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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 588 — Splitting in two ways

Chapter 588 - Splitting in two ways

The objective was certainly a problem for Mu Chen’s current team to aim for Numero Uno in the point rankings. After all, there was an enormous distance between their points compared to Ji Xuan

Mu Chen was well-aware that the huge gap between them wasn’t something that could be pulled closer through ordinary means.

Therefore, they couldn’t afford to use ordinary methods at this point in time.

It was a common knowledge to everyone that the Top 16 had the most points in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Generally speaking, the Top 16 teams represented the strongest teams in the tournament.

Thus, very few teams had the Top 16 as their targets. The majority of the participating teams would search for the teams that they could handle based on their strength to seize points, few would attempt to target the Top 16.

They knew that there was a certain degree of danger to it and thus, they did not aim for those top teams.

If Mu Chen wished to chase after Ji Xuan, he could only take the risk and hope for victory. As a result, he placed his targets on the Top 16 teams that were ranked after the 8, with Shen Cangsheng’s team aside.

Furthermore, Mu Chen no longer collaborated with Wen Qingxuan in this mission. He only took along Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan and Xu Huang for it.

He did not even bring Luo Li along as he required her and Wen Qingxuan for another task, to cause trouble for Ji Xuan.

He did not need the both of them to defeat Ji Xuan. Based on their strength and the support of their teams, they could definitely cause some trouble for Ji Xuan. At least they would be able to greatly decrease their efficiency of gaining points.

Generally speaking, it wasn’t too wise for them to split up in this period of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. After all, they could be targeted by the other teams that had teamed up. However, Mu Chen wasn’t worried about this factor as he had great confidence with Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li. With the two of them uniting, they were a force that not even he could defeat.

Therefore, Mu Chen was more assured of them both compared to himself.

As for seizing points, that would have to depend on Mu Chen’s capability.

Violent Spiritual Energy swept out in the plains.

There were a dozen or more figures in the path of the Spiritual Energy. It was clearly a gang up as there were over twenty people in the surroundings. As for their target, it was naturally the team that was trapped inside their encirclement.

Despite the fact that they were at the disadvantage in terms of numbers, the shocking fact was that the group that ganged up on them was the one slowly losing.


A sharp explosion of wind roared as a human figure mysteriously appeared. He held a black long spear in his hand, the spear tip was extremely sharp, like a hawk’s beak. Even space was torn apart as Spiritual Energy flowed.

That figure had powerful ripples of Spiritual Energy around him. He had simply charged into the encirclement, breaking the formation as light spears shone.

The group that was involved in the encirclement was in chaos. No matter how their Captain tried to yell, they weren’t able to unite their attacks. 

That human figure relentlessly pursued them and in just a few minutes, the majority of the encircling team was wounded by him. Lastly, there was a painful howl as their Academy Plaque was seized.

“Tsk, tsk, did you think that you would be able to hunt us, the Demonic Vulture Spiritual Academy just because you found help? How stupid!”

That figure halted, revealing his skinny and shriveled body. It was a youth dressed in black robes with a pair of gloomy-looking eyes. He had an aquiline nose as he ruthlessly trampled on a person to the point that blood was spewed from his kick.

“Haha, Boss, we have obtained another 2,000 points.”

From the rear of that black-robed youth, four figures skimmed over. They looked at their Academy Plaques as they grinned, “If this goes on, we might be able to catch up to Mu Chen, who is at the 8th Rank.”

“Mu Chen? Hmph, that fellow has been in the limelight a lot, recently.” When that black-robed youth heard that name, he coldly snorted as he spoke with jealousy in his tone.

“Hehe, Boss, you are not weaker compared to him. It was just that we have not encountered him. Otherwise, we would witness for ourselves how powerful Mu Chen is.” Hearing the words of the black-robed figure, the four other teammates immediately gave praise.

Hearing the praise, the black-robed youth’s face became a little better. Just when he was about to speak, his gaze suddenly changed as he raised his head, looking at the hillside not far away, there were several figures that slowly appeared in flashes.

“Haha, since you guys want to be witnesses, why don’t we make it today? I, Mu Chen, am looking forward to it.” A clear and bright laughter resounded from the hillside. A youth with a slender and tall figure appeared in the sight of the Demonic Vulture Spiritual Academy’s team.

“Mu Chen?!”

Hearing that name, not only did the faces of the four members of the Demonic Vulture Spiritual Academy drastically change, even the mouth of the black-robed youth was slightly trembling.

“Mu Chen, we have always minded our own business. What are you trying to do by suddenly appear here?” The black-robed youth spoke with a heavy voice as his eyes flashed with alertness. Clearly, the person before him did not come with good intentions.

