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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 684 — Scammed To Death

Chapter 684: Scammed To Death.

"To think you would be here too, Demon-Slaying Sword Lord."

"Hmph. Old Master Raging Winds, if YOU can be here, why can't I as well?"

Amidst these five blood colored mountains, a bunch of powerful beings were all glaring at one another. They then swept the surroundings. To think that there would be so many powerful beings within this place that knew one another. In fact, some of them even had blood feuds with the others.

"Demon-Slaying Sword Lord, prepare to receive death! In order to cultivate that Peerless Indestructible Sword Will of yours, you massacred members of my sect while I wasn't around!" An old man was flaring up with rage. This was especially the case when he caught sight of Demon-Slaying Sword Lord. The rage in his heart was blazing out of control.

"Old Master Ru Yi, do you think that I would be afraid of you?" Demon-Slaying Sword Lord looked over at Old Master Ru Yi as his Sword Will soared intently. It seemed like he could strike out at any moment.

"Alright, all of you, stop arguing. To think that we would have fallen into a trap. Seems like there's a powerful being of the Buddha race that has attacked us. Using the five blood colored mountains as a basis, he has constructed a small world within this place. If you guys have any grudges among yourselves, you can jolly well settle it after we get out of this place." The person who spoke was an elderly man with three heads.

The skill cultivated by this man with three heads was a mysterious one that could convert a single Qi to three corpses.

"Old Master Triple Corpse, to think that you would be able to cultivate that skill of yours to such an incomparable state. I don't suppose that it'll be long before you can transform it to the end, fusing all Eight Realms of yours together to reach the Eternal God state."

The prowess of Old Master Triple Corpse was strong. Even amongst the group of people, he was someone with quite the reputation. As such, the untamed group began to quieten down. At this moment, none of them wanted to offend Old Master Triple Corpse at all.

"Did you guys catch sight of any Ancient race beings? If there are any Ancient race beings, we can kill them first. Then, we'll break out of this small world and slaughter those two fellas outside." Old Master Triple Corpse commented.

The crowd looked around at one another.

"There are no Ancient race beings."

"That's strange. Usually, when there's a situation in the secret grounds, the Ancient race beings would normally breach this place brazenly. Why hadn't a single one of them appeared just yet?"

"On the way in just now, I caught sight of those two fellas killing two Ancient race beings. However, the cultivation state of those two Ancient race beings was way too weak. They didn't seem like they were here to snatch the treasures. They seemed more like scouts."

"Alright. Since that's the case, we'll just break down this small world then. The being of the Buddha race who had set up this place may be pretty decent in strength. However, I doubt that he can hold out for this long."


"Benefactor, are we truly not going to get out of this place? This poor monk's little world here isn't going to last for much longer." Reverend Shakya's forehead was dripping with huge beads of sweat as he sensed the berserk energy within the little world of his.

"It's alright. Just let my Brother Biggra go have his run." Lin Fan replied indifferently before looking at the void around him.

"Yours Truly is the Motherfoocking Human King, Lin Fan! It doesn't matter what God, demon, or sheet you are, if you dare to act brazenly before Yours Truly, then you don't have any rights to complain that Yours Truly isn't going to show you mercy later on." Lin Fan did not know how many more people were still watching this right now.

However, he wasn't too bothered about these powerful beings here.

Even though the powerful beings within the void were really displeased at what the Motherfoocking Human King had just said, none of them stood out.

When faced with changing tides, it was important to maintain one's composure and stay firm.

Lin Fan looked at the innumerable people within the little world that were trying to break it down and grinned.

"Haha! This little world is already at its breaking point. However, I've got to admit that the skills of the Buddha race are indeed really incredible. This is especially the case for that One Flower One World. That is even more mysterious than anything else. However, thankfully, this being of the Buddha race is yet to master that mysterious skill. Otherwise, things would truly be disastrous here." Demon-Slaying Sword Lord laughed coldly.

He had once fought with a powerful being from the Buddha race. Seeing that One Flower One World, he was truly fretting over it. If not for the fact that his Peerless Indestructible Sword Will was mastered by then, he might have been truly trapped within for all eternity.

