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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 584 — Concealed Trump Cards

Chapter 584 - Concealed Trump Cards


A huge sound rang out, sounds of enraged lightning instantly resounded between this heaven and earth. The roar made even the sky tremble in that instant.

Black thunderclouds were stacked in the sky as a colossal black lightning that looked like a black dragon was wiggling in the thunderclouds, emitting ripples of destruction.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the sudden scene.  Even those as powerful as Wu Ling, Xue Tianhe, and Liu Qingxun were shocked since they did not sense any peculiar fluctuations earlier.

“What a sly method.”

Liu Qingyun spoke with a heavy voice. At this instant, he finally understood what was going on. The divine wheel that Mu Chen had used wasn’t his final move. The true ultimate technique was the lightning that was hidden behind the divine wheel.

Mu Chen used the divine wheel to cover it up. When he was drawing in the boiling Spiritual Energy between this heaven and earth, he secretly covered up this ultimate technique of his.

“What a deep scheme.” Wu Ling faintly sighed. The previous attack was already so frightening. However, Mu Chen was not complacent by it and had hidden a bigger ultimate technique behind his first…

Facing the revealed and hidden twin attack, even if someone had managed to withstand the first one, it would be impossible to defend against the second that was hidden away.


Just when everyone was shocked at the appearance of the thunderclouds, Mu Chen’s cold gaze was already fixed onto Ji Xuan, whose expression was a little ugly at the moment.

“Lightning Controlling Art - Go!”

Without any superfluous words, his hand seals changed as he drew down his slender fingers.


The black thunderclouds were instantly torn apart as a loud roar resounded across this horizon. When everyone raised their heads, the black lightning looked as if it was conducting lightning judgment as the colossal black lightning fell.


The speed of the falling lightning was so extremely fast that it was impossible to avoid. In the places that the lightning had swept past, space was distorted and looked like a glass that was about to shatter at any moment.

Because the black pillar of lightning had extremely fast speed, it had appeared above Ji Xuan in a flash. Currently, the amount of Spiritual Energy around Ji Xuan was frozen still. Because he had to defend himself against the Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood from Mu Chen earlier, he had to circulate the Spiritual Energy within his body, which caused it to be sluggish for an instant.

Furthermore, when Mu Chen’s attack came, it was the exact moment that the Spiritual Energy within Ji Xuan’s body was unable to restore back to its peak.

All of this could be said as invulnerable.

This attack was the true ultimate move that Mu Chen had been brewing!

The faces of everyone froze at the sight as they stared at Ji Xuan, who was engulfed by the black lightning pillar. After dominating the Numero Uno slot for so long and having not been defeated before, was he going to lose today?

Faced with the attack that Mu Chen had perfectly grasped the chance to use, even someone like Ji Xuan had to be defeated, right?


Under the countless gazes that had all sorts of moods, the black pillar of lightning finally fell as it hit Ji Xuan, completely engulfing his body.

The black pillar of lightning fell from the sky as if it was a pillar that could prop up the sky as it pierced the heavens and earth. It could clearly be seen from anywhere within a fifty-meter radius.


Just when the black lightning pillar shot at the location where Ji Xuan was at, a primordial bird’s cry rang throughout this region.

That cry was extremely ancient, with an indescribable ferocity. As if a primordial beast was waking up.

Boom! Boom!

Spiritual Energy in this region exploded from the bird’s cry. Sound waves that could be seen with the naked-eye swept out, causing the surrounding space of a few hundred meters to have traces of distortion and was twisting.

Mu Chen’s figure trembled as he flew away. His feet were sliding on the sky for a thousand meters before he was able to stabilize himself.

When he managed to stabilize his figure, his facial expression was heavy. His eyes were fixed on the black lightning. Clearly, the fearsome cry originated from that location.

“What is that…?” Mu Chen’s brows were furrowed as his palm lightly touched the Mustard Seed Bracelet. When the primordial cry rang out, he sensed that the black egg that was the Nine Netherbird had jolted a little.

All the eyes in this region were looking at the black pillar of lightning. Evidently, the bizarre change-of-event earlier had attracted their attention.

Under the countless gazes, the black pillar slowly dissipated as the lightning scattered. We the lightning pillar started to dissipate, a human figure that was faintly discernible appeared in their eyes.

Everyone widened their eyes in that instant, whereas Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed.

Lightning dissipated as Ji Xuan’s figure appeared before everyone’s eyes. However, going against everyone’s expectations, there wasn’t any injury on his body.

His current state was the same as before, not even his skin was charred by the lightning. Under that fearful attack, he was actually unharmed!

“How is that possible?!” Xu Huang exclaimed as his face drastically changed, along with the rest.

