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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1742 — To Settle All Ties

Chapter 1742 - To Settle All Ties

A short time after being transmitted from the final trial, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian found each other. Then they contacted Mo Brightmoon and met up. Together, the three of them used the Asura Command to leave the Asura Sea. At this time, the people above the Asura Sea didn’t even know that Lin Ming had created a miracle of obtaining a 92% completion rate.

Lin Ming quietly left, not wanting to stand atop the waves of attention. When the exit passage of the final trial opened, influences from all over would gather and there would likely be some people intending to plot against him. He naturally didn’t want to be targeted by these people.

The final trial had already ended and now he planned to return to the Divine Realm in the near future. But before doing that, there was a matter he needed to finish.

This matter was only a matter of convenience for Lin Ming, but it could also give him decent benefits. To him, this could be considered his final mark in his adventures through the Asura Road.

One month later, Setting Sun City -

Setting Sun City was located in a remote area of the inner Asura Road. However, there were some nearby areas that were rich in spiritual energy, and thus this land was occupied by an Empyrean level influence - the Far East Family.

This also made Setting Sun City a bustling marketplace. As one of the inner Asura Road’s largest intelligence networks, Heaven’s Secret naturally wouldn’t miss out on such a large city. In Setting Sun City, there was also a branch division of Heaven’s Secret. Every day, many martial artists would come to this Heaven’s Secret branch division looking for information, and on this day, a common-looking black-clothed youth happened to visit.

This black-clothed youth was of medium height and carried a heavy sword on his back. His looks were ordinary and there were circular demon tattoos on his face, making him look a bit fierce.

He walked through the streets, a faint slaughter energy rolling off of him, causing people to unconsciously avoid him.

Like this, he walked to Heaven’s Secret.

“Mister, how do you do? What rank of news would you like to ask about?”

The doorman felt his heart jump as he saw this black-clothed youth. After waiting at the doors of Heaven’s Secret for so many years, he had naturally seen all sorts of characters. His intuition told him that this black-clothed youth in front of him wasn’t simple at all.

“I am looking for someone, a Great World King…”

The black-clothed youth lightly said. The doorman’s pupils shrank. Although this black-clothed youth didn’t seem too old, he actually searched for a Great World King. Of course, he wouldn’t ask this guest what his reasons were. He respectfully bowed and waved his hand in welcome, “Of course, please follow me to the sixth floor.”

The black-clothed youth nodded and followed the doorman into Heaven’s Secret Pavilion.

In the middle of a chamber on the sixth floor of Heaven’s Secret Pavilion, a blue-clothed old man was solemnly sitting behind a table.

The entire pavilion was filled with a fragrant smoke that resembled fog.

The doorman introduced the black-clothed youth to the chamber and then respectfully drew back, head bowed.

“I hear that this guest wishes to inquire into news about a Great World King. May I ask which Great World King this is?” The blue-clothed old man was tall and thin. His hands rested above a white jade cutting board and his voice was calm like a mountain.

The cutting board continued to shimmer with the strange power of runes, as if endless information was constantly surging atop it.

The blue-clothed old man’s eyes unwittingly swept over the black-clothed youth in front of him, as if he were trying to see through his origins.

This black-clothed youth emitted an extremely strange aura. The blue-clothed old man’s probing was immediately sensed.

Just looking at this black-clothed youth, besides the vigorous man-eating demonic aura that seemed to roll off him, he seemed to constantly fade in and out of the world, as if he could disappear at any time. It was an extremely strange feeling.

The old man looked for a long time but eventually gave up on discerning this young man’s origins.

The black-clothed youth thought for a moment and then calmly said, “Dark divine runic grandmaster, Shadow Overflow. I am looking for him about some matters.”

“Grandmaster Overflow?”

The blue-clothed old man’s eyebrows shot up. He gently traced his beard. When the average person asked about Shadow Overflow, it was usually to make deals that couldn’t be seen in the daylight. He guessed that this black-clothed youth was in a similar situation.

He didn’t ask much. He simply put forth the fee for the information and then drew several strange lines atop a jade slip.

After some time, the information within the jade slip started to rapidly reorganize itself, sparkling.

In the void, several brilliant characters began to appear.

“Darktide City, Tigerhunt Cave.”

Once he had carefully read the meaning behind these characters, the blue-clothed old man began to slowly answer.

After obtaining this answer, the black-clothed youth bowed. The demonic circles on his face emitted a faint black light; it was impossible to know what expression he was making.

Slowly standing up, the black-clothed youth left a nine sun jade on the table. Then, his figure flickered and he disappeared.


“Darktide City, Tigerhunt Cave.”

The black-clothed youth chewed over the name of this area. As he flew through the skies he was like a black rainbow arching through the heavens.

And as he was flying, this black-clothed youth’s appearance gradually changed. The demonic tattoos on his face slowly hid themselves, he became taller, and the edges of his face became sharper and more contoured.

This person was Lin Ming.

The reason he had changed his appearance to go to Heaven’s Secret and ask about Shadow Overflow was to complete the last matter he wanted to seal in the Asura Road.

That was… killing Shadow Overflow.

