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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1214 - Tie Zhu

Chapter 1214 - Tie Zhu

The yellow light seemed to be a call back to the origin. Everyone who was shrouded by it would feel the sense of reincarnation as the past flashed before their eyes, making it impossible to distinguish from the present.

Spells controlled the power of the world and appeared in a special way. This was a dao spell, and its power was related to one’s cultivation level. Abilities were a method to explosively increased the power of spells, a method of gathering and manipulating origin energy.

However, dao was different. It was very rare for someone to know a dao spell. Rumor had it that only people who entered the Dao Realm could obtain one. Dao spells were similar to battles between domains, but the root was very different.

A battle of domains was a competition of one’s domain and a battle of the mind. However, a dao spell was a sublime power that specialized in killing the soul!

Everyone gains different comprehension in the Dao Realm. When the white-haired old man became a member of the Seal Extermination Clan, he had the privilege to enter the Dao Realm for a short period of time. There he understood a truth about a person’s origin.

What was the origin of a person? In his view, it was the memories of the soul. He believed that a person’s entire life was actually just memories. If the memories were not extinguished, then even if that person died, that person could live indefinitely…

Similarly, if the memories of all the comprehension a person had of their domain was wiped away without a trace as if it never existed, then his memories would be incomplete. These incomplete memories would make that person fall and become a mortal!

At this moment, the white-haired old man used the very rare dao spell he had comprehended from the Dao Realm! The Ji Realm represented an extreme force, the Shi Realm represented creativity, and the Dao Realm represented an inextinguishable might!

The yellow light filled the world. This light was soft, but it could penetrate all things in this world. When it fell on Wang Lin, it pierced through the battle domain around him and directly landed in the memories of his soul.

“Three breaths of time is enough!” The white-haired old man closed his eyes. All his vitality disappeared as if he had died.

Wang Linly felt the world turn. In his eyes, the seven-colored sky was no longer there, and it continued to spin until it turned into a blue sky filled with white clouds.

The sky was very blue and clear.

The earth also rapidly trembled. He saw an illusion that the earth beneath him disappeared layer by layer. The mountains in the distance shrank until everything disappeared and turned into a luscious, green forest.

A small path appeared beside him… This path was a dirt road that led into the luscious, green forest. At this moment, the wind blew and the leaves rattled. The wind carried an earthy fragrance that was intoxicating.

“It seems… I fell asleep…” Wang Lin opened his sleepy eyes and looked ahead. After a long time, he looked back and saw that at the end of the path was a calm, mountain village. There was smoke coming from the houses as well as sounds of children playing mixed with dogs barking.

“I seem to have had a dream…” Wang Lin scratched his face, and his honest face revealed a confused expression. He picked up the book next to him and stood up. He looked at the forest in the distance and vaguely saw the misty mountains in the distance and pavilions that belong to the sect on the mountain.

“In the dream, I became an immortal… And experienced more than 1,000 years of cultivation. I must have become tired from studying to have such a strange dream.” Wang Lin was confused and entered a daze.

While in a daze, a voice entered Wang Lin’s ears. “Tie Zhu, your dad is looking for you. Why haven’t you gone home?” It was a middle-aged man holding a hunting pitchfork. He was about to leave the village to hunt.

Beside the middle-aged man stood several stout young man. One of them looked at Wang Lin and laughed. “Tie Zhu, study well and place highly in the imperial test. Allow our little village to have a moment of fame!”

Wang Lin scratched his head and said hello to everyone before heading off toward the village. Good-natured laughter accompanied him as he went farther and farther away.

“This is really strange. That dream is a bit too real. Red Butterfly, Li Muwan, Liu Mei, Mu Bingmei, Lu Yanfei, Li Qianmei… There were also Yunque Zi, Zhuque Zi, Situ Nan, the All-Seer, and so on. Also, Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, Tuo Sen. Tu Si… I remember accepting two disciples. One was named Thirteen and other Xie Qing…” As Wang Lin walked, his mind was still a blur.

“There is an ancient god on planet Suzaku? Outside planet Suzaku, there is also the Corpse Sect? And the Cultivation Alliance? The Four Divine Sect? The place I’m in is called the Alliance Star System. In my dream, I also went to the Allheaven Star System and the Cloud Sea Star System…

I also went to the Celestial Realm…” Wang Lin was dazed for a long time. When he raised his head, he was already outside his house. He shook his head and let out a sigh as he muttered, “That dream was very strange. It seems Father and Mother were dead in my dream…”

He no longer thought about the strange dream and pushed open the door that led into the yard. The moment he went in, he saw his father holding a pipe. He shook it on the floor before staring at Wang Lin.

