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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 680 — Benefactor, You're Going The Wrong Way!

Chapter 680: Benefactor, You're Going The Wrong Way!

"These secret grounds are rich in resources indeed! All of these naturally made places are filled with all sorts of secrets to them!"

Upon entering the secret ground, Reverend Shakya could not help but gasp out at the majestic sight before him.

"This poor monk here has been to many secret grounds in the past. Some of them were nature made while others were opened up by powerful beings. However, if I were to compare them, the naturally made ones would definitely come across as being grander."

"Alright, bald monk. What's up with all these sentiments of yours? Hurry up and move!" Looking at the bald monk, Lin Fan was quite helpless. He wondered how this guy could have cultivated up to the point he was at. He must have taken the back door probably.

"Benefactor, what are you searching for in this place? This poor monk can open up his heavenly eye and see through everything in this place." Without much effort, Reverend Shakya had managed to flaunt out yet another skill of his. This was something exclusive to the Buddha race. Most of the time, anyone from the Buddha race would be able to hunt out the treasures they wanted in the secret grounds within the shortest amount of time, all thanks to this skill.

"The connate Element of Wood." Lin Fan replied.

"Alright, let this poor monk check it out for you the location of the connate Element of Wood. With this poor monk around, there's no way this connate Element of Wood can get to hide itself." Reverend Shakya chuckled out.

"It's alright. I can do it by myself." Lin Fan tossed a casual glance over at Reverend Shakya. He was not going to give him this chance to put on an act.

"Benefactor, do leave this task to this poor monk here. I'm definitely reliable." Reverend Shakya had wanted to brag for a little, but to think that he would be denied by this fella even here.

The feeling of wanting to act but being unable to do so was the worst type of feeling for Reverend Shakya.

"Alright. Then you shall check it out slowly on your own. Yours Truly is going head out first." Lin Fan walked straight up ahead without waiting for Reverend Shakya.

"Benefactor! Hold up there! It's going to be real quick!"

"Heavenly Eye of the Buddha! Anything that has affinity with Buddha, open up!"

Instantly, Reverend Shakya began chanting some sutras. Above his head stood the figure of an Eye Buddha. This Buddha was covered with eyes all over him, packed densely. There was nothing that could stand in its all-seeing way.

"Benefactor, you're headed the wrong way! The connate Element of Wood is in this direction!" Reverend Shakya shouted out to Lin Fan.

"Yours Truly is going to walk on this path today! Since you're so smart, you shall walk on THAT path then!" Lin Fan knew that Reverend Shakya loved acting. If he didn't get the chance to act, that guy would definitely feel uneasy all over.

And, Lin Fan's current thoughts were to chase Reverend Shakya away from him, lest the latter created a mess before him.

"Aiyah! Benefactor, why are you so insistent on your wrongdoings? The connate Element of Wood is truly in this direction!" Reverend Shakya truly wanted to flaunt properly.

He could imagine how satisfying the feeling must be when he could bring Lin Fan to seek out the connate Element of Wood he was looking for. However, to think that this fella would be ignoring him right now! That feeling was pretty bad for Reverend Shakya.

It was as though Buddha was telling the masses of the world the absolute truth and everything were taken in as lies instead.

"Benefactor, wait up for this poor monk here!" With those two lumps of meat hanging on this chest, Reverend Shakya naturally couldn't let Lin Fan out of his sights. Eventually, he could only sigh out helplessly as he chased after the latter.

"Bloody hell! What if it's really in that direction?" Lin Fan was stuck in a dilemma right now. Even though this bald monk was a little annoying, he DID have some capabilities to him.

But, even if that were the case, so what! Yours Truly was a man with a backbone! How could he allow this bald monk to have his wishes? Since he had chosen to walk in this direction, even if it cost him to get into a bad shape, he must insist on it!

"Benefactor, it TRULY is over at that side! The connate Element of Wood does not exist in this direction!" Reverend Shakya said.

"Yes, I know. But right now, I just want to take a look around the entire place before going back for the connate Element of Wood. Will that do?" Lin Fan replied.