Firstly, Shadow Overflow had a grudge against Lin Ming and Lin Ming could sense that this person was sinister and cruel, always taking revenge for the smallest slights. Although the chance that he would be able to harm Lin Ming in the future was extremely small, Lin Ming didn’t want to give him the tiniest chance to do so.

Many years ago, when Lin Ming was in the Seven Profound Valleys he had offended the Seven Profound Valleys’ Acacia Faction’s Ouyang Family. Because of that, Lin Ming had been taught a profound lesson. Due to his carelessness, Qin Xingxuan had nearly been killed by the Ouyang Family.

From that point on, Lin Ming had firmed his resolve. When it came to enemies that could harm him, his family, or his friends, he would treat them ruthlessly without the slightest bit of mercy, cutting down the problem at the roots as soon as possible. Sometimes, even the most common-seeming characters could come back to bite like a viper in the grass.

Also, there were other reasons Lin Ming wanted to kill Shadow Overflow.

Lin Ming had grasped the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram and now he could bring the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws back to the 33 Heavens. Before leaving the Asura Road, he wanted his divine runic arts to be even more perfect.

Shadow Overflow was a giant amongst all dark divine runic masters and had mastered the wide breadth of knowledge of the dark divine runic arts. He was highly adept at applying various Laws and principles to different situations.

Shadow Overflow’s memories of the dark divine runic arts were extremely tempting to Lin Ming.

These were memories he had to obtain.

They would allow him to save many years of work.


The setting sun was like inky blood. A towering city stood in the midst of a howling sandstorm. The exposed city walls were rugged and simple, seeming as if they could collapse at any moment. The entire area was cold and desolate.

Several decayed sentry towers stood behind the city gates.

No one manned these sentry towers. There were only carrion vultures resting above them, sending out sharp cries.

“This is Darktide City?”

Lin Ming pulled down his black hood, biting his lips as he stood in the dusty sands and looked at the bleak sand-swept city in front of him.

According to the information he gathered, Darktide City was a well-known crime capital in the outer Asura Road. It was an extremely evil and malevolent city.

Here, rogues and thugs ran rampant.

Most of these thugs had committed a number of evil deeds. Darktide City just happened to be at the junction of many nearby Holy Lands and Divine Kingdoms. Thus, because it was under no one's jurisdiction, it had become a paradise for numerous criminals.

Lin Ming didn’t think that such a famous crime capital would be desolate in such a manner; it was really startling.

If he hadn’t obtained information from Heaven’s Secret, Lin Ming would never have thought that the famous dark divine runic grandmaster Shadow Overflow would live in such a grim place.


Suddenly, Lin Ming became keenly aware that there were slight energy fluctuations in the skies.

These types of fluctuations were even weaker than fluctuations of light. However, because of the incredible sensitivity of Lin Ming’s senses, he was able to instantly lock onto the locus of changes in the air.

His lips curved up in a faint sneer.

Putting on an ignorant appearance, Lin Ming flipped his black hood back on and slowly walked towards the city entrance.

Behind him, a strong big fellow drilled out of the void, draped in translucent wings. This person carried a metal trident that shined with strange runes. He was impressively a member of the monster race.

“Human?” The monster fellow showed a greedy smile.

Then, this fellow saw a strange divine runic symbol slowly flutter down from the air.

The divine runic symbol had a clear word written upon it - Imprison!

This word exuded threads of mystic power. The wind rose and in the next moment a web of golden wires shot out, tightly wrapping around the monster fellow, tightly locking onto his flesh and blood!


The monster fellow cried out in alarm. However, in the next moment, all his cries were sealed off, leaving him unable to cry. He wasn’t able to summon any monster essence from within his body, making him seem like a dead dog being hung in the air.

The monster fellow revealed a look full of panic and dread.

Lin Ming floated up, looking down at this robber with imposing contempt. A faint killing intent shined in his eyes, making this monster fellow’s heart shake and sweat drip down his back.

“Tell me, what is the situation of Tigerhunt Cave? Do you know someone called Shadow Overflow?” Lin Ming icily said to the monster fellow.

As Lin Ming spoke, his pupils changed color, becoming a deep dark abyss. If a common martial artist were to look at Lin Ming now, they would feel as if their soul was being sucked into his eyes.

This was an arcane skill of the Asura Sutra’s second volume. As the monster fellow met Lin Ming’s eyes, his body shook, his eyes glazed over and his expression turned blank. His sea of consciousness had been thoroughly muddled by Lin Ming’s soul force.

In the next moment, the monster fellow opened his mouth and spoke of everything he knew.

The monster fellow happened to be someone from Darktide City’s Tigerhunt Cave. From his mouth, Lin Ming had been able to learn a great deal of useful information.

Gently shaking his robes, Lin Ming’s figure began to dim among the yellow sands, disappearing into the void.

As for that monster fellow, he tumbled to the ground, his eyes still blank and his face pale like an idiot. His spiritual sea had suffered irreversible damage and from this point on he was ruined.

From the moment that Lin Ming entered this monster fellow’s mind, he had learned that he normally raped and pillaged, killing others to steal their possessions. Facing a villain like this who only committed evil deeds, Lin Ming would show no leniency. Removing one such person was the same as saving many lives.



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