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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 513 — Winged Monkey King Chakra

Chapter 513: Winged Monkey King Chakra

"Enough with that. I intended to call you here for a boss anyway!" said Zhang Yang as he pointed at the direction of the golden monkey. "That’s him!".

"Eh!? That’s… That’s a Mythical tier boss!" the two females gasped.

After the Chaos Realm threshold, many of bosses that they had encountered were mostly Violet-Platinum. The only Mythical boss ever encountered was the black dragon that Zhang Yang had killed. None of the ladies had ever seen any Mythical tier boss.

"Dummy…Can you really hold up against that?" said Han Ying Xue with a bit of concern.

There was a reason behind her sudden doubt. Usually, Han Ying Xue would never have doubted Zhang Yang’s capability, even when only the two of them were present. The reason was that Han Ying Xue’s healing powers were nerfed by at least 1/3. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had already lost the super-OP healing skill {Berserker’s Heal}. Also, none of them had upgraded their equipment. There’s little to no hope of defeating this powerful boss with just the three of them.

Zhang Yang chuckled and gave Han Ying Xue an evil grin, saying, "You should know better! It’s not like you haven’t seen my power, it even has a copious amount of agility and endurance thrown into the mix."

Han Ying Xue was a naïve woman, though not to the level of the little brat. However, she knew very well what he was talking about, having tasted the brutal strength of his shaft. Plus, she was the kind of beauty that men would die for, the kind of woman would never be ashamed of public displays of affection. When she made sure that Zhang Yang was looking, she licked her lips seductively and said, "Honey~ I want more!"

Zhang Yang coughed violently when he heard that. Last night, he was nearly driven to a point of no return by the women, one was drunk, and the other was trying to make a statement. After the "merry" night, Zhang Yang was traumatized. Every time he heard the word, "one more time", or "Again!" he would twitch.

"Sis…Noobie tank…What are you guys chattering about!?" groaned the little girl as she was bored and annoyed at losing in the scissor, paper, stone game with Felice. While Felice was getting more cheerful with each passing moment, the little girl was left sulking.

"It’s nothing. Kids shouldn't meddle with the affairs of adults!" Zhang Yang snapped. Zhang Yang had lost his composure for a minute there and had to regather himself for a while before getting ready for the boss.

"Let’s go. Don’t stay too close to me. Or each other, for that matter. The cloud summoning skill is an AoE. Remember to get away from me when he uses the skill. Especially you! Stupid little girl!"

"Tsk! Please. You reek of sweat! I won’t get near you even if you ask me to!" Wei Yan Er scoffed.

Felice, on the other hand, was the epitome of what you could call as an innocent little girl. She quickly interrupted the conversation and defended Zhang Yang, "Big brother does not reek of sweat! You cannot insult big brother so callously!"

Zhang Yang laughed and patted Felice’s head. "Keep calm, little Felice. The little girl is being a little girl. She has yet to be a mature woman. Leave the little rascal be."

"Okay!" Felice blushed.

"KYAAAA!" Wei Yan Er was furious. Just before she was about to vent her anger on Zhang Yang, he had left to start the fight while atop Whitey Jr.’s back. The red hot chilli pepper then ran towards the boss and unleashed her anger there instead.

"Ki! Ki! Wu Wu! Ak Ak!"

When the large monkey noticed Zhang Yang approaching him, he brandished his long pole. With one decisive swing into the air, he entered his battle stance, the sheer momentum of which had created a distortion in the air around them and blew off many dried leaves off their branches.

"KI!" The monkey jumped towards Zhang Yang, attempting to smash him on the head. Naturally, Zhang Yang’s first action was to block the attack. Both of them were midair, hence, when the monkey’s pole struck Zhang Yang’s metal shield, the power had smashed Zhang Yang and the flying serpent down from the sky like a meteor, creating a crater after they landed on the ground.

