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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 507 — Completed Quest

Chapter 507: Completed Quest

Hmm. Such bounce, so wow. Very hypnotizing…

It was indeed, mesmerizing to look at!

However, there is always a limit to everything. When something gets far too large, it loses the sex appeal, it would turn into a horror movie!

With Zhang Yang continuous smacking, Dusk Phoenix’s swollen breasts could make 99% of all girls envious and 100% of men to have the urge to bury their heads in those peaks! The problem was that, when her breasts swelled up even further, they became so large that they started sagging.

"Zhan Yu! I’ll never forgive you!" Dusk Phoenix literally had tears flowing down her pretty face. She had abandoned her daggers and appeared to have no desire of fighting on. Such a torturous session had left her with a mental scar!


Felice blasted a {Fire Missile} and killed the mentally broken woman, ending her suffering or rather, stopping Zhang Yang from further embarrassing her. The next second, Dusk Phoenix’s lifeless corpse dissipated from the realm. She must have selected to revive at the graveyard itself, since it would take a while to run from the graveyard to revive yourself.

Having taken such intense punishment, the woman must have finally learned her lesson…for now. That was what Zhang Yang thought, but he did not lower his guard. Instead, he waited at the same spot for 30 minutes or so, just to make sure. It’s hard to tell if Dusk Phoenix had really given up on her revenge. Zhang Yang felt that it would be better to just to be a little more patient, perhaps, she could really be hiding somewhere among the bushes.

When it comes to patience, Thieves should be the best among all class out there. Since they weren’t particularly good in single combat, their sneaking ability would have to be raised to the maximum. Only god or a GM knows when and from where a Thief would suddenly jump on you and hump your brains out!

After some time, Zhang Yang grew tired of waiting and decided to start the boss fight.

On normal occasions, players who had taken up the Thief class should have the patience to be able to stand at one place for hours, or even days just to hide and kill players. It’s even normal for a Thief to stand guard for more than 2 days! Things would last much longer if the Thief user uses a Gaming Capsule! It would even possible to stand guard for as long as a month! That being said, such method would get old and tedious over time.

Zhang Yang had Felice stay far away from the boss as he attacked one of the Fire Elementals near the boss with a {Spear of Obliteration}. In unison, all 5 targets let out their battle cries and lumbered towards Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang withdrew hastily and calculated the precise moment to use {Shadow of the Void} and escape the battle. Now that all 5 targets had lost their aggro target, the elite tiered Fire Elemental that had taken the damage was the last to return to its original position, while the four who had followed had already returned. The last Fire Elemental that had not yet returned managed to get into Felice’s aggro range and attacked her instead, leaving the other four undisturbed.

Zhang Yang then burst out of {Shadow of the Void} and came back into the battlefield. Before the Fire Elemental had managed to land a hit on Felice, he cast {Provoke} on it and drew its attention to himself.

"H-Hu-mans D-ie—" Its voice was extremely deep and low, making it rather to discern the words in its mumbles. Not that it mattered in the first place anyway. The Fire Elemental paced quickly towards Zhang Yang heaved its hammer towards Zhang Yang.

With a quick block and a bash, Zhang Yang retaliated. Since the Fire Elemental had the Fire Immunity passive skill, Felice was forced to remain in her human form to attack with her lance. Sadly, even in her human form, her {Blazing Dragon's Spear} was imbued with Fire damage. Under normal circumstances, the attacks would ignore a target’s Defense, reducing the damage reduction value. However, in this case, while fighting a target with Fire Immunity, it would be a waste. With her physical attack alone, Felice’s DPS rate had dropped down to a staggering 4,000, which closer to Zhang Yang’s level. The little young lady was so saddened by her weakened performance and had repeatedly apologized to Zhang Yang. "I’m so sorry big brother. I’m useless! I’m no good!"

Such a wonderful little lady…if only the devilish Wei Yan Er would behave like her! Zhang Yang sighed heavily at the thought of it. How wonderful would this world be, if the little brat behaved just a little better…

Even though Felice’s attack had been greatly reduced, the overall DPS rate was still solid. The Fire Elemental was killed in no less than 2 minutes and dropped a few piles of Amber Ash. They were but ETC items which could be sold to the NPC for a few coins. Perhaps, even a few copper coins would be hard…

After the battle ended, Zhang Yang waited for 10 minutes for the {Shadow of the Void} to be ready. He then repeated the same process again and successfully killed a second Fire Elemental. For the third attempt, Zhang Yang was careless and had unintentionally drawn in the boss as well. Luckily, Felice and Whitey Jr. were able to fly into the sky to leave the battlefield.

During the fourth attempt, Zhang Yang paid more attention and kited two Fire Elementals at the same time. After spending more than twice the time, he killed all Fire Elementals and left the final target, Laguana alone in the field.

Even after fighting for close to 50 minutes, Zhang Yang still could not let go of the uneasiness he had in his heart. He was still bothered by the possibility of being ambushed by Dusk Phoenix. After contemplating for some time, Zhang Yang had flown around the area with the flying serpent and thoroughly looked under every stone in the entire area for traces of Dusk Phoenix. It was not easy. To search for an invisible Thief hidden in the wilderness was an impossible task!

After one unsuccessful round, Zhang Yang groaned like a madman and decided to start working on the boss. He could not wait any longer! If his quest really gets disrupted by the sexy European chick, he will spend the next few days hunting her down and smashing those boobies inwards! He would show her the vengeful side of men as well!

"Alright, let’s go, Felice!" Zhang Yang drew his sword, calling out to the still solemn little lady.

"Alright, big brother!"

{Spear of Obliteration}!

