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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1746 — Monster Emperor’s Grand Longevity Feast

Chapter 1746 - Monster Emperor’s Grand Longevity Feast

At this time, in front of Xiao Moxian, the entirety of Demondawn Heavenly Palace was concealed in a sea of fog. Arranged around the Heavenly Palace were all sorts of great arrays.

These great arrays came in numerous colors and between them were nine rainbow bridges that spanned thousands of miles. Beneath the brilliant arcs of light, all sorts of wonderful spirit flowers and spirit grasses grew, all of them blooming together in auspicious glory. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

All of these spells and array formations were not for defensive purposes but purely for ornamental value. In Demondawn Heavenly Palace, a place that was usually shrouded in solemn dignity, they normally wouldn’t decorate the area with these types of array formations.

If these types of array formations were to appear in Demondawn Heavenly Palace there could only be a single possibility, and it was that there was some grand celebration occurring.

As Xiao Moxian considered the time, she suddenly realized that this year was likely the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast.

In the Divine Realm, the various rulers of influences would hold grand birthday feasts, and these events only occurred once every 10,000 years. Every time these longevity feasts were held, it would be done in as grand a manner as possible. These celebrations were not just a symbol of an individual’s status, but a manifestation of their respective influence’s strength.

Xiao Moxian calculated the time. After being in the Asura Road for so long, nearly 60 years had passed in the Divine Realm. It was indeed about time for the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast to occur.

And in these years, because the great calamity was beginning, the Divine Realm was in a perilous state. Demondawn Heavenly Palace and the monster race were originally close to begin with, but now they had become even closer. The two influences could be said to have drawn back together in order to protect themselves in these tumultuous times.

In this sort of situation, if the Monster Emperor were to hold his longevity feast, Demondawn Heavenly Palace would also open array formations, decorating the entire land in festive delights to congratulate the monster race.

And during the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast, Empyrean Demondawn was sure to personally attend. Moreover, the Monster Emperor would invite heroes from all over the world to join in the celebrations.

As the proudest daughter of heaven of both the monster race and demon race, Xiao Moxian would naturally represent the younger generation. She would also be the lead junior in the longevity feast.

In this situation, it could be imagined just how much attention Xiao Moxian would receive.

Whether it was other influences, Demondawn Heavenly Palace, or the monster race, all sorts of high level figures would be looking at her.

At that time, it would be even more difficult to conceal what had happened between her and Lin Ming.

In this sort of great scene, if it was discovered that her primordial yin had been lost then it would undoubtedly be a vicious slap to the faces of the monster race and demon race. Her family would lose all honor and her days would not be any better off.

After Xiao Moxian saw the changes around Demondawn Heavenly Palace, these were all things that she deduced could happen.

Xiao Moxian was even thinking of quietly hiding away to avoid the limelight and then return to Demondawn Heavenly Palace later. But at this time, her entire body shook. A deep and bass voice sounded out in her ears.

“Xian’er, you’ve finally returned! I was very worried about you! It’s good that you’ve returned to us! I have already sent a sound transmission to Imperial Concubine Scarlet to arrange a welcoming reception for you. Return to the palace and rest. Three days from now I will leave seclusion and you and I will both go to the monster race to congratulate the Monster Emperor at this longevity feast!”

This dignified voice was filled with a nearly imperceptible gentleness and concern. This was undoubtedly the voice of Empyrean Demondawn!

As soon as Xiao Moxian appeared at the Demondawn Great World, Empyrean Demondawn had immediately sensed it. With his incomparably powerful sense and his bloodline relationship with Xiao Moxian, he was the first to notice her arrival.

Xiao Moxian had spent so many years at the Asura Road that it would be a lie to say Empyrean Demondawn wasn’t worried about her.

Although he knew that Xiao Moxian had a great destiny upon her, he had been constantly worried until he could see her safely return. Now that she was back, he could finally feel at ease.


