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Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1943 – Grand Reincarnation Art

Chapter 1943 - Grand Reincarnation Art

Time rolled past, year after year.

No one knew that within this small and common-looking hill, something was occurring that would influence the future of the 33 Heavens…

In the blink of an eye, 30 years passed by.

Within the cave, the cocoon had already flown out from the Magic Cube’s space. It had grown by several times and the walls of the cocoon were transparent and thin, pulsating with life. One could clearly see the life that was being bred within.

This small life was ruddy and clear all over, as if it were carved from the most beautiful jade. It had a small and delicate face and there was a smile on its lips as if it was enjoying this slow pace of growth.

Beneath the cocoon, thin blood vessels were attached to it. These blood vessels ended in a black dragon egg.

This dragon egg was covered in patterns, simple and mystical.

The dragon egg’s shell was also extremely thin. One could faintly see what was occurring within the egg; there was also a small life forming inside, slowly growing…

Another ten years passed.

On this day, a massive amount of essence energy began gathering towards the cave.

In the surrounding world, winds surged and clouds formed. In this stretch of earth, all of the heaven and earth origin energy began gathering, with the small and common-looking hill as a focal point. From far away, one could see multi-hued rays of energy forming within this vortex. This sight was even visible from a thousand miles away.

“What is that?”

“A supreme treasure is being born!”

The surrounding martial artists were shocked upon seeing this magnificent sight, and then immediately overcome with joy.

With such a terrifying gathering of energy, it was difficult to imagine just how valuable this treasure must be.

Many martial artists sent out news with sound transmitting talismans. For a time, within the surrounding 10,000 miles, martial artist all rapidly caught up to this location.

They all wanted to come here and test their luck.

More and more martial artists arrived, and even Divine Sea powerhouses were included.

But as people tried to approach this small hill, they could feel a terrifying pressure brought about by the massive amount of world energy accumulating at this location. Even Divine Sea powerhouses found it impossible to approach.

Everyone was stunned but at the same time they were even more excited.

If even Divine Sea powerhouses weren’t able to approach this treasure, just how precious must it be?

It was impossible to imagine!


At this time, within the center of the hill, Empyrean Divine Mist was looking at the monumental vortex of energy gathered before him. He let out a long sigh.

“It’s finally finishing… after 40 years…”

Empyrean Divine Mist bore witness to the entire process of Lin Ming’s rebirth. During this period of time, Empyrean Divine Mist had been the one controlling the Magic Cube. His consumption hadn’t been small.

With a small cracking sound, something seemed to split apart.

What started to crack first was not the cocoon in the air but the dragon egg beneath.

On this black egg the size of a baby’s head, cracks began to appear.


With a light sound, a small black head covered in mucus stuck itself out. It bit off a piece of the eggshell, then, this small head opened its large and pitch-black eyes, took several bites and swallowed down the eggshell.

After, it used its claws and teeth to eat up the entire eggshell it had hatched from.

Upon finishing eating, this small black fellow also revealed its body. It was half the size of a baby and was chubby and round. All of its meat seemed to be squeezed together, and on its back was a pair of thin wings that were only as long as a finger.

In truth, this little fellow didn’t even look like a dragon at all, but a small black wolf with a pair of black wings.

This little fellow was able to fly as soon as it was born. Its watery and intelligent eyes curiously looked at Empyrean Divine Mist for a moment. Then, its small black wings flapped and it flew several feet high, its eyes unblinking as it stared at the cocoon in front of it.

Pa! Pa!

The cocoon pulsated as if blood was beating within it.

With each pulsation, all of the heaven and earth origin energy within 10,000 miles started to be drawn in. It was hard to imagine that the small life within this cocoon had such a vast and incredible blood energy, as if it were an endless ocean that continued infinitely.

This small black dragon suddenly began purring with excitement. In front of it, the white cocoon started to split apart…

The divine light within the cocoon flashed with a moment of incomparable brilliance like a supernova, blinding to anyone who saw it.

In the next moment, a small child a little more than a foot high leapt out from the divine light and onto the ground…

This small and delicate child was the reincarnation of Lin Ming.

He had absorbed all the essence from within his original body and had reforged it into his current form. Now, although he had the body of a baby, within his dantian his inner world had already opened. At the same time, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree, the phantom of the Bodhi Tree, the Asura blood he had absorbed and the blood of the many God Beasts, and even the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, all of these things left traces in this young body.

