the to the question. How did she find him!?

With the million-dollar question in his head, he lowered his sword to his side and smiled at her. "Duck Phoenix, how did you find me?"

"My name is Dusk Phoenix!" cried Dusk Phoenix in anger as he had deliberate mispronounced her name. She jumped back and only relaxed when she was 14 to 15 meters away from Zhang Yang. At that distance, she would not get hit by Zhang Yang’s {Charge}. In anger and rage, she glared at him, "I’ve said it before. I will have my revenge!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Ah. I remembered that. But, I seem to recall something I said in return as well. The next time I see you, I’d smack that bum bum real good!" With that, Zhang Yang deliberately made a show of craning his head over to gaze at her curvy butt. The woman was a fine specimen. Her peach-shaped butt was so luscious and thick that all men would be drawn in just to smack’em good!

"You bastard! Eyes up here!" The woman was enraged, but she did give in to her emotions and charge in blindly. Instead, she withdrew even further, before entering stealth mode. With invisibility, she would gain the battle advantage and could fully bring out the potential of a Thief. Her intention was to catch Zhang Yang when he least expects it and slit his throat open. At least, that’s what she had in mind.

Zhang Yang was as calm and as cool as a cucumber. Both of them were players from different regions. The Chinese region and European region were natural-born enemies. There was no way that they would find a peaceful resolution. In any case, Zhang Yang could not simply leave her to be in the area, since this quest had specifically mentioned that interference in the battle would result in failure. He would have to eliminate any possible threat!

{Spear of Obliteration}!


A white projectile was fired off and struck Dusk Phoenix.

"Scoundrel! I dare you to fight me fairly! As a Guardian, you have the class advantage against a Thief! How could you not let me enter stealth! Where is the pride of winning in that?! And you dare call yourself China’s number 1 tank!" Dusk Phoenix hissed.

Zhang Yang smirked. Did she really think that he would be so easily provoked by her taunts? Zhang Yang ignored her and commanded Whitey Jr. to attack her from the skies. Felice had also joined in the fray by firing a {Fire Missile}.

"Hey, Ducky, don’t forget that I actually caught you while you were in stealth. It’s not me who’s being an *sshole. It’s you who is weak! I suggest that you train a little more before you come after me again." Whitey Jr. had spat a {Poison Spit} at her while carrying Zhang Yang on its back.

Splat! Boom!

Felice’s {Fire Missile} had also struck her, dealing more than 20,000 damage, hacking away close to one-third of her HP. The woman was shocked, her face turning ashen pale. Felice’s attack was so much stronger than Wei Yan Er’s or Sun Xin Yu’s, after all!

With Felice backing Zhang Yang up, Zhang Yang could have stood idle and still defeat the Thief. With his Defense power, Dusk Phoenix would have died first, and Zhang Yang would remain standing with around 20,000 HP.

"Bastard!" cried Dusk Phoenix. She quickly consumed a bottle of healing potion and restored the 20,000 HP instantly. Zhang Yang was slightly surprised. When everyone else had been spamming [Level 4 Healing Potions] that could only heal 10,000 HP at a time, she had restored 20,000 HP with a single gulp! Perhaps, she had Transmuted grade potions like Zhang Yang?

That was just one of the possibilities. She could have learned some skill which granted her 100% bonus healing power. Zhang Yang had heard of such skill before, but had never encountered it in his life or the previous one.

So be it. With Felice and Whitey Jr. combining their attack, how long would 60,000 HP last?

{Blur}! {Shadow Cloak}!

Dusk Phoenix was already forced to use her emergency skills, a sign that she was in trouble. With a quick wave of her left hand, her character turned into a translucent, fading into the shadows, gaining 50% evasion rate. The {Shadow Cloak}’s effect was to give the caster a 90% chance of being immune to a magic spell.

The woman had finally closed the distance to Zhang Yang and was dancing around him ever-so-agilely.




In just one second, Zhang Yang had taken 3 strikes that had inflicted him with two different debuffs. One maimed him, while the other was a {Fatal Coat} which dealt 1,000 natural damage every 3 seconds, lasting for 15 seconds and stackable up to 5 layers.

Zhang Yang immediately narrowed his gaze. The woman’s attack was much higher than he had anticipated. Her secondary weapon was able to deal 400 damage! One possible explanation for that would be the skill {Eagle Eye}. Perhaps, the woman had the same skill as him. She could have even maxed out the skill already!

