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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1747 — Xiao Moxian’s Worries

Chapter 1747 - Xiao Moxian’s Worries

“What is wrong with me…?”

Sitting in meditation, Xiao Moxian opened her eyes. She found that she was wet with sweat and even her forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

This was not due to tiredness from meditation, but because of weakness!

Her body was weakening, causing her to sweat!

“What is happening?”

Xiao Moxian’s eyebrows pressed together. At such a critical moment how could she encounter such a strange occurrence?

With Xiao Moxian’s cultivation and strength, although she couldn’t fight Lin Ming in a head-on battle, that was only compared to him. Amongst others of her generation, Xiao Moxian was a crane amongst chickens; no one could hope to be her opponent.

Along with the pure yang energy she had absorbed from Lin Ming and her heaven-defying half-phoenix body, her blood vitality was extremely powerful. Let alone sitting in meditation for an entire day, she could easily handle fighting all day and all night.

But now, the more she sat in meditation, the more tired she became. All of the strength she gathered was slowly weakened.

“No, there’s something wrong with my body.”

As she recalled the dizziness she felt when she rode in the carriage, Xiao Moxian was increasingly confident that there was some problem with her body. One time could be called an accident, but it was impossible for repeated cases to be a coincidence. There was absolutely something wrong here.

She quickly investigated her body, probing her meridians, flesh and blood, organs, and even spiritual sea. There were no problems with any of them.

Only in her inner world were there some differences.

“This is…”

Xiao Moxian was surprised to find that within her inner world, there was a strange vortex slowly absorbing all of the origin energy within her.

Generally speaking, a martial artist’s inner world was a whole world, in other words a ‘seamless’ world. It was impossible for a leaking point to exist!

But now, it seemed as if there had been a hole poked within Xiao Moxian’s inner world.

A massive amount of origin energy was continually passing out from this hole.

And as this origin energy passed out, it didn’t completely disappear but stayed within her body. It didn’t affect her cultivation, only making it so that she couldn’t summon this strength.

“How could this be?”

Xiao Moxian panicked a little. She was not in the mood for such a joke to be played on her right now. Every bit of cultivation was important to her and she needed to use all of it to condense her primordial yin energy and suppress the pure yang energy within her.

If there was a problem with her cultivation, the chances of her being exposed were even greater.

“What is this vortex? Just how is it absorbing and confining my power? It is the aftermath of having absorbed the Undying Inferno?”

Xiao Moxian immediately thought, startled. If the Undying Inferno’s soul wasn’t extinguished, then perhaps it might be thinking of wresting away her strength and stealing her body. This was not a minor matter at all!

Thinking of this, Xiao Moxian raised her vigilance to the limit and immediately locked onto this ‘vortex’ within her mind, ready to engage the Undying Inferno in a brutal battle in her spiritual sea at any moment.

However, Xiao Moxian soon discovered that the situation was completely different from what she had thought.

The vortex had a gentle atmosphere, completely different from the tyrannical and cruel aura of the Undying Inferno. Faintly, Xiao Moxian could even feel something akin to her flesh and blood in this vortex, as if there was some small and weak soul calling out to her.

She had no idea why, but this feeling left Xiao Moxian moved. A deep sense of tender love began growing in her heart, as if this little soul in the vortex was more important than her life. This sort of feeling was beyond description, but was still ingrained into her very bones.

“This… this is…”

Xiao Moxian was stunned. On her bed, she wasn’t able to respond for a long, long time.

After confirming the situation several times and reexamining her body, verifying her acupoints, checking her bloodline and meridian channels, she finally understood what had happened…

This so-called ‘vortex’ was in truth a small and immature soul. And for such a soul to appear within her, there was only a single explanation. Her dual cultivation with Lin Ming had resulted in her pregnancy!

This vortex, the energy mass within it, was her and Lin Ming’s child!

“I actually… have a child…”

At this moment, an indescribable feeling filled Xiao Moxian’s heart. She felt as if all her thoughts were drowned in a fog, her entire mind turning blank.

Before this, Xiao Moxian had never made any preparations to ward against pregnancy. This was because the more powerful a race was, the more difficult it was for them to become pregnant. Moreover, Xiao Moxian was a half-phoenix and she was of a completely different race from Lin Ming.

If they wanted to produce a living crystallization of their love, that was something that might not happen even after countless hardships and attempts. It was possible that there might not be any children between them for the rest of their lives.