Hearing Empyrean Demondawn’s voice, Xiao Moxian didn’t know what sort of taste she felt. She could only try her best to put on a happy smile and say, “I’ve made Grandfather worry over me. Xian’er has returned, but I don’t need a welcoming reception or anything like that. Grandfather can rest well in seclusion.”

“Haha! This is how we must do things. Since you came back from the Asura Road, this is a major event of my Demondawn Heavenly Palace and also a matter that I must inform the entire world of! Then again, in these past days there have been far too many celebratory events and wonderful occasions occurring, it’s been far too busy! You take a rest first. Three days from now I will leave seclusion and you can help me arrange matters about the longevity feast. Later, we will go to the monster race and Monster Concubine Archess will greet us. We’ll also hold your welcome celebration then, haha!”

Empyrean Demondawn happily laughed. But as Xiao Moxian heard this, she felt bitterness swell up in her heart. To her, all of these celebrations were nothing but trouble. If she didn’t handle things perfectly then these celebrations might become a tragedy instead.

As for informing the entire world or something like that, this left Xiao Moxian utterly speechless.

However, Xiao Moxian was already the pre-ordained future Palace Master of Demondawn Heavenly Palace. Since she returned safely from the Asura Road, this was naturally something that had to be announced to the world so that she could also show off her glory.

But to all of this, Xiao Moxian wasn’t too worried. What she worried about was that Monster Concubine Archess.

Concubine Archess was not the average person. ‘Archess’ meant that she was the first, the head of all the imperial concubines. Her status was only inferior to that of the Monster Empress.

Moreover, Xiao Moxian had heard that this Concubine Archess possessed a profound cultivation and her plans were deep and intricate. This was how she managed to earn the trust and favor of the Monster Emperor.

This Concubine Archess had been specially chosen to manage the gates of the monster race and welcome Empyrean Demondawn. Empyrean Demondawn was a character on the same level as the Monster Emperor and if he came to give his birthday greetings then the Monster Emperor would naturally treat him with the utmost respect and courtesy. Thus, the Monster Emperor had Concubine Archess especially receive Empyrean Demondawn to show off the close relationship between the monster race and demon race.

It wouldn’t be easy for Xiao Moxian to hide the truth from this woman.

Moreover, in the future, as more and more grand figures arrived, wanting to hide the truth from all of these people would be increasingly difficult!

If she was discovered, especially in front of the monster race…

Thinking of this, Xiao Moxian took a deep breath. If she really couldn’t conceal matters then the only option was to be open and honest and confess everything to Empyrean Demondawn. But doing so would lead to her confinement in her room and it would no longer be possible for her to communicate with Lin Ming.

But this was a better choice than to be found out on the day of the longevity feast. If that happened the situation would be even worse, and even Lin Ming would be forced to stand atop the precipice and be denounced by everyone.

However, as she thought that she would have to be parted from Lin Ming like this, Xiao Moxian immediately lost all spirit to do anything.

She looked at Demondawn Heavenly Palace. No matter how wonderfully colored the array formations were, how brilliant the rainbows and dazzling mists of light, how enchanting all the world treasures there were, all she felt was loneliness and suffering.

She had always been a free and easy individual. But now she had to worry about the reputation of her chastity, as well as the major events that were happening within her race. All of this meant inevitable headaches, worrying over the outcome of what would happen.

“I have three days… I must make use of this time to restore as much of my primordial yin energy as I can so no one can see anything.”

As Xiao Moxian was thinking this, she flew towards Demondawn Heavenly Palace.

At this time, a group of people flew out from Demondawn Heavenly Palace, led by a beautiful woman. Behind this woman were several dozen nubile maids.

This beautiful woman was Empyrean Demondawn’s favored concubine. She had come out especially to greet Xiao Moxian.

“Congratulations Miss for returning from the Asura Road and becoming stronger yet again!”

