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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 682 — Blood Coloured Mountains

Chapter 682: Blood Coloured Mountains

"To think that even the Scarlet Moon Blood Demon Sect would send members down. Just what sort of a secret is being hidden in this place for it to be able to attract these many powerful beings?" Reverend Shakya could not get it at all. Could there be some sort of a heaven revolting treasure that had appeared within this simple and plain looking secret ground?

"What's up with this Scarlet Moon Blood Demon Sect?" Lin Fan asked.

There were way too many powerhouses within the Ancient Saint World. Other than a special few, he didn't know about all the others.

"This Scarlet Moon Blood Demon Sect is extremely strong. Rumors have it that the Grandmaster of the sect isn't even a being of the thousands of races. In fact, he's a demon of the Scarlet Moon Abyss. He is extremely ferocious, and has cruel methods. The moment he appears, it is a guaranteed bloodbath that no one can possibly stand up to at all." Reverend Shakya explained.

"Have you seen him before?" Look at how serious Reverend Shakya was looking right now, Lin Fan asked him in reverse.

"Nopes. But I've heard about him from others." Reverend Shakya replied.

"Stop believing in the rumors spread out by others that you haven't confirmed with your own eyes. Can't you have some backbone of your own?" Lin Fan was truly exasperated by this bald monk right now.

"Benefactor, I wonder if you've ever heard of a saying." Reverend Shakya took in a deep breath. Right now, he was at Lin Fan's behest due to that favor he required of him. Hence, he had to bear with it.

"What saying?"

"If you don't listen to the wise words of the elderly, you're bound to suffer losses." Reverend Shakya said.

"Take a hike!" Lin Fan did not want to argue with this bald monk any further. He looked up ahead at the distance. There was some commotion that had attracted two crowds to it. If there were truly some sort of a treasure up ahead, these wouldn't be the only guys who they would be sending here. After all, these guys are probably just cannon fodder to scout out the way.

"Benefactor, the connate Element of Wood is truly in that direction. Are you really not going to head there?" Reverend Shakya asked.

"Nopes, not going." How could Lin Fan do as this bald monk wished? Just because he had slipped up earlier on, this bald monk had already managed to successfully act once. This was something Lin Fan could not tolerate at all.

Lin Fan looked over at the bald monk. He realized that not only was this bald monk not pained over that fact, he was, in fact, looking pretty happy!

"Since that's the case, benefactor, please continue to wreak havoc and attract more sinners over. Let's split them up 50-50. How about that?" Reverend Shakya suggested gleefully.

The stronger the living beings that he reformed, the greater the faith collected from them would be.

Those two Ancient race beings who had just been reformed, for example, weren't weak at all. Compared to those living beings in his Buddha's Land Paradise, they were even slightly stronger.

It was only after the diligent efforts of many years that Reverend Shakya had managed to raise his Paradise to a Buddha's Land state.

However, given the type of living beings within his Paradise right now, there was definitely no chance of him being able to raise the Buddha's Land into Buddha's World in this lifetime.

"Wreak your mother! We've wrecked this place up so badly just now, and there were only these few fellas who had come by. Move on ahead and head deeper!" Lin Fan replied.

"Yes, your words make sense, benefactor." The moment Reverend Shakya heard this, his eyelids opened up wide. That was right! Each time they wrecked a single place, they should change another place! If they were to stay in the same spot, who in the world would come by?

Lin Fan did not reply Reverend Shakya any longer as he flew in the direction up ahead.

"Essence Spirit Separation."

At this moment, Lin Fan silently allowed his Essence Spirit to enter Stealth mode before leaving his body and heading forth towards the place where the connate Element of Wood was.

By now, Lin Fan was completely trusting of the words of Reverend Shakya. Even though he did not say so on the surface, he thought so in his heart.

However, even if that were the case, Lin Fan could not possibly head there himself. Hence, he allowed his Essence Spirit to head over to suppress the connate Element of Wood and collect it first.

"Benefactor, I felt a breeze blowing by me." Reverend Shakya suddenly came to a halt and announced with a puzzled look on his face.

"You must have sensed wrongly." Bloody hell! Did this bald monk have some sort of a radar or sheet like that? To think that he could even sense his Essence Spirit under Stealth mode! This was truly foockamoly holy dogamoly!