"Owphh!" Zhang Yang coughed out a mouthful of blood and spit them away. Bosses would never intentionally use Supporting Attacks, the sheer force of the blow had coincidentally resulted in a Supporting Attack. That was how the discovery of Supporting Attack was stumbled upon in the first place. There was once when a player found himself being beaten to a pulp by the boss, but did not receive additional HP damage. After the player tried it out himself and further developed the attacks, thus granting fame as the founder of Supporting Attacks.

Zhang Yang got up to his feet and picked up his fallen shield and sword. He is a tank. No matter what the situation or scenario is, he would have to be quick. Especially when he has to be the first person on the aggro list! If he failed to do so, the little girl would die at the hands of the boss. The little girl had taken his solid, consistent performance for granted. She would always rush into fights without waiting for Zhang Yang. Then again, Zhang Yang had never failed to draw the boss’ attention.


Zhang Yang landed a {Cripple Defense} before anything else. This was especially important since the boss had 5,200 Defense. If he had not, Wei Yan Er attacks would only cause less than 50% of her original attack despite wielding a Two-Handed Axe. Unlike others, Wei Yan Er was particularly good at syncing with Zhang Yang at this particular stage of the battle. Zhang Yang would land the first {Cripple Defense} while she would land the next one. After a few well-timed cycle when the two of them took turns swinging, five layers of {Cripple Defense} would be applied to the boss in less than 2 to 3 seconds. Right then, the boss would be left with 2,600 Defense. For Zhang Yang, the boss was practically naked, since he had his {Eagle Eye}.

Zhang Yang landed a clean hit and dealt 6,682 damage. Both Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er blinked in surprise at that. No matter how many times they’ve heard of the prowess of the God of War Inheritance, this was the first time they’ve seen it firsthand.

Wei Yan Er cried out, "Woah! Noob tank! I can only deal around 8,000 damage per hit! Don’t think that I’ll stop calling you a noob tank!"

Zhang Yang laughed, "Call me anything you want. I had but only a 50% increase in attack via a passive skill. The one you should be paying attention to is Felice. Take a look."

Felice was not paying attention to their conversation and was busy conjuring {Fire Missiles} to blast the boss. Her attacks would always be above 20,000 damage as long as the target has no Fire resistance.

The poor Wei Yan Er was greatly saddened when she had noticed that Felice’s attacks were so many times stronger than hers. In the party, Wei Yan Er’s position was shaky, being first, second, and the third place. When compared to individual strikes, Wei Yan Er’s damage should be the highest, since she was wielding a Two-Handed Axe. She had always taken pride in having the strongest hits per strike. She immediately got jealous when she saw that Felice’s attack could reach up to 20,000 damage with each fire blast.

"Grr! Now I see. You can be so strong if you change sexes! Noob tank! I want an Inheritance too! I want to change too!"

Zhang Yang could not help but frown.

"Right now, I have two Inheritance Fragments with me. There’s a B class Vampire Inheritance and a random one, called the Monk of Flame."

Wei Yan Er sulked. "Stingy! You’re being stingy! How could you hand me B class Inheritances! I’m your little sister-in-law! I’ve heard people saying that a man owns half of his sister-in-law! That means I am half your woman! Hah! How could you be stingy with your own woman! If you can’t get me an S class, get me an A class!"

Zhang Yang cringed so hard that he became distracted from the fight. Luckily, Felice was still blasting on and on so, that the boss could not shift its target to Han Ying Xue or Wei Yan Er. While Zhang Yang was thinking hard on how to fix Wei Yan Er’s deranged thinking, Han Ying Xue was already rolling on the floor, laughing her *ss off. Only Wei Yan Er cocked her head, confused at her cousin’s mad laughter. Zhang Yang gave up and decided to leave it at that.

"Focus on the fight, please!" said Zhang Yang.

Just when Zhang Yang turned back to the boss, the pole struck his head hard, glowing with a golden light. Zhang Yang immediately knew that the attack was a skill.

{Cloud Piercer}!