In addition, Lin Ming’s soul sea had become incredibly profound. His soul had experienced a new life.

This was the heaven-defying advantage of the Grand Reincarnation Art. By inheriting the experience and essence of the previous body, one could recast their everything into a young and new body and then restart their cultivation from scratch!

Like this, the more times one reincarnated then the higher one’s talent would become, finally reaching an unimaginable height.

The only disadvantage was that Lin Ming’s cultivation was still low. He remained at the Revolving Core realm without having made any strides. This was a characteristic of the Grand Reincarnation Art. After every reincarnation, one’s cultivation would dramatically fall and they would have to begin their cultivation anew.

“Lin Ming, you finally succeeded…”

Empyrean Divine Mist sighed with emotion. Lin Ming had absorbed Sheng Mei’s memories, and with his own feelings and understandings he had gained, he had managed to cultivate his own Grand Reincarnation Art.

The Holy Scripture’s two major sections consisted of the Law of Eternal Life and the Grand Reincarnation Art. The Law of Eternal Life was incomplete to begin with and not even the creators of the Holy Scripture were able to finish it.

In other words, the Grand Reincarnation Art was in truth the most important part of the Holy Scripture.

Right now, Lin Ming could be said to simultaneously possess the Heavenly Sutra and the Holy Scripture.

Of course, Lin Ming only had the first two volumes of the Heavenly Sutra so it was incomplete. But, this wasn’t important. With the emperor jade of fate already in his hands, Lin Ming could finally step into the Asura Road’s final trial and obtain the third volume of the Heavenly Sutra.

Like this, Lin Ming would become the singular existence in 10 billion years to simultaneously build up the Heavenly Sutra and Holy Scripture. If he could fuse together the universe of the body and the universe of the world, he could reach an unprecedented peak of martial arts.

“Thank you Senior for helping junior open the Magic Cube, and thank you Senior for helping protect me for 40 years…”

Lin Ming deeply bowed towards Empyrean Divine Mist. After his rebirth, his voice was like a child’s, much higher and sweeter.

Empyrean Divine Mist nodded with love. Lin Ming’s new life had him feeling a heartfelt happiness.

But at this time, the small black dragon let out a little cry and threw himself into Lin Ming’s chest.

After over 100 years of sharing the same blood and roots and also joining in hatching for 40 years, Lin Ming and the small black dragon couldn’t be any more familiar with each other. Within their veins flowed the blood of the other.

Lin Ming held onto this dark meat ball, his heart filled with a thousand emotions.

If he were to consider his age, the truth was that he was over 200 years old. And in these over 200 years he had experienced far, far too much.

The things he had seen, the things he felt, all of it had become a part of his life, things that were deeply engraved into his spiritual sea and would never be forgotten.

“Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing now?”

Empyrean Divine Mist asked. Lin Ming was currently very weak. Although he had obtained a new life, to return to his previous level of strength would still require time.

Lin Ming responded, “I will continue cultivating. I don’t require any cultivation methods and my foundation cannot be any more solid than it is now. To me, bottlenecks do not exist. As long as I can slowly restore my strength then I plan on practicing the Grand Reincarnation Art to the seventh revolution, or even the eighth revolution before I return to the Divine Realm.”

Lin Ming estimated that in the 60-70 years he had returned to the Sky Spill Planet for, there should have been a result by now in the war between the saints and humanity.

Whether this result was good or bad, Lin Ming was powerless to change it. Moreover, he was far too weak right now. If he were to rashly return to the Divine Realm and someone were to discover his continued existence, then he would die without a doubt.

He planned to remain on the Sky Spill Planet. By relying on his previous feelings, resources, and experience, he would rest and recover his strength, cultivating until he reached a point where he could easily kill an Empyrean level martial artist. Only then would he consider returning to the Divine Realm.

And to the present Lin Ming, the truth was that this wasn’t difficult.

“You want to cultivate the seventh revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art or even the eighth revolution?”

Empyrean Divine Mist looked at Lin Ming with surprise. During this time he also learned some information about the Grand Reincarnation Art. This was a cultivation method that became exponentially more difficult the further one went into it.

However, as he thought about it, to the current monstrous genius that was Lin Ming, was there any cultivation method in this world that he couldn’t handle?

It was almost impossible to imagine what would happen if this monstrous genius Lin Ming were to be reborn seven or eight more times. With his talent superimposing upon itself with every rebirth, just what would that be like?

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