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Shura’s Wrath (Web Novel) - Chapter 838 — Sha Sha’s Worries

Chapter 838 - Sha Sha’s Worries  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


In the boundless, dark space, only Qi Yue was left. She stood there silently for a long time before slowly stretching out her right hand. As her hand opened, the 3 Lachesis rings simultaneously flashed with light. Following this, a ball of red, yellow, and blue light appeared, spinning a few times before disappearing as a small figure appeared on her hand… it was a cute, pocket-sized girl!  

Her eyes were like stars, and her skin was pure white and flawless. Her hair and dress were red, yellow, and blue, and she looked a bit more than 10 years old. She was 20 centimetres tall and had bare feet, lightly standing on Qi Yue’s hand as she looked at her tearily. “Master, are you going to leave Mo’Er?”  

Qi Yue smiled and raised her palm, bringing the pocket-sized girl closer to her face. “Mo’Er, go to your new master. Your master has treated you quite well, so I’ll be at ease giving you to her.”  

“But… But I don’t want to leave master.” Mo’Er’s star-like eyes were full of tears. She knew what Qi Yue was going to do.  

QI Yue slightly smiled as she shook her head. “I also don’t want to leave Mo’Er. However, there will always be many painful goodbyes in one’s lifetime, and after being with Mo’Er for so many years, that should be enough. You’ll be able to live quite happily by your new master’s side.”  

“But master, you…”  

“I’ll be fine. This is my decision and destiny. As such, Mo’Er doesn’t need to feel sad.” Qi Yue continued to smile as she closed her hands, gently holding the sobbing, pocket-sized girl.  

Mo’Er tearily nodded. “Mo’Er understands… I’ll always listen to master.”  

“But before this, I want Mo’Er to agree to something… hmm, it’s best if you make a promise.” Qi Yue’s expression became somewhat serious.  

“Promise?” Mo’Er looked up.  

Qi Yue lightly nodded. “I want Mo’Er to promise that you’ll never tell anyone about the truth behind all of this, or my master Qi Yue will never be reincarnated.”  

“Ahh!” A look of fright appeared on Mo’Er’s face. This promise could become the worst curse in the universe. Mo’Er was stunned before furiously shaking her head. “No… I don’t want to… I… I definitely won’t tell anyone the truth, but I don’t want to make this sort of promise!”  

Qi Yue resolutely shook her head, saying softly, “Since Mo’Er is determined not to tell anyone, then why won’t Mo’Er make this promise? As long as Mo’Er can make this promise, I’ll be able to leave happily without any worries. Otherwise, even if I leave, I won’t be able to be at ease… Mo’Er, do you want me to be uneasy even after I leave?”  

“I… I…”  

Mo’Er was the item soul naturally birthed by Lachesis, and even though she looked like a small girl, she had existed for tens of thousands of years. This was the most difficult and painful decision she had made in all these years, and under Qi Yue’s resolute gaze, she slowly raised her little hand up bit by bit, tears streaming out of her eyes as she sobbed, “I… I swear that I will never… wuuu… tell anyone about the truth behind all of this… or… my master Qi Yue will… wuuu… never… be… reincarnated… wuuuu…”  

After speaking with great difficulty, Mo’Er’s face was completely covered with tears. She understood why Qi Yue had made her swear such a vow… even though she was tens of thousands of years old, her personality was still like that of a young girl’s. Even though she promised to keep this a secret for Qi Yue, girls could be emotional and impulsive, and when being stimulated in certain circumstances, she might be unable to control herself. Only this sort of vow would make her bury this in her heart, stopping her from blurting it out even when she was incredibly emotional.  

Qi Yue once again smiled, gently wiping away the tears on Mo’Er’s face. “Mo’Er, sorry for making things difficult for you. Let me use your power one last time before sending you back to your new master’s side… to complete the last task I have for you…  

As Mo’Er’s body flashed with light, Qi Yue’s body disappeared. Mo’Er and the 3 Lachesis rings remained there, not going with Qi Yue.  


Mo’Er blinked hazily as she muttered in a dazed voice. She knew that she would never see Qi Yue again after she left this time.  

After staying there for a long time, Mo’Er finally wiped away all of her tears and returned within the Lachesis. A light flashed, and it vanished.  


A dark, empty space  

Ling Chen was not sure what the ‘super dimensional space’ that Qi Yue mentioned was. A sub-dimensional space like the Lunar Sky Hell was a space within a space, while a super dimensional space seemed to be a space beyond a space… however, Ling Chen did not have time to consider all of this. He stepped into the boundless darkness while calling out Sha Sha’s name.  

“Sha Sha! Sha Sha… Where are you, Sha Sha? Sha Sha… I know you’re in here; hurry and come out! Sha Sha!”  

Ling Chen continued to walk around while shouting. He had no idea how far he had walked or how long he had been calling out for, but he did not see Sha Sha’s figure or hear her voice.  

