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Miracle Throne (Web Novel) - Chapter 337 — Starting to prepare for battle

Chapter 337: Starting to prepare for battle

The day Imperial City fell, a large storm appeared out of nowhere. This bad weather made it hard to chase and it meant the heavens did care about the Southern Summer Country. The Giant Shark Gang’s ships smoothly exited the Cang State channel to reach the Four States Lake. Once they reached the Four States Lake, they no longer needed to worry about the War Hounds’ pursuing troops.

“Ke, ke……”

Chu Tian put on a coat and sat up on the bumpy ship. He placed an electric light in front of the desk and began drawing one blueprint after the other. His body clearly had not recovered yet, his face did not have any blood and he looked very weak.

Chu Tian understood his injury better than anyone else.

In order to kill the True Spirit Realm Expert Malim, he had paid too heavy of a price, but that didn’t matter. As long as he didn’t die right away, Chu Tian had a method of recovering.

Meng Yingying pushed open the door and walked in with two heated cans of food, “Your injury isn’t better yet, I think you should rest early still.”

“This wound wants to overthrow master Chu Tian? It’s not that easy!” Chu Tian gave a laugh, like he was trying to look very relaxed. He walked leaned against the window to look at the black lake, making himself look like a ruffian, “Father has never been chasen off like this before, but I’ve actually been sent running by those low grade spirit beasts. What god damn Fang King? Wait and see, this battle must be taken back no matter what!”

This was the Chu Tian Meng Yingying knew!

When Meng Yingying saw Chu Tian act like this, if it wasn’t for Zhao Pu, Gu Qianqiu, and the others telling her otherwise, she would have really thought that Chu Tian had recovered! This fellow was clearly half dead, but he was still thinking of taking revenge. People really had no way of dealing with him.

“Forget about it, forget about it!” Meng Yingying gave the canned food to Chu Tian and snappily said, “I think you should rest up first. First find a way to protect your little life and Miracle Commerce before thinking about taking vengeance!”

Chu Tian was very confident in Miracle Commerce, but for any talent or large existences, it is easy for them to be destroyed before they grew up. With how chaotic the continent was, it was not easy surviving in these times.

But it was because of this that Chu Tian wanted to found Miracle Commerce!

Not only would Miracle Commerce provide large amounts of resources to Chu Tian, it could also protect Chu Tian and the people beside him when Chu Tian became stronger. Miracle Commerce had been developing smoothly up to this day, but now that came to a stop because of the northern invasion.

This only meant that Miracle Commerce wasn’t strong enough yet!

However, Chu Tian had already secretly pledged that he wouldn’t let this happen again.

After the battle in Imperial City, which was basically destroyed, the Southern Summer’s territory shrank by one fourth and their loss of elites was even more serious. Even if the armies of the six states were added together, they were far from comparing to the Imperial City army. So, after the War Hounds subdue the north, they will certainly continue invading the Southern Summer Country. The crisis had not been solved yet and the situation was very serious.

However, Meng Yingying was very confident in Chu Tian still.

In fact, Meng Yingying was the person most confident in Chu Tian.

When the frontlines were attacked, Chu Tian could not react and when Imperial City was attacked, Chu Tian had fainted, so the fate of running after the fall could not be avoided. The situation was different now, Central State was the origin of Miracle Commerce and Chu Tian had enough time to prepare now. This time the War Hounds Kingdom was not facing the Southern Summer Country, but rather Miracle Commerce being led by Chu Tian.

The Giant Shark Gang’s fleet arrived in Central State port.

Everyone began to disembark off the boat. In just a few months, Central State had undergone some earth shattering changes. There were several industrial areas that formed outside the city, with over a thousand ships in the port, and there were countless airships flying through the sky. This lively scene even went beyond what Imperial City looked like!

It was like the northern tension had not spread here yet and Central State looked very rich and busy.

The Meng sisters, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu were all filled with sighs, they never thought that they would be back this quickly. But they did not have time to be emotional, the first attack point of the War Hounds would inevitably be Central State. Once Central State fell to the enemies, not only would the Southern Summer Country have no hope, Miracle Commerce would also fall.

Chu Tian would not allow such a matter to happen. When they arrived at Central State’s Yun Sect, they directly called everyone together, “If my estimates aren’t wrong, a minimum of ten days and a maximum of half a month is what we have before the War Hounds attack Central State!”

The high level personnel of Imperial City and Central State were all currently in one place, listening to Chu Tian with heavy expressions.

There were several thousand miles of mountain ridges to the north of Central State that will not be easy for the War Hounds to scale. The best method was for them to steal the Southern Summer battleships and launch an attack on Central State from the water.

“The War Hounds soldiers all grew up on the prairies, so they will not be skilled in aquatic battles. We have an advantage here, but this advantage is not enough because the War Hounds will continue having the support of the Eagle Burial Country’s airborne unit. The airborne unit will protect the aquatic units, so if we have a lack in airborne firepower, we will be at a disadvantage.” Chu Tian gave the orders, “I am now giving the order that from this moment forward, the state will be placed under military law. Everything must go towards preparing for the fight. This battle, not only do we have to win, we must make it a brilliant victory!”