“I just want to borrow the Academy Plaque from Captain Xu Yao.” Mu Chen lightly smiled as he glared at the black-robed youth before him. The team before him wasn’t a nameless one.

Captain Xu Yao of the Demonic Vulture Spiritual Academy, was ranked 9th in the point rankings with 40,800 points.

The highest ranking that this team of the Demonic Vulture Spiritual Academy had reached their peak was Rank 6. However, as the competition became more and more intense later on, they were starting to be surpassed and fell to Rank 9 as of today.

However, the strength of this team was extremely powerful. Shen Cangsheng’s team had encountered them in the past and fought as well. However, they weren’t able to gain any advantage from them and they had to retreat.

Clearly, this team was the first prey chosen by Mu Chen.

“Haha, so you are after our points. Captain Mu Chen, your appetite is pretty big!” Xu Yao furiously smiled. He knew the rules and that those of the Top 16 would generally not interfere with each other as each of them was powerful. At this point in time, paying a considerable price just to deal with their team was absolutely unwise. Thus, from his point-of-view, Mu Chen was blinded by points.

Mu Chen did not reply as he smiled, he chose to speak with his actions.

He took a step forth as black light exploded on the surface of his body. Seven lightning runes surfaced on his chest and at the same time, a scarlet pillar of light soared up into the horizon from his head, taking the form of a titanic demonic pillar.

Mu Chen clearly did not intend to take his time as he pushed his Lightning God’s Physique to its limits from the start and he even summoned the Great Meru Demonic Pillar right from the start.

He planned to end this battle as fast as possible.


Mu Chen did not have any expression on his face as he flew out at lightning speed with a stomp of his foot. He hugged towards the empty air before him as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar fell from the sky, a huge shadow drawn out by the pillar was shrouding towards Xu Yao’s team.

At his rear, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest of his team had also pushed their Spiritual Energy to the limits as they exploded forth.

Seeing the torrential waves of killing intent from Mu Chen’s team, the faces of Xu Yao’s team turned extremely ugly.

With that, Spiritual Energy that was even more violent compared to before exploded in this region.

When the battle ended, huge cracks appeared on the plains that looked like spider webs. The wretched sight was heart-alarming.

Mu Chen stood in the sky as the lightning around him had already dissipated. He grasped the air as an Academy Plaque streaked out, landing in his palm from Xu Yao’s sleeve, who was embedded in the cracks on the ground.

Mu Chen indifferently took the points from the Academy Plaque. In an instant, the points in his Academy Plaque that was roughly around 60,000 grew to 80,000. His ranking also followed as he flew up from Rank 8 to 6.

“Thanks for that.”

Mu Chen threw the Academy Plaque back to Xu Yao as he cupped his hands and flew off. Shen Cangsheng and the rest slightly tidied themselves as they followed behind.

They had to rush to the location where their next prey was at.

As Mu Chen and his team left, Xu Yao gave out an enraged roar. The roar was similar to the roar of a beast.

At the same time, Mu Chen defeated Xu Yao.

In another location in the central region, several figures stood in the sky, it was Ji Xuan’s team.

“Captain, the points of Mu Chen’s team have suddenly soared, they are currently at Rank 6…” Behind Ji Xuan, the youth named Mu Feng said with his brows narrowed.

Ji Xuan’s eyes narrowed from his words as he took out his Academy Plaque and looked at it for a long while, before replying, “Xu Yao of Rank 9 was suddenly kicked out of the Top 16…”

“Mu Chen is actually so daring to target a team of this level?” Mu Feng exclaimed.

Ji Xuan’s eyes flickered as he coldly smiled, “Seems like he’s trying to aim for the Numero Uno of the point rankings, how naïve he is…”

“What should we do, then?” Mu Feng asked.

“We will start targeting the teams after the Top 8 without any reservations. We will target them all!” Ji Xuan’s cold voice rang out.

“Great!” Mu Feng grinned.

Ji Xuan waved his hand and just when he was about to move, his eyes narrowed before his hand could fully wave down. He slowly raised his head as he saw a light appearing from the mountain peak. Thereafter, the two leaders of the team were clearly in their sights.

“Wen Qingxuan!”

“Luo Li!”

When Mu Feng saw the two familiar figures, his face instantly changed.

“You guys don’t have to harass the other teams now.”

Wen Qingxuan laughed as she looked at Ji Xuan. Thereafter, she tightened her grip on the warspear as she spoke, “But then again, if you guys are eyeing on the points we have, then go for it. We’ll see who’ll be able to defeat the other.”

Ji Xuan’s face slowly turned icy.

Mu Chen, what a good strategy!

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