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Shura’s Wrath (Web Novel) - Chapter 839 — Defying Fate

Chapter 839 - Defying Fate  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


“Because Sha Sha is Tian Tian’s best friend and sister, our home was filled with laughs. Because of Sha Sha, we enjoyed heavenly food every day. Because of Sha Sha, Meng Xin and Su Su were able to come back from the verge of death. Today, I also found out that Sha Sha secretly saved me many times… Sha Sha, do you know how happy and blissful we’ve felt ever since you arrived? Do you want us to be sad forever?”  

“No… No… I… I…” Sha Sha’s eyes misted up, and she was unable to speak clearly.   

Ling Chen’s smile became warmer and warmer. “Sha Sha not only brought us happiness, but she also brought hope to so many people who had despaired because of the Isrock Disease. My Sha Sha isn’t just pretty and cute, but she is also kind and great. I like Sha Sha from the bottom of my heart and want to selfishly keep her by my side forever so that I can see her and protect her every day… this isn’t just what I think, but Tian Tian and the others like Sha Sha just as much as me. Moreover, none of this is because of you affecting our minds.  

“However, even though Sha Sha didn’t do it on purpose, affecting other people’s minds isn’t good, so there is a reason for Sha Sha to blame herself. Despite this, Sha Sha can’t call this lying to us because Sha Sha truly liked us and also wanted us to like her as well, right? Anyone would want the people they like to like them back - this isn’t a crime. Even though Sha Sha made a mistake, Sha Sha’s still young, and everyone makes mistakes. As long as Sha Sha knows that what she did was wrong and is willing to change, anyone would be willing to forgive Sha Sha, and I will like Sha Sha just as much.”   

“Ling… Chen…”  

By the time Ling Chen stopped speaking, Sha Sha’s entire face was covered with tears, and she rushed into his embrace as she started to cry. A massive knot in her heart had been warmly untied, and Ling Chen hugged her and smiled as he said softly in her ears, “Sha Sha, do you still think our feelings for each other are fake?  

Sha Sha vigorously shook her head, sobbing her heart out.  

“In that case, come back with me, alright? Tian Tian and the others are all waiting for you, and I’m sure they’ll be overjoyed to see you back,” Ling Chen said as he held her little hand. He had thought that Sha Sha would not, but unexpectedly, he felt Sha Sha’s hand tremble before turning icy cold.  

“Ling Chen…” Sha Sha sobbed sadly. “Ling Chen, you, Tian Tian, and the others are the best people in the world, and I felt so happy with you all… but… but… I don’t have the right for you to treat me so well… or the right to be with you all… because… because I’m not a real human… I’m something that was created… from billions of people’s souls and lives… the evilest being in existence… a person like me shouldn’t exist, nor do I have the right to stay by your side… my sins will stain all of you…”  

Ling Chen’s gaze froze - he suddenly realised that this was Sha Sha’s greatest worry. She was pure and kind to the extreme, but her existence was due to the deaths of billions of people. To her, this was an extremely heavy shackle on her soul, and if she could not get over this, she would wallow in guilt and shame forever, unable to be truly happy.  

“Sha Sha.” Ling Chen put his hand on Sha Sha’s head as he gently stroked her hair. “You’re wrong. Sha Sha is so smart, so why must Sha Sha be so silly in regards to this? You’re not the evilest being in existence; you’re… the most blessed person in existence.”  

“Ahh…” Sha Sha paused in confusion.  

“Moreover, it wasn’t Sha Sha who killed them; that was completely unrelated to Sha Sha… but did they really die? Of course not - they’re still alive.”  

“Alive…?” Sha Sha felt stunned.  

“That’s right.” Ling Chen smiled as he patted her head. “Their lives and souls did not disappear, and they were instead fused into the most blessed girl in existence. Their lives, souls, and power became this girl’s life, soul, and power, and as long as the girl continues living, they’ll continue living; as long as the girl is happy, they’ll be happy as well; and as long as the girl is sad, they’ll be sad as well. If the girl did something silly like destroying herself, then they would truly die and disappear.”  

Ling Chen’s words pounded at Sha Sha’s heart, causing her to feel incredibly shocked.  

“Sha Sha, what you bear are not crimes but the lives, souls, and hopes of billions of people! They used their lives and souls to create you, so as a kind, gentle child, do you know how you should repay them? Do you want them to be happy with you and make more people happy, or do you want them to feel sorrow and guilt with you?”  