Everyone was very anxious, was there any hopes of winning?

There were the full forces of Imperial City’s garrison and half of the troops in the Southern Summer country gathered, which was around 80% of the total forces in the Southern Summer Country. There was also the frontline fortress that the Southern Summer Country had spent several generations to build. Even with these strong defenses, they still fell within a week!

The disparity in strength between the two countries was just too great. There were many natural barriers in the southern states, but in front of this overwhelming strength, how much use were the defenses?

“Relax, once the War Hounds come to Central State, I will make them unable to return!” Chu Tian had half a month to prepare. Although it looked like it was very rushed, it was actually more than enough time, “We will use all the strength of the Yun Sect’s research facility and the industrial sector Miracle Commerce had built over half a year in Central State to create a new weapon for the Central State fight!”

The scholars whispered with each other, revealing looks of excitement.

Yun Tianhe asked in a curious voice, “What weapon does chairman want to invent?”

Chu Tian displayed a blueprint and when the Yun Sect scholars saw it, they all felt this was very familiar because this blueprint was similar to the Source Energy Bombs they had designed before. Only, Chu Tian had made some large revisions, making these Source Energy Bombs look perfect.

“That’s right, these are Source Energy Bombs. I’ve made changes and improvements based on the bombs designed by the Yun Sect, making it more controllable and safe. Other than that, I’ve developed some crude oil refining techniques that will allow us to make it stronger, creating explosions with even more power!”

Everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement. Imperial City had too little time to prepare and Miracle Commerce hadn’t been in Imperial City for long, so their industrial sector was not established yet. Although Meng Qingwu wanted to use the Source Energy Bombs, she lacked the resources and time to prepare for it. Even with how small the effects of the bombs were, they still left a deep impression on everyone.

The situation was different now.

Central State was the origin of Miracle Commerce and Miracle Commerce had been quickly developing in Central State for half a year now, developing a basic commercial sector. Whether it was resources or production strength, they couldn’t compare with what they had in Imperial City.

Chu Tian took out several other blueprints, these were all thought up by him on the ship ride back, “This is a single soldier Source Energy Bomb. With the high refinement crude oil, it can be used for form small bombs which can be carried by people, allowing it to be given to each soldier. Its range is not wide, but it is very strong. I’ve named them Source Energy Grenades.”

The Source Energy Grenades had very simple designs. It didn’t aim for large scale destruction, but mainly to give the warriors a weapon with a high destructive might to attack enemies from mid range. So long as the Source Energy Grenades hit the enemy, even a True Soul Realm expert would be heavily injured or even killed.

“Other than that, the safety of launching them with catapults cannot be guaranteed and the efficiency and accuracy is quite low.” Chu Tian revealed another design, “We must make an even more accurate Source Energy Bomb launcher. Not only will it be automated, it will have a much higher accuracy. Different launchers will shoot out different bombs and we can achieve a greater killing effect like this!”


Chu Tian laid out several more designs.

Source Energy Bombs mixed with crossbows, shooting out the bombs as arrows. There were also mines to be placed inside the water.

Everyone was filled with praised.

Genius, what was called a genius.

Chu Tian gave the designs to the Yun Sect design department and how many they could finish all depended on luck. Chu Tian was just responsible for improving the designs and as for how the weapons were used, it would all depend on the Miracle Commerce research department.

“Regarding the Source Energy Bombs, I have introduced everything.” Chu Tian changed the topic, “The Source Energy Bombs are powerful, but with our current resources, technology, and manufacturers, the Source Energy Bombs we make can only threaten Awakened Soul Cultivators. For True Spirit Cultivators, there are flaws with the range and other aspects. We need to make a more powerful weapon to specifically deal with True Spirit Cultivators!”

Actually the effects of the Source Energy Bombs were already shocking!

With Central State’s current resources and productivity, they would be able to create large amount of bombs to deal with the War Hounds and this was already enough to change the tides of the war. Could Chu Tian have an even more powerful weapon?

Chu Tian took out a huge blueprint that stunned everyone that saw it!

This design looked like a Source Energy Pistol, but it was on a much larger scale. Just the barrel alone was four meters long and the design itself was much more complex, needing at least four magazines to power it.

It looked like a larger version of the Source Energy Pistol!

As for the source energy arrays, whether it was complexity or grade, the Source Energy Pistol was unable to compare to it.

“Everyone look clearly, this is Miracle Commerce’s newly invented weapon!” Chu Tian pointed at the blueprint and introduced it, “As you can all see, this weapon is the Source Energy Gun, but enlarged by several dozen times. I’ve named it the Source Energy Cannon! The power of a Source Energy Cannon is at least two hundred times that of a Source Energy Pistol!”

Two hundred times? What kind of concept was this!

Even with the protective energy of a True Spirit Cultivator, it would be hard to safely take several shots from this cannon!

It was not only the Yun Sect scholars that were stunned, even the normal people that did not understand it were shocked. Once this super terrifying weapon came into this world, a single cannon would be enough to tear through an enemy’s ship. Even a True Spirit Expert would find it difficult to resist this weapon’s might!

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