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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 512 — Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang

Chapter 512: Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang

In terms of individual damage, {Crushing Strike} was far weaker than {Horizontal Sweep}.

However, the attack range of the skill was ginormous! The skill’s effective range was as large as 100 meters around Zhang Yang. Be it the boss, or his 12 little brothers, the attack had even managed to attack the monsters who were resting in the wooden sheds of the encampment! Rudely interrupted, the Jackalmen had rushed out of their wooden sheds to attack Zhang Yang.

In his transformed form, these new arrivals were like ants to him. All it would take is just a simple punch to kill them all.! He did not even need to move around, adjust angles, or lift a foot! With his now boosted armor, be it a hundred or a thousand, he would not lose a single drop of health!

Such an awesome feeling!

Back before he had the Inheritance, Zhang Yang could already fight a boss alone. But that was when he was weaker and had to remain extremely cautious of his every move, his HP, the boss’ attack, his skills, and all of the tiny details that would endanger his life! If he had made any small mistakes, any at all, he could have been killed and waste hours of his time!

Right then, after obtaining the God of War Transformation skill, Zhang Yang was like a lion entering a farm, slaying and eating any poor life stock at will! The feeling of awesomeness was not something you can get by any normal means! But, isn’t that what playing games were for? Furthermore, Zhang Yang’s God of War Transformation was like a hack program! A god mode hack that was obtained after hours of hard work! It was a special kind of pleasure that only Zhang Yang could feel!

At the corner of his AoE, a single Jackalman was still staggering about with only 20% HP, Zhang Yang targeted him and used a {Killing Cleave} while at full Rage points.


Oh f*ck.

Zhang Yang himself was astonished by his own attack. He quickly opened the battle log and found that the attack was a Lucky strike that had multiplied his normal attack by 3 times, dealing more than 300,000!

His Luck attribute points then were 22 points, granting him a 2.2% chance of dealing a Lucky strike. On average, it would take 50 attacks to deal one Lucky strike. That sort of proc rate was strong! After all, it could dish out 300% the original power. Furthermore, it could be stacked with a Critical strike, dealing 600% power!

When the day comes when he could finally equip [Agos, the Destroyer’s Blade] that had a damage boost passive, the chance to proc the blade’s active skill, coupled with the 600% Critical and Lucky strike damage boost would be earth shaking! However, the chances of that happening would the same as winning the Power Ball!

The battle continued on with Zhang Yang’s test run of AoE attack skills. With the God of War transformation granting Zhang Yang a 500% damage boost, it would be more sensible for him to use AoE skills. It was a pity that only {Horizontal Sweep} and {Blast Wave} could trigger the copied effect of the Sword of Purging Devourer. Still, it was good enough for him to blast all the monsters to kingdom come.

If players had not paid attention to the monster’s properties, they might have assumed that Zhang Yang was just equipping a pair of wings that could grant him flight, battling normal tiered monsters. That would be more feasible, for, under normal circumstances, there was no way any player would wipe out monsters like weeds in a field!

Just 5 minutes after Zhang Yang had started the fight, the boss was now left with 3% HP. Zhang Yang laid down his final sword swing and killed the boss.

"Fre—sh Me---at—" said the boss as a last parting speech, leaving the world with a smile on its face.

Perhaps, the boss had shared the same jubilant emotion that Zhang Yang had felt, that was way too much fun!

Right then, in the God of War transformation form, a Violet-Platinum boss was not even worth fighting anymore. For Zhang Yang to feel any bit of challenge, he would have to fight a Mythical tier boss! Perhaps, only an Ethereal boss would give him a real sense of danger! Sadly, after using the God of War Transformation for only 6 minutes, he had already killed the boss. The rest of its active time was a complete waste!

Zhang Yang then gathered all the boss drops and headed to the wagon. With a single touch, Zhang Yang was shocked to find that he had taken the entire wagon into his inventory! Zhang Yang felt a little weirded out. What was his inventory made off? A super high-tech 5th-dimensional pocket that could fit in futuristic gadgets? Zhang Yang opened his quest log and found that he had completed the requirements for finishing the quest. All that was left to do was to return to Dodothi and obtain his reward.

But then again, now that he had already activated the God of War Transformation, he might as well use it to its full extent! Zhang Yang flapped his own wings and shot towards the sky. He then proceeded to circle around the mountain and killed every last Jackalman that he could find in the map and collected a large sum of experience points.

