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Shura’s Wrath (Web Novel) - Chapter 837 — Variant Moon God Mirror

Chapter 837 - Variant Moon God Mirror 

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


“Little sister… you still call me your little sister?” Qi Xing bitterly laughed. “Is this how you treat your little sister?!”  

Qi Yue looked over and said in pain, “Xing, I know you’re in great pain. The dream you’ve worked your entire life for has been destroyed, and you’ve even nearly lost your life… but the pain within my heart isn’t any less than yours.” There was a sorrow within Qi Yue’s voice that extended to her soul. She thought about the years she had desperately tried to stop and persuade Xing, and she had shed many tears… Qi Xing viewed human lives like grass, while Qi Yue, let alone harm humans, even if she saw an injured animal, she wouldn’t hesitate to go protect it and heal it…  

From the beginning of their lives, the person who they spent the most time with was the other person… however, their personalities were completely different.  

“Yue, I want to ask you a few questions.” Qi Xing’s voice became calmer, and she seemed to accept her fate instead of being so hysterical. At this moment, her soul started to flicker, a sign that it was going to start dissipating soon.  

“Shuras are merciless and lose their consciousness, but Ling Tian was able to maintain his consciousness. Could it be that Shuras aren’t as the legends say?”  

Qi Yue shook her head and said softly, “Shuras are indeed merciless, but in order to become a Shura, one must be filled with incredible love. Without incredible love, one will not feel incredible sadness and hatred. Rashu became a Shura because of his incredible love for Lachesis, and he was willing to become a demon to destroy everything. Ling Tian was the same.  

“After becoming a Shura, Rashu killed all of the gods, including his own Rakshasa God Clan. Everyone thought that he had gone completely mad and had lost his consciousness. However, was that the truth? If he really did lose his consciousness and become a pure demon of carnage, why did he not kill a single human? And why did he leave behind the Lunar Scourge, Lachesis, and the Variant Moon God Mirror to absorb Lachesis’ remnant soul and then destroy himself… all of this supports that his consciousness was not destroyed despite being incredibly ruthless and violent and filled with terrifying might and killing intent, but that it had been hidden by his Shura’s power.  

“Afterwards, when I found Lachesis’ rings, I found out through some of the memories within them that in the end, the Shura regained most of his consciousness after he killed the gods because he saw Lachesis’ rings. The rings contained Lachesis’ aura, causing his heart to be moved and regain clarity of mind. After doing what needed to be done, he destroyed himself in the end.”  

“So you made him think that the people by his side had been killed so that he would fall into the way of the Shura due to his pain and despair, and then you allowed them to reappear before him to awaken his consciousness?” Qi Xing finally started to understand.  

“That’s right.” Qi Yue nodded. “After Rashu fell into the way of the Shura, he regained clarity of mind when he saw Lachesis’ rings. Ling Tian fell into the way of the Shura because he had thought they had died. If that was reversed and there was some stimulation from their voices, it was likely that he would regain his consciousness. In actuality, I miscalculated. After I sent Ling Tian to the Xiya Star, after he saw them, even though his emotions were greatly affected, he did not immediately regain his consciousness. What woke him up was the blood of his closest kin falling on his body, dealing a massive impact to his soul. Even though that was quite a shock, the conclusion turned out quite well.”  

“After that he killed Rahu, Wan Chong, and then me as you planned?” Qi Xing said in a low voice.  

“Godchild Sha Sha was the reason why he immediately came to kill you. He was afraid that you would choose to immediately devour the Godchild’s power after detecting his existence. I also thought of this, so I risked using the Lachesis to open a super dimensional space, hiding her inside there. Luckily, you didn’t discover that.” Qi Yue’s gaze became dim as she said, “Afterwards, Ling Tian indeed came to find you… but after moving the girls an incredible distance from Earth to the Xiya Star and opening that super dimensional space, I used more than half of the Lachesis’ spatial energy. I needed a long time to gather enough spatial energy to transport the moon here… and Ling Tian did not disappoint me, holding on despite being within the Dark Sun Domain.”  

“Afterwards, I used the Lachesis to send the moon here, and I also used the Lachesis’ spatial power to send the Sun God Orb to Ling Tian. With my understanding of your personality, I knew that you would immediately destroy the moon after discovering it… but what you didn’t know is that the Lunar Scourge is the strongest in the 10 seconds after the moon is destroyed - the moonlight at that time is called ‘Light of the Broken Moon’, and it allows the Lunar Scourge to release tens of times more power, allowing it to activate ‘God-Killing Moon’. With ‘God-Killing Moon’, let alone a Quasi-God like you, even a True God would be completely annihilated.”  

“… You succeeded… completely and utterly succeeded,” Qi Xing muttered. “So, Yue, what did you gain?  

Qi Yue: “?”  

“You destroyed my ambitions and life and saved countless humans, changing the fate of this universe. However, what did you gain? If I became a god and controlled the universe, as my big sister, you would be second only to me, and you would be able to do whatever you wanted. However… despite saving so many humans, who knows of this? And who would thank you?” Qi Xing said in a loud voice.  

Qi Yue slightly shook her head. “I don’t need anyone to know or for anyone to thank me…”  

“Then what about Ling Tian?” Qi Xing looked into QI Yue’s eyes, looking at every change in her eyes. “You said that you placed ‘Enchanting Moon’ in his body, and in order to do that, you had to join with him. With your personality, unless you loved him, why would you be willing to do such a thing? You have Lachesis’ godly soul, while he has Rashu’s godly soul. Your souls have always been attracted to each other, so don’t tell me that you didn’t fall in love with him!”  

