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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 585 — End of show, for the time being

Chapter 585 - End of show, for the time being

As Ji Xuan’s team left, his cold voice that contained dense killing intent still echoed in this region for a long time.

Under that dense killing intent, countless teams in this region were shocked without words as they exchanged looks.

Although the current scene seemed as if Ji Xuan was forced to retreat, no one thought that he looked miserable, since they could all feel that Ji Xuan had yet to use his true strength.

The primordial hawk cry earlier was the best proof. As everyone knew how powerful Mu Chen’s black lightning was, Ji Xuan was still able to withstand it unharmed…

The trump card that Ji Xuan had concealed was clearly very fearsome.

But, under the current situation, it was a shackle for him not being able to unleash his trump cards without any worries, since his opponent was likewise not a fish that laid on the chopping board.

Although Mu Chen’s strength only appeared to be Spiritual Energy Disaster, his fighting power was something that could heavily change the expression of any expert here and cautiously deal with them.

Naturally, an opponent like Mu Chen was someone that even the monstrous Ji Xuan would have to fear a little, fearing for a tragic battle.

If that was the case, even if he had managed to defeat Mu Chen, he still had to pay a huge price for it. When it comes down to that, he still had to deal with the enraged Luo Li and the Wen Qingxuan, whose stances were unknown.

Facing the two absolute beauties, even Ji Xuan was not confident that he could win. Unless if he were to risk it all…

Under that circumstances, Ji Xuan had no choice but to retreat.

Although Ji Xuan had retreated, everyone knew that this confrontation had not ended yet. It was just pushed back a little… because Ji Xuan was waiting, waiting for the finals.

At the finals, he would be able to reveal all of his trump cards without any fear.

At that time, it was another story if Mu Chen would still make Ji Xuan afraid…

When that time comes, it would definitely be a ferocious battle.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen was calmly looking at Ji Xuan as he departed. He slowly eased his tense body as a faint smear of paleness flinted across his face.

It was a great exhaustion for him to execute three Divine Arts, the Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood, Divine Wood Scripture, as well as the Lightning Controlling Art, with his cultivation at Spiritual Energy Disaster.

It was also fortunate that he was able to reach Spiritual Energy Disaster, allowing the Spiritual Energy within his body to grow by several times. If he was still at the Human Body Disaster, it would definitely be impossible for him to achieve such a feat.

He directed his sight towards the direction that Ji Xuan left with a calm expression. However, hints of sharpness were surging in the depth of his eyes.

The confrontation could be considered a little as having a strong start, but a weak finish. However, it had also allowed him to know how powerful Ji Xuan was. This opponent of the past had become so deep and unpredictable now.

“What a formidable opponent.”

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist as he muttered to himself, “Spiritual Energy Disaster is still insufficient…”

During their confrontation, Mu Chen could feel that Ji Xuan had hidden many things. The depth of his strength shouldn’t be at this level. Thus, it made Mu Chen feel for the first time that his strength was still insufficient, especially his Spiritual Energy. Compared to Ji Xuan, who was at the Third Grade Spirit Disaster, he was still too inferior.

Although he could shorten the distance with his physical body, Spiritual Energy was the most crucial. If he wished to unleash more powerful trump cards, he would require the larger support of Spiritual Energy.

Thus, if he wished to thoroughly defeat Ji Xuan, he would definitely have to raise his strength.

Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air as he suppressed the waves in his heart as he softly muttered, “The Finals… it should be very soon. Ji Xuan, let us unleash all of our trump cards at that time and let us see who will have the last laugh.”

The silence in this region lasted for a long time. The torrential killing intent had also thoroughly dissipated, allowing all the powerful teams to be relieved.

They exchanged looks as they strangely looked at Mu Chen, who was up in the sky. Some teams had already started to leave. As the battle had already ended, there was no reason for them to remain any longer, in case they would be targeted by the other powerful teams.

Having this thought, whooshing sounds rang out in the sky as the other teams left in an orderly manner. Even when they left, they maintained their guard to the highest level.

In just a few minutes, this region that had gathered countless teams had emptied out, leaving behind the destruction and the broken mountain peaks as proof that a huge battle had occurred in this location.

“Haha, you're indeed formidable for someone that is fancied by the next Empress of the Luo God Clan.” Xue Tianhe said as he smiled towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen faintly glanced at Xue Tianhe as he replied, “Your Blood God Clan must be bored to have traveled such a distance just to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.”

