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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1748 — Greeting Divine Dream

Chapter 1748 - Greeting Divine Dream

For 50,000 years, Mo Brightmoon had been constantly worried over her big sister.

She used all sorts of ways and means to find her, but just how vast was the Divine Realm and the three thousand boundless worlds of the lower realms? To look for a single person, that couldn’t even be called something as simple as finding a needle in a haystack.

In addition, there was also Tian Mingzi. His existence forced Mo Brightmoon to hide her status, making her search even more fruitless.

“Big Sister is actually cultivating at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace… I wonder just what realm her strength has reached…”

Mo Brightmoon was happy for her big sister from the depths of her heart. She also took joy in the fact that her big sister had met Lin Ming.

And at this time, several white-clothed women flew out from Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, welcoming Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon.

“Sir Lin, Honorable Master invites your presence.”

The white-clothed woman in the lead had a World King cultivation.

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, there were only a mere several hundred disciples. Compared to the super large influences of the Divine Realm who often had a hundred billion plus disciples and clansmen, their numbers simply weren’t worth mentioning at all.

However, the disciples of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace were the elites amongst all proud daughters of heaven. The disciples who came here, as long as they grew up, would reach a half-step World King cultivation at the barest minimum.

Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon followed these disciples and flew into Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. And just as they passed through the grand gates of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming saw a blue-clothed woman hurriedly racing over. This woman had just received the news in her seclusion room and had rushed over to meet Lin Ming.

Seeing this blue-clothed woman appear, Mo Brightmoon froze where she was!

There was no need to guess, no need to doubt. Almost instantly, she was able to confirm that this woman who she had actually never seen before was her big sister Mo Eversnow!

Because Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming had been forced into the Blood Slaughter Steppes, her soul had then fused with the mortal body of the deeply slumbering goddess. Now, her appearance was considerably different from how she was 50,000 years ago.

But because they were sisters, because of the strange soul resonance between them, Mo Brightmoon was able to recognize Mo Eversnow.

And at this time, Mo Eversnow also saw Mo Brightmoon.

Her body shook and her beautiful eyes opened wide as she looked at Mo Brightmoon with an inconceivable expression. She froze where she was.

Just now when Mo Eversnow had learned that Lin Ming had returned, she didn’t care about what breakthroughs Lin Ming had made or how much his strength had increased. All she worried about was whether Lin Ming had suffered heavy wounds or whether there were hidden injuries left in him.

But, she never imagined that Lin Ming would return with a woman, and this woman was clearly her younger sister, Mo Brightmoon!

“Big Sister… it… it’s me… Little Moon!”

A rough and bumpy road of 50,000 years, Mo Brightmoon had withstood unimaginable pressure and experienced endless sorrows.

And the instant Mo Brightmoon saw Mo Eversnow, all of these tightly wound emotions burst out from her. Mo Brightmoon threw herself at her big sister, hugging her tightly as tears welled up.

At this time, there was no need for words. As the two sisters tightly held each other, it was as if their hearts and minds had already merged…

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming revealed a happy smile.

On this day, Mo Eversnow’s most ardent goals and wishes could be said to have come to a perfect conclusion. Now all that was left was to rebuild the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

To the current Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow, this wasn’t a difficult matter at all. It would simply be a question of time.

Lin Ming quietly drew back. He followed the white-clothed woman to greet Empyrean Divine Dream.

As for the two sisters, he didn’t want to disturb their emotional reunion.

After passing through several winding corridors, the white-clothed woman pushed open a leafed door. The moment this leafed door was opened, a shocking scene was revealed behind it.

Behind this door was an incomparably vast world. Countless celestial mountains floated high above a sea of clouds. Lush green spirit plants grew everywhere, and even spiritual springs and rivers fell down from the mountains in waterfalls, cascading into the world like limitless threads of white silk.

Among these numerous celestial mountains, there was a floating plain. This plain resembled a mountain that had its top half sheared off, revealing a completely smooth tract of land.

And above this plain, there was a simple bamboo house. Thick and luxurious grass grew tall with the natural fragrance of bamboo everywhere.

Lin Ming fell down in front of this bamboo house. As he did, he saw a white-clothed woman in front of it, gathering the nectar of flowers. Her appearance resembled that of a young woman in her twenties.

This nectar was condensed from rich heaven and earth origin energy and was also produced from these spiritual plants. To a martial artist, it was similar to milk from 10,000 year stalactites. This was immortal springs divine water, and whether it was for refining pills or drinking, it was extremely beneficial.

“Junior Lin Ming pays his respects to Senior Divine Dream.”

Lin Ming respectfully bowed. Towards this leader of humanity in his eyes, Lin Ming had always held the deepest reverence and awe.

Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming and smiled. She lightly said, “58 years, 6 months, and 12 days. You’ve finally returned…”

Divine Dream calmly stated the exact duration of Lin Ming’s journey in the Asura Road, leaving him startled. Although an Empyrean had an extremely accurate memory, for her to speak out this time proved that she had been worried about his progress in the Asura Road smelting trial.

“Half-step Holy Lord! Very good!”

Divine Dream was pleasantly surprised as she noted Lin Ming’s cultivation. This degree of cultivation had surpassed her original estimations.

When Lin Ming first entered the Asura Road, he had only been at the middle Divine Transformation realm. Now, he had grown by an entire large realm and a half. Moreover, from glancing over Lin Ming’s inner world, she could see that his foundation was solid and his combat strength was definitely extraordinary.