"Demon-Slaying Sword Lord! Once we're out of this, I'm definitely challenging you to a death duel!" Old Master Ru Yi hollered out in rage.

"Sure! I'm all down for it! At the same time, I'll acquire your essence, spirit, and vitality to use them to cultivate yet another skill!" Demon-Slaying Sword Lord laughed wildly.

"This isn't good. Aren't you guys feeling something weird?"

At this moment, someone suddenly yelped out. He had suddenly realized that a mysterious energy was infiltrating his body.

"What's weird? The little world is about to break down anyways. Once I'm out, I'll definitely dice those two fellas up into pieces!"

"Old Master Triple Corpse, what are you doing? Why's that hand of yours touching mine?"

"Demon-Slaying Sword Lord, what are you trying to do? Don't think that you can come and tease me just because you think that I'm not your match!"

"You bastard! Where do you think you're placing your hands?"

"Old Master Ru Yi, you…!"

At this moment, something was going on within the little world.

The Qi of Biggra had already erupted forth with its might. Under the Qi of Biggra, all of the expressions on the faces of these powerful beings were changing. They were blushing red right now, and those hawk-like covetous eyes of theirs were all gaining an insane glint to them now. Each of their eyes were bloodshot, as though their bodies were filled with an infinite amount of energy.

"Benefactor, what's going on right now?" Reverend Shakya knew everything that was happening within his little world at the back of his palms. However, the expression on his face was extremely strange right now.

Everything that was happening within the little world was far beyond Reverend Shakya's imagination right now! How could all of these powerful beings be doing something as such? Even though he did not know exactly what was going on, he knew that this must have something to do with Lin Fan.

"To think that the effects have seeped in this quickly. Alright, take down the little world now. An image as such should be enjoyed with the masses." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Amitabha! This little world of this poor monk here is used to suppress and take down enemies within! How can I let something as such happen?" Reverend Shakya immediately took down his little world. Placing his palms together, he started chanting prayers in disbelief.

"What's that being of the Buddha race trying to do? Why did he take down the little world?"

"I've got no idea. However, even if he didn't take it down manually, he wouldn't have been able to hold out for much longer as well."

"What's going on?! Why is Demon-Slaying Sword Lord pressing down on the body of Old Master Ru Yi?"


At this moment, the powerful beings within the void who were catching sight of this scene were utterly stumped at the sight that they were welcomed to. They could not believe everything they were witnessing right now.

To think that these powerful beings would be committing such unbelievable acts!

This was especially the case for that violent Demon-Slaying Sword Lord! To think that his face would be flooded red as he tore at Old Master Ru Yi's clothes!

However, they knew that Old Master Ru Yi had a deep grudge with Demon-Slaying Sword Lord!

Why did the two of them look so compatible in this situation right now?

"Bald monk, I've said that we can split them 50-50. Here, you can go and reform them now." Lin Fan smiled out. He was long used to this kind of situation by now.

However, for Reverend Shakya, it was something beyond his wildest dreams. If he weren't watching this right now, he would have found it extremely hard to believe as well.

"Looking at the state they're in right now…it's pretty hard for this poor monk to go at them as such!" Reverend Shakya turned his head around and said, unable to bear watching the scene directly.

"Since that's the case, then Yours Truly is going to have to take them all then…" There were so many experience points right here waiting for him. To give the bald monk half of them was a decision that Lin Fan had thought for a long time about.

But, since this bald monk didn't want it, Lin Fan could not have asked for anything more.

"Ah! Benefactor, please hold on! As the saying goes, if I don't enter hell, who would? They have committed such inhumane audacities. Even if this poor monk finds it hard to take them in, I've got to do it!" The moment Reverend Shakya heard that Lin Fan was going to kill all of them, his heart throbbed. How could he bear to let them go like this?

At a moment as such, even if he couldn't do it, he had to!

Being able to reform powerful beings like these was something that Reverend Shakya had been hoping for a long time now!

"You dirty bald monk!"

Lin Fan knew that this guy clearly wanted it. Yet, he acted as though he didn't! Tsk!

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