Was I tricked by Qi Yue again?  

This thought appeared in his mind a few times, but since this concerned Sha Sha’s safety, he was unwilling to give up. At this moment, his senses detected a very small, familiar aura. Ling Chen instantly felt great delight. However, in the next instant, that feeling suddenly disappeared completely.  

Was that a misperception?  

“Sha Sha! Sha Sha… Where are you? Sha Sha!”  

Ling Chen continued to walk and call out. He had no idea where he was in the dark world, and after a while, that familiar feeling once again appeared before quickly disappearing immediately. However, this confirmed to Ling Chen that it was not a misperception…  

Sha Sha really is in here!  

And Sha Sha… is hiding from me…  

“Sha Sha, I know you’re in here. Hurry and come out, Sha… Sha…”  

Ling Chen’s voice started to go hoarse. Just then in his battle with Qi Xing, he had not only overexerted himself, but he had also received both heavy internal and external injuries. He had only rested for a few minutes before rushing in here to find Sha Sha. Now, he seemed to be weakening again, his voice going hoarse as his footsteps slowed.  

“Sha… Sha!”  

After walking for a long time, the 10 or so wounds on Ling Chen’s body simultaneously opened, and blood started flowing out. His breathing became incredibly weak, and at this moment, his body swayed as he stopped walking, coughing up a large mouthful of blood. He stood there silently for a while before he heavily fell down… completely silent.  

After a long time, Ling Chen still did not stir. Even his HP continuously fell.  

“Ling… Chen…?”  

Finally, a young girl’s weak voice came from the darkness, filled with hesitation and worry. The voice was incredibly soft, and it could barely be heard.  

However, Ling Chen still did not move, nor did he reply.  

“Ling Chen!”  

The girl’s voice started to become panicked. She disregarded everything else and rushed out of the darkness, reaching Ling Chen’s body. Coming close, she felt that Ling Chen’s body was incredibly cold, causing her face to pale and tears to fall.  

At this moment, the ‘unconscious’ Ling Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His arms shot out like lightning and grabbed the girl as she cried out in surprise. Hugging her, Ling Chen smiled in satisfaction. “I finally caught you, Sha Sha. Let’s see where you can run this time.”  

Sha Sha’s body stiffened, and she knew that she had fallen for Ling Chen’s ploy… She had thought that Ling Chen could be luring her out, but seeing his wounds and weak aura, as well as him coughing up blood… she couldn’t help but worry and rush out.  

“Ling… Chen…” Being hugged by him, Sha Sha’s consciousness became hazy, and the desire in the depths of her mind made it impossible for her to struggle free. “Why… did you come here…”  

“What do you think? My Sha Sha got lost, so I’m here to bring her back,” Ling Chen said as he smiled.  

“Bring me back…” Sha Sha dreamily repeated those words before vigorously shaking her head. “No… I won’t go back… I… I…”  

“Why?” Ling Chen looked into Sha Sha’s eyes. “Is it because Sha Sha doesn’t like us or that she’s not happy when she’s with us, so she doesn’t want to go back with me?”  

“No! It’s not like that.” Sha Sha vigorously shook her head. “I like Ling Chen and everyone else, and I’m very happy with everyone… but all of that was fake; I used my divine power to affect your minds, making you like me. I… I’m a liar; I don’t have the right for you all to treat me so well, nor do I have the right for Ling Chen to come and save me… wuu…”  

Sha Sha cried in sorrow, looking completely devastated.  

“Ai,” Ling Chen sighed, wiping away Sha Sha’s tears as he said softly, “Sha Sha, perhaps our minds were somewhat affected by your power. However, Sha Sha should be able to feel that my power has surpassed yours. Since that’s the case, your power won’t be able to affect my mind anymore. However, I still risked great danger to come and save Sha Sha, and I’m determined to bring Sha Sha back… why do you think this is, Sha Sha?”  

“Ahh…” Sha Sha raised her face and looked at Ling Chen hazily.   

“It’s because I truly like Sha Sha, and even if Sha Sha doesn’t affect my mind, I still like her a lot. Sha Sha, do you really think that all of our feelings for you were because of your ability to affect our minds? If you think that, you’re completely wrong…”  

Sha Sha: “……”  

“We’ve lived with Sha Sha for such a long time, and Sha Sha and I have been sleeping on the same bed every day, feeling each other’s breaths and body temperature. We laughed together, talked together, dreamt together, ate together, played games together, swam together, did gardening together, cleaned together, surprised Tian Tian together, went riding together, went stargazing together, flew kites together… our feelings together were developed bit by bit through those things, and in my heart, Sha Sha is something that cannot be replaced. These sorts of feelings can’t be created merely by affecting one’s mind! These are real, true feelings; can’t you feel them Sha Sha? Do you really think that all of this was because of your powers?”  

Sha Sha’s eyes trembled. “I… I…”   


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