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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 681 — You Want To Learn? I Can Teach You!

Chapter 681: You Want To Learn? I Can Teach You!

Instantly, Reverend Shakya began to churn his powers as an infinite amount of Zen light shone into the sky.

"The Land of Paradise where one shall never fall nor reincarnate. The masses shall be cleansed and be ferried into the purified lands."

The body of Reverend Shakya was shining with an endless amount of purifying Buddhist lights at this moment. When these lights were cast on the heads of those two Ancient race beings, they started growling out harshly all of a sudden.

"Bald monk! How dare you try to reform us?" The two Ancient race beings had not expected this person to be from the Buddha race.

The purifying lights of the Buddha race were extremely powerful, and it was hard for any normal person to defend against them. This was especially the case for the Ancient race beings who were deeply embedded in their lives of sinning. With their hearts filled with vengeance and hatred, the purifying skill of the Buddha race was able to bring that out and have them come to terms with their own sins. With that, they would then get enlightened and reformed in the process.

Therefore, for the Ancient race beings, the purifying skill of the Buddha race was extremely torturous.

"Both benefactors here, your sins are grave. If I don't enter hell, who would? Today, I shall admit all of your sins onto my body! This poor monk is willing to endure it all for these two benefactors!"


All of a sudden, the faces of those 2 malevolently growling Ancient race beings changed their facial expressions repeatedly. Those baleful eyes of theirs began to calm down as that horrifying expression turned compassionate. Their pitch black hands were placed together as they chanted out the Buddhist mantra.


Under this mighty purifying skill, the two Ancient race beings could hold on no longer. They were completely reformed under Reverend Shakya. With that, they took on the body of an Arhat as their golden bodies shone with a Buddhist light.


As though he was pinching flowers with it, the fingers of Reverend Shakya pinched the two Ancient race beings together as he tossed them within his Paradise of Buddha's Land.

"Holy f*ck! Just how many Ancient race beings has this c*ckster gotten?"

The moment Reverend Shakya opened up his Paradise of Buddha's Land, even Lin Fan nearly pissed out at the sight of the sheer number of Ancient race beings within it.

Within the Buddha's Land of Reverend Shakya's Paradise, all of those vile Ancient race beings could be seen to be extremely benevolent looking. Sitting down on mats, they were chanting out sutras. Between the palms of every single Ancient race being, there was a series of white light that was fusing into the Paradise.

"I knew it! This bald monk isn't all that nice! Seems like the reason why he's purifying these Ancient race beings is so that he can keep them within his Paradise of Buddha's Land and collect their faith to strengthen it!"

"However, I've got to say that that skill is really quite something, isn't it?"

Looking at that skill, Lin Fan was getting some urge to learn it. Even though he had the Thunder Trainer King, the Thunder Trainer King wasn't used for a group attack.

If he could learn this Buddha skill and fuse them together, what sort of effect would that bring forth?

All of this had Lin Fan really curious.

However, right now, Reverend Shakya was the only one who knew this skill. How was he supposed to learn it?

That did pose a little bit of a difficulty.

Clap, clap.

"Not bad, not bad! Bald monk, that skill of yours is pretty domineering, eh?" Lin Fan smiled casually as he applauded.

The moment Reverend Shakya heard these words, a devilish grin appeared across his face.

"Oh, you wanna learn it, eh? Sure, I can teach you! But you've got to revert my chest to normal first."

At this moment, Reverend Shakya was finally finding some sense of satisfaction in his heart. After being treated like normal for such a long time, he was finally getting a chance to strut his feathers.

"This Purification skill of mine is detached from the Great Buddha's Light of Purification, and can only be considered as a type of Hinayana Buddhism. If it were the Great Buddha's Light of Purification that was cultivated to its maximum, you could purify all the masses with just a single thought of yours. In fact, you could even purify the Heaven itself. But, it's a pity that the Great Buddha's Light of Purification as long been lost in the books of history." Reverend Shakya said with a helpless tone.

