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Miracle Throne (Web Novel) - Chapter 335 — Falling again

Chapter 335: Falling again

Those War Hounds warriors dropped in by the vultures were currently retreating from the Nangong Family’s Wild Flame Army.  The Wild Flame Army was the Southern Summer’s strongest infantry unit, each one having incomparably thick armour which even initial stage Awakened Soul Cultivators would find hard to break.  Moreover, the Wild Flame Army was trained with the Nangong Family’s secret technique, so they didn’t feel any pain. Although they were only in the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer, their strength was close to an Awakened Soul Cultivator.

All of the ten thousand Wild Flame soldiers had a giant sword in their right hand and a Source Energy Pistol in their left.  The War Hounds trying to break through were forced back several times, finally gathering in a single spot.

Almost at the same time, the griffin knights supported the city walls, relieving the pressure on the Southern Summer defenses, allowing them to hold their ground.  Although Imperial City was still filled with the flames of war, the most dangerous wave had been blocked.

The griffin knights began to fight with the vulture knights once again.

Each griffin knight had an extra energy magazine.  In front of the power and fire speed of the submachine guns, the vulture knights could not form any sort of battle formation.  After several charges from the griffin knights, the vulture knights’ casualties were at least three-four times that of the griffin knights.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  The Burning Sun Ruler’s fist slammed into the body of a War Hounds general.  His body was covered in blood and his red hair was flying as he watched the retreating War Hounds Kingdom soldiers, while wildly laughing. “The War Hounds Kingdom is only this strong.  Daring to offend my Southern Summer, I’ll let them just stay here forever!”

The Refined Ruler had also killed at least several high level enemy generals.  The most dangerous War Hounds wave had been blocked. The War Hounds’ vulture knights had been heavily injured while the elites dropped into the city had been killed by the Wild Flame Army, with most of them already dead.

The besieging army of the War Hounds had been severely injured.  If they were to retreat their army at this moment, it would not be easy for them to attack again!  On one hand, the Southern Summer soldiers would be filled with morale and on the other hand, the Calm Martial Ruler would be back.  The Southern Summer cavalry did not leave much time for the War Hounds Kingdom.

Miracle Commerce’s Source Energy Weapons had played an important role in this!

Because of the powerful Source Energy Weapons, the griffin knights could break through their blockade and the Wild Flame Army could defeat the dropped War Hounds elites.  It was also because of the Source Energy Weapons’ deterrence that the War Hound Kingdom’s main experts including the Fang King did not dare make a move, relieving the pressure they felt.

“Yi?”  The Refined Ruler’s dark gold pen was pulled out of the heart of a War Hounds general.  His eyes swept across the War Hounds army in front of the city and he noticed something happening, “Where is their main cavalry going?”

The Burning Sun Ruler also noticed this.

The main army of the War Hounds was the Demon Wolf Cavalry, this was an army with a frightening battle strength.  Only no matter how heated the battle on this side was, the Fang King had always kept his calm and never used this army to attack.  Now they were shocked to discover that this nightmarish black army had already disappeared.

The Southern Summer troops gave cheers of celebration.

The Burning Sun Ruler watched the Fang King.  Although they were separated by a large distance, he could see that there was no rage or frustration in the eyes of the Fang King.  Rather there was deep thought, as if he was waiting for his plan to brew.

This is bad.

Did he have reinforcements?

When the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler were feeling unsettled, there came the sounds of fighting from the center of Imperial City, including the sounds of angry wolf howls.

Those War Hounds elites trapped by the Wild Flame Army was suddenly filled with wild energy.  Before the Wild Flame Army could react, from the roofs and corners of all four directions, even flying across the eaves and walls, several thousand black wolf cavalry suddenly surged forward like a wave!

“This is bad!”

It was too sudden, the Wild Flame Army did not even have time to fight back.  Countless Demon Wolves charged forward like a swarm of bees, instantly cutting the Wild Flame Army to pieces.  Moreover, they had more soldiers than the Wild Flame Army, so like a wild dog biting into a fresh piece of meat, they instantly threw the Wild Flame Army into chaos.

The War Hounds cavalry had appeared inside Imperial City!  Everyone was shocked, what had happened? How could the War Hounds cavalry appear inside Imperial City!

A person quickly ran in to report, “The enemy is coming from the direction of the Nangong Family!”

“This is not possible!”

The Burning Sun Ruler simply could not believe this.  That large group of savage black figures continued to charge forward.  The Demon Wolf cavalry jumped from the roofs, continuously killing innocent citizens and soldiers.

Five thousand, eight thousand, ten thousand……twenty thousand, thirty thousand!

The Wild Flame Army deployed inside the city by the Burning Sun Ruler was completely swallowed.

There were more and more Demon Wolves, like a wave that wouldn’t stop!

“Just what is going on here!”  The Burning Sun Ruler angrily roared out before suddenly thinking of something, “Could it be the family’s secret passage……”

The entire Imperial City was constructed by the Three Great Clans, so the Three Great Clans built secret passages out of Imperial City for certain reasons during construction.  This was not a strange thing.