"Yes." Reverend Shakya nodded his head.

Lin Fan checked out the state of his surroundings. The aura of the connate Element of Wood was dense. The plants that were growing in this secret ground were blooming lusciously. In fact, there were some spiritual herbs within. Under the nourishment of this thick aura of life, they were growing up towards even higher tiers of medicinal herbs.

"Benefactor, why have you gone silent?" Noticing how Lin Fan was just staring up ahead, Reverend Shakya was puzzled.

Lin Fan did not even want to bother with the bald monk's questions. There was something that was nagging in his mind right now.

For such a long time now, there had been no living beings who had made their way into this secret ground where the connate Element of Wood was. But, wasn't it strange now for them to even bump into a few right at the entrance? Evidently, there must be some important treasure lying within here.

Furthermore, those guys couldn't be the only ones who would be headed here. If he could create some sort of a disturbance to lure some powerful beings over here and give this bald monk a shock, he could then go into Stealth and sneak out with the connate Element of Wood!

That was a probable plan! For sure, he would definitely be able to have it work out!

Suddenly, Lin Fan floated up into the air gently.

"Benefactor, what are you doing?" Reverend Shakya looked up at Lin Fan in the voids and asked in bewilderment.

Lin Fan did not reply. Pointing his palm at the vast grounds of the secret grounds, a massive amount of energy surged out as a boundless palm strike slammed down onto the ground.


Given Lin Fan's current strength, his powers were so strong that they were actually frightening. The impact was devastating of that single palm strike like that.

Within a circular radius of 100 miles, the ground began to vibrate violently. The floor of the sturdy secret ground began to crack apart.

"Benefactor, why did you strike so suddenly?" Reverend Shakya asked in astonishment, "Could it be that you're possessed by some evil spirits within this secret ground, benefactor? Don't worry! This poor monk is here! The poor monk will definitely not stand idly by and watch this happen to you!"

"Your mother is possessed, bald monk!" Lin Fan waved his finger. An endless amount of Sword Wills burst forth from the void, piercing into the distance ahead.



Lin Fan refused to believe that there wasn't anyone else within this secret ground!

The mighty powers of his ripped out like tidal waves and rippled out. With Lin Fan as the center, everything within the radius of a thousand miles was pierced with multiple holes as though a gigantic battle had just broken out.

In all directions of this secret ground, there were powerful beings exploring all about the place. They had all felt the tremor that was emitted out from this force.

"Someone's striking out!"

"Let's go! Time to check it out! Who knows if someone might have found a treasure!"

At this moment, Lin Fan floated gently in the sky while looking in all directions. He could feel several formidable auras heading their way.

"Seems like it's two living beings."

Suddenly, the void far from Lin Fan was torn apart, as a tremendous current of energy coiled out over.

"So, it's the Ancient race once more."

When Lin Fan caught sight of who it was, he was surprised to find it to be Ancient race beings.

Indeed, it was as he had thought. There must be some sort of a precious item within this secret ground to be able to attract this many powerful beings here.

Divine celestial level 6.

Divine celestial level 5.

"Bloody hell! This is so pathetic! How could the bald monk be scared of something as such given his capabilities?" Looking at the 2 Ancient race beings who had arrived, Lin Fan grimaced in disappointment.

"I understand now." At this moment, Reverend Shakya came beside Lin Fan.

"What? Why are you acting like it's some big deal?" Lin Fan said exasperatedly.

"Benefactor, this poor monk has finally understood your intentions. So, you've known that the Ancient race would come forth from the very beginning! Therefore, you caused the disturbances to lure them over. Aiyah! What a brilliant idea! Why hadn't this poor monk thought of this myself from the beginning?!" The gleam in Reverend Shakya's eyes were especially unusual when they were cast at these two Ancient race beings.

"Benefactor! Leave these two Ancient race beings to this poor monk here!" Reverend Shakya did not wait for Lin Fan to say anything else as he moved forth immediately.

"F*ck me!"

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