Even though he did gain a massive boost of attack power, it was merely 500%. It was not as if he could slay the heavens and conquer hell. After clearing roughly 20% of all the monsters in the Ridge, the God of War Transformation ended. The power left Zhang Yang with a bright glow, and Zhang Yang reverted back to his normal form. At the same time, Zhang Yang had gained a level and reached Level 104.

Zhang Yang rode Whitey Jr. back to Royas Town. Along the way, Zhang Yang took his time to examine the loot that he had obtained from the boss. He had obtained a pair of Violet-Platinum Leather boots, a Yellow-Gold Cloth hat, and a pair of Yellow-Gold gauntlets. Besides that, the boss had also dropped a skill book. A skill book that Zhang Yang could really make use of - {Indiscriminate}!

{Indiscriminate} was a Berserker-only class skill that would turn all attacks into critical strikes for 10 seconds. Zhang Yang could not learn the skill before, but now he could, since the God of War Inheritance had given Zhang Yang access to both Berserker’s and Guardian’s skills, though the only way he could learn additional skills would be via skill books.

[Indiscriminate]: Upon activation, all attacks with your weapon will be a critical strike. Lasts for 10 seconds and can only be used on a target with HP less than 20%. Cooldown: 60 minutes.

The skill was perfect but there was one flaw, and that was the weapon requirement. Skills like {Thunder Strike} and {Dance of Heaven and Earth} would not be affected by {Indiscriminate}.

With haste, Whitey Jr. flew to Royas and landed close to the entrance. Zhang Yang walked the remaining distance and reached the sighing dwarf.

"Dwarf!" cried Zhang Yang as he stood in front of Dodothi.

"Tsk. I hate those who are taller than I am!" said Dodothi with dissatisfaction in his voice. "Call me Mr. Dodothi or Lord Dodothi from now on!"

Zhang Yang laughed bitterly and said, "Taller than you? In that case, I think you will be hating 90% of the world’s population! Hmph. I have brought you the wagon that you lost."

Zhang Yang opened his inventory and tapped on the icon. Like magic, the wagon expanded and miraculously returned to its original size.

"Hahaha! Wonderful! Splendid! Woohoo! My money! My gold!" Dodothi jumped around happily as he patted and examines the goods beneath the canvas. After some time of celebrating all by himself, he coughed a little when he noticed that Zhang Yang was still there, patiently waiting. "Alright then. Warrior, you have proven yourself to be useful. Here, just as promised."

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Retrieving the Goods. Obtained 5,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained a reward: 10 gold coins!’

10 gold coins? The NPC had agreed to pay Zhang Yang 100! As usual, all dwarves cannot be trusted with anything! They are all natural-born liars! But then again, the race was too bipolar in a way that if they were honest, they would be too gullible and could be cheated by a pig! If they are the lying types, they could lie to the Death God and have him grant them immortality!

"Hey! Dwarf! Didn’t you promise 100 gold coins?!" cried Felice in a straightforward manner. She was not the kind that would tolerate swindlers. She held up her lance and pointed it at him, her intentions to kill as clear as day.

Dodothi was greatly surprised and cowered behind Zhang Yang. "Control your slave, Warrior!" He had left out the 100 gold coins topic.

Zhang Yang wanted to strangle the f*cker, but instead, he drew a deep breath and consoled Felice by patting her head. Only then, did she lower her lance.

"Warrior, how about another job?" asked Dodothi vehemently.

Zhang Yang sighed. "Sure, let’s hear it!"

"In the mountainous regions, there is a mythical item known as the Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang. Fortunately, I have the location of it! Unfortunately, it’s guarded by a bloody monkey! Warrior, if you can help me get the fruit from him, I will give you 100 gold coins!"

‘Ding! Dodothi Wildhammer has a quest for you: The Search for the Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang. Will you accept it?"

Accept! But not for the sake of Dodothi of course! When Zhang Yang acquires the fruit, he would just run off to Margery to unseal the sword! There was no good reason for him to return to Dodothi!

When Zhang Yang nodded his head, the dwarf sensed that something was off and quickly added, "Hey, don’t be having any funny ideas there, warrior! The Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang is worthless to anyone. Even if you try to sell it off, it would only be worth less than a copper! I simply want to have it added to own personal collection!"

Haha! What a sucky liar!