Right now, Lin Fan's heart was hurting really badly. He had wanted to cause a ruckus so that a group of huge BOSSES would appear, and this bald monk would be scared off. By then, things would be much easier.

However, it was a pity that everyone who had arrived was as weak as a chicken. They were just weaklings that could be overwhelmed with a single palm flip, offering no threat at all.

Secret grounds…

"Seems like some great battle has happened here earlier on." Emperor Nan Gong looked at the derelict state of the place before him and commented with a stern expression.

"I garner that those two who had entered this place must have gotten into some sort of a brawl or something. But, that's good as well. With them as the frontline, we can just sit back and reap the rewards later on." Xing Wangong laughed out. However, he was still watching Mu Manfeng, who was beside Emperor Nan Gong, warily.

He had not expected this Mu Manfeng to be this strong earlier on outside. To think that he would have suppressed Yu Liutian with such absolute force!

That sort of power that he held was causing them to grow wary of him. If they were to truly find some sort of treasure within this place, it was hard to say that Mu Manfeng would not slaughter them and steal the treasure for himself.

Initially, the three of them had wanted to work together to slay Mu Manfeng. However, based on the situation right now, it seemed as though Emperor Nan Gong had already made up his mind to stick with Mu Manfeng all the way to the end.

Even if the three of them were to join up, it was hard to say that Emperor Nan Gong might or might not choose to side with Mu Manfeng instead and turn against them. By then, things would be pretty disastrous.

Therefore, the three of them merely exchanged glances while harboring intents of their own.

For Yu Liutian, it was especially the case. He could not have imagined himself losing at all. Furthermore, it was a downright loss.

The moment that damned fella had stomped him right under his feet, Yu Liutian swore to god that he would have this guy dead without any burial at all.

"Let us watch out." Emperor Nan Gong said as the five men party headed forth.

"Benefactor, look up ahead. To think that under the nourishment of this dense Qi of the Wood Spirits here, even the ground itself has turned into essence." Reverend Shakya saw a plot of ground trembling up ahead and could not help but comment out. The pieces of rock that were as huge as mountains were starting to group up into a stone giant.

"The aura of the connate Element of Wood in this place is really thick indeed. It's natural that all of these living beings would grow to a decent cultivation state under the nourishment of this aura." Lin Fan slapped out with his palm, sending this gigantic stone giant into his Paradise immediately.

"Benefactor, why did you strike out without saying anything at all? This poor monk here was trying to reform it!" Reverend Shakya's heart felt as though it was jabbed through once more. To think that he would be slower by a step once again.

"No one asked you to be slower than me." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"There's one more up ahead! Benefactor, please do not snatch from this poor monk here!" Just as Reverend Shakya's heart was wrenching over it, he caught sight of another stone spirit up ahead. He then bolted up forth and deployed his skill impatiently, reforming that stone spirit immediately as though someone was fighting with him over it.

"Holy foock! This guy wouldn't even let a Divine celestial level 1 living being off! The bald monk is the bald monk indeed. Wherever he passes, nothing is left alive." Lin Fan sighed out.


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt yet another surge of energy vibrating. This force was sinister and awfully strong.

"Benefactor, check out those five blood colored mountains!" Reverend Shakya exclaimed out in shock.

"Yours Truly has seen them. Don't make a fuss out of nothing." Lin Fan was exasperated right now. Those five mountains were bloody big! It wasn't as though Yours Truly was blind or anything!

"This is the aura! Back when we were outside, this poor monk here had sensed a malicious aura. This is it!" Reverend Shakya's expression could not help but stern up.

"Benefactor, we had better not head over. The aura over there is really suspicious." Reverend Shakya had a sharp innate instinct towards all sorts of calamity and disasters.

This was the type of senses that one would only obtain after they reached the highest state of Buddhism.

"You can choose to leave this place. However, Yours Truly is going to head there and check it out." How could Lin Fan give this chance up? Looking at how nervous this bald monk was, Lin Fan was elated in his heart. It'd be for the best if this bald monk knew of the difficulties ahead and gave up on his own.

Furthermore, even if this bald monk weren't here, Lin Fan would have headed up nevertheless. After all, if one were to find a really suspicious place upon entering a secret ground, there was no reason not to check it out at all.

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