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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 511 — The God of War Transformation

Chapter 511: The God of War Transformation

After accepting the quest, Zhang Yang summoned Whitey Jr. and flew along with Felice to the place, called Jackalmen’s Ridge.

The ridge was too short to be called a ridge, to begin with. It was close to only 200 to 300 meters in length. Due to the thick, blackened clouds in the sky, Whitey Jr. was unable to get much altitude and only flew about 10 or more meters over the ground. At this altitude, the monsters in the ground were capable of attacking with their ranged attacks. Zhang Yang had no idea where the goods were and felt that kiting so many monsters would be a bad idea. Still, it was a good chance for Zhang Yang to grind some levels. Since they could not fly up high, Zhang Yang decided to walk on foot and hike the mountain with Felice.

"Ayyheeheehee! Fresh meat!" The laughter of a Jackalman could be heard not far. Zhang Yang traced the voice and saw the source of the annoying laughter. It was a male Jackalman, wearing only a pair of short red leather pants, equipped with a short yet sharp dagger. He was similar to the height of a grey wolf rearing up on its hind legs. The Jackalman was laughing hysterically, saliva dripping from his fangs.

[Hysterical Jackalman] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 115

HP: 17,800

Defense: 100

Melee Attack: 5,103- 6,103


[Stab]: Plunges the blade into a target and deals 150% melee damage.

[Pebble Throw]: Hurls a rock towards the target, dealing 100% melee damage. Range: 3 - 30 meters.

Note: Legend has it that a certain Werewolf had once forced itself upon a female Jackal beast, creating a generation of humanoid, savage, and cruel Jackalmen, capable of sentient, conscious thinking.

Zhang Yang leaped forth and laid down the first attack, dealing more than 6,000 damage. His attacks had been boosted by the passive skill obtained from the God of War Inheritance.

Oh well, 6,000 damage was pretty decent. Since it was dealt by a One-Handed Weapon, the damage output from a Two-Handed Weapon would definitely be greater!

Felice had decided the situation did not require her to be in Dragonhawk form. She leaped over Zhang Yang’s shoulders before he had even reset his stance and cut the Jackalman down, killing him immediately with a single strike that dealt 17,567 damage.

Since he had time to spare, Zhang Yang summoned the Herb Foraging Familiar and allowed the little critter to forage the rare herbs around the area. Zhang Yang and Felice then moved forward, effortlessly killing their way through the normal tiered Jackalmen.

Not long after the first kill, the number of scattered monsters got lesser and lesser. Now all that remained were the small clumps of groups made up of 10 or so monsters.

Even though Zhang Yang had lost the OP healing skill - {Berserker’s Heal}, Zhang Yang’s passive damage reduction and absorption were still present. For Zhang Yang, 10 or more normal tiered Jackalmen were nothing but food for him.

After hiking halfway up to the peak, the monsters started getting stronger. The monsters around were all elite tiered.

[Jackalman Captain] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 120

HP: 1,200,000

Defense: 1,300

Melee Attack: 8,532- 10,352


[Bloodlust Shriek]: Screams with a high-pitched cry, grants a 20% increase to attack power of all allies 10 meters around.

[Gust Slash]: Cleaves a target and deals 100% melee attack. Has a 40% chance to land 2 hits, 30% chance to land 3 hits, 20% chance to land 4 hits, and 10% chance to land 5 hits.

Zhang Yang was surprised to see the skill {Gush Slash} on a monster. It was a skill that a player may have by finding the corresponding skill book. Perhaps, there would be a chance for the Jackalman Captain to drop him one.

"Fresh meat?! Marvelous!" laughed the Jackalman Captain as he salivated and lunged at Zhang Yang with his blade.

Zhang Yang could not help but think that all Jackalman were embodiments of gluttony! Ever since his first Jackalman encounter, all of them had the same lolling tongues, the same puddle of saliva around their feet.

After a short round of exchanging blows, the monsters were all wiped out.

"Wow~ Big brother! You’re so strong now!" Felice clapped her hands while admiring Zhang Yang with her wide, beautiful eyes.

Zhang Yang laughed and patted the little girl’s head. He felt a little touched and happy to see her earnest reaction.

The duo proceeded on and had found more monsters. Perhaps, a little more than there should be. No wonder the monsters here were so hungry! Food was scarce and there were too many mouths to feed.

Since there were no guides or clues on where Dodothi’s goods had been taken to, Zhang Yang had to travel around the entire mountain ridge. After roaming around, killing more and more Jackalmen, he arrived at a small encampment. The camp was filled with plenty of wooden sheds that were crudely built, only to provide roofs to sleep under. There were many sheds around, and if one shed was built for one Jackalman, there should be roughly 300 to 400 Jackalmen around.

The problem was that the Jackalmen here were all elite tier, and if he simply barges in, he would be swarmed up by them. It would be a fatal mistake, but if he had activated the God of War Transformation, it would be an easy kill. His Defense would be as high as 10,000, which could completely suppress the attack of the Jackalmen. He could then use {Crushing Strike} to mass kill all of them. With Felice’s {Pulverizing Flame}, both of them would clear all the monsters within 2 hours which was how long the transformation would last.

