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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1749 — Towards the Monster Race

Chapter 1749 - Towards the Monster Race

“Oh? The fifth level of the Good Fortune Divine Art?”

Lin Ming asked, curious. Although he was confident in facing the Good Fortune Saint Son, it was always best to have a better understanding of the enemy.

“Yes, this Good Fortune Divine Art is a top cultivation method created by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Its rank even surpasses that of a transcendent divine might. In other words, it is a True Divinity cultivation method. Even my Divine Dream Law is lacking!

“This cultivation method is incredibly difficult to learn and cultivate. Even if an Empyrean tried, they would suffer layers upon layers of troubles. But, the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to cultivate it to the fifth level. My guess is that the Grandmist Spirit Bead played a considerable role in this.”

Empyrean Divine Dream said, sighing. With the Grandmist Spirit Bead in his possession, whether it was the Good Fortune Saint Son’s cultivation ability or combat prowess, everything would be even more formidable. In addition to his originally heaven-defying talent, it would be far too difficult for a junior of humanity to surpass him. To the geniuses of the human race, this wasn’t a fair battle to begin with. Only Lin Ming had a chance of comparing to him, but unfortunately, Lin Ming was just far younger than the Good Fortune Saint Son was.

“40 years from now the day of your decisive battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son will arrive - you must be careful. This Good Fortune Divine Art can move the power of good fortune itself; its might is beyond imagination.” Empyrean Divine Dream cautioned.

Lin Ming nodded. “Yes, this junior understands.”


Time passed. Soon, three months flew by.

The Monster Emperor’s longevity feast would start in just several days.

At this time, in the endless starry skies, a pitch black giant spirit ship slowly flew through the air.

This spirit ship was several hundred thousand feet long. As it flew through space, it resembled a massive ancient beast.

In this spirit ship, within a grand hall, Xiao Moxian stood behind a porthole. She was garbed in an elegant dress as she looked out, unspeaking.

At this time, she was going to the monster race to celebrate the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast!

“Xian’er, what are you thinking of?”

Behind Xiao Moxian, a low and deep voice rang out. And as soon as she heard this voice, Xiao Moxian’s thoughts froze and her fingers faintly shivered.

She let out a light breath and suppressed her racing heart. Slowly turning around, she put on a happy smile and said, “Grandfather.”

Behind Xiao Moxian stood a large middle-aged man. He was over a head taller than an average man and his shoulders were extremely wide and strong. His forehead was sharp, as if it had been carved by sabers.

He wore a black robe and cloak. As the hem of the cloak dragged along the ground, it exuded a mystic and dignified atmosphere.

This person was Empyrean Demondawn! Amongst Empyreans, he was a peak existence. Looking at the entire Divine Realm, the number of people who surpassed him in strength could be counted on one hand.

Facing Empyrean Demondawn, Xiao Moxian was certainly flustered!

Before this she had already been called to see Empyrean Demondawn several times. Xiao Moxian had to summon all of her will and martial arts skills in order to conceal what had happened.

This was thanks to the fact that Xiao Moxian had crossed two nirvanas and restored some of the primordial yin energy within her. In addition to her isolating her inner world, the changes didn’t seem too great.

After undergoing her two nirvanas, whether it was in terms of aura or the nirvanic flames within her, she was much stronger than before. Empyrean Demondawn would have been able to instantly see through all of this. But because Xiao Moxian was pregnant, it made it look as if her aura wasn’t powerful at all. Rather, it appeared as if she had weakened.

Thus even now, Empyrean Demondawn didn’t know that Xiao Moxian had undergone two nirvanas. Instead, he felt it was strange. After Xiao Moxian ventured through the Asura Road and her cultivation increased by a considerable amount, how come her foundation seemed ordinary and even sloppy?

It was because of this reason that Empyrean Demondawn had carefully and repeatedly urged Xiao Moxian to not increase her cultivation at the cost of her foundation.

“Xian’er, you… your aura seems to be a bit chaotic?”

Empyrean Demondawn had extremely sharp senses. He could faintly feel that there was something wrong with the origin energy flowing throughout Xiao Moxian.

“I’m fine Grandfather. I probably spent too much time in the Asura Road. The world Laws are different there and I had adapted to them. Now that I’ve come back to the Divine Realm, I’m not used to it so that caused some disorder in the heaven and earth origin energy within my inner world. I’ll be fine with some more time.”

Xiao Moxian lied, coming up with some excuse.

“Mm… the Laws of the Asura Road are truly different and the heaven and earth origin energy there is different from in the Divine Realm.” Empyrean Demondawn nodded, accepting Xiao Moxian’s explanation.