He raised his guard up, treating her with more respect. Even though he may be the only person in China to take all the First Clear Achievement of all the dungeons so far, there could be someone like him who had done the exact same thing in other regions and had gained more than enough skill points!

Dusk Phoenix may have activated her ulti skill, but her semi-invulnerability would only last for 10 seconds. How could anyone kill a well-equipped Guardian in 10 seconds?!

Zhang Yang laughed at the idea and raised his shield. After a successful block, Zhang Yang forcefully bashed the opponent and sent her flying! If he cannot use his skills on her, so be it, but a Supporting Attack did not count as a skill, would not miss!

Dusk Phoenix leaped to her feet like a furious feline. Her cheeks were dyed in a deep pinkish hue. In fury and rage, she screamed in a shrill voice, "Shameless! Pervert! I’ll kill you!"

She brandished her daggers rushed over like a Berserker.

Zhang Yang was baffled, but after reexamining his actions, Zhang Yang understood why she had acted that way. Dusk Phoenix and he were merely enemies from different regions. He did not harbor any particular form of enmity towards her or whatsoever, or even disliked her as a person. That was why he had pulled his punches and had not smashed his shield into her face, as he usually does. After all, his opponent was a woman, and he had lowered the swing of his shield and went for her body. Instead, he had "accidentally" smacked her breasts instead!

From her point of view, she had been blatantly taken advantage off! How would she not feel angry?

Faced with such an aggressive opponent, Zhang Yang had chosen to mount Whitey Jr. and had attacked from the sky instead. He decided to wait until her skills expired so that he could hit her with more certainty. Zhang Yang steeled his mind. He should not allow the opponent to affect his judgment. Both of them were natural enemies and in a battle, gender does not matter.

Dusk Phoenix bore so much hatred towards Zhang Yang and had decided to pull out her trump card. She summoned out a large sky-blue mythical bird. She hopped on it and chased after Zhang Yang.

Woah! She has a flying mount as well? Zhang Yang was becoming more impressed with every passing moment. Still, he still had the means of fighting it. Without a flying mount, she would not have been able to chase after him! Even though a Thief could turn invisible, she would never have gotten past so many high-level monsters on the ground. Moving through a nest of monsters that outleveled a player would be extremely risky.

"Schmuck! Prick!" cried Dusk Phoenix. The woman forced her bashful expression off her face and commanded the blue bird to attack. The bird opened its beak up and accumulated a ball of blue energy that formed into a Frost Arrow which flew at a high speed towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I’m sorry! It was a mistake! I mean, you don’t have to be that agitated about that! We’re just playing a game! It’s not like I’m touching you at all! Besides…what’s there to lose? It’s not like they would blow up! Or…do they actually contain explosives?"

If only he had kept his mouth shut, Dusk Phoenix would not have been any angrier than she had ever been in her entire life. With rage, the woman pulled the reins of the bird and shot down from the sky. If her rage could take actual form, she would be a ball of fiery meteor, with the sole purpose of obliterating Zhang Yang.

What she failed to realize was that her skill was about to expire. No longer pseudo-invincible, Dusk Phoenix’s character returned to her regular status. Her semi-transparent appearance ended, and her entire character solidified.

Felice and Whitey Jr. Had been prepared for that and when her skill had ended, a ball of fire and a wad of poison landed on Dusk Phoenix.

Dusk Phoenix could have endured longer and fight on par with Zhang Yang if Zhang Yang had only summoned Whitey Jr. out. However, Felice’s attack was so strong even Zhang Yang would have trouble standing up against her, even with all his emergency skills! What chance did Dusk Phoenix have!

The woman was not the reckless type. Even with her rage and embarrassment, her sense of judgment had remained as clear as daylight. When she knew that she would not endure the combined attack from all his allies, she tugged on the reins and tried to escape.

She was a Thief, an Assassin. A silent killer born from the shadows. The way of the Assassin was quite different compared to the other types of players. An Assassin should be able to kill their opponents in one attempt. If they fail to do so, they must withdraw from the frontlines and find another chance to strike. Since players could not help but to kill monsters, a Thief could wait until the opponent had used all of their ulti, or wait until their HP is low before striking. A Thief has to be cunning. If Thieves were to fight fairly and squarely, that would defeat their purpose. As they say, there is no honor among Thief.

