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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 683 — We'll Split It 50-50!

Chapter 683: We'll Split It 50-50!

"Benefactor, watch out. These five blood colored mountains possess the power to bewitch one's heart." As they got closer to the five blood colored mountains, Reverend Shakya frowned. His eyes shone with a sharp glint that sent a Buddhist light out to suppress the bewitching magic.

"Just how in the world did something like this form? The mysterious runic symbols on these five blood colored mountains…" Reverend Shakya was stern right now as his mind spun furiously.

Suddenly, he exclaimed out, "Ah! I remember now! This is the Great Devouring Formation!"

"Great Devouring Formation?" After reading intensively within the library of the Cloud Sect, Lin Fan's knowledge of the world was as vast as the oceans right now. A slight whir of his brain, and he knew of everything immediately.

"Seems like there's some powerful being that's trying to absorb the source of this connate secret ground. However, since he's choosing to remain in this secret ground where the connate Element of Wood lies, he must be fraught with injuries for sure." Lin Fan continued.

"That's right. The Great Devouring Formation is a heaven-defying formation. Even though it has no offensive capabilities of its own, the other effects are unusually scary. However, given the state of the situation right now, it seems as though the formation has stopped functioning for now. Something must have happened in between."

"Let's head in and check it out." Without any hesitation, Lin Fan walked towards the five blood colored mountains.

Reverend Shakya grew wary. Everything seemed way too sinister.

If it were just the Great Devouring Formation alone, then it wouldn't amount to anything much. However, the most critical point was the fact that the Great Devouring Formation had stopped functioning all of a sudden. This only left them with 2 possibilities.

Either the powerful being who was filled with injuries had recovered from it entirely, or that he was dead.

However, to be able to attract this many other powerful beings to this area, there must be something more than what was apparent on the surface here.

"Benefactor, this Great Devouring Formation has already been crafted into a treasure. You can reap it in later, benefactor." Reverend Shakya remarked.

"Then, why aren't you doing so?" Lin Fan had not expected this bald monk to be this kind to let up this treasure right before him for Lin Fan.

"This poor monk is someone who practices Buddhism. Hence, this poor monk has no need for items as such that would defy the natural orders of the world." Reverend Shakya replied.

"Bald monk. So, you're trying to say that Yours Truly here is evil?" Lin Fan was triggered immediately. This bald monk was just taking an indirect jab at him!

"Benefactor, this poor monk here did not say that. You're the one who confessed to it yourself." Reverend Shakya immediately denied that accusation.

Lin Fan, "…"

At this moment, a formidable force was remaining hidden in the depths of the void.

"Let them check out the state of the place first."

"To think that the Gleaming Blood Lord who was gravely injured a thousand years ago would be hiding here and recuperating his wounds. If not for the recent phenomenon happening in the sky, who would have guessed that the notoriously infamous Gleaming Blood Lord would be hiding in such a small little secret ground."

"Now that the Great Devouring Formation has stopped functioning, it's only right to guess that the Gleaming Blood Lord must have fallen here. However, no matter what, the Gleaming Blood Lord was an abnormally powerful being. Even if he were dead, he wouldn't have allowed just anybody to get his treasures that easily as well."

"We'll let those two fellas give it a shot first. Even if they manage to luck out and obtain the treasure of the Gleaming Blood Lord, we can just surround and kill them later on. Eventually, the treasure shall belong to us."

At this moment, Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya had turned into the cannon fodder for those powerhouses out there.

"Benefactor, this poor monk senses that there's something wrong. The void seem to be hiding all sorts of powerhouses." Reverend Shakya could feel his heart thumping.

"Yes, I know. By the looks of it, they're waiting for us to go and be the sacrifices for slaughter." Lin Fan replied.

"Then, what should we do?" Reverend Shakya seemed a little worried now.

"Bald monk, I'm not going to sham you this time around. Just follow along with my instructions later on." The situation right now was indeed getting cumbersome. If it were him alone, then it wouldn't matter as much. However, the issue was that this bald monk was still following him all the way. If things were to go on as such, the bald monk might even accidentally die in Lin Fan's hands.

