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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 508 — The God of War Inheritance

Chapter 508: The God of War Inheritance

Zhang Yang rushed over with great speed to finish up the quest. In his haste, Zhang Yang did not even bother to review the loots and just swept them all into his inventory. He then rode Whitey Jr. and rushed over to the Camarro Islands. Zhang Yang allowed the flying serpent to take the wheel as he reviewed the drops.

Laguana had dropped a total of 3 equipment, a Yellow-Gold bow, a Yellow-Gold Cloth Armor Pants, and a Violet-Platinum Shield which was rather strong.

[Molten Lava Shield] (Violet-Platinum, Shield)

Defense: +2,016

Vitality: +1,411

Equip Effect: Absorbs 688 damage upon attack.

Equip Effect: Upon receiving an attack, grants a 10% chance to counterattack with a flamethrower, deals 700 fire damage.

Equip Effect: Increases 2,800 Maximum HP.


Level Requirement: 120

The shield would be a hot sale in the auction house. The shield’s properties were strong and could even damage the attacker to further generate a tank’s aggro on a monster. Compared to Zhang Yang’s own shield, this Molten Lava Shield was actually pretty cool!

Besides the equipment, the boss had also dropped one Alchemy Recipe [Fire Breather Potion] and a skill book [Unleashed Demon].

[Fire Breather Potion] (Usable)

Use: Imbues your body with the power of flames. After landing a successful attack, grants a 10% chance to breathe fire on the target, dealing 1,000 Fire damage. Effects last for 1 hour. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

Level Requirement: 100

This potion was rather useful. It was somewhat equivalent to granting the user 100 Fire damage on every strike (Average of 1,000 damage in 10 strikes). It would be extremely effective when used by Thieves since they had the highest attack speed. Be it PvP or PvE fights, it would come in truly handle.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this situation, the best way of putting it in words would be "the journey to 1,000 damage begins with 10 strikes!"

{Unleashed Demon} was a universal skill, unrestricted by classes. However, Zhang Yang chose to keep it instead with the intention of passing it over to Han Ying Xue or Sun Xin Yu, because he knew that skill’s prowess.

The skill would release one demon to entrap one target, making the target unable to attack while being invincible itself. In a situation where there are 4 to 5 Elite monsters around, this skill can be used as a crowd control skill to reduce the load on the party members.

Since he was the main tank, the skill’s 3 seconds of casting animation would greatly reduce his efficiency in a fight. It was still best to let someone else like Han Ying Xue learn it.

Compared to the other two bosses, Laguana was the weakest. Zhang Yang could not help but to think that the servants of gods had different levels amongst themselves. Honestly, Laguana’s prowess was truly weak when compared to the other two.

After several hours of flying, Zhang Yang entered the cave where Ares lay. When he entered the cave, the guy was stretching as if he had just woken up.

"Huh. Not bad, for a mere human!" Ares snorted. "Back then, I would only have needed one finger to kill them easily, even if those three douchebags were thousands of kilometers apart!"

Oh, really now?

Zhang Yang chuckled and said, "God of War, I have proven myself worthy to inherit your power!"

Ares chuckled as well. "Geh geh geh. Indeed, you have. Very well, little human. I shall bestow on you a portion of my power! However, you must continue your journey to absolute strength. The current you is still weak to receive all of my power!" said Ares, with a stern expression.

"I understand".

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: The Last Hurdle. Obtained 10,000,000 Experience Points!’

"Close your eyes, and concentrate only on receiving my powers!" Area placed his fingers on Zhang Yang’s forehead and unleashed a bright radiating light.

Woah! Is that the legendary Martial World’s Abhisheka(1) technique! Zhang Yang thought about it while waiting for the process to end.

‘Ding! You have obtained the Inheritance, God of War. Inheritance Class: S! Due to the Uniqueness of the Inheritance, you can no longer accept other Inheritances nor discard the God of War Inheritance!’

‘Ding! With the guidance of the God of War, you may now equip any Two-Handed Weapons in your main hand and a Shield in your secondary hand. You have gained access to Guardian’s and Berserker’s skill trees. Skills can only be learned through Skill Books and cannot be obtained from Class Instructors!’.

‘Ding! You have


a new skill: God of War’s Rage!’

‘Ding! You have


a new skill: God of War’s Shield!’

‘Ding! You have


a new skill: God of War Transformation!’

‘Ding! You have


a new skill: Radiance of the God of War!’

‘Ding! You have


a new skill: God of War’s Crushing Strike!’

‘Ding! Congratulations on becoming the first player to obtain a Class Inheritance. The system has awarded you with Luck +2!’

After many bell dings ringed in his ears, Ares retracted his finger from Zhang Yang’s head and sat back down. "There. I have given you a portion of my power. Until the day you become stronger, train with all your might. Come back to me when you are stronger, and I shall bestow upon you more skills." After he ended his speech, Ares returned to his deep slumber.

‘Server Announcement: A player has obtained the first Inheritance Class! The system will conduct a server restart in 5 minutes! Please make preparations for the server restart!’

Right after the system notification flashed, the server was sent into a major chaos.

Zhang Yang was excited. When he had already gained the skills, Zhang Yang was not paying attention to the NPC and was already examining the new skills.