As for Zhang Yang, he had never allowed any Thief to get close enough to him before, ever! No matter what chances she had, the main priority is to create a safe space and prevent anyone from interfering with his fight against the boss! That was why he has to kill her!

Whitey Jr. flew in the air and chased after Dusk Phoenix while spewing out more poison. Its {Poison Spit} was an instant-cast skill which did not require any casting animation. Hence, even while mid-flight, the flying serpent did not need to stop flying to cast the skill, it was a perfect tool for use during a pursuit!

Dusk Phoenix was rather a good rider. She stopped soaring upwards and had descended down sharply to try and reverse their positions. However, Zhang Yang was a far experienced fighter, so there was no way that he would fall for that!

Dusk Phoenix gritted her teeth. There was no way that she was going to let all the hard-earned experience points to drop down to 0. She then turned around and shouted at him, "Zhan Yu! You have no honor! Is this how Chinese men treat their ladies?"

Zhang Yang laughed at her comment and said, "Well, we definitely do not have the luxury of doing it mid-air, or while on flying creatures. Also, there’s no way I'm letting you escape! I’m killing you! That’s final!"

Dusk Phoenix clenched her fists tightly. She had never seen such a ruthless man who would not pull his punches against a woman! She was very well aware that she would never escape from Zhang Yang. Still, it would be a huge disgrace if she fails to shake him off! She would be killed in mid-air by the flying serpent’s poison spit!

With a quick command, the bluebird descended down to the earth. The moment she was 10 meters above the ground, she leaped off the bird. The woman did not have the skill {Beast Taming}. Hence, when she got off the bird, it disappeared after two seconds. Before the bird was unsummoned, Dusk Phoenix had ran beneath the bird’s shadow and had entered stealth. When the bird vanished from the air, so did she.

Zhang Yang had been following her closely and had immediately realized what she had done. Smiling confidently, he called out, "Burn the ground, Felice!"

Felice breathed fire down at where Dusk Phoenix had vanished from sight burning a large patch of the ground.


Close to where the AoE effect ended, a damage text ticked out, and Dusk Phoenix was forcefully revealed. She quickly ran out of the {Pulverizing Flame} AoE. With so much frustration bottled up, she would have jumped into the sky and bitten off his nose.

Zhang Yang activated {Charge} in midair and flew through the air after he had jumped off the flying serpent. Like a bullet, Zhang Yang plummeted into Dusk Phoenix. The sword in his hands gleamed and started slicing her up.

Dusk Phoenix hummed quietly. After taking a few hits, Zhang Yang noticed a glint in her eyes. A fiery dragon burst out her necklace and came for Zhang Yang.

This was the same skill that Zhang Yang had nearly taken, back at the Land of the Sacred Glory. Zhang Yang had been prepared for it. He immediately activated {Shield Wall} and at the same time, he swung his shield at Dusk Phoenix, casting {Crash Magic} on her.

"Uumph…Zhan Yu--!" This time, Dusk Phoenix was so mad that her face was as red as a tomato! It seemed that Zhang Yang’s shield had struck her again in her bosoms. It’s really a wonder that her bouncy peaks had not yet been flattened by Zhang Yang. Finally giving in to her anger, the poor woman had charge upfront and attacked Zhang Yang at a ferocious speed.

However, with Felice and Whitey Jr attacking her at the same time, even if she had consumed all of her potions, she would not have survived. Rapidly, her HP bar was hacked away and she fell to the ground, lifeless.

With one death, her current experience bar was emptied down to zero. The woman lost it there and then. Right after she revived, she had thrown herself at Zhang Yang and attacked like a savage, abandoning all the principles of a true Assassin.

Zhang Yang then killed her for a total of seven times. After the eighth time, she still bore the same hatred towards Zhang Yang and had charged at him relentlessly. Zhang Yang finally had enough of it. He then commanded Felice and the flying serpent to stop their attacks. When she got up for the ninth time, he smacked her titties with all his might, sending those mighty mounds bouncing up and down, left and right.

Since the woman was mostly enraged due to his accidental smacking, he shall smack her till kingdom comes. Let’s see how would she be, after a thousand passionate smacks!

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