Zhang Yang would have instantaneously raised his shield to block the attack, but his skill was on cooldown. It would be useless to use the shield to block an attack without {Block} in effect. However, it could still be used to protect oneself from being smashed till one’s head bleeds. That, or to prevent the attack from destroying a player’s throat, which would prevent the player from consuming any potions!

Han Ying Xue quickly cast a series of healing skills on Zhang Yang and patted her chest in relief. "Hmph…Silly Yu, lucky for you that you have the extra 20% damage reduction skill or else I could have really lost you there!"

Zhang Yang nodded in agreement. While healers were being nerf greatly, the boss’ prowess had been left untouched. Naturally, the healers would be in tight spot. If Zhang Yang had not obtained the God of War as his Inheritance, he would not have gained the 20% additional damage reduction passive which would give Han Ying Xue serious trouble. It would be useless even if she had unlimited MP, since the HP lost does not match the HP gain.

Technically, if he had not obtained the Inheritance in the first place, the update would have never happened! {Berserker’s Heal}, and other healing skills would not have been nerfed. Still, it was only a matter of time before other players obtain any other form of Inheritances.

The monkey king’s attack was as ferocious as a storm and as fast as lighting. Each swing of his metal pole would send blades of wind out that would slice through trees, raising up a cloud of dust and booms and flying birds in the nearby surroundings. Even the waterfall seemed to defy gravity at that moment!

"Noob tank. Don’t you have the skill {Beast Taming}? Try and catch this boss as a pet! Haha! Or perhaps even a disciple! You can name him Sun and you would be Tang the monk! Mm. Whitey Jr could be Bailong! Haha!" said Wei Yan Er. It’s truly a mystery to how the little girl thinks. She could just cough out random gibberish during an intense fight!

Still, Zhang Yang was amused. "If I were to be Tang the monk, both of you could be Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing! Fu fu! Little girl, you can be Zhu Bajie then!"

"That’s awesome!" cried the little girl happily. With a straight face, she said, "I’ve always wanted to sleep and eat all the long! A lazy life is what I want!"

Zhang Yang frowned at the unexpected answer. "Isn’t that your current lifestyle?"

Wei Yan Er straightened up suddenly and fell silent, her face flushed with vermillion the color of carnal shame!

Zhang Yang smirked, "Then again, if I were to become a Tang the monk, someone would be greatly aggravated."’

"Tsk!" Han Ying Xue self-consciously replied, "Don’t think that a woman needs a man to do it."

"Ou?" the monkey king noticed that the three players were not being serious with the fight and got irritated. With a loud cry, his golden eyes flared up with flames and blasted two light beams at Zhang Yang.

The light rays made contact with Zhang Yang but did not deal any damage. On the other hand, there was a progress bar appearing on top of the boss’ character. 2 seconds was all it would take to complete his skill.

It was the {Radiant Eyes of the Clairvoyant}! A 300% damage skill!

Zhang Yang rushed to it and dealt {Frost Strike}.



The boss had taken damage, but had resisted the freeze effect! The progress bar was still filling up!

Felice then shot down to the ground and morphed back to her human form. She thrust out her lance and used {Dragon Spear Barrage}!


Unfortunately, the {Dragon's Spear Barrage} stunning rate was too low, and even if the skill had proc-ed, the boss would still have resisted it. After all, their target was an Mythical tier boss! The strongest boss that they had ever fought in the map!

With no options left on the table, Zhang Yang braced himself to take the hit.

Noticing the situation, Han Ying Xue quickly cast {Holy Shield} on Zhang Yang. The skill could not heal, hence, it had not been nerfed. It could absorb damage equivalent to 200% of the caster’s Magic Attack. Han Ying Xue’s magic attack at that moment was 6,687, so the shield could absorb 13,000 damage!

However, even though the skill effect was not nerfed, the cooldown had been made longer by 60 seconds. It was still a form of degradation!

Zhang Yang still had over 70,000 HP. He then decided not to activate {Shield Wall}. Since he had {Holy Shield} in effect, the incoming attack would have only caused him to lose most, but not all of his HP. It was more than enough.

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