Ling Chen’s words tugged at Sha Sha’s heartstrings again and again. Her body and soul trembled, and the scene in her mind changed… it changed from countless demonic faces screaming at her and demanding her life into one of faces filled with warm smiles, telling her to continue living for them. Since she had all of their hopes and dreams, she should live on happily for them…  

Tears once again covered Sha Sha’s face, and she tightly hugged Ling Chen as she bawled her eyes out, releasing all of the pain and grief she had suppressed within herself… Ling Chen also tightly hugged her back, allowing her to vent as he smiled… he knew that the knot in Sha Sha’s heart had become undone. She would no longer be weighed down by shackles of guilt, nor would she think about destroying herself. She would return to his side without worry, living happily each day.  

“Let’s go, Sha Sha.”  

“Mm!!” This time, Sha Sha replied incredibly resolutely.  

As Sha Sha pointed, a path of light appeared within the dark space. Ling Chen smiled and gently picked up Sha Sha, following the path of light… this scene was incredibly similar to when he had first met Sha Sha, and it was as if history had repeated itself… however, this time, he knew that the path of light had come from Sha Sha.  

Sha Sha nestled within Ling Chen’s arms, wrapping her arms around his neck… this time, she did not want to let go. Their figures were pressed together as Ling Chen walked towards the exit made of light until they disappeared…  


Mystic Moon world, Forgotten Continent.  

The disappearance of all earthlings caused the Mystic Moon world to fall into chaos. Countless people were discussing and guessing what had happened. Many people believed that something had happened to the ‘hub’ that brought the earthlings to this world and that they would be back soon. Even though the earthlings used many of the Mystic Moon world’s resources, they resolved many of the Mystic Moon world’s residents’ problems through quests, and they helped them deal with crises. As such, the Mystic Moon world’s residents had grown accustomed to the earthlings helping them and hoped that they would return soon.  

Fairy Realm.  

There was not a single Fairy in this area that had been the Fairy Clan’s home for thousands of years because all of the Fairies were in Ling Tian City. After the players all disappeared, Ling Tian City was affected the most, as it was different to the other main cities; the high-ranking personnel and main defences were all made up of players. The players’ disappearance caused Ling Tian City to fall into chaos, and the city was closed, going into complete defensive mode. All of the Fairies were all in defensive positions around the city.  

At this moment, a spatial light appeared above the Fairy Fountain, revealing a black-clothed woman: Qi Yue. She had used the Lachesis’ power one last time to send her here.  

She looked at her peaceful surroundings before looking at the girl in the Fairy Fountain. She had ‘slept’ for a long time, and she looked like an Ocean Princess who had been cursed into a deep sleep, waiting for her prince to wake her up.  

Looking at her, Qi Yue’s gaze became hazy. Her body descended until her feet nearly touched the Fairy Fountain’s water. Following this, she waved her hand as her black clothes fell from her body, revealing an exquisite figure. Looking at the clothes that had been with her for such a long time, she could not bear to destroy them. They soundlessly fell into the Fairy Fountain and floated to the bottom next to the Fairy Tree.  

The Fairy Fountain water was completely clear, and Qi Yue could clearly see every feature of Shui Ruo. She stretched out her hand, touching Ling Shui Ruo’s white face. Her lips moved as if she wanted to say something, and she finally managed to mutter, “Even though you suffered from the Isrock Disease and died in the end… you’re the luckiest, most blessed girl in the universe… because for you, he’s truly willing to give up everything.”  

Qi Yue moved closer to Ling Shui Ruo as she held an orb - it was rainbow coloured and gave off a mysterious light. It was the… Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb.  

“The law of the universe is that no one can return to life after dying. Nothing can disobey this. Even though there is a method to reverse this, causing Earth and everyone on Earth to be restored, it can’t affect you. If you don’t wake up, he’ll never be truly happy.”  

As Qi Yue muttered to herself, she pushed the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb into her lips before closing her eyes, pressing her body against Shui Ruo’s as her lips lightly kissed Shui Ruo’s lips…  

causing his most beloved person to wake up and his most hated person to disappear… was there a more perfect ending than this… a beautiful smile appeared on Qi Yue’s face as a light moved from her lips into Shui Ruo’s lips. Qi Yue’s body started to become illusory before entering Shui Ruo’s body… and disappearing.  

A few more drops of water appeared in the cool Fairy Fountain, and as they slowly fell on Shui Ruo’s face, Shui Ruo’s eyebrows lightly moved.  

The Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb could indeed reverse fate, but it could not bring back the dead. Rather, it reversed death into life and life into death. It allowed one to exchange their life for someone else’s!   


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