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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1744 — Leaving the Asura Road

Chapter 1744 - Leaving the Asura Road

Because of Shadow Overflow’s sudden attack, the entire chamber was turned burning hot. And when this energy burned through the demonic tattoos that covered Lin Ming’s body and was released from the control of Shadow Overflow’s soul force, it began to rapidly spread everywhere.

Flames spread all around, burning up the entire chamber, turning it into a conflagration of hell.

The young maid that had been tossed on Shadow Overflow’s bed cried out in alarm. Her clothes had caught fire and she would soon be swallowed up by the tongues of fire.

With her cultivation, it was naturally impossible for her to resist the shockwaves from the fires.

Seeing this, Lin Ming frowned. He flicked a finger and a rune came whistling out, covering the maid. After the rune absorbed all of the flames it transported her far outside.

Shadow Overflow saw all of this happen. A severe and mercilessly cold light flashed in his eyes, “You dare to divert your attention at such a time? Die!”

Shadow Overflow shouted out loud. He grasped three divine runic symbols from his spatial ring and threw them towards Lin Ming.

These three divine runic symbols all formed different shapes as they hurtled towards Lin Ming. They all possessed darkness-attributes. As they shot through the void, they covered space in endless chaos.

These were sixth grade divine runic symbols that Shadow Overflow kept on himself for self-defense. Facing Lin Ming, he cast them all out without a hint of hesitation!

Hu -

The entire room was swallowed by the energy of the divine runic symbols. Within a terrifying black vortex, the walls, furniture, bed, everything was twisted into ash and then even the ash disappeared. This sort of disappearance was not disintegration or tearing, but complete annihilation, leaving not even the tiniest bit of matter to prove that they existed in the world once.

This was the terror of the Concept of Darkness. Although Shadow Overflow’s combat strength wasn’t much, the divine runic symbols he drew up were considerably strong.

By the time the darkness scattered, the entire palace had been razed, everything disappearing without a trace.

This also included Lin Ming.

In the midst of the ruins, the only one left was Shadow Overflow. As he looked at the mess around him, he maintained absolute vigilance.

Although Lin Ming was only a half-step Holy Lord, Shadow Overflow didn’t have the slightest thought of underestimating him. In his opinion, this junior had countless methods to use and in addition to that he even obtained a 92% completion rate in the final trial. Shadow Overflow had no choice but to be careful.

“Did he die…?”

Shadow Overflowed gripped a divine runic symbol in one hand, his eyes cold. He didn’t think anything would be able to survive in that horrifying black vortex.

But at the same time, he also didn’t believe that someone like Lin Ming would die so easily.

At this time, Shadow Overflow’s pupils shrank and the greatest sense of crisis he had ever felt in his entire life washed over him. From not too far away, space tore open and a bright red spear thrust straight towards him.

What followed this spear was the vast and boundless grandmist force field. It covered all space in a thousand foot radius.

Lin Ming had hidden himself in a space distortion to avoid Shadow Overflow’s attack. Now as he thrust out his spear, there was grandmist energy that blocked all directions for Shadow Overflow to dodge in.

“This brat!”

Shadow Overflow’s face distorted grotesquely. From every pore on his body, black light shined out. Black energy surged, causing space itself to twist and surge.

This black energy instantly formed a 50 foot high demon soul with fiendish features and wearing pitch black armor.

Every scale of the armor had a howling ghost head stretching out of it.

The demon soul was filled with surging soul force that filled the air with evil and pestilent energy.

“Blood Pond Hell!”

Shadow Overflow shouted out loud. In that moment, the surroundings for a thousand feet all around turned into a suffocating hell, filled with a thick yin chill.

He took out a ghost banner from his inner world. This ghost banner had many demon souls sealed within. Then, all of these demon souls came rushing out, filling the world with the howls of ghosts and the cries of gods!

These demon souls had already substantialized into reality; this was the manifestation of an extremely potent soul force. The demon souls plunged towards Lin Ming, their claws stretched out as a massive space storm followed them.

As these ghosts rushed towards Lin Ming’s from all direction, they emitted sad and pained cries. The sound waves crashed against the mind, making one feel intense fear.

“Divine soul attack?”

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. As a dark divine runic master and also a spiritas, Shadow Overflow possessed a number of soul attacks, all of them the kind that the spiritas were skilled in.

But to Lin Ming, this attack wasn’t anything at all.

Wu - Wu - Wu -

As the fierce ghosts cried out, Lin Ming’s spear light was swallowed up by them. Then, they all continued rushing towards Lin Ming.

Even within the grandmist space, Lin Ming could still feel a soul force wanting to sink into his body, making him turn cold.

“These ghosts aren’t bad!”

Spiritas martial artists excelled in raising fierce ghosts to swallow the souls of enemies. To many martial artists, dealing with these malicious spirits was the same as living a nightmare. But to Lin Ming, they were actually a tonic.

Lin Ming stretched out his hands. On his fingertips, faint traces of a strong aura of dead soul began to percolate. Black sparks appeared in his hand, slowly forming an ink black wheel that spun around.

Lin Ming cast out seal after seal, all of them impossibly complex. Then, behind him, the faint figure of an Asura appeared.

As this Asura martial god appeared, the wheel began to spin even faster.