Zhang Yang flew off into the sky without any further conversation. Based on the quest’s description, the [Magic Fruit of Ying and Yang] should be at the western area of the ridge. There should be a waterfall there and a powerful boss. Based on what Dodothi had told him, it should be the Monkey King.

With speed matching that of an airplane, Whitey Jr. reached the western side of the ridge and found a large waterfall. There, Zhang Yang rode Whitey Jr. and searched thoroughly for anything that resembled the fruit. However, since he had no idea on what the fruit might look like, he decided to search for the boss instead. As long as he finds the boss, he should be able to find the fruit, since it should be closer to where the boss was.

Zhang Yang descended down further, and by the time he was close to the bottom, he found the boss. It was a giant monkey with a full coat of golden fur. It was as tall as two men and was pacing around on a flat plane of rock. He had a pair of golden, fiery eyes and was glaring at anything that moved. He had a large pole in his hands that he swung about absentmindedly. Perhaps, if he did not possess a pair of large wings behind his back, he could have posed as the great Chinese saint, Sun Wu Kong!

[Winged Monkey King Chakra] (Ethereal, Beast)

Level: 125

HP: 37,500,000

Defense: 5,200

Melee Attack: 30,157 - 34,157


[Cloud Piercer]: Strikes the head of a target for 150% melee physical damage, stunning the target for 5 seconds.

[Radiant Eyes of the Clairvoyant]: Spots the weak points of the target and strikes it with the might of the earth. Deals 300% melee physical damage. Attack cannot be dodged or blocked. Casting time: 2 seconds.

[Thunder Summoning Jutsu]: Summons a nimbus cloud that will strike the target and anyone else 10 meters around the initial target for 40,000 Natural damage.

Special: Capable of flight.

With such a strong weapon attack, Zhang Yang feared that he might not able to survive without the help of the God of War Transformation. Even then, he was without the {Berserker’s Heal}. With {Shield Wall} and {Last Vigor}, he might. But the two skills were not as powerful as {Berserker’s Heal}. {Shield Wall} had 2.5 minutes of cooldown, while {Last Vigor} had 5 minutes. It was not possible for him to cycle through the skills.

As a conclusion, it was impossible for Zhang Yang to fight him alone. He had to call Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er to help out.

"AIYAYA! Noob tank! Help us! Use the party order now, quick!"


Just when Zhang Yang had taken out the [Party Summon Order], both Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were crying out hysterically for his help. Without wasting another second, Zhang Yang activated the order and the two of them were teleported to his side. They had only less than 30% HP left.

Worriedly, Zhang Yang frowned. "What’s going on?"

"There’s a party searching for the Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragments. They tracked us down and wanted to kill us. There were six of them! We had to call for your help!" said Han Ying Xue, with a shocked expression on her face

Zhang Yang did not understand why and how that could have happened. He was sure that no one else had managed to get hold of the S class Inheritance in his previous lifetime.

But…then again…it might be…

Since the name Milkmaid Deity was a little weird for an S class inheritance, the players who had obtained the inheritance might have refused to share any information about the inheritance. However, based on the timing, this would be around the same time when the first S class Inheritance surfaced in his previous life!

"Who are they?"

"I think they were all one big family or friends or some sort. All of them had the name "Hell" in their name tags. Hell’s Knight, Hell’s Warrior, Hell’s Hunter… all in all, there were 6 classes in total!" said Han Ying Xue as she shrugged. "All of them were well-equipped and two of them had Battle Companions!"

Zhang Yang chuckled. "If there were only 6 of them, you should have put on the Lover’s Charm and summoned me there! Since they had the S class Inheritance Fragment, we could have killed them and obtained the fragments! It’s a Unique item that only one player could acquire!"

Han Ying Xue calmed down and smiled seductively. "Mm. Mm. We were already being beaten around like dogs! We were almost killed there! How could I have thought of a counterattack? That’s said, it was 6 v 3! I don’t want to lose the 5th Fragment!"

Zhang Yang then thought over it for a while and said, "Well then, in that case, I want you to stop searching for the rest of the Fragments. It does not matter if you’re missing a piece or five pieces. We could wait until they hunt for all the pieces and come for you! By then, we will be the ones killing them! And taking their loot! Like killing a boss! Haha!"

"Woah~~ Noobie tank! You’re such a scoundrel! I can’t say I don’t like the sound of that!" Wei Yan Er laughed manically.

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