The moment Lin Fan heard of this Great Buddha's Light of Purification, he felt his heart pounding with excitement. To think that there would be such a heaven revolting skill available! However, when he heard the last sentence, he started cussing out.

Bloody hell! What was the difference between saying this and nothing at all!

However, that didn't matter as well. If he could learn this Purification, there was a high chance that he could cause it to evolve and bring it up to its highest state for sure!

However, the thing was, he couldn't even learn this Purification right now, let alone talk about bringing it to evolve. If he could dismiss the effects of Black Tiger Steals Heart, he would have done so long ago, let alone wait till now.

"Who said that Yours Truly is keen on learning it? Something such as Hinayana Buddhism isn't something that Yours Truly even wants to look at!" Even though Lin Fan did not say it with his mouth, he wanted to learn it badly in his heart.

In fact, even the Thunder Trainer King within his Paradise was starting to cry out.

"Master, you must definitely learn this! If you can learn this, Your Trainer King here would be able to evolve into the Enlightenment Buddha King for sure!" The Thunder Trainer King begged thirstily.

"No hurries, we'll take it slowly. One of these days, we're definitely going to get to learn it." Lin Fan replied consolingly.

"Yes, Master! I trust in you!" At this moment, the Thunder Trainer King was hallucinating about the grand disposition he would possess upon turning into an Enlightenment Buddha King. That thought was intoxicating.

"Well, I guess let's forget it then! This skill of Purification is a skill that's exclusive only to the Buddha race anyways. Even if this poor monk wishes to teach it to you, he has to follow the rules accordingly." Reverend Shakya sniggered out.

From Lin Fan's eyes, he could make out a thirst within them. However, there was no way this poor monk was going to teach him unless he reverted these lumps back to normal!

"These two living beings are really devious."

"That's right! To think that they would raise a commotion to lure others over so that they could subdue them! This is quite the despicable move right there."

"How about we go and kill these two fellas then?"

"No. The both of them have extremely high cultivation states. We might not be their match at all."

"Hmph. Then let's just follow behind these two guys. If we get the chance, we'll kill both of them."


"Seems like there are two other fellas hidden in the void." Lin Fan cast his gaze towards the void. Slapping out with his palm, the void shattered immediately.

As a result, these two figures were forcefully pushed out of the void.

"Not good! We've been discovered!"


"These two benefactors are carrying a heavy amount of sin on them. Their sins are blood red. Evidently, they've killed many innocent living beings. Let this poor monk reform them then." Reverend Shakya did not expect things to be this great by following the Motherf*cking Human King. Back in the past, if he wanted to meet great sinners, it would be extremely difficult. But, look at how things were right now? One wave after another, the sinners were presenting themselves right here.

"Smelly bald monk! You think that you're enough to reform us? You've got to be dreaming!"

The moment these two living beings heard that the bald monk was going to reform them, they were stunned immediately. Channeling their powers, the void nearby began to rupture out as they wanted to dive in once more.

"It's alright! Don't bother with reforming them. Just kill them straight up." Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. A sharp Sword Will pierced through the void, ripping them into two balls of flesh and meat instantly.

"Damn it! How dare you try to kill us! We're from the Scarlet Moon Blood Demon Sect!"

That ball of flesh and blood continued to rumble furiously, trying to regroup into a full body. However, under the suppression of Lin Fan's powers, they were just exploding endlessly.

"Benefactor, let this poor monk reform them!" Looking at how Lin Fan was going to murder these two powerful beings, Reverend Shakya could feel his heart throbbing. He tried striking out instantly. However, it was all too late.

At that moment, a gigantic arm appeared out of the void all of a sudden. Splitting up into countless gigantic arms, they grabbed out at every single piece of flesh they could get and dragged it all back.


The tragic cries were endless. However, before they knew it, Lin Fan had tossed the two lumps of flesh into his Paradise.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 6, Law state powerful being.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

"Benefactor, that's too wasteful!" Reverend Shakya cried out as his heart wrenched.


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