A look of deep sadness flashed in the recesses of Qi Yue’s eyes, and she said softly, “This is also something that I never expected. I didn’t think that I would for fall him, nor did I allow myself to. However, in the end, I was gradually attracted to him bit by bit. Perhaps, just like you said, this was somewhat because of Lachesis’ godly soul.”  

“But so what?” Qi Xing laughed mockingly. “You did so much, going as far as to destroy your own little sister to save the humans, but no one will know what you did or thank you, and Ling Tian will hate you to the bones. I dare say that right now, you’re the person who he hates most, and he most likely hates you even more than he hates me and wants to kill you himself! Moreover, do you think he’ll listen to you or trust you if you try to explain? After all, you’re the big sister of me, an evil demon! How could he believe that you did all of this to destroy me and save the humans?”  

Unexpectedly, after hearing these heart-wrenching words, Qi Yue’s gaze and expression remained just as calm, though there was a trace of pain within them. “I… why would I explain it to him? Wouldn’t it be good… for him to not know about this and continue to hate and blame me? Isn’t this… what I wanted…”  

Qi Xing instantly felt incredibly startled. “Yue… you… what do you mean? You’d rather he hate you to the point that he wants to kill you? Are you crazy?”  

Qi Yue slowly raised her head, not allowing Qi Xing to see her misty eyes. “Xing, you’ve committed a grave sin, which you’ll pay for with your life. As for me, I’m your big sister, and because I wasn’t able to stop you in time, billions of humans died, making me guilty beyond redemption as well. Since we’re sisters, I’ll atone for your crimes with you. Moreover, I caused the death of my own little sister… this is also an unforgiveable crime.”  

Qi Xing’s eyes widened as her voice trembled, “What… What sort of nonsense are you spouting? The one who killed people was me, and you tried to stop me this entire time; what crimes do you have?! Why would you need to atone for your crimes? My death… will result in the preservation of countless human lives. You’re the saviour of this universe, so what crimes do you have?!”  

Qi Yue looked over and slightly smiled. “Xing, we grew up together in hardship, and we’ve been incredibly close sisters. Do you remember the day our mother left us? On that night, we swore in the dark that we would be together and protect each other forever. We shared our food and endured our hardships together. Even though fate has toyed with us, causing our personalities to be completely different, the fact that we’re sisters will never change. As such, I’ll atone for your crimes with you, and even if your life disappears and you move on… I’ll be with you so that you’re not lonely.”  

Qi Xing’s soul trembled, and she suddenly understood what Qi Yue wanted to do, as well as why she loved Ling Tian but was unwilling for him to know. Qi Xing lunged forwards, trying to grab Qi Yue’s body with her illusory hands as she shouted, “What the hell are you saying? I committed those crimes by myself; they have nothing to do with you! What right do you have to atone for these crimes with me? As long as you go find Ling Tian and explain it to him, with your intelligence, he’ll be able to understand everything. You’ll be able to be with him and live the life that you wanted to live… why the hell are you saying such crazy things? You turned the Mad Scientist into your tool and caused the ‘invincible’ me to fall into such a state, so why would you do such an unbelievably stupid thing… I don’t need you to atone with me, and I don’t want you to be with me… leave! Get away from me… after I die, I don’t want to see you!!”  

Qi Xing’s shouts became hysterical, and seeing this, Qi Yue warmly smiled. “Xing, I know that your mind was twisted by your vengeful godly soul. Your nature was not an evil one, and even though I caused you to lose everything, in the end, you’re still trying to protect me… even though you’ve caused me much headache, I’m still grateful to have had a little sister like you.”  

As Qi Yue spoke, a round mirror appeared in her hand. The mirror’s surface was sleek, but it was completely white, unable to reflect anything. Seeing this mirror, Qi Xing stared for a moment before crying out, “Variant Moon God Mirror!”   

“That’s right, this is the Variant Moon God Mirror. My godly soul was reincarnated because of this, so I was able to find it easily.” Qi Yue picked up the mirror and pointed it towards Qi Xing. “Even though you have a godly soul, you weren’t able to become a True God, so you’ll be able to reincarnate in 3 years. I used the Lachesis’ rules power to slightly affect it so that you’ll reincarnate and meet… him. We grew up in hardship, causing you to be filled with terror and hatred towards the human world, so your mind was twisted by a cold and cruel godly spirit. After going to his side, he’ll give you warmth and protection… I’m sure that after you awaken your memories when you turn 20, you’ll no longer have the desire to become a god and will want to give your all to protect your family…”  

“Then what about you? What about you… Yue… Yue!!!”  

Qi Yue did not answer her. At this moment, the Variant Moon God Mirror gave off a white glow, illuminating Qi Xing’s remnant soul, which was about to disappear. As Qi Xing cried out, she was sucked into the mirror.  

The Variant Moon God Mirror started to spin, and it disappeared from Qi Yue’s hands with a flash.  

“Hatred towards something will prevent one from longing and desiring that thing, nor will they feel sad because they can’t see it anymore. However, hatred will also cause that person to remember that thing’s existence.” Qi Yue sadly smiled. “In the end, I still selfishly don’t want him to forget me… even if he hates me forever.”  



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