Still, to use the transformation skill just to kill elite monsters would be a waste. The 72 hours long cooldown skill was meant for super bosses! Without {Berserker’s Heal}, Zhang Yang had lost a powerful recovery skill. He could no longer fight a boss alone and would have to rely on the God of War Transformation.

Zhang Yang had Felice transform into her Dragonhawk form to observe the area from the sky. After a while, she came back from her scouting and reported, "Big brother, there is a merchant’s wagon to the west of here!"

"Oh yes! That’s a good girl, Felice!" Zhang Yang praised her and patted her head again. Apparently, the little girl loved getting patted on the head. She blushed a little and smiled bashfully, averting her gaze.

Now that he had a clear direction to travel, Zhang Yang, Felice, the Whitey Jr flew towards the west of the encampment, killing their way effortlessly.

After close to 1 hour, Zhang Yang saw the silhouette of the wagon. The wagon was filled with goods, covered with a piece of huge canvas. The wagon was left abandoned there without any signs of horses nearby. Then again, it was expected to be, since the Jackalmen were salivating like deranged perverts looking at a naked woman. It would have been even odder if the horses were still left alive.

As Zhang Yang got closer to the wagon and spotted guards surrounding the wagon. Those sentries were far stronger than the regular elites. Other than the 12 elite monsters, there was one, larger figure that clearly was a Violet-Platinum tier boss. It was twice as big and taller than the elite Jackalmen, which made it stand out from afar.

[Chiraha, King of Jackalmen] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 130

HP: 13,000,000

Defense: 3,540

Melee Attack: 18,739 - 20,739


[Bloodlust Shriek]: Scream with a high-pitched cry, increases 30% attack power of all allies 10 meters around it.

[Gust Slash]: Cleaves a target and deals 100% melee attack. Has a 40% chance to land 2 hits, 30% chance to land 3 hits, 20% chance to land 4 hits, and 10% chance to land 5 hits.

The boss’ skills were similar to that of an elite Jackalman. The only difference was the [Bloodlust Shriek] which had 10% bonus attack damage. Another troubling skill was the {Gust Slash}. There were no fixed attack hits in the first place. If the boss manages to trigger 5 hits, it would be an instant death, since each hit would deal over 20,000 damage!

Without {Berserker’s Heal}, Zhang Yang has lost the path of the lone killer. Just as he thought of summoning Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er, a sudden urge to use the God of War Transformation popped up. It would have been a waste to do so earlier on, as there were only elite monsters about. But now, he had a boss to kill. Might as well use it, just to try it out.

{God of War Transformation}!

Shush! Shush! Shing!

A radiant light started beaming out of Zhang Yang’s body. The light then enveloped his character, and a pair of glowing wings burst out from his back. Upon a single mental command, Zhang Yang flapped his newfound wings and flew upwards.

Beneath the Rage gauge, another gauge appeared, with a similar MAXIMUM of 100 points. Since it would take 10 seconds to gain 1 point, the gauge was still empty at that moment.

"Mm. Felice! Let’s start the bloodbath! Hah!" Zhang Yang bellowed with great power and charged at the boss. His maximum HP was at 3,780,000, allowing him to fight the boss head on!

{Spear of Obliteration}!


A short light beam struck the boss, dealing great damage. The boss cried in agony, forcing him to let out a deafening battle cry. All 13 Jackalmen let out a shriek, followed by the sounds of their sword flying out of their scabbards.


Zhang Yang grunted as he charged at the boss.

With an unstoppable force pushing him forward, Zhang Yang crashed into the boss, cleaving him for 26,321 damage.

A fresh stream of blood was released into the air as Zhang Yang gracefully planted a clean cleave.

"Food! Bad food! Bastard!" cried Chiraha as it retaliated with its gigantic cleaver.


‘-7,419’ {Block} reflect damage.

D*mn. Even {Block’s} reflect damage was truly massive.

Zhang Yang laughed and raised his shield up, bashing the beast on his head with {Shield Bash}.



"Fresh meat!"

The other 12 elite Jackalmen were all oblivious to Zhang Yang’s current power level and charged towards him, still thinking that they could kill and eat him.






Other than the boss, the other 12 monsters were not even able to deal 1 damage to him! With 11,600 Defense points, the elite monsters were completely powerless. Only the boss was able to scratch at Zhang Yang a little.

As expected of an S class Inheritance! It’s powerful!

Zhang Yang chuckled and blasted out a {Horizontal Sweep}!




A sea of 50,000 damage texts popped out, with a few 100,000 critical strike hits. That alone showed the extreme prowess of the God of War Transformation skill.

It was literally a bloodbath. Fresh blood turned the air around them misty red. Felice did not falter, she morphed into her Dragonhawk form and attack continuously. Every time the skill {Pulverizing Flame} was ready to be used, she would immediately use it, spreading a sea of flames that would burn everything to ash!

30 seconds into the fight, Zhang Yang finally gathered 3 God of War EP (1) and used {God of War Crushing Strike}!

Zhang Yang shot down from the sky like a meteor and pummeled the earth with his fist. Instantly, a crater measuring over 100 meters wide in radius formed around him. Cracks spread out, and the light started to burst out through the cracks. Any target within the skill range received 13,320 damage.

(1) EP - Energy Points.

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