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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 685 — Unable To Bear Leaving Lin Fan

Chapter 685: Unable To Bear Leaving Lin Fan.

"Benefactor, one should not always speak out their insights."

Just as Lin Fan was prepared to strike out, Reverend Shakya was staring intently at Lin Fan with a serious look on his face as he said out calmly.

'Your mother! Indeed, you're a dirty bald monk! You're so dirty that you're even admitting to it yourself now!' Lin Fan was entirely helpless in his heart right now. Wow, it didn't even make any sense for this bald monk to live as long as he had by now!

To think that he would be this dirty! Goodness, he could almost compete with Yours Truly already!

As the saying went, a scoundrel could find his way around the world.

Actually, Lin Fan had really high expectations for this bald monk. As long as he didn't die because of his bragging acts, Lin Fan was sure that this person could almost definitely turn into an accomplished powerful being in the future.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan swiveled like a dragon. Darting into the clouds, he slammed down with his palm, directing it at the five blood colored mountains where the masses were engaging in an unsightly act.

This mighty force caused the void to crumble under its pressure. Those five stretched out fingers of his were akin to a heaven piercing claw that bore immense power within every single finger.

All of these powerful beings who were intoxicated by Biggra were immersed within their own world, losing every bit of sense towards the outside world entirely.

Under the force of Lin Fan's massive power, those powerful beings began to explode apart as their bodies turned into a mess of blood and flesh.

At the moment of their explosion, countless savage screams lashed out.




All of these pieces of flesh and blood possessed an immense amount of power to them, and the very consciousness of their owners. A single thought was enough to have them send out thousands of skills ripping apart everything.

"So disobedient even at your deaths!" Lin Fan wasn't hurried in the least bit. Flipping his hand around, he repressed