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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 587 — Fighting for Numero Uno

Chapter 587 - Fighting for Numero Uno

The battle between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan had spread throughout the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament in a few days. Everyone was aware of the astonishing battle between the two powerful figures.

What made others feel even more astonished was the fact that Ji Xuan, who held the Numero Uno of the point rankings for a long time had actually retreated from the fight, as the fame possessed by both parties were not equal.

Although Ji Xuan did not lose the battle as he retreated, it did show the fear he had for Mu Chen had grown to the extent that he would have to be cautious to deal with Mu Chen, even if he had to lose some of his fame.

Thus, Mu Chen’s fame grew to a frightening extent in just a few days time. So much so that he was famed to the point that he could rival Ji Xuan.

At this moment, every single team was well-aware of Mu Chen’s name as it was like thunder piercing the ears.

Even if the battle between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan sparked many discussions, the ripple caused by the battle started to quickly die down as the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament entered the most chaotic stage.

There wasn’t an exact time for the tournament to end, but as long as eight of the Academy Plaques of the Top 16 were ignited, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would enter into the final stage. Because of that, everyone could vaguely feel that the final stage would be approaching soon.

The elimination rate of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was too harsh. Countless teams had participated, those that could successfully ascend to the next stage were only eight teams.

That sort of elimination rate was simply too frightening.

That was precisely the reason why this period was the most chaotic moment of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. The eyes of many teams had turned red in order to fight for points.

The result of this was endless chaotic battles to the point that every single spot of this Shattered Continent’s central region had battles breaking out.

All the capable teams had their eyes redden as they hunted for prey. At the same time, without their knowledge, they were already preyed on by teams that were stronger than them when they were searching for prey…

In this period of time, there wasn’t a definite classification between the hunters and the hunted.

As the chaotic battles spread throughout the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, there were drastic changes to the Top 16 spots as well. The points were crazily jumping every single moment…

Right now, those in the Top 8 were all familiar teams.

Rank 1, Saint Spiritual Academy - Captain Ji Xuan. [108,000 points]

Rank 2, Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy - Captain Wen Qingxuan. [90,000 points]

Rank 3, Martial Spiritual Academy - Captain Wu Ling. [83,000 points]

Rank 5, Blood Spiritual Academy - Captain Xue Tianhe. [70,000 points]

Rank 6, Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy - Captain Fang Yun. [65,000 points]

Rank 7, Undefeated Spiritual Academy - Captain Wen Busheng. [62,000 points]

Rank 8, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy - Captain Mu Chen. [60,000 points]

The current Top 8 were all occupied by the best eight teams in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Behind the Top 8, there were teams frantically dashing towards the dividing line. However, they were short-lived as they were stunningly buried by the other dark horses and were reduced to merely mediocre.

Shen Cangsheng’s team managed to reach Rank 10. However, it was tough for them to climb further as they did not possess any qualification to go into the Top 8, even from the fact that the strength of their team was pretty strong. After all, there were too many powerful teams suddenly emerging in this period of time.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had been together with Mu Chen, their outcome would also be being buried by the other dark horses.

The entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament carried on in the madness. Even if many teams knew that their efforts would all be in vain, they refused to give up so easily…

Flames of war expanded throughout the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.


Violent Spiritual Energy soared up into the sky in these plains as more than ten human figures charged towards the slender figure with their eyes reddened, unleashing their powerful Spiritual Energy attacks as they burst forth in waves.


However, there wasn’t any effect from their attacks. That slender figure merely took a step forth and there was dark lightning that seemingly flew from his body.

Brilliant lightning spread out, sending the dozen or more figures flying back from the impact with blood spurting from their mouths. At the same time, those dozen or so figures drew marks of over a hundred meters in length on the ground.

Lightning dissipated as a charming face of a youth was revealed. Aside from Mu Chen, who else could it be? He was smiling as he looked at those unfortunate fellows. He made a gripping gesture as three Academy Plaque flew from their sleeves into his hand.

Without batting an eye, he took the points as he stared at his Academy Plaque that had thousands of additional points as he helplessly flung the corner of his lips to the side. He flicked his fingers as he threw back the three Academy Plaques.