Seeing his father’s stern gaze, Wang Lin felt his heart skip a beat.

“Tie Zhu, how is your studying?”

Wang Lin softly said, “Eh… Going well…”

“Hmph, Tie Zhu, you have to study well. Next year is the big county exam. Whether or not you will have good prospects for the future will depend on you. Don’t be stuck in a village like this forever like your dad, alas.” Wang Lin’s father shook his head and stood up.

At this moment, his mother came out and complained to his father for a bit before she brought out food. The family sat down in the courtyard and began to eat. Wang Lin hesitated for a bit before looking at his father and softly saying, “Dad, I had a dream…”

Before he could finish speaking, the sound of carriages and a knock came from the gate. Wang Lin was startled. He remembered from the dream that it was Fourth Uncle who arrived…

“Second Brother, open the door!”

Wang Lin subconsciously stood up, ran toward the gate, and opened the door. He saw a burly man standing outside with a pair of fierce eyes. He rubbed Wang Lin’s head and laughed. “Tie Zhu, I haven’t seen you in half a year and you’ve grown taller again.”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of confusion. He didn’t know what to do and sat back down. He was in a daze for a long time, and after a while, he heard Fourth Uncle’s voice.

“Second Brother, Second Sister in Law, I want to tell you something. The Heng Yue Sect is accepting disciples. I want Tie Zhu to go try to get in. Once he enters the sect, he will become an immortal. It is a very rare opportunity.”

“Imm… Immortal? This… can this child do it?” Wang Lin’s father became excited but was uncertain.

“The immortals are accepting disciples and there is some kind of test. Let Tie Zhu go take it.”

After hearing this, Wang Lin’s body was startled and he looked at his fourth uncle and father. His vision blurred again and the scene of his dream seemed to be moved by a strange force. They appeared one by one in his mind.

He saw himself walk out from the mountain village and fail the test. Under the taunting of his family, he left the mountain village on his own and was resting on a cliff. A tiger suddenly attacked him from behind, and when he fell down the cliff, he was sucked into a strange cave.

Inside the cave, he picked up a bead.

The moment his right hand touched the bead, he suddenly heard an outburst in his ear.

“Heaven… Heaven Defying…”

This voice was very, very familiar. It was as if he had heard this voice before. But no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t remember where he had heard his voice before.

However, this outburst was replaced by a miserable cry. It was that familiar voice again, and it seemed to be suffering unimaginable pain. As the miserable cry echoed, Wang Lin’s world seemed to have started collapsing, and seven-colored light unexpectedly started to appear.

In an instant, his vision blurred as if the power controlling his own memories had gone out of control and he jumped ahead several years. His surroundings changed drastically and he was quickly escaping. The forest appeared in the corner of his eyes. He was very fast and the feeling of a life and death crisis filled his mind.

“You can’t escape from me, Teng Li!” A gloomy voice came from behind as a youth with a cold gaze calmly chased him.

During this life and death crisis, Wang Lin’s vision suddenly became a blurry as the miserable scream echoed in his ears. The sound became more and more clear, and he had a feeling that he was about to remember who that voice belonged to!

However, just at this moment, his surroundings changed again. At this moment, he was inside a large valley. An sense of grief and sorrow he had never felt before washed over him. No matter how loudly he roared, he couldn’t vent the sorrow in his heart!

“Teng family! As long as I, Wang Lin, live, then one day I’ll turn your Teng family into a river a blood and dye the country of Zhao red! I’ll wipe out your entire Teng family and leave no one alive! If I violate this oath, let me be hacked to pieces, die a terrible death, and sink forever into hell!” Wang Lin seemed to have gone crazy as the endless sorrow drowned him. The pain was heart-piercing! Kneeling on the ground, tears flowed out from his eyes. His bloodshot eyes revealed a madness that didn’t seem to belong to a human!

His hair turned white overnight and his surroundings became as cold as winter. An unspeakable force was born in his body!

This power didn’t belong to a mortal, but at this moment, Wang Lin obtained it. This was the peak of slaughter and the limit of strength. It was called Ji!

The moment the Ji Realm was born, that miserable scream echoed, and it was filled with unimaginable shock!

“Ji… It is unexpectedly Ji!! What has he been through in his life!? For Ji to appear! The Heaven Defying Bead is in his hand and the Ji Realm is in his hands. This person… This person…” Panic filled the voice, and it became even more clear as it echoed. The sky collapsed, the earth collapsed, and the seven-colored light filled the world.

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