In truth, there were six skills. The God of War inheritance had given a permanent upgrade to the player, allowing the player to equip a Two-Handed Weapon in their main hands!

[God of War’s Rage] (Passive): Increases 50% attack power.

[God of War’s Shield]: Summons the God of War to protect oneself. Gains 20% passive damage reduction that last for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Not bad. A permanent damage boost and an active Defensive skill. What power!

[God of War Transformation]: Calls upon the God of War and transform oneself into his image. Increases your maximum HP by 4000%, Defense by 500%, Attack Power by 500% and gains a 90% chance to nullify all magical attacks inflicted on you. Gains the power of flight. In the God of War Form, you will gain 1 point of God of War Energy Point every 10 seconds. The Energy Points can be used to activate many special skills in the God of War Form. Lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

Like a god!

Based on his current stats, if Zhang Yang activates his God of War Transformation, he would have 3,785,600 HP, 11,600 Defense, and 26,552 - 29,152 Attack Power. Perhaps his HP was a little on the low side, or else he would have completely overtaken a Violet-Platinum boss itself!

No wonder the late-game bosses required thousands or even ten thousands of players to fight. If the later bosses were designed based on the standard difficulty graph, the bosses were nothing but tofu for players with Transformation abilities!

Now that he had the God of War Transformation in hand, he could kill an Ethereal tier boss all by himself!

It was a waste that the transformation skill could not be saved up for later uses. A 2 hour long active duration and a 72 hour cooldown period was just too precious to be wasted on random bosses.

Zhang Yang laughed at his own greediness and continued to examine the other skills.

[Radiance of the God of War]: Absorbs the light of victory and mends all wounds on the body, restoring all of your HP. Cost: 100% Rage Points. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Wait a minute? A 30 minutes cooldown {Berserker’s Heal}? That’s too weak! How could he use it?!


Zhang Yang cried in agony as he had had just been reminded of something extremely important. In his previous life, Zhang Yang had never encountered such a skill like {Berserker’s Heal} and {Sacred Heal}, but he had heard words from older players, talking about how they missed the days where they could use the skills!

Right now, Zhang Yang finally understood what they meant! Those skills would be removed in the upcoming patch! The skills had already been removed in his past life when the someone else had obtained the first Inheritance!

Now that he thought about it, if the developers did not remove the all-recovery skills, players with Transformation Inheritance would be even more OP. Players who were Warriors and Knights would be completely broken. After transforming and gaining a massive boost in stats, they could simply depend on {Berserker’s Heal} to maintain a god-like mode! As long as they put in an effort of staying alive every 2 minutes, they could defeat a boss within 2 hours and still grind their hearts out without the need to worry about survivability! The dignity of a boss would be non-existent!

Sigh…As the saying goes, the sun will set and the moon will rise; if the developers wants to remove the skill, there nothing that a player can do!

[God of War’s Crushing Strike]: Strikes the earth with the power of a God and attacks all targets within an area of 100x100 meters mercilessly. Chaos Damage will be dealt, based on 1000% of the Strength attribute. Cost: 3 God of War Energy Points.

The skill {Radiance of the God of War} could be used in any form. However, since Ep would only regenerate in the God of War form, the skill {God of War’s Crushing Strike} would only be available during a transformation.

Zhang Yang’s current Strength attribute was 1,332. 10 times of that would mean 13,320 Chaos Damage to all targets within 100x100 meters! The skill would be a major damage dealer in a war since it could be used once every 30 seconds! The skill had a lot of potential for improvement, due to the fact that it depended on an Attribute. The attack power was not fixed, and would depend on a player’s ever-growing Strength.

Zhang Yang let out an elated sigh. He had not only gained the Inheritance skills, but also a strong Guardian and the bloodlusted Berserker! However, the skills of God of War could only be received from Ares, and the Guardian and Berserker skills can only be obtained from skill books. But now, he could finally equip a Two-Handed Weapon in his main hand! All he needed then was to prepare himself a full set of equipment that is focused on DPS!

First and foremost, he would change the weapon! Even though a Two-Handed Weapon and a One-Handed Weapon had roughly the same Weapon Attack, the difference in damage output when using a skill would be the difference between heaven and earth!

It’s a pity that he would need to put aside the Sword of Purging Devourer. He still had not broken two seals. Since he could already equip a better and stronger Two-Handed Weapon, he would not have to keep on using the One-Handed Weapon. However, if the Sword of Purging Devourer had its second seal unlock, and consumes a Two-Handed Weapon’s special effect, turning into a Two-Handed Sword…

Zhang Yang shook his head from the dreamy thought. Even if there was such a feature in the game, the possibilities of discovering one would be too low.

Just then, the system had shut down the system and forcefully kicked all the players out of the game.

"Noob tank! Sister’s calling for us. The server is down. Let’s go out and eat!" cried Wei Yan Er’s voice from outside his door.

Please…the server is restarting. It would only take as long as a few minutes to complete! If they wanted free food, just say it out loud. It’s not like he’s as stingy as they are. What a sad excuse…

1. Abhisheka - A technique where a master will perform a sacred rite of transferring power, martial technique, and even knowledge.

2. Energy Point will be shortened to just EP in future chapters.

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