Lin Ming responded, “Junior stumbled into a strange mystic realm in the Asura Road. Within, time flowed at a rate ten times faster than the outside. However, what was most mysterious was that although the flow of time was changed, the world Laws remained unaltered so that one could cultivate normally within. Junior stayed inside for 20 years, so in truth I have cultivated for 80 years. Adding onto the many fortuitous encounters and lucky chances I obtained, I managed to reach the half-step Holy Lord realm.”

“Oh? There is such a place?” Divine Dream was startled. To establish an independent space and change the flow of time, it was inevitable that the Laws would be twisted. She didn’t think that such a wonderfully strange land existed in the Asura Road.

“80 years to become a half-step Holy Lord is still more than astonishing. Lin Ming, through your adventures in the Asura Road, your harvests have truly been great this time. Your battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son that he agreed to was in 100 years so you still have more than 40 years remaining. You must focus on your training so that after the period of 100 years is over, there can be a battle to decide just who is stronger and who is weaker.”

Originally, when Lin Ming agreed to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son in 100 years, no one favored his chances of victory. The saints had jeered at him, labeling him an idiot, and even the human Empyreans felt that Lin Ming had been too rash!

Empyrean Divine Dream also had her concerns and apprehensions about this matter. At that time, Lin Ming had only been at the Divine Transformation realm whereas the Good Fortune Saint Son was about to break into the Saint Lord realm!

The disparity could be imagined!

And now, Lin Ming had finally caught up to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s boundary from 60 years ago. However during these 60 years, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also made considerable progress!

This was the reason why Empyrean Divine Dream had said these words so that Lin Ming would take advantage of the 40 years he had remaining and practice wholeheartedly.

In response to Empyrean Divine Dream’s words, Lin Ming remained quiet, not saying anything.

Empyrean Divine Dream continued, “Lin Ming, according to what I know, the Good Fortune Saint Son has also made great strides in his cultivation these past years. Do not forget - he has the Grandmist Spirit Bead.”

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was one of the most precious treasures in existence; it was unimaginably beneficial to a body transformation martial artist!

Although Lin Ming possessed the Magic Cube that was not inferior to the Grandmist Spirit Bead, what he focused on were the two great systems of body transformation and essence gathering. As for the Magic Cube, it was a divine tool of the soul. Although the Magic Cube was also extremely beneficial to Lin Ming, it still couldn’t directly increase his cultivation.

As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he could use the Grandmist Spirit Bead to temper his body!

From this point alone, the Good Fortune Saint Son had an overwhelming advantage over Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn’t doubt that if the Good Fortune Saint Son were to return to the final trial, he would definitely surpass a completion rate of 81%.

He was truly a formidable opponent.

However, no matter how strong the Good Fortune Saint Son was, Lin Ming had complete confidence in himself.

This was because as his strength rose in the Asura Road, his cultivation was only responsible for a tiny part of it.

No one was able to look at him and discern the increase in his hidden strength. Not to mention the two heaven-defying lucky chances of the Asura blood and the Asura Heavenly Dao, just opening two of the Dao Palaces from the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had increased Lin Ming’s true cultivation far past that of a half-step Holy Lord.

And concerning the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that had nearly completely vanished from the 33 Heavenly Daos, besides Empyrean Primordius, there was no one that could recognize it.

“That’s right, after several months, it will be time for the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast. The monster race has publicized this longevity feast throughout the world and I have also received a letter of invitation. If you do not have any other matters to attend to, then go together with me. This time, the ones that the monster race has invited are not just the demon race and human race…”

Divine Dream’s voice was light and casual, as if she were speaking about some minor matter. But, Lin Ming could hear the meaning behind her words.

Not only had the monster race invited the demons and humans, but they undoubtedly also invited a third race - the saints!

For the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast, even the saints were invited. The implicit meaning of such an action was obvious.

The monster race had invited Empyrean Divine Dream and the great figures of humanity as a courtesy and part of proper etiquette - it was impossible not to invite them.

But inviting the saints was irrelevant to any sense of courtesy. After all, the saints were invaders to this world and not inviting them was normal.

But, the monster race had purposefully invited these invaders. This meant that with the monsters and saints, even if they hadn’t formed an alliance, their relationship wasn’t bad!

If there wasn’t an accident, then the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast would be a time for the saints to demonstrate their might!

The saints would take this opportunity to show off their strength and possibly even reveal their alliance with the demon and monster races, dealing humanity a giant psychological blow!

The saints were originally far stronger than the human race. If the demon and monster races were to defect to the saints, then before the great calamity fully arrived, all the human martial artists might have lost what little confidence they had.

But even in this situation where she clearly knew what would happen at the longevity feast, Empyrean Divine Dream would still go and she would also bring the strongest lineup with her to contend with the saints and their demonstration of their might!

On the surface, Lin Ming was the number one young heroic elite of humanity; he would naturally have an indispensable role!

Thus, although Empyrean Divine Dream had been seeking Lin Ming’s opinion and asking if he wanted to go together, the truth was that Lin Ming knew he couldn’t decline, otherwise it would weaken humanity’s momentum.

“Monster race… that is also the homeland of Xiao Moxian’s mother. I too want to take a look and see what the monster race is like.” Thinking like this, Lin Ming said, “Junior has no other matters to attend to. I may accompany Senior Divine Dream to go together.”

“Mm, good!” Empyrean Divine Dream nodded in satisfaction. “But, there is also one more thing I must mention. For the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast, it is within reason for the Good Fortune Saint Son to be invited. Without accident, you will meet him there. If he tries to taunt you, you must not fall for his tricks and come into conflict with him. Remember, you still have around 42 years of time to prepare for your fated battle. Do not fall for his provocations. I have heard that the Good Fortune Saint Son has recently made an important breakthrough in his martial arts and has finally practiced the fifth level of the Good Fortune Divine Arts!”


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