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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1741 — Law Proclamation

Chapter 1741 - Law Proclamation

A completion rate of 92%. This couldn’t even be described as a legend. It was simply outrageous.

Imagine. A future True Divinity needed 85%-87%. This was completely different from 92%.

Whether it was 70 to 80, or 80 to 90, there was a distance as great as the heavens and earth between them. It was almost impossible to look up at a score as high as 92%

“Impossible! You must have made a mistake!”

High Prince White Feather looked towards that Senior-apprentice Brother Yang with disbelief.

Senior-apprentice Brother Yang coldly said, “What meaning is there in me lying to you… moreover, many people will know of this soon. Even if I lie, it will be seen through. Also, once the final trial ends, those with a completion rate surpassing 80% will have their names inscribed with lines of the Heavenly Dao. You can naturally see it for yourself.”

The final completion rate for trial challengers had never been a secret. Part of the reason was that trial challengers spread out the information themselves, but another reason was that these results were shown through the world Laws, especially for those with high completion rates. For instance, in the past Sheng Mei and the Good Fortune Saint Son had their completion percentages spread throughout the entire Asura Road.

When Lin Ming had casually suppressed a little robber gang, even one of their members, Soulwhite, had known of the completion percentages for Sheng Mei and the Good Fortune Saint Son. This was a matter that could not be hidden.

Senior-apprentice Brother Yang’s words caused the audience to go silent once more. Their stunned expressions looked as complex as a divine runic symbol. All of them were unable to find the appropriate words.

Some of these people had once gone to the Divine Rune City Auction and had seen Lin Ming personally sell promissory notes for billions of contribution points. Just a month of work and Lin Ming had amassed billions of contribution points, even causing Empyreans to engage in a bidding war.

That scene had left a sharp and vivid memory in their minds, one that they would never be able to forget.

In particular, when Lin Ming had calmly drawn an improved divine runic symbol in the face of hundreds of thousands of people without any fear of failing at all. Not just that, but he even did so with 20 dark divine runic masters eyeing him. No matter how high their cultivations they had all been grasped by Lin Ming. He simply didn’t care about their spying techniques at all. Rather, he let them sit there and collected viewing fees from them, allowing them to watch as they liked.

Such boldness, such daring, they couldn’t help but admire him.

Now, over 20 years had passed and Lin Ming had reappeared in the final trial, creating yet another miracle.

This caused everyone to find it hard to connect these two peerless individuals together.

An extremely talented divine runic master as well as a monstrous battle freak that surpassed a peerless genius like Sheng Mei.

Were these two really the same person?

Where did he find so much time? Where did he find the energy to accomplish all of this?

At the same time, a similar scene was occurring on Boundless Divine Mountain.

Of course, the one respectfully listening this time was Soul Emperor Divine Void, and the one speaking to him was Soul Empress Sheng Mei.

Originally, Soul Emperor Divine Void had placed down a celebration banquet to greet Sheng Mei, arranging all sorts of top heavenly materials to cook up spirit foods and spirit wines, all of it set on a grand table. The cost of this celebration feast was even more expensive than an Empyrean spirit treasure.

As soon as Sheng Mei entered Boundless Divine Mountain, Soul Emperor Divine Void had raised a glass to congratulate her as well as inquire into her completion percentage. After learning she obtained an 89% completion rate, he was naturally stunned.

Although he knew that Sheng Mei was amazing, he didn’t think it would be so exaggerated. After praising her for some time, Soul Empress Sheng Mei suddenly informed him that her completion percentage wasn’t the highest, but there was also Lin Ming with an even more exaggerated 92%.

This caused Soul Emperor Divine Void to stand up where he was, lost in a frozen daze for some time.

If these words hadn’t come from Sheng Mei’s lips but from someone else, Soul Emperor Divine Void would have thought they were making careless jokes. But Sheng Mei was someone with a naturally serious personality who never made such jokes.

“Lin Ming… he… where did he come from?”

Soul Emperor Divine Void asked Sheng Mei after being silent for ten breaths of time, incredulity thick in his voice.

“He is a human genius from the 33 Heavens. He should originate from the Divine Realm. If it weren’t for Lin Ming, my completion percentage would only be 86. For me to achieve an 89% completion rate, I must thank him for that…”

To reach the sixth level with an 89% completion rate, this had given Sheng Mei rich rewards. The Asura Road Master was someone who had comprehensively understood the Laws of the 33 Heavens. No matter which trial challenger came, no matter what Laws they practiced, he could pass down peerless insights to them.

In addition, there was the Undying Polar Ice’s soul fire. This allowed Sheng Mei’s strength to increase by another level and allowed her Grand Reincarnation Art to reach perfection of the sixth revolution.

Hearing Sheng Mei’s words, Soul Emperor Divine Void’s throat twitched a little. He ruefully smiled, “If what you say is true, then he is indeed a peerless monstrous talent… however, Sheng Mei, you need not underestimate yourself. After all, your Grand Reincarnation Art has yet to reach completion. Once you complete your nine revolutions and come to the final trial again, obtaining a score past 92% won’t be difficult for you at all…”

Sheng Mei shook her head, “I don’t know if I can surpass 92% or not, but what I am sure of is that after several hundred or thousand years, if Lin Ming returns to the final trial he will definitely surpass a 92% completion rate. In this universe, it isn’t only I who is growing. Although those with normal levels of talent won’t change, this isn’t true for those that are gifted with unsurpassed talent…”

When Sheng Mei spoke of those gifted with unsurpassed talent, those she spoke of was a range restricted to the top geniuses of an entire race. Only such a character, born in a race every billion years, would be able to borrow the momentum of the world’s great calamity to be born!