But she never imagined that after she left the Asura Road, she would find out she was pregnant.

This happiness had come far too suddenly. Originally, she had already mentally prepared herself to never have any children in her life. In the Asura Road, whenever she thought of this matter, she would feel pain in her heart. For a woman to not be able to have a child with the man she loved most, this sort of regret could be imagined.

To hold her and Lin Ming’s child in her arms, this was something that Xiao Moxian yearned for in her dreams. And now her dream had suddenly come true.

But what followed the arrival of this happiness was endless worry!

This child had come at the worst time possible.

Whether it was her or Lin Ming, both of them were too weak right now and neither had the ability to change the course of the world. It wasn’t even known if they could be together in the future.

Moreover, within this upcoming grand calamity, the birth of this child would involve the survival of many races. To this unborn child, such a heavy fate was far too cruel.

“How… how could this be…”

Xiao Moxian rubbed her stomach, a strange taste in her mouth.

Joy, happiness, sorrow, worry, all sorts of moods passed through her, making it impossible for her to feel at ease.

But what was without a doubt was that with her pregnancy, it would be far, far more difficult to conceal her affairs with Lin Ming.

Luckily, there was a single point to rejoice, and this was that the child within her was not ordinary at all. She wouldn’t have a pregnancy like a mortal would, gathering natal energy and giving birth after ten months. If that happened then she really would be seen through.

Xiao Moxian had a special physique and Lin Ming also had all sorts of strange bloodlines in his body. Not only did he have the blood of a phoenix and dragon within him but he also possessed a drop of Asura blood. Compared to the bloodlines of a dragon or phoenix, this sort of bloodline was incomparably more precious.

Whether it was Xiao Moxian or Lin Ming, they both possessed a heaven-defying talent and divine body. Currently, the child formed between them was only the purest group of blood essence. Its growth would be an extremely slow process that would continue for dozens of years. Even hundreds of years passing before birth wouldn’t be strange at all. But during this period, this child was already able to substantialize in the inner world of its parent and commune with the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy.

“It’s either good fortune or disaster… and if it’s disaster then it cannot be avoided…”

As Xiao Moxian said this, she clenched her teeth and sat back down in meditation, continuing to accumulate her primordial yin energy. With things having reached this step, she could only walk forwards one step at a time, taking things as they came.

Even though there was only the slimmest chance of making it through this, Xiao Moxian had to furiously struggle for it.

Right now, she absolutely could not honestly speak to Empyrean Demondawn about her and Lin Ming’s matters.

If she wasn’t pregnant, then if she frankly spoke of her relationship with Lin Ming to Empyrean Demondawn, the most he would have done was confine her to her room and cut off all communications she could have with Lin Ming. But now that she was pregnant, if Empyrean Demondawn or the monster race were to find out, it was hard to imagine what fate this child would suffer!

If this child suffered any accident, to Xiao Moxian, that would be the cruelest thing in the world. She would rather die than have anything happen to her child.

Thinking of this, Xiao Moxian couldn’t help but grip her chest. She found it difficult to breathe.

During this longevity feast, in front of all the great characters of the Divine Realm and possibly even representatives of the saints… if her pregnancy was to be revealed…

Xiao Moxian didn’t dare to imagine the consequences. Even her fingers began to shiver.

If such an occurrence were to truly occur, if the monster and demon races still chose to ally with the saints, then this child would become the shame of the monster and demon races.

They would definitely decide to kill it before it was born…

Drops of sweat began to run down Xiao Moxian’s fingertips.

She was afraid. She was truly, truly afraid.

A chill crossed her body and even her arms and legs felt ice cold.

But at this time, she could faintly feel the small life within her suddenly send out a call. This was a call that came from the soul. Inexplicably, this call warmed Xiao Moxian, as if at that moment courage had bloomed in her heart.

At the longevity feast, if she were indeed exposed, even if everyone within the Divine Realm were to ridicule and mock her, even if they all pointed at her, even if Empyrean Demondawn and the monster race were furious with her, Xiao Moxian wouldn’t care at all.

However, if someone dared to move against the child in her belly, if her grandfather didn’t care about their familial love, then she could only threaten them with her death!

As Xiao Moxian was filled with countless worries, Lin Ming had arrived at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

The phantasmal and ethereal Divine Dream Heavenly Palace remained unchanged from 60 years ago. Mo Brightmoon looked at the magnificent jade palace, finding it hard to remain calm. According to what Lin Ming had told her, her big sister was in this palace!


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