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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 586 — The Unfathomable Ji Xuan

Chapter 586 - The Unfathomable Ji Xuan

“Brother Wu Ling, Brother Wen.”

Mu Chen stared at the decent-looking youths before him as he smiled as he cupped his hands towards Wu Ling as well as Wen Busheng next to him. “I have to thank the both of you this time.”

The formation of the two sides was important in this fight with Ji Xuan. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had managed to pull Wu Ling and Wen Busheng to his side, the one that would be fighting today would not have been Ji Xuan alone, but his entire alliance.

The eyes of that scheming fellow were extremely vicious. The instant he felt that he could deal with Mu Chen if all of them had joined hands together, he would definitely not hesitate.

However, the appearance of Wu Ling and Wen Busheng had strengthened the formation of Mu Chen’s party. This made Ji Xuan’s alliance know that even if all of them had attacked, there wouldn’t be any benefits today. Thus, those fellows chose to watch from the side as they did not see any advantages.

When Wu Ling heard Mu Chen’s words, he smiled, “Brother Mu is being too polite. If it wasn’t for Yingying adding fuel to the fire, I would also hesitate a little.”

Mu Chen was a little flabbergasted as he looked at Wu Yingying. Clearly, he never thought that this girl, who had prejudice of him, would choose to help him.

When Wu Yingying saw his gaze, she snorted in response.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen sincerely thanked her.

Wu Yingying cast her lips aside. Just when she wanted to mock him out of habit, a smear of redness involuntarily flushed across her face when she saw the gentle smile on Mu Chen’s face as she swallowed her words and changed them, “That Ji Xuan isn’t a good guy as well. But if we allow him to carry on pulling people to his side, it will not be advantageous to us.”

“I was thinking for my Martial Spiritual Academy, I was not trying to help a lecher like you.” Wu Yingying snorted as she pridefully raised her chin.

Mu Chen coughed as he was a little embarrassed by the name that Wu Yingying was calling him, especially when Wu Ling’s suspicious gaze was looking at his direction.

Wu Yingying blushed, even more, when she realized her words as she turned her head away in guilt, not daring to look at her own brother.

“We did nothing to help. Brother Mu is truly hiding deep ability, truly worthy of being the Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road.” Wen Busheng laughed as he looked at Mu Chen with interest.

“Brother Wen is not simple as well.” Mu Chen smiled in response as he swept his gaze on Wen Busheng. Thereafter, his gaze stopped at the latter’s fair right hand. That hand was exceptionally perfect as it was glittering like a gem, flickering with faint luster. Mu Chen could sense dangerous ripples from his right hand. 

“I’m just lucky.” Wen Busheng smiled as he covered his right hand with his sleeve and did not explain much. Mu Chen also wasn’t bothered by it as everyone had their own secrets.

“Perhaps the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will enter the finale in the remaining time left.” Wu Ling looked at Mu Chen as he said, “In this period of time, perhaps there might be countless powerful teams targeting the Top 8 in the rankings. We can’t be certain that Ji Xuan doesn’t have any plots in his retreat this time. Thus, I feel that we can work closer together in the remaining time left.”

Wen Busheng nodded his head in agreement. Their reveal this time had angered Ji Xuan. If Ji Xuan plans to deal with them, it would definitely be troublesome for them.

Although they weren’t any pushovers, they did not wish to confront with the monstrous Ji Xuan at this timing.

Mu Chen nodded his head as well, it was always better to have a friend.

Seeing as no one had any disagreements, Wu Ling smiled as he took out three dark-red jade pendants with light circulating on their surfaces. “This is the Messaging Jade that I have obtained from a ruin. If anyone of you encounters trouble, all you have to do is activate it and the two other jade pendants will be able to sense it.”

“Furthermore, when we are ready, we can also use it as a signal to burn the Academy Plaques to start the finals.”

To start the finals, half of the Top 16 teams have to burn their Academy Plaques. The moment this requirement is fulfilled, the Top 8 teams would then enter the finals.

Mu Chen took a glance at Wen Qingxuan, who was behind him, as the two of them nodded their heads, before taking a jade pendant from Wu Ling, while Wen Busheng took the other.

“Haha, today’s event can be considered an end. We no longer have any reasons to stay here.”

Seeing as the agreement was made, Wu Ling casually laughed as he made a little chat before bidding his farewell, leading Wu Yingying, whose face was still a little red, as they left.

After Wu Ling had left, Wen Busheng also bid farewell as he left.

Staring at their leaving figures, Mu Chen felt relieved. The paleness that he had been suppressing on his face spread out as his figure staggered a little involuntarily.

