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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 514 — Battle Against the Winged Monkey

Chapter 514: Battle Against the Winged Monkey


The Winged Monkey had completed the chanting for the {Radiant Eyes of the Clairvoyant}! The quarterstaff of the Winged Monkey King swung towards the chest of Zhang Yang at lightning speed, as it struck him in the middle of his chest, causing some damage. If it wasn’t for the {Holy Shield} that had been cast him earlier on, this strike would have inflicted Zhang Yang with more than 50,000 damage!

That was not all. The impact of this swing was so freaking powerful that it sent Zhang Yang flying, along with Whitey Jr. who was beneath him, tens of meters back!

Zhang Yang could taste his own blood in his throat as a small amount of blood was forced out from his mouth! If he had hurriedly attempted to gulp down a [Healing Potion] at that moment, he would have spat the [Healing Potion] out from his mouth, together with his blood. That would have wasted one bottle of [Healing Potion] and one chance for taking a [Potion]!

"Ga Ga!" the Winged Monkey King was pleased with itself. It let out a series of bawls and squalls before it began to launch it attacks again. With the wings on its back opened wide, the Winged Monkey King launched itself through the air, straight at Zhang Yang! The boss raised its metallic quarterstaff and attempted to crack Zhang Yang’s skull open!

What the hell!

Zhang Yang quickly raised his shield to block that attack! The impact was really heavy, and Zhang Yang was once again sent flying!

Wei Yan Er laughed heartlessly when she saw Zhang Yang’s pathetic floundering. She furrowed her alluring eyebrows and said, "Hey, wild monkey! Where did you get a stick like that?"

Zhang Yang also frowned as he said, "Yeah, why didn’t you ask the boss why is it not wearing any pants and showing off those red buttocks? Why didn’t you ask the boss about the secret treasures it has hidden in the area?"

"Oh right! Where does the monster keep the money? Well, if we know the whereabouts of the money, we can just take the money and run, without having to fight it! Just take, and go!" the little brat had completely failed to detect Zhang Yang’s sarcasm.

Zhang Yang could not help but to frown again as he lost his smile. He thought about asking Han Ying Xue to help him out. However, that witch is no better than the little brat. The two of them only had eyes for money!

As expected, birds of a feather flock together!

"Ji! Ji!" the Winged Monkey raised a hand and made a waving gesture. Instantly, a thundercloud appeared right on top of Wei Yan Er’s head, and lightning was seen surging within the thundercloud! Without any warning, a blinding thunderbolt struck down upon Wei Yan Er, splat on the top of her head.

"Argh ---" Wei Yan Er let out a miserable scream as she took a damage of 40,000 points. She was now a humongous, walking piece of coal. Only her shiny eyes remained distinguishable!

That was the super Skill - {Thunder Summoning Jutsu} of the boss, the skill that strikes the target and all enemies within 10 meters of the target’s surrounding with 40,000 Nature Damage! Fortunately for them, there were only three of them, and the size of the boss is massive. Even though Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er are both Melee Class players, but with one at the front of the boss while the other at the rear of the boss, the two of them could still manage to pull a 10-meter gap between themselves.

The little brat also has a Violet-Platinum [Flying Mount]. With her [Winged Tiger] and the effect of {Vitality Aura} that Zhang Yang provided, she had more than 130,000 HP. Her amount of HP was definitely comparable to Zhang Yang’s total HP atop his Yellow-Gold [Flying Mount]! Therefore, although a total of 40,000 Nature Damage may seem high, it is still far away from being capable of killing off the little brat in one hit.

After engaging the boss for a little while, Zhang Yang suddenly felt that there was something missing. So he quickly asked, "Wait a minute… Witchy Snow, where is your Battle Companion?"

"Ah!" Han Ying Xue seemed to just realize it as well, then she said, "That whiner tried to play dead when we were battling the hellish family, I’ve totally forgotten about him!"

She quickly summoned Messick out with a wave of her hand.

The moment that whiner appeared, he flashed her what he considered to be a charming smile, and stood right before Han Ying Xue. Then he began to speak, "My queen, there’s no need to worry. Any enemy who intends to hurt you would have to step over my dead body!"