“Even the next Empress of the Luo God Clan is here, there’s nothing odd of us being here.”

Xue Tianhe then directed his gaze towards Luo Li as a chill flashed across his scarlet pupils. He pursed up his lips as he smiled, “She’s the hope of the Luo God Clan now. If I could kill her, the Luo God Clan would be thoroughly hopeless…”

As he spoke, Mu Chen’s gaze turned extremely terrifying. The gaze that he had used to look at Ji Xuan earlier was vastly incomparable to his current one as it had made Xue Tianhe narrow his eyes.

“Then I can only slaughter your trash here.”

A savage smile surfaced on Mu Chen’s charming face. A red light flashed across his pupils as torrential killing intent spread out.

The startling killing intent that was suddenly unleashed by Mu Chen made everyone here alarmed. They involuntarily shifted their gazes towards Xue Tianhe’s party. Clearly, they were unaware of how Xue Tianhe’s party suddenly provoked Mu Chen to such a degree.

Luo Li’s figure moved as she appeared beside Mu Chen. Her crystal-clear pupils were exceptionally cold at this moment as her hand that was gripping her Luo God Sword had tiny tremblings as a sword cry rang out.

Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan and the rest below were also fixating their eyes on Xue Tianhe’s party.

Wen Qingxuan swept a gaze at Xue Tianhe as she softly snorted. A golden warspear appeared in her hand as it was inclined, pointing downwards. The golden battle armor wrapped around her as it flaunted her startling figure.

When Xue Tianhe saw the reaction that the other party had from his words, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at Liu Qingxun and Fang Yun.


When Liu Qingxun and Fang Yun saw Xue Tianhe’s gaze, they smiled. However, they did not have any intentions to help as they tapped their feet on the air and flew away.

Although they were in alliance with Ji Xuan, they did not have much of a relationship with Xue Tianhe. Thus, it was impossible for them to fight with Mu Chen just for Xue Tianhe.

Especially when Mu Chen had revealed his strength that could cause even them to feel fear.

After all, entering the finals with their strength was a certainty. Therefore, they did not want to offend Mu Chen anymore right now.

Mu Chen gave a look at Liu Qingxun and his group, but he did not obstruct them. At this point in time, he did not wish to fight with those top teams, since it would only push them closer to Ji Xuan.

When Xue Tianhe saw Liu Qingyun and his group leave, his gaze was dark as he issued a cold snort. He tapped his feet on the air as a blood river swept out, engulfing him and his team.

“I’ll let you guys enjoy this for now. I will not allow any of you to smile in the finals.”

Xue Tianhe’s cold voice resounded as the blood river exploded into a bloody light as it flew away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Although he wanted to deal with Luo Li, the other party’s formation was too powerful. If they were to fight in that situation, they would definitely lose. Thus, Xue Tianhe could only sullenly escape with his team.

Mu Chen did not obstruct Xue Tianhe’s party as they left since he knew that this wasn’t the right time yet.

“If I come across them in the finals, they can dream of returning to the Blood God Clan!” Mu Chen’s eyes were filled with killing intent. Although it would be a little troublesome to kill here, the rules would be gone in the finals.

Clearly, he couldn’t wish harder to slaughter the Blood God Clan that had their eyes on Luo Li.

Luo Li turned her head as her cold gaze rapidly turned gentle. Her rosy lips lightly rose as she looked extremely charming with her smile.

“Why are you so angry?” Luo Li slightly tilted her head. Looking at Mu Chen, there were hints of a smile in her crystal-clear eyes.

It must be because of the shocking killing intent that had suddenly surged out from Mu Chen that made her in a good mood.

“Those bastards are putting their ideas on my wife, how can I not be angry?” Mu Chen snorted.

“Nonsense, who is your wife?” Luo Li’s face was red as she looked at Mu Chen, looking angry and shy at the same time.

Mu Chen chuckled as his heart was stirred by the rare looks of Luo Li being shy and he couldn’t help extending his hand, grabbing the shy girl’s hand into his.

Luo Li was slightly startled. After all, there were too many people present here and on the spot, she struggled a little. But when she saw the hints of paleness hidden on Mu Chen’s face, she stopped her struggle as she bit down on her lips, staring at the direction that Ji Xuan left with a cold gaze.


A dry cough suddenly resounded. When Mu Chen raised his head, he saw Wu Ling smiling as he appeared before him. Behind Wu Ling, stood a voluptuous girl wearing a fresh red long dress that did not have any expression on her face. However, her eyes were faintly staring at him.

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