When his body staggered, Luo Li quickly supported Mu Chen’s arm. When Wen Qingxuan saw Luo Li’s reaction, she quietly withdrew her hand that was extending forth. A charming smile surfaced on her face as she teased, “So you are just forcefully holding yourself up.”

“Truly Ji Xuan.” Mu Chen said with a soft voice as he continued, “If the battle went on, it would be tough to end it.”

He had exhausted too much of his Spiritual Energy. If they were to carry on fighting, he would have to start fighting for his life. After all, Ji Xuan was powerful.

“You don’t have to undervalue yourself. Ji Xuan didn’t look that good in your battle as well since he was forced to reveal some of his hidden cards during the last attack. Otherwise…” Wen Qingxuan replied.

Luo Li nodded her head at Wen Qingxuan’s words. The two earth-shattering attacks from Mu Chen could be called perfect. One was revealed, while the other was hidden away, the timing was excellent as well. If it wasn’t for that primordial hawk’s cry, Ji Xuan would definitely be heavily injured.

“Ji Xuan had concealed his genuine trump card.” Mu Chen said slowly as his black pupils flickered with a chill. He had heard the primordial hawk’s cry as well, sensing an indescribable danger coming from it at the same time. The danger that he felt far surpassed all those he had faced so far in his generation.

Luo Li pondered for a brief moment, before speaking up, “If I am not wrong, there’s a high chance that the cry was from the Primordial Skydragon Hawk, Ranked 8 of the Myriad Beast Record.”

“Primordial Skydragon Hawk?”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes at Luo Li’s words as his gaze was a little shaken. No wonder there were movements from the egg of the Nine Netherbird. So that hawk cry actually had such a shocking origin.

The Primordial Skydragon Hawk was Ranked 8 of the Myriad Beast Record, three ranks higher compared to the Nine Netherbird. In the Great Thousand World, the Primordial Skydragon Hawk possessed resounding fame. It was a powerful beast compared to the rest. Even Sovereign Realm experts would be afraid to provoke it.

“Could it be that Ji Xuan had ingested the Primordial Skydragon Hawk’s Soul Essence in the past?” Mu Chen muttered to himself as his gaze flickered.

In the Spirit Stage of the Spiritual Energy cultivation path, one had the ability to ingest the Soul Essence of a Spiritual Beast. However, there was a limit to the Soul Essence. After all, when one gets stronger, the Soul Essence that one had refined before would gradually lose its effect. Thus, many people who had refined Soul Essences have all lost their effect when they grew stronger.

However, it wasn’t an absolute situation… when the Soul Essence that one had refined was powerful to an extent, the power would still be present, becoming a powerful method for cultivators.

Take Mu Chen’s Nine Netherbird for example…

If Ji Xuan possessed that sort of strength, he should have refined a powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence when he was in Spirit Stage. For example… the powerful Primordial Skydragon Hawk.

Naturally, with his strength at Spirit Stage, it was absolutely impossible for him to refine a Primordial Skydragon Hawk with his own strength, just like how it was impossible for Mu Chen to refine the Nine Netherbird. Thus, there should be a powerful expert that had aided him.

Ji Xuan’s background must be rather complicated.

“That’s highly possible.” Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan nodded their heads with heavy expressions. If that was the case, then the difficulty of handling Ji Xuan would without a doubt increase.

Mu Chen breathed out a mouthful of air as his gaze became a little shaken. However, there wasn’t any fear in his eyes. After all, even if Ji Xuan possessed the Soul Essence of the Primordial Skydragon Hawk, he possessed the power of Nine Netherbird as well.

Furthermore, he had a Bloodlink Bond with the Nine Netherbird, the both of them were similar to a single body. So Mu Chen would be more perfect at fusing with the power of the Nine Netherbird.

Certainly, the Primordial Skydragon Hawk was ranked higher compared to the Nine Netherbird. However, that doesn’t mean that it was more powerful compared to the Nine Netherbird. After all, when Spiritual Beasts reached that level, it would be hard for them to differentiate their levels when they fight.

The most crucial point was that Nine Nether… was no longer a Spiritual Beast as she had successfully evolved into the Nine Netherworld Bird. Rising to the levels of Divine Beasts. The instant she awakens, she would possess strength comparable to Sovereign Realm!

“How interesting.”

Mu Chen pursed his lips as he smiled. He looked at the direction that Ji Xuan had left as a chill flickered in his eyes, before turning around and left for the opposite direction with a wave of his hand.

Seeing his action from below, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest followed behind him.

Ji Xuan, let us see who will have the stronger trump card in the upcoming finals.

No matter what… I will beat you this time!

Let the grudges from the Spiritual Road end once and for all in the finals!

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