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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1215 - Beautiful Taste and Anticipation

Chapter 1215 - Beautiful Taste and Anticipation

As the world collapsed, Wang Lin still knelt there. It was as if the collapse of the world couldn’t attract his attention at all. The rumbles echoed for a long time before Wang Lin raised his head. Tears still flowed down from his face, but his eyes were filled with clarity.

“This is the Seven-Colored Realm… You’ve forced me to to remember the painful past. I want you to pay the price of death!” Wang Lin’s voice was low, but every word contained monstrous killing intent.

The moment his voice echoed, the rumbling became even more intense. The sky was torn open and the blue sky was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced by the sky of the Seven-Colored Realm!

The earth trembled and collapsed layer by layer. Finally, it became a ruined land burned by fire. It was the land of the Seven-Colored Realm!

The white-haired old man’s chest was stained with blood, and there was still blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were blurry; they were filled with disbelief and shock! In truth, the moment he saw the Heaven Defying Bead in Wang Lin’s memories, his dao spell collapsed and his vitality was extinguished. The shock he felt was like millions of bolts of thunder exploding in his ears. It filled him with fear.

Then, when the dao spell was collapsing, he saw Wang Lin’s Ji Realm being born. This caused him to cough out blood and he became extremely weak. He almost lost the ability to think as he lost his wits. This became a battle of his dao spell against the Ji Realm, the dao spell against the Heaven Defying Bead. He had no chance of victory!

Wang Lin raised his head, and the moment he uttered those words filled with killing intent, he charged out like lightning toward the old man. His fingers formed a sword and pointed directly to between the old man’s eyebrows!

The old man’s body trembled and blood sprayed out from the back of his head as his skull shattered. Wang Lin didn’t stop here and pointed six times in a row!

The popping sounds were earth shattering. The old man’s arm collapsed, his legs collapsed, and in the blink of an eye, his body turned into a mist of blood.

Inside the fog, the old man’s origin soul screamed and was surrounded by a seven-colored glow as he escaped into the distance.

Wang Lin was filled with killing intent as he chased after him. While he chased, he pointed at the old man, and every time he did so, the seven-colored light would tremble. The old man’s origin soul let out miserable screams and became weaker and weaker.

He chased closely behind the old man. It had been a long time since he wanted to kill anyone this much. Anyone who made him recall his memories had touched his bottom line and had to die!

As he chased, the old man surrounded by the seven-colored light charged for the mountain. He was filled with panic and continued to scream in his heart.

“Sovereign, save me!! Sovereign, save me!!”

“Stop for me!” The madness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger and he waved his right hand. The seven-colored light suddenly paused. At this moment, Wang Lin charged in and his two fingers pierce through the seven-colored light, landing directly on the old man’s origin soul.

With a bang, the old man’s origin soul was about to collapse. However, he was, after all, a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. He was seriously injured but not head as he struggled to escape even faster.

While pursuing, Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky and the blue flame appeared in his left eye. The seal trembled, but in the end it collapsed before the blue flame!

The seal dissipated and Wang Lin was surrounded by a sea of fire. He pointed forward and the monstrous flames charged at the the seven-colored light surrounding the old man’s origin soul.

Miserable screams echoed. This time the white-haired old man’s origin soul was extremely weak. Four of the seven colors around him dissipated.

The two of them were both moving very fast, but the distance between them was getting smaller and smaller!

Just at this moment, the lightning mark appeared in his right eye. There was also a seal on it, but it only struggled for a few breaths before it collapsed. Without the seal, thunder rushed out and danced within the fire!

Rumbles shook the heavens and earth as the endless thunderbolts whistled through the fire. They all charged at the old man under Wang Lin’s command!

A thunderous rumble echoed and the remaining three colors around the old man collapsed into specks of light. Without the seven-colored light protecting him, the old man’s origin soul was exposed to the blue fire and thunder!

“No!! Sovereign, save me!!” The old man’s expression was filled with the fear of death as he let out a roar!

At this moment, he had already reached the mountain deep within the Seven-Colored Realm. However, just as he got close, Wang Lin let out a roar and the blue fire immediately shot out and surrounded his origin soul.

From afar, it was impossible to see the old man’s figure. The thing that could be seen was a sea of blue fire. Thunder gathered from all directions as if all the thunder in the world was congregating toward the old man’s origin soul.

The moment the thunder gathered, all the fire in the world also gathered toward the trapped old man.