He turned around after dealing with those fellows, there was a similar battle as well. Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest were surrounded by a dozen or more teams. Although the other party had the advantage in numbers, the outcome was close to being one-sided.

Although these teams that were preyed upon by Mu Chen’s group had decent strength, it was not on the level comparable to his. Thus, the battle only lasted for a few minutes before it ended.

Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest divided the Academy Plaques and obtained points.

“That fella Ji Xuan is pretty quick in his actions.”

Wen Qingxuan approached as she gave a glance to her Academy Plaque with her brows narrowed. There was an increment of over 20,000 points for Ji Xuan, his speed of increasing his points was faster compared to them.

Shen Cangsheng and his team looked at the points possessed by the Numero Uno of the point rankings as they involuntarily sighed. That frightening amount of points was something that could make those looking at it feel their scalp tingling.

Mu Chen looked at Ji Xuan’s name for a long time, before smiling and said, “No worries, we’ll work harder than.”

Wen Qingxuan shifted her charming gaze towards Mu Chen as she hesitated for a brief moment. “Hey, I will not be taking the biggest share in our collaboration anymore.”

“Hmm?” Mu Chen was startled by her words.

“I’m well-aware that you are trying to return me the Numero Uno. But I feel that the points are already sufficient. Right now, your main objective is to surpass him.” Wen Qingxuan responded as her fine fingers pointed at the Numero Uno on the Academy Plaque.

During this period, Mu Chen had given the majority share of the points that they had obtained from assaulting the other teams to Wen Qingxuan. Whereas he only obtained a sufficient amount to maintain at Rank 8.

“Right now, the Numero Uno doesn’t mean much.” Mu Chen spoke indifferently.

When Wen Qingxuan saw how indifferent Mu Chen was, she was a little furious as she refused him, “Since you are planning to fight with Ji Xuan, you shouldn’t be so passive about it. Even if the point rankings don’t have much meaning behind it right now, are you okay with him surpasses you by that much? Even if you are okay with it, I… I’m not.”

Mu Chen was a little astonished as he looked at Wen Qingxuan, muttering how weird she was. Here, he was trying his best to push her up to Numero Uno and she was unhappy because of it?

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong exchanged a glance as they spoke out as well, “Captain Wen Qingxuan is right in her words. If you are not planning to fight with Ji Xuan for real, then it doesn’t matter if his points surpassed us by this much. But since the fight has already started, then you should suppress the other party with your full strength.”

“Perhaps you are not concerned about the points. But who knows if Ji Xuan and his team are mocking you right now seeing your points at Rank 8…”

Seeing as they were taking it so seriously, Mu Chen’s mood changed as well as he hesitated for a brief moment, before looking at Luo Li and sought her opinion. “What do you think?”

“I trust in your decisions.”

Luo Li shallowly smiled as she held Mu Chen’s hand with her ice-cold hands and said with a soft tone, “But, Mu Chen, I have always considered you to be more outstanding than him.”

“Do you remember what you had said to me back in the Spiritual Road?”

Luo Li’s crystal-clear pupils were looking at Mu Chen as she smiled, “You told me at that time that… you will bring me to stand in the brightest spot in the Spiritual Road.”

Her words heavily struck Mu Chen’s heart as he blankly stared at the charming face of the girl. Certain old memories resurfaced from the depths of his mind.

At that time, he was still very young and behaved befitting of his age. It was a dark night with a warm bonfire that was lit up. At that moment, he was a little drunk from the alcohol that he had fished out from the tree hole. He held onto the young girl’s hand as he spoke directly to her. “I will lead you to stand at the brightest spot in the Spiritual Road.”

However, he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise as he was expelled from that event…

When he left, the young girl’s figure looked especially lonely.

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist as a peculiar feeling surged forth in his heart, traveling into his brain. Not knowing when it had started, the blood in his body was boiling.

“I’m sorry.” Mu Chen responded with a soft tone.

Luo Li smiled at Mu Chen’s apology as she shook her head.

“I wasn’t able to fulfill my promise to you in the past…” Mu Chen’s gaze shifted towards the Numero Uno on the point rankings. As he stared at the name, a fire blazed in the depths of his pupils.

“This time… I will not break my promise.”

“The Numero Uno of the point rankings… is mine!”

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