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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1743 — Killing Shadow Overflow

Chapter 1743 - Killing Shadow Overflow

Although Darktide City was in name a city, the truth was that it encompassed a massive region. Within this region were innumerable gangs of murderers, robbers, various influences, and even dark divine runic masters.

Tigerhunt Cave was located beneath Sunflare Mountain at the very center of Darktide City.

When the last rays of blood red light struck Sunflare Mountain, waves of glorious light would emit from the base of the mountain.

As if daytime was rising where the light came from.

If one looked carefully, they would see that this brilliant daylight was composed of countless divine runic symbols.

This formed an extremely formidable tidal wave of defense.

The giant Tigerhunt Cave was carved into the mountainside. It was over 10,000 feet wide.

Magnificent structures towered into the skies, illuminated with candle-like lights all over. It was a beautiful and enchanting sight.

The massive structural complex had no guards. From within, one could only hear the laughs and frolicking screams of women.

A hundred meters from the periphery of Tigerhunt Cave, Lin Ming circled around a rocky peak.

Beneath the waves of light from the divine runic symbols, his figure constantly shimmered like an image on the rippling surface of a lake. It was hard to make out his appearance.

After emerging from the space of the final trial and obtaining the second volume of the Asura Sutra, Lin Ming had reached the pinnacle in attainments of soul forging Laws. This sort of understanding manifested in Lin Ming’s previously learned cultivation methods. By using a bit of soul force with the Divine Dream Law and combining it with the power of space, he was able to freely move and deceive the eyes of ordinary martial artists.

As he arrived in front of the defensive divine runic symbols, he narrowed his eyes. He scanned the palatial structures within Tigerhunt Cave, a trace of killing intent passing through his eyes.

One hand gently followed the trajectory of a nearby divine runic symbol, creating an energy line.

Lin Ming slowly perceived the energy structure. Then, after a moment, he forcefully opened up a gap within the supposedly impregnable divine runic symbols.

His form flickered as he passed inside.

Tigerhunt Cave.

There was a lustrous palace resplendent in gold and jade, covered in beams of shimmering energy. The palace rose high into the air.

Coming from within the central hall of this grand palace, there was the sound of lively chatter.

There was currently a banquet feast being held in the palace. The sounds of cheers and boisterous laughter lingered in the air.

At this banquet feast was a crowd of dark divine runic masters in long black robes.

Sitting at the highest seat of honor was the infamous Grandmaster Overflow, one of the top dark divine runic masters of the Asura Road.

The other dark divine runic masters surrounded Shadow Overflow like planets around a sun. Some of them were a little drunk and had flushed faces.

Beside them were beautiful young girls carrying platters of wine and meat, their bodies only covered by the thinnest layers of gauze. Their large chests and slender waists were clearly illuminated with each light step they took.

The entire feast was filled with the smell of wine and meat, mixed with the fragrance of a young girl’s flavors.

“Grandmaster Overflow, recently our business has become increasingly good. All of that is thanks to Grandmaster’s luck.” A middle-aged dark divine runic master said, raising a glass of wine as he flattered Shadow Overflow with a drunk smile.

“Haha, if things continue like this then in the future, all of the dark divine runic masters around Darktide City will have to work under the grandmaster.” Someone laughed out loud.

Facing these people’s flattery, Shadow Overflow only ominously smiled. His smile was a bit cold. As the present dark divine runic masters saw Shadow Overflow’s expression, they all shrunk their necks. They knew that Shadow Overflow was likely in an extremely poor mood.

If one had to think of a reason, it was all because of the results of the Asura Road’s final trial. There had been a certain individual who had created a miracle and obtained a 92% completion rate, and this person was none other than Shadow Overflow’s sworn enemy, Lin Ming.

This meant that Lin Ming possessed unimaginable talent. In the near future, he could kill Shadow Overflow as easily as stepping on an ant. In this sort of situation, Shadow Overflow felt as if a mountain was constantly pressing down on his chest, leaving him unable to take a single breath.

So in recent days, whenever someone mentioned Lin Ming’s name, Shadow Overflow would look as if he had taken a cup of poison.

With Lin Ming in the Asura Road, as long as he grew up, Shadow Overflow would never be able to publicly appear for the rest of his life. He would have to live like a little underground mouse.

The other dark divine runic masters had correctly guessed Shadow Overflow’s thoughts. One of them said, “Grandmaster Overflow, I’ve already contacted some intelligence networks and underworld influences to search for Lin Ming’s whereabouts. As long as there is any news found about him then we can release the information to those influences who have dark intentions towards Lin Ming. I’m sure they will be extremely interested…”

“That’s right, although it's difficult for us to take out Lin Ming, those evil influences are ruthless and cruel. They will definitely covet the secrets and lucky chances that Lin Ming has!”

Several dark divine runic masters grinned as they spoke. Hearing these words, Shadow Overflow was finally in a better mood. He said, “That little beast, this time he really did put himself in the limelight, but a tree outside of the forest will be blown down by the wind. Since he’s made himself so high profile, there are innumerable influences targeting him. I hope that those dark influences can kill him, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see the play.”

As Shadow Overflow spoke, hatred flashed in his eyes.