All of this happened in a flash, fast beyond imagination. All the fire in the world suddenly gathered at one point. The thunder gathered as well, forming a combined attack of fire and thunder.

There were two circles contracting. One was the sea of blue fire and the other was all the thunder in the world. The moment the two circles overlapped into one point, the world trembled!

A heaven-shaking rumble replaced all sound, causing the Seven-Colored Realm to collapse once more!

A sharp and miserable scream dissipated inside this rumble. A pillar of blue fire shot directly into the sky as if it was going to pierce the heavens! Countless thunderbolts filled the inside and outside of this fire pillar, forming a pillar of thunder that overlapped with the pillar of fire and also pierced the heavens!

This scene could be clearly seen from anywhere within the Seven-Colored Realm!

Inside the Seven-Colored Realm, Chen Tianjun felt his ears go deaf from this rumble. His body trembled, his origin soul trembled, and shock mixed with fear filled his body. This feeling lingered and wouldn’t dissipate.

He stared dumbfoundedly at the fire and thunder pillar in the distance. His throat became dry and his face turned pale.

“Killing a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator… His name will become famous in the Cloud Sea. I, Chen Tianjun, am honored to be able to witness his spell right now!”

In the distance, the old woman in green was pale as she stared at the fire and thunder in the distance. There was fear in her eyes. She could clearly feel that if she were to face any one of the two, she would without a doubt die!

Her mind trembled and she couldn’t help but feel fear, especially when she thought about how they were enemies, which terrified her. There was no cultivator that didn’t cherish their life, and this was even more so with her.

“I must make up with this person and make up for the conflict we had before. Otherwise, with this person as my enemy, there will be no place for me in the Cloud Sea. Fortunately, our conflict isn’t deep and there isn’t any direct feud…” The old woman in green took a deep breath and made up her mind.

Even further away, Master Cloud Soul had a face filled with bitterness. He naturally sensed the fight and felt a complicated feeling. There was an even stronger sense of panic within him. This panic was like a fire that was going to burn his mind.

“He… How could he be this strong?!” Even now, Master Cloud Soul couldn’t believe this, and fear filled his heart. Ever since he was teleported here, he had been living in fear. He hated Wang Lin and wanted to devour Wang Lin’s flesh and blood.

However, after he watched the battle, he was shocked and couldn’t accept this truth. After a moment, Master Cloud Soul let out a miserable smile and his eyes became filled with crazed killing intent.

“This person would never let me go, and he must be seriously injured after the battle against the late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. I might still have a chance! If he recovers, then I will undoubtedly die, but if he is seriously injured, then I might still have a chance in an all out fight against him!

“Once I kill him, everything in the Seven-Colored Realm will belong to me!” Master Cloud Soul’s heart was moved. Before entering the Seven-Colored Realm, he was confident in killing Wang Lin. However, now, even though he thought Wang Lin was seriously injured, he still felt nervous like a mortal attempting to kill a celestial.

This change was enough to show Master Cloud Soul’s subconscious fear of Wang Lin. He clenched his teeth and charged ahead.

The fire and thunder pillar slowly dissipated. The old man’s origin soul had disappeared from this world completely. Even after his death, the so-called Sovereign he kept calling never appeared.

Looking at the mountain ahead, Wang Lin silently pondered. After the thunder and fire dissipated and all sound disappeared, bursts of miserable wails came from the top of the mountain.

The painful wails were like someone’s unwilling roar before death, but they still weren’t able to escape fate in the end.

Wang Lin vaguely felt the battle tattoo in his body tremble, as if there was something on the mountain that made it excited… After a long time, Wang Lin lifted his feet and walked forward.

He wasn’t fast. He slowly walked up the mountain until he arrived outside the cave. Standing here was as if he was standing at the peak of the Seven-Colored Realm. It seemed like he could see the entire realm at a glance.

From this position, the wailings from the cave was even more clear. It was as if countless people were inside, enduring unbearable pain.

At this moment, in the Ancient Star System, inside the palace, the fire on the candle burned brightly and the withered hand slowly withdrew…

“The heat has reached the right temperature… However, this fire isn’t the right kind yet… Because it hasn’t boiled the soul yet…” an ancient voice slowly said from behind the candle.

“A pseudo Sealing Extermination Clan member died. Do you have any doubts about the cause of his death?” an indifferent voice said.

“Why should I doubt… I’ll know the answer after the dao has been planted. This will be more interesting… The unknown has the most wonderful taste… The wait is eternal anticipation. So let the fire go crazy…”

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