In the 33 Heavens, those with unsurpassed talent were the Good Fortune Saint Son, Lin Ming, and Sheng Mei! Although Sheng Mei didn’t care much about the Good Fortune Saint Son, she actually felt a deep sense of admiration towards Lin Ming.

She had said to Lin Ming that his appearance was the good fortune of humanity. However, as to whether or not this good fortune could help humanity weather the great calamity, Sheng Mei hadn’t told Lin Ming her thoughts…

In fact, she also knew that humanity’s great calamity wasn’t as simple as it seemed to be…

“Are you saying that Lin Ming will surpass 92% in the future? If so… then that is even more terrifying! Hey… where is this Lin Ming now?”

Soul Emperor Divine Void suddenly asked Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei lightly looked at Divine Void and serenely said, “You shouldn’t be asking this because you have some dark intentions towards Lin Ming, right?”

Towards a character on the level of Soul Emperor Divine Void, the current Lin Ming had absolutely no ability to resist.

Lin Ming was just far too monstrous a talent, but elephants were also killed because mortals coveted their ivory tusks. If Lin Ming didn’t have the protection of some super influence then others would inevitably form thoughts of cutting him down early.

“Mm?” Soul Emperor Divine Void seemed to sense something from Sheng Mei’s tone, “You seem to be… protecting him?”

“You can say that.” Sheng Mei confidently stated. “He must have obtained a great lucky chance in the final trial, but his lucky chance isn’t what others can obtain. Even if Lin Ming dies, I fear you cannot take his lucky chance. I know your character; do not move against him…”

Sheng Mei said, a light warning in her words.

“Why do you protect him? Is it because he helped you in killing the fifth level Overlord, allowing your completion percentage to increase by three points?” Soul Emperor Divine Void said with surprise as he looked at Sheng Mei. In truth, he hadn’t said anything about harming Lin Ming at the start. After all, when it came to peerless geniuses like Lin Ming, it was hard to harm or kill them even when they were small and weak.

This type of person often had countless lucky chances on their body and an endless number of life-saving cards. If one couldn’t catch such a person, then making them a foe was absolutely not a good idea.

Thus in ordinary circumstances, unless one was crazy, few influences who didn’t have any hatred at all would try to harm those who ended the final trial with a high completion percentage.

“That’s part of the reason…”

Sheng Mei trailed off before not explaining any further. She clearly had no intention of speaking of her other reasons.

Soul Emperor Divine Void also remained silent. He knew it was meaningless to continue pressing the question.

At this time, above the Asura Sea, the final trial’s exit passage had completely closed.

When the exit passage closed, the heavens and earth began to change. Countless Asura Law lines began to gather from all over, forming massive words in the endless skies above the Asura Road.

These words were each a thousand miles large and stretched out for hundreds of thousands of miles. They filled the entire Asura Sea with a magnificent and overpowering momentum, ancient and boundless!

What these words recorded were the completion percentages of Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Sheng Mei.

Of these words, the most eye-catching was Lin Ming’s name and his completion score of 92%. Countless Laws gathered to form the words, and just by looking at them one felt their blood vitality tumble and their inner world tremble.

Under the vast words formed by the Heavenly Dao, anyone, even Soul Emperor Divine Void, felt extremely small.

The hundred thousand plus people on the Asura Sea, whether they were senior supreme elders or heroic young elites, all felt shock from the depths of their hearts.

As for Old Xue and Old Su who had already heard the news, they stood beneath the vast skies for an entire two hours looking at these words, unable to summon anything to say.

They originally thought that Lin Ming’s results ‘wouldn’t be bad’, but this ‘wouldn’t be bad’ had them both living in something that felt like a dream.

With such a miracle, the name Lin Ming was destined to leave behind an endless legend in the Asura Road!

This massive Law proclamation continued in the skies above the Asura Sea for nine days and nine nights before slowly scattering.

However, before the Law proclamation faded away, the name of Lin Ming had already spread through every intelligence network, large influence, and spy organization in the entire Asura Road.

Even those in the outer Asura Road were only two or three days behind in news. After that, everyone knew of this event.

After all, everyone paid an extreme amount of attention to the final trial. Once the results were announced, the news would rapidly spread!

For a time, countless influences wanted to know who Lin Ming was and where he came from.

Some of these influences had dark thoughts against Lin Ming, but most of them simply wanted to greet him and form good relations.

If they could achieve such a goal, they were willing to pay a steep price.

Whether it was heavenly goods, top grade materials, all sorts of spirit treasures, magic weapons, cultivation methods, or proud daughters of heaven to be used for dual cultivation, everything imaginable was offered up.

However, all of these influences failed in their goal.

After the final trial ended, Lin Ming hadn’t appeared in public at all.

Together with Xiao Moxian, the two of them seemed to have vanished from the world, completely disappearing…


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