He threw back the blood red wine in his glass in a gulp. As long as he thought of Lin Ming being killed, his entire body would shiver with excitement.

“You little beast, just you wait. And that little witch that follows him, it's best if they are both ruined together.”

Thinking of the black-clothed girl that followed Lin Ming, Shadow Overflow suddenly fiendishly grinned. Without any indication he reached out and grabbed one of the beautiful maids nearby, ruthlessly kneading her milk-white breasts.

The maid paled. She bit her lips but she was only able to look at Shadow Overflow with a pleasing smile.


Shadow Overflow lasciviously chuckled several times. He grasped the maid by the waist and then turned to walk towards the back gardens.

In the darkness, an indifferent Lin Ming followed him like a god of death arriving in the midst of night.

The divine runic symbol traps arranged in the air or placed on the ground were nothing in front of him. He could skillfully bypass them all.

This was also because Lin Ming had cultivated the Asura Sutra Volume Two. With that, his understanding of the Laws of divine runic arts had gone even further. To him, these traps existed in name only.

Pah -

Another barrier of divine runic symbols was broken open by Lin Ming.

His clothing fluttered around him. Like an owl, he flew deep into the back gardens, blending in with the endless darkness.


The thinly-clothed maid was tossed onto a bed. Staring at her creamy white body, a pleased grin appeared on Shadow Overflow’s face. To the current Shadow Overflow, beauty no longer had any temptation for him. What he liked was recklessly ruining and conquering nubile young maids in order to give vent to the sadness and feelings of suppression in his heart.

Just as he was about to throw himself onto the maid, he suddenly froze.

Although he had to spend a great deal of his time and energy on the divine runic arts, his strength and cultivation were still those of a Great World King. He had sharp senses and was able to detect a strange, thread-thin fluctuation of strength in the air. He slowly turned his head, looking towards a window lattice

There, hovering in the air, was a tall black-haired youth.

He wore a black robe and his entire body seemed wrapped in darkness. Strange circular demonic tattoos rippled along his neck, constantly moving without end. As he looked down from his commanding position, his stare was cold and ruthless, like a hawk staring at its prey.

“You… how did you get in?” Shadow Overflow felt his scalp tingle and all the hairs on his body rise up. He was a sixth level dark divine runic master and he had extremely deep attainments in the divine runic arts. Within Tigerhunt Cave, he had laid down layers upon layers of array formations and trap divine runic symbols. Because of this, he simply didn’t need any guards.

With such a solid and complex defense, how did this black-haired youth come in? His intuition was screaming to him that something was wrong here.

He didn’t know who this unexpected intruder was. This intruder’s face was covered by his strange dark demonic tattoos, making it impossible to clearly see his face.

Shadow Overflow didn’t know why, but this youth gave off a familiarly repugnant feeling, one that aroused his loathing.

“No matter who you are, since you dare to intrude upon my lair then die!”

Shadow Overflow coldly sneered. As a sixth level dark divine runic master, he had experienced and weathered countless storms before.

Towards this unknown visitor, although he was startled he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t think that this person’s cultivation was too high.

His hands wove lines in the void. The originally calm space began to bubble and explode with energy like raging lava.

The surrounding walls were all covered with colorful God Beast drawings. And now, they seemed to come alive, releasing a strange mystical power of fire.

At this time, Lin Ming could also clearly feel that Shadow Overflow’s chamber seemed to come alive. The glistening dyes used to draw the murals on the walls began to shine and emit a turbulent essence energy - they were clearly manufactured from wonderful fire-attribute heavenly materials.

In front of Shadow Overflow, a lifelike fire rune was drawn, one that looked like a snake formed from flame. The fire essence energy in the dyes on the murals started to be energized and drawn into the middle of the rune.

Everything was actually a mighty and massive divine runic symbol.

Lin Ming was startled. He didn’t think that Shadow Overflow had filled his entire chamber with materials used to draw a divine runic symbol and could instantly summon them to defend against enemies.

In a moment, a blazing hot divine runic symbol appeared, so hot that even the air began to bubble. The ground instantly cracked and melted away. Lin Ming was directly surrounded by these flames. The demonic tattoos on his body and the black energy around him began to burn, rapidly dissipating.

As the demonic energy dissipated, it also caused Lin Ming’s face to be revealed. Since he came to Shadow Overflow’s lair, he hadn’t changed his appearance.

Shadow Overflow was now able to clearly see Lin Ming’s face.

As Shadow Overflow saw this face that had haunted him like a nightmare, he suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an icy lake.

“It’s you! Lin Ming!?”

Shadow Overflow’s withered old eyes opened wide. He looked at Lin Ming with hate and fear, “You, you actually dared to enter my mansion!?”

No matter what, he never imagined that while the dark divine runic masters under his command were searching everywhere for information about Lin Ming’s whereabouts in order to share it with evil influences, Lin Ming would actually come to him on his own initiative and try to attack him.

But Lin Ming didn’t even have a Holy Lord cultivation. Was it possible he thought he could kill a Great World King?

Shadow Overflow certainly wouldn’t doubt Lin Ming’s talent, but for a half-step Holy Lord to kill a Great World King, Shadow Overflow didn’t believe Lin Ming had this ability!


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