Laguana’s voice was different, compared to the other Fire Elementals. His groans were as thunderous as a volcanic eruption. Moving its massive fiery body about, it stomped the earth and smashed its blazing hammer at Zhang Yang. "Since when would a weakling human dare to challenge a god! Do you really think that you are one of us?"



The hammer dropped down from the sky at such speed that Zhang Yang’s stance was met with immense pressure. The sheer power had forced him downward, pushing Zhang Yang deep into the earth! His greaves were buried halfway into the scorching land! His bones felt like they were on the verge of breaking! Zhang Yang readjusted his stance, opening his legs wider and forcefully pushed the shield back up, shoving the hammer off him.

"Fufufu! Such a weak human. I barely used any force in that strike!" Laguana lifted his hammer from the crater that it had made with Zhang Yang and slammed it down again.

This time, Zhang Yang’s {Block} was still under a cooldown. Yet, he still assumed a similar defensive stance with his shield held up high. He took 12,942 damage. Thanks to the boss’ special attack attribute, all his Defense value was just for show.

Zhang Yang snorted. The damage was not that bad.

"Don’t get carried away, match stick! Witness how I extinguish your flame!" Zhang Yang traveled with the momentum of the hammer and threw himself into the air. Deftly weaving about the body of the larger entity, Zhang Yang laid down his attacks. Felice quickly joined in, as well as the flying serpent.

Laguana laughed manically and bellowed, "Arroagant human! Foolish human! You will never know why the gods have always looked down on all of you! Witness the power of Fire! Let it cleanse your corrupted soul!"


The boss smashed the earth in front of him and spewed out a sea of flames that spread out in all directions. Zhang Yang took 13,772 damage from it. Felice reacted quickly and morphed into her Dragonhawk form, but still took 15,520 damage. Since Felice had 4,480 magic defenses in her Dragonhawk form, the damage she would receive in her human form would have been higher.

Even though Felice had over 100,000 HP, the boss’s {Burning Aura} was causing her quite an amount of damage, since it would deal 5,000 Fire damage in every 3 seconds. However, if Felice chooses to maintain her Dragonhawk form, the damage she would take on every tick would be lowered down to only 520 damage. The problem was that her Dragonhawk form would not be able to ditch out much damage, due to most of her Dragonhawk skills being Fire based. She might even end up healing the boss!

30 seconds into the fight, Felice slowly being force out of the battle. She had to fly elsewhere and heal herself with [Bandages] and Transmuted Grade 10 Healing Potion before rejoining the fight. This is the biggest advantage of a Battle Companion. Like a player, they could consume potions, use [Bandages,], and even sit down to eat recovery snacks to restore their HP! Naturally, they would have to leave the combat before doing so.

Zhang Yang cycled through all his attacking skills and hacked the boss to 80%. The King of Fire Elementals retracted his hammer and roared to the high heavens. "Come forth! My brethren! Your King requests your assistance!"

Shush! Shush!

Two elite Fire Elementals appeared in the field. The boss then knelt down and froze himself in time. The flickering flames on his body stopped moving, as if time had stopped for him. However, his burning status remained the same!

{Summoned Servant: Fire Elemental}!

{Fire Elemental Servant Form] (Elite, Elemental Being)

Level: 110

HP: 330,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 7,594 - 9,594 (Physical Attack with Fire attribute)


[Flame Bash]: Deals 100% melee Fire damage, stunning the target for 3 seconds.

Luckily, the summoned Fire Elementals were not strong and had little HP at only 330,000. Two of these Fire Elementals were weaker than one of the Fire Elementals from before! Furthermore, these servants were not immune to Fire damage!

Felice morphed into her Dragonhawk form and started blasting {Fire Missiles}. Zhang Yang rode on Whitey Jr. and charged at the other Fire Elemental Servant. In 40 seconds and less, both of the targets were killed off!

The battle had ended so soon that the boss still had more than 1 minute to return to the battle!

Zhang Yang took the time to heal himself with a [Bandage]. During that time, {Berserker’s Heal} and {Shield Wall} were almost ready once again!

Zhang Yang smirked. The boss’s {Summoned Servant} skill must be a skill that would be boosted or weakened, according to the number of players in the field. The skill would be useful against a large number of players. The elite Fire Elementals had weak HPs, but were still tough to defeat. If players are not prepared enough, the summoned elementals could instantly wipe out all the DPSer and Healers in the field.

As for Zhang Yang, it would a sad case of try-hard for the boss. Not only could Zhang Yang breeze through the ordeal like it was child’s play, it had even given him a luxurious amount of time to heal! Among all the three bosses that the quest had required him to kill, this Fire Elemental King would be the easiest.

2 minutes later, Laguana returned back to the battlefield and had immediately spouted a long speech about killing humanity and experiencing his rage. However, when the boss activated the skill to absorb the HPs of the Fire Elemental Servants, a green healing text popped out, saying: "+0!"

Zhang Yang laughed and continued on with his slice and dice.

In the fight, the scripted "intelligence" of the boss was shown to the world. It was already a fact that the skill {Summoned Servant: Fire Elemental} would be useless in the fight, but Laguana would never fail to use the skill at every 20% HP loss. Zhang Yang had taken advantage of the boss’ skill and had easily hacked the boss down to his last 10%. Right then, he used {Glare of the Death God}, but it failed with a word "Resist!"

Oh well, might as well just slice and dice all the way through…

Zhang Yang then activated {Dance of Heaven and Earth}, and {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current} to save him some time. After some minor hacking, the boss’ form retracted into the burning hammer upon his death. There was a pile of battle loot close by. Before heading over to claim his prize, Zhang Yang opened the quest log and saw that the quest "The Last Hurdle" had already been completed.

Hell yell! God of War Inheritance, GETZ!

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