Even though he was a little annoying here and there, he wasn't bad by nature. And most importantly, he had to learn that Purification skill still! Damn! If this bald monk were to die just like that, where was he supposed to go and learn it from?

"Alright." Reverend Shakya nodded his head. At this moment, he couldn't continue to put on an act. After all, things weren't looking all that good right now. If he failed in his flaunting, he might end up being fodder instead.

Even though he did not know how many powerhouses were hidden within the void right now, if he were to continue acting, he might have his sh*t walloped out of him entirely.

"HAHA! To think that we would be this lucky to gain the treasures here!"

"We're rich now! Not only are there countless of pills, there's even a heaven revolting skill!"

"Go! Hurry up and go! I've got a skill that can break through the void, and with it, we can get out of the secret grounds directly!"

Suddenly, the voices of Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya rang out from the five blood colored mountains. At the same time, Reverend Shakya was sneakily making his way out to the fringes of the five blood coloured mountains. Within his fingers, a bright Buddhist light shone that turned into thin little threads, interlinking the five blood coloured mountains together.

This was the sealing technique used by the Buddha himself. As the saying went, a single flower was equivalent to a world of its own. Linking these five blood colored mountains together, Reverend Shakya seemed to be forming a small little world of his own.

At this moment, the guys hidden in the void could no longer hold themselves back after hearing the voices.

"To think that they would have managed to find the treasures!"

"Let's go, hurry up and go in! If we let them escape with it, we'll really be making great losses!"

"Alright, in!"

Instantly, a myriad of light beams streaked out of the void, darting towards the five blood colored mountains.

However, some powerful beings still held their ground.

"There's something odd with this affair. The treasure of the Gleaming Blood Lord isn't something to be obtained this easily."

The Gleaming Blood Lord had trodden over the Ancient Saint World for a long time. He had a violent and odd temperament. There was no way he could ever give anyone benefits originating from him.

Once upon a time, there was a legend that the Gleaming Blood Lord had created a lair within the Ancient Saint World awaiting those with affinity.

With that, countless beings of the thousands of races began searching for that lair. Somehow, the location of that lair was leaked out for some unknown reason, leading to an endless amount of beings of the thousands of races gushing forth to snatch the treasures.

At the very end, all of those who came forth ended up dead. It was only at the last moment of it all that everyone realized that it was a trap set forth by the Gleaming Blood Lord.

He was actually cultivating a skill that required all these beings as a sacrifice.

"Eh? Where have they gone to?"

"What's going on? Could they have left this place already?"

At this moment, a group of powerful beings that were hidden within the void appeared at the five blood colored mountains.

"Bald monk, sealing formation!" At this moment, Lin Fan came out of the five blood colored mountains from his Stealth mode.

"Alright!" Reverend Shakya's eyebrows twitched as his hands formed a series of Buddha hand seals.

Instantly, the entire five blood colored mountains were surrounded by a barrier of Buddhist light, sealing everything within.

"This is bad! We've been tricked!"

The moment the powerful beings at the five blood colored mountains sensed this force, they were astonished.

"Benefactor, what should we do now?" Reverend Shakya was getting a little excited now. He felt as though he had just achieved something really big.

Some of those powerful beings were even stronger than himself! If he had been targeted by them, he would have been dead meat for sure.

"Whack the dogs within of course. Today, Yours Truly is in a good mood. We'll split this 50-50 then!" Lin Fan was exhilarated right now. Shifting his body nimbly, billions of palm strikes were slammed out into the barrier instantly.

Every single palm strike turned into a Dragon of Biggra, surging straight into the five blood colored mountains.

Lin Fan had noticed this from the very beginning. The cultivation states of these guys weren't weak at all.

Divine celestial level 6.

Divine celestial level 7.

Divine celestial level 8.

For Lin Fan, this was going to be a huge bang for his buck!

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