But the secret passage was a very restricted matter.  It could not be opened from outside and could only be opened from inside.

There weren’t many Nangong Family members that had the authorization to open it, especially in these special circumstances!  Then why would the secret passage open for no reason?

At this time, there was a small Nangong Family group that appeared in the middle of the countless Demon Wolf cavalry.  The leader was no one else other than the Burning Sun Ruler’s son, the Departing Flame Marquis. There was also the several thousand Departing Flame Army that he had personally trained by his side.

“Departing Flame Marquis!”

“How could the Departing Flame Marquis be with the War Hounds Kingdom people?”

“Damn, could the Departing Flame Marquis have let the enemies in?”

If the Departing Flame Marquis opened the Nangong Family’s secret passage, then everything would make sense.  After all, the Departing Flame Marquis was the head of the eight marquis, the only first grade military marquis, as well as commanding the powerful Departing Flame Army.  He had enough authorization to open the passage and even if the family resisted, he was strong enough to force it open.

“Ha, ha, ha!” A True Soul Realm War Hounds chief was laughing by the Departing Flame Marquis’ side, “I never imagined that this would be your fates!”

The Burning Sun Ruler’s face turned red and black as he spat out a mouthful of blood from his rage, “Nangong Ling, you disobedient son!  Even going against your father and your entire family!”

“Old fool, you are confused!”  The Departing Flame Marquis Nangong Ling coldly said, “The Imperial City has around seven to eight million people living here, this bustling city would have been destroyed by you ignorant people.  I am just protecting the citizens. The Fang King has already promised me that as long as he takes Imperial City, he will not harm the citizens and will title me as a Southern Summer ruler! As for you?  Why do you resist this hopeless situation!”

“Selling out our country and honour, yet you use an honourable excuse?”  The Refined Ruler was filled with indignation. Imperial City would have been held, but who would have thought of this development, “You are the shame of the Southern Summer Country!”

Nangong Ling did not care, “No matter what you saw, the Dongfang Family will not be able to save the Southern Summer Country.  The Nangong and Shangguan Families do not have to go down with them!”

The True Spirit Realm War Hounds chief was already feeling impatient, “You talk too much, attack!”

The Demon Wolves charged at the city walls.  Most of the Southern Summer defenses were placed outside and now that the enemies had come in, how could they keep defending?  The Fang King outside the city naturally could feel the changes coming from within. He revealed a cold smile and raised the Purple Gold Thunder God Drum in his hands.

“An opportunity is here, attack with me!”

The Fang King personally made a move.

Other than the Fang King, there were also another four True Spirit Realm Experts.  Whether it was quantity, scale, or battle strength, they all far surpassed the Southern Summer Country.  Now that they were attacking from both inside and outside, how could the Southern Summer troops keep defending?

“The two Southern Summer rulers, let me have a taste of your strength!”

The Fang King jumped off the ground, landing on the several dozen meter up on the tall wall.  His feet created two more holes in the wall as he jumped several dozen meters high up, landing at the top of the wall.

The watchtower was already burning and the soldiers had trouble defending against the enemies coming in all directions.  How could they concentrate fire on the Fang King? The Fang King raised the Purple Gold Thunder God Drum in his hands and the Southern Summer soldiers surrounding him were turned to charcoal by thunder!

The Burning Sun Ruler said to Meng Qingwu beside him, “You leave first, retreat to the royal palace!”

Chen Bingyu led Meng Qingwu to evacuate the battlefield.  This battle was not something they could mettle with anymore.

The Fang King did not chase and he disdained from chasing because there were only two people that were worthy of being his opponent in the entirety of the Imperial City.  The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler both said nothing as they suddenly attacked the Fang King at the same time.

Hong, hong, hong!

A series of explosion came from the entire wall!

When three True Spirit Realm experts fought, the destructive power they created was very shocking.  Large pieces of the wall fell down as the scene soon filled with chaos.

At this time, three figures fell down into the ruins.  They had only exchanged a few moves, but the Refined Ruler and the Burning Sun Ruler were already injured in several places and the Fang King did not have a single injury, like this was easy for him.  The large difference in strength between them could be clearly seen.

The Fang King said with a smile of ridicule, “The Southern Summer Three Rulers are only this strong?”

At this time, the War Hounds Kingdom army had surrounded them,

The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler looked at each other, “Retreat!”

They turned to run.  The War Hound Plains chiefs began to chase, but they were blocked by the Fang King.  The Fang King calmly said, “These two True Spirit Realm experts will not cause worry, we need to subdue Imperial City right now.  Even if the Cang State cavalry rush back, they can’t do anything. No matter what tricks the other side uses, the final victory will still be ours!”


“Take the soldiers to sweep out the Southern Summer army, break their final resistance!”  The Fang King’s eyes were as cold as ice, “As for those people, it doesn’t matter if they live for a few more hours.”


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