Faced against Mu Chen’s attack that was unleashed at a perfect timing, even a Third Grade Spirit Disaster would have to pay the price from it. But, right now, how was Ji Xuan still fine?

Luo Li’s curved eyebrows slightly knitted together as she became submerged in her thoughts. Thereafter, she gave a glance at Wen Qingxuan and saw the smear of shock that flashed through the latter’s eyes.

“That primordial cry from before…” Luo Li said softly.

“It seems to be similar to the super Spiritual Beast Ranked 8th on the Myriad Beast Record, the Primordial Skydragon Hawk…” Wen Qingxuan lightly nodded her head as she continued, “But I have no idea how Ji Xuan was able to unleash that cry. Did he have any treasures in his possession that were linked to the Primordial Skydragon Hawk?”

Luo Li faintly shook her head. Ji Xuan was indeed, someone hard to deal with. She originally thought that Mu Chen’s plan was perfect, but who could have expected that it was countered at the crucial time?

An uproar exploded in this region. Everyone was startled by the fact that Ji Xuan was unharmed. At the same time, they could not help feeling respect in their hearts. This fellow that was the Numero Uno of the point rankings was indeed, too ferocious to the point that even such an attack could not do anything against him. In the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, who else could rival him?

Whereas experts on the level of Wu Ling, Wen Busheng, Xue Tianhe, Liu Qingfun and Fang Yun have a heavy expression as their eyes flickered when they looked at Ji Xuan.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen was also closely staring at Ji Xuan. There wasn’t any expression on his face. His attack that should have guaranteed his victory was actually mysteriously countered. This made the degree of danger he had for Ji Xuan in his heart rise.

Far away, Ji Xuan was also standing in the sky. Although he had managed to defend himself against Mu Chen’s fearful attack, he wasn’t pleased, from the look of his face, as a dark killing intent filled his eyes as he stared at Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen, you have indeed surprised me!” Ji Xuan’s eerie voice was filled with killing intent as if it could pierce through the clouds in the sky.

Right now, he clearly wished he could tear Mu Chen to pieces.

Just to deal with Mu Chen, he had revealed too much of his trump cards. Earlier, he nearly revealed the trump card that he had hidden the deepest.

Before the finals, revealing too much of his trump card wasn’t good news for Ji Xuan. After all, aside from Mu Chen, there were many other pinnacle experts in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that were also not easy to deal with.

Especially Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan… the level of danger he had for the two girls wasn’t any inferior to Mu Chen.

If he revealed too much of his trump cards, the danger that he would face in the finals would be greater.

Originally, he intended to get rid of Mu Chen while his Spiritual Energy cultivation was still lacking. But who could have expected that Mu Chen could confront him to such a degree…?

Mu Chen looked at Ji Xuan, whose eyes were filled with killing intent, as he laughed, “You have surprised me quite a bit as well. Seems like you are still hiding your trump cards. Why don’t you use them and see if you can get rid of me?”

Ji Xuan’s pupils narrowed as his killing intent spiked.

Luo Li felt the violent killing intent coming from Ji Xuan as she tightly gripped her Luo God Sword, a chill flowing in her eyes. Wen Qingxuan, who stood by her side, had also tensed her body.

This entire region seemed as if it was engulfed in Ji Xuan’s violent killing intent as everyone was shocked to the point that they could not speak.

Mu Chen’s gaze was calm as he looked at Ji Xuan, who looked a little terrifying. After a long time, he suddenly lightly smiled. “Stop showing a strong front. Since you no longer dare to attack, let’s call it off.”

The corner of Ji Xuan’s mouth twitched as he loosened his fist.

He knew that it was impossible for this match to carry on unless they were going to risk revealing all of their trump cards. If that was the case, it would definitely not be good news for them in the finals.

In addition, he understood that Mu Chen wasn’t an easy opponent from their battle earlier. Although he had his trump cards, he could not guarantee that Mu Chen had used all of his trump cards as well. If he still hid some of his cards, the final result would be the two of them suffering and neither side wins. Thus, it was not good news for Ji Xuan.

He could guarantee that the instant he was injured, no one would give him a chance to make a comeback, be it his opponent or his so-called ‘alliance mates’.

Thus, he could no longer continue this battle anymore.

The terrifying killing intent that was emerging from Ji Xuan withdrew at a rapid speed. When the pressure in this heaven and earth dissipated, everyone felt inwardly relieved.

Only those pinnacle experts were somewhat disappointed as their gazes flickered.

Ji Xuan deeply glanced at Mu Chen before turning around and left. At the same time, his eerie voice rang out between this heaven and earth.

“Mu Chen, I will let you taste thorough defeat in the finals. Enjoy your last moments.”

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