Although Empyrean Demondawn had discovered there was something strange with Xiao Moxian these past days, he didn’t think it was because she was pregnant. Rather, he would never have guessed in his wildest dreams that it was because she was pregnant. This was because in his eyes, this little granddaughter of his was a naturally haughty and proud individual. Let alone something as ridiculous as being pregnant, even her dedicating her love and attention towards a man was an incredibly difficult matter.

Thinking of this, Empyrean Demondawn faintly frowned. He suddenly remembered a marriage proposal that the saints kept suggesting. Of course, for this he wanted to ask Xiao Moxian’s opinion.

If Xiao Moxian didn’t like the Good Fortune Saint Son at all, how could this marriage be carried out?

“Xian’er, I want to ask you… about the Good Fortune Saint Son… what do you think of him?”

As Empyrean Demondawn asked this question, Xiao Moxian nearly jumped up where she stood. She definitely knew why he had asked this question. She decisively shook her head and said, “I don’t like him at all!”

After being directly cut off by Xiao Moxian, Empyrean Demondawn didn’t have the chance to say the good words about the Good Fortune Saint Son he wanted to say afterwards. He helplessly frowned and said, “Well alright, you rest for a while first. After an incense stick of time we’ll arrive at the monster race. This year, the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast is an extremely important event. If you are still feeling ill I can help you take a look and see what is afflicting you.”

“Thank you Grandfather, but I’m fine.” Xiao Moxian quickly refused. If Empyrean Demondawn were to probe her inner world the results could be imagined. She feared that once this happened, she absolutely would not be able to conceal the truth any longer.

“Mm… okay.”

Empyrean Demondawn nodded and turned to leave.

Xiao Moxian let out a long breath of relief. She turned towards the porthole, feeling her hands and palms wet with sweat.

And at this time, outside of the porthole, she could see that the spirit ship had already arrived on a mainland. This mainland was covered with vast verdant forests. The trees were thousands of feet high and would take several hundred people to encircle them.

The monster beasts raised within these massive forests were extremely terrifying. This was the territory of the monster race!

Faintly, deep in a forest, Xiao Moxian could make out a city of the monster race. Within the sprawling city there was a massive black pagoda that seemed as if it was holding up the skies. This was the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda where the Monster Emperor dwelled.

After an incense stick of time, the black spirit ship slowly descended towards this heaven-supporting pagoda. The black spirit ship was hundreds of thousands of feet long, but in front of the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda, it seemed like a fly buzzing around a tree, simply not worthy of mention at all.

The spirit ship steadily descended. Empyrean Demondawn and Xiao Moxian both flew down, accompanied by many attendants. And beneath the spirit ship, thousands of monster disciples were already lined up in a procession, waiting.

The one leading them was a beautiful woman dressed in a coat of white fox fur - this was Monster Concubine Archess.

The moment Xiao Moxian saw Monster Concubine Archess, she tightened her inner world and restrained her aura. But, she kept a cute and lovable smile on her face at all times, remaining completely calm throughout.

“Junior Xiao Moxian greets Concubine Archess.”

Xiao Moxian greeted in the manner of a junior.


Monster Concubine Archess snorted. She was utterly respectful towards Empyrean Demondawn, but towards Xiao Moxian, there was even a hint of disrespect in her tone!

Xiao Moxian was stunned. She didn’t know just what Monster Concubine Archess meant by this.

Xiao Moxian’s thoughts raced, a strange feeling coming over her. She felt that Monster Concubine Archess was extremely unfriendly towards her, and even her eyes were as sharp as swords. It made Xiao Moxian feel as if she had been seen through.

“How did I offend her?”

Xiao Moxian thought, puzzled. At the same time, she was even more careful in concealing her aura. She had an extremely bad feeling of foreboding…


And as Xiao Moxian and Empyrean Demondawn arrived at the monster race, there was also another spirit ship flying towards the monster race’s world. This spirit ship wasn’t overly large, but it shimmered with a clear radiance, as if it were carved from the finest crystal.

On the side of this spirit ship was a mysterious symbol. This was a word of an ancient language in the Divine Realm, meaning ‘Dream’.

The spirit ship naturally belonged to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

With the arrival of the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast, Lin Ming accompanied Empyrean Divine Dream to go to the monster race’s world.

“During the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast I should be able to see Xian’er. I wonder how she’s been doing in Demondawn Heavenly Palace.”

Xiao Moxian would definitely participate in the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast. Lin Ming was a little worried about how she was doing.

“The Good Fortune Saint Son… he really came…”

At this time, Empyrean Divine Dream’s voice echoed out in Lin Min’s ears. Looking out a porthole, Lin Ming could see that several hundred miles away, there was a giant floating fortress.

This fortress was bright silver all over and covered with sharp spikes. It looked extremely fierce.

“This is the Good Fortune Saint Son’s transportation?”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. 

Empyrean Divine Dream nodded.

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