The beautiful woman was all smiles. Although she was Xiao Moxian’s elder, her words faintly took Xiao Moxian as the one to be respected. This was a reasonable matter. Xiao Moxian possessed an extremely high status in Demondawn Heavenly Palace. If juniors saw her they had to bow and even many Elders had to flatter and treat her well.

“I’ve troubled Aunty Scarlet. You even came out to meet me.” Xiao Moxian suppressed the worry in her heart and put on her best cute and lovable smile. With her cultivation, it was naturally easy to hide the truth from these people who possessed a low cultivation.

“Miss is too polite, just what sort of words are those. By all reasoning, we should have sent a team of people to greet you as soon as you returned to the Divine Realm. However, you were also a bit hasty. How could you return to the Divine Realm so quickly and not inform us beforehand? I would have been able to prepare a lavish feast for your arrival. Unfortunately, the entire Heavenly Palace is preparing for the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast right now so there isn’t enough manpower to prepare your welcome reception.”

The beautiful maid smiled as she spoke. As for the maids beside her, they helped drape a phoenix cloak around Xiao Moxian and led her into a jade bird carriage where they slowly flew back to Demondawn Heavenly Palace.

As they flew back, the jade bird carriage was buffeted by strong astral winds. For some reason, Xiao Moxian felt a bit dizzy.

She held onto her forehead, feeling a little hot.

“Miss, are you alright?”

The beautiful woman discovered that Xiao Moxian was acting a bit strangely, thus she asked a question in worry. It looked as if Xiao Moxian was feeling uncomfortable.

“I’m fine.”

Xiao Moxian gently smiled, also a bit puzzled herself.

This sort of feeling was like a mortal having a cold. Of course, to such a strong martial artist like Xiao Moxian, suffering from something like a common cold was nothing more than a joke.

“The pressure must be too great…”

Xiao Moxian took a deep breath. There was indeed a tremendous deal of pressure on her mind. Could this be causing the true essence in her inner world to flow turbulently?

Xiao Moxian explained the situation to herself like this and then forgot about it.

“This is probably because Miss has been tired out from adventuring through the Asura Road. With so many battles, you surely must have consumed too much energy. Now that you’ve returned to the Divine Realm and are able to relax, it’s inevitable you will feel tired.”

The beautiful woman thought about matters and gave an explanation she also thought was reasonable.

Xiao Moxian only gave a perfunctory smile.

Upon returning to Demondawn Heavenly Palace, many maids and disciples had already received the news of Xiao Moxian’s return and were preparing to welcome her. They spread petals on the floor and sprinkled purifying water along her path.

Under the accompaniment of over ten palace maids, Xiao Moxian arrived at Nine Phoenix Pond to bathe and change her clothes.

Afterwards, with Xiao Moxian refusing everything, she pushed back all plans for an evening dinner.

She used the excuse that she was tired and retired to her room.

The comfortable silk sheets and large bed didn’t arouse Xiao Moxian’s drowsiness. She immediately sat down in meditation and began to revolve the heaven and earth origin energy within herself.

She had to gather as much primordial yin energy as she could in these three days so that Empyrean Demondawn, the monster race, and the other powerhouses wouldn’t be able to discover anything.

After two nirvanas, Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin energy had restored a little. But because she then dual cultivated with Lin Ming, it was inevitable that it would be affected once again.

Of course, while passing her primordial yin to Lin Ming, she had also obtained an extremely powerful pure yang energy from him.

This pure yang energy originally allowed Xiao Moxian to reach yin yang harmony. To her, it was extremely beneficial; this was the significance behind dual cultivation.

But now Xiao Moxian had to suppress this pure yang energy, sealing it in the depths of her inner world. Otherwise, it would expose her secret.

Slowly, her primordial yin energy began to grow. As for the pure yang energy, it was gradually sealed up.

But for some unknown reason, Xiao Moxian felt as if she was easily tired. Just relaxing a little, she felt her strength constantly passing away from her. Moreover, as she sat in meditation adjusting her breath, she fell dizzy several times. This caused her to feel that there was something strange occurring within her.


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