The entire black wheel suddenly rose up, blocking out the skies. Dark purple Heavenly Dao runes began to spin along, like planets circling a star.

Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Then, before any of the strong demon souls that leapt towards Lin Ming were able to reach him, all of them were pulled up and sucked into the endless vortex created by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

Wuwuwu - !

The ghosts howled in sorrow. One by one they were torn to pieces, turning into pure soul energy that was absorbed by Lin Ming.


Shadow Overflow’s eyes were blood red. Watching those demon souls blow up one at a time, he felt his heart drip blood. Those demon souls had been raised over tens of thousands of years and were fed countless lives to be produced. He had even fused a part of his own life spirit into them to refine them. Now they were being twisted into pieces and absorbed by Lin Ming; how could he not be angry?

He hurriedly wanted to take back those ghosts, but he discovered that the black wheel Lin Ming summoned was like an all-consuming black hole. Once a ghost fell into the traction range of that black hole, it couldn’t escape.

Even Shadow Overflow’s life spirit was swallowed up.


Shadow Overflow cried out miserably.

He felt a severe pain in his spiritual sea. Blood leaked out of his nose and mouth.

His life spirit being swallowed caused tremendous damage to him.

With a loud cracking sound, the ghost streamer he held was also twisted and broken by that endless black soul storm.

“This is… what sort of cultivation method is that!?”

Shadow Overflow was panic-stricken. He was heavily bleeding from all orifices on his head. His body swayed and his face was as pale as funeral paper.

Lin Ming couldn’t be bothered with speaking to Shadow Overflow. He turned his hand and the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel was received back into his body. These souls that Shadow Overflow raised were a considerably nourishing tonic to Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming calmly stretched out his right hand. Motes of dark light condensed in his palm, shining with a mystic strength.

After several breaths of time, a dark gray cube appeared in his palm, brimming with an ancient and powerful aura.

Seeing this object appear, the already bleeding Shadow Overflow’s entire body turned cold. His body shivered as if he had seen the most terrifying demon to ever exist.

“What is that!?”

Shadow Overflow cried out in horror. As a spiritas powerhouse, he had an instinctual fear towards the Magic Cube. This was a suppression that came from the deepest depths of his soul.


Lin Ming didn’t wait for Shadow Overflow to respond. He flicked his fingers and the gray Magic Cube turned into a beam of light that shot into the space between Shadow Overflow’s eyebrows.

In that moment, Shadow Overflow felt his body shake. He trembled, clawing at his head, his old face crazily distorting. “You… what did you put in my spiritual sea!?”

As Shadow Overflow spoke, he felt a terrifying pain spread through him in agonizing waves, as if he would be torn apart at any moment.

Lin Ming’s expression was indifferent. He faced Shadow Overflow and reached out his hand.

Shadow Overflow felt a giant invisible hand catch him and bring him floating up into the air. His expression was that of absolute pain and his withered face was twisted into an unrecognizable mess. He pulled at his hair like he wanted to tear open his head.

At this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He turned his head and saw five black-robed men rushing towards his location in a panic.

“What’s going on! Who are you!?”

These five black-robed men were the dark divine runic masters that had been at Shadow Overflow’s banquet feast. They had originally been in their own rooms, ravishing the maids they had chosen. But when they felt horrifying energy fluctuations spread out they all quickly put on their clothes and rushed over to see the scene of Shadow Overflow being grasped in the air by Lin Ming.

“You… you are… Lin Ming!?”

Some of these dark divine runic masters had gone to the Divine Rune City Auction, thus they recognized Lin Ming.

Upon saying this, everyone’s complexion changed. They glanced over at Shadow Overflow who was being gripped by Lin Ming, then, a feeling of intense fear rose in their hearts. Without further thinking, they all turned tail and ran!

“None of you may leave.”

Lin Ming coldly said. Within Shadow Overflow’s spiritual sea, the Magic Cube began to release an even more dazzling black light!

An invisible black vortex started to revolve in Shadow Overflow’s spiritual sea, becoming increasingly large. The vortex completely swallowed Shadow Overflow and even those dark divine runic masters that tried to run were caught in the vortex, all of them twisted up by it. No matter how much they shouted out in anguish, all of them were sucked up into the vortex, none of them able to resist its terrifying strength as they were ripped to death.

A moment later, the black vortex disappeared, turning into a gray cube that flew back into Lin Ming’s body.

Shadow Overflow, as well as those several dark divine runic masters, had their souls torn to shreds and swallowed into the Magic Cube.

Beneath the unique corrosive ability of the Magic Cube, their souls turned into pure memory fragments that were sealed within the Magic Cube space.

After Lin Ming killed these people, he turned and flew up without hesitation, shooting straight into the horizon!

As he was flying, he waved his right hand and took out a plain command token from his spatial ring.

It was unknown what metal this command token was made from. On the front was written ‘Asura’, and on the back there was the carving of a demon.

This was the Asura Command that allowed one to freely pass in and out of the Asura Road.

With the Asura Command in hand, Lin Ming activated it.

In the next moment, the Asura Command released a dim bronze light that enveloped Lin Ming. Then his figure became increasingly dim. After half an incense stick of time, he completely vanished.

Like this, Lin Ming left the Asura Road. His 80 years of adventure in the Asura Road had finally come to an end…


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