"You better get lost, then! Countless people have already stepped over your ‘dead body’! So much for you protecting me!" Han Ying Xue commanded her [Red Gold Crab] through her mind and the [Red Gold Crab] extended one of its legs out and kicked Messick right into the battlefield.

What an unreliable tank! He would be the last to enter the battle and the first to leave. His {Play Dead} is so much more realistic than the {Fake Death} of the Hunters! Well, Zhang Yang had been there to witness its realism himself! Even he was tricked by the convincing appearance of his ‘death’!

Although the party only had 3 players in it, with the support from their [Mounts] and Battle Companions, their total damage output was extremely powerful. Their DPS had already exceeded 40,000 damage! Even though the boss had an HP bar that comes near to a total of 40,000,000 HP, it would only take Zhang Yang and his party about 1,000 seconds to empty the entire HP bar out. 40,000,000 HP isn’t that much, in the grand scale of things.

However, the Winged Monkey King is a Mythical Tier boss after all. Even though Zhang Yang had his Passive Damage Immunity increased by 20%, he was still having a tough time tanking against the boss! {Shield Wall}, {Last Vigor}, {Blood of Life}, [Potions]! He activated every single skill and consumed the [Potions] that were at his disposal! Zhang Yang did not even consider being thrifty about it! However, after he activated his {Rearm} once, he only managed to tank against the boss for another 10 minutes. Han Ying Xue could not keep up with the rate that Zhang Yang was losing his HP anymore!

After all, the Healer Class was hugely underpowered at the moment, and the equipment of Zhang Yang and his party were all one Tier lower than the Mythical Tier boss!

10 minutes later, the duration of the {God of War’s Shield} was over. The Passive Damage Immunity of Zhang Yang was dropped by 20%, making the situation even worse for him!

Zhang Yang quickly asked for help, "Felice! Relief me for a little while!"

"Alright, big brother!" Felice was not hesitant and lazy like that whiner Messick. She immediately descended to the ground and transformed into her Humanoid Form, charging up to the boss. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang waited for the right timing before he activated his {Shadow of the Void} and disengaged himself from the battle with the boss. Then, he went aside and used his [Bandages] to recover his HP as soon as he was able to.

On the other hand, Felice activated her {Absolute Defense} as she began to tank against the boss, undaunted by its heavy blows.

Another 10 minutes passed, and the battle raged on. Although the attack of Zhang Yang was now a lot higher, it was simply not possible for him to regain the aggro within a mere 2-minutes! Even if he keeps Felice back to his Battle Companion Slot, Wei Yan Er would become the primary target of the boss. Zhang Yang would only be able to stay ahead of Han Ying Xue at most.

However, it is not impossible to take down the boss within such a short amount of time either. Zhang Yang has the {Glare of the Death God}. He could do some massive damage to the boss!

Time to slaughter!

With {Absolute Defense} activated, Felice did not require any healing attention at all. Han Ying Xue only had to give her a {Regeneration} to maintain Felice’s HP bar at full state. Han Ying Xue could not help but to feel relieved and happy, "Silly Yu, when can you become as strong as Felice? Things will become easier for me!"

Zhang Yang could not help but to smile like a pervert as he said, "Am I not ‘strong’ enough for you?"

Han Ying Xue looked at Zhang Yang with a tender passion in her eyes as she suddenly thought of something, turning slightly red. She was most likely reliving the events of last night where she was ‘strongly’ subdued by Zhang Yang.

When the duration of {Absolute Defense} that Felice activated was left with 10 seconds remaining, the HP bar of the boss was finally reduced down to 20%!

Zhang Yang possessed the ‘Slaughtering’ Skill at the moment. So, he activated his {Indiscriminate} before he started throwing his assaults onto the boss aggressively. Within the next 10 seconds, every single hit from his weapon became a Critical Attack!

{Ragelust Slaughter}!


A high value of number appeared right above its head!

Wei Yan Er could not stand being a bystander, and neither was she willing to lose to Zhang Yang. She also activated her {Indiscriminate}, followed by her {Ragelust Slaughter}!


Because the little brat was using a two-handed weapon, even Zhang Yang’s 50% additional increase in his attack was unable to make up for it! Especially when her attacks ignore Defense, she was unleashing the full potential of her two-handed weapon, in terms of Attack!

Furthermore, the equipment that Zhang Yang had on him was geared for Defense, and all the [Gemstones] that he had placed into the sockets were [Vitality Gemstones]. So, his Strength was still far behind the Strength of Wei Yan Er. Other than that, the equipment set that boosted DpS also had an additional increase in their Damage Effect, based by percentages. That made the difference between Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er even larger!

{Horizontal Sweep}!


{Destructive Smash}!


Because the Attack power of the boss was unimaginably high, Zhang Yang need not have to worry about having not enough Rage Points at his disposal. He could use his skills as much as he wanted to!

{Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}! {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}!

Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had already gulped down their [Power Potions] in order to increase their damage output to the maximum!

In just a brief 10 seconds, the HP bar of the boss had dropped rapidly like an avalanche!

The {Absolute Defense} ended!

Felice did not transform into the Dragonhawk Form as she maintained in her Humanoid Form to tank against the boss head on. Although her Defense had reached up to 4,480, the Defense wasn’t really doing her any justice when she had to face the 30,000 normal damage of the boss. Each attack from the boss damaged Felice by about 25,000 points! Even Han Ying Xue was terrified by the amount of HP that she needed to heal back!

{Frost Strike}!


After the boss took damage from the strike, the Winged Monkey King was suddenly frozen solid, as it entered a 10-second period of complete immobility!

"Finally! Something really great has happened!" Han Ying Xue finally found a moment to breathe properly. She took advantage of the moment and healed Felice up as much as she could, while Felice used a [Bandage] to heal herself up as well. The priority of this little lady at the moment was not to increase damage output, but to stay alive!

"Ji! Ji ji ---" The Winged Monkey King broke out of the frost after 10 seconds. Then, the boss began to charge at Felice with its quarterstaff as it launched its assaults on her aggressively.

Even though Felice had about 130,000 HP, she still could not handle the unimaginably powerful Attack of the boss! Her HP was reducing rapidly from 100,000 to 80,000, then from 80,000 to 50,000… No matter how much Han Ying Xue tried to heal her up, she could not maintain he HP level of Felice, at all!

However, they managed to hold on for another 1 minute. The HP bar of the Winged Monkey King was reduced down to 12%!

{Glare of the Death God}!

A shroud of dark mist began to form into a dark skull, right above the head of the boss. The skull tore open its mouth wide as it began to reveal a terrifying and wretched smile! The mouth was so dark, that it looked like a black hole!


Zhang Yang swung his sword across the body of the boss and triggered the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}! That took 1% of the boss’s HP bar right off!

This Skill would affect stronger enemies better. The stronger the monsters are, the better the special effects of the Skill. This amount of damage was not just a merely 3,700, or even 37,000. It was a total of 370,000 damage that we are talking about here!

However, although the damage that this Skill could cause on the boss is terrifying, it did nothing to help Zhang Yang regain his aggro. The amount of the boss’s aggro on Zhang Yang only increased slightly. Well, after giving it some thoughts, it made sense as well. If anyone got so lucky that every single hit this person lands on the boss triggers the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}, surely the person would not be able to handle the boss after becoming the primary target of the boss, even if the person is a powerful Tanker!



In just mere 6 seconds, the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} was already triggered for 10 times, and the dark skull right above the boss’s head disappeared right after the 10th occurrence. Now, the boss was left only with 2% HP!

"We can do this! Slay the boss!"



"Rawgh---" The Winged Monkey King let out a miserably scream right before it died. The massive body of the boss slammed down onto the ground. The metallic quarterstaff fell out of the hands of the boss and clanged onto the solid rock by its side. The clanging discharged some sparks across the surroundings.

This is actually the first Mythical boss that Zhang Yang and his party had slain with their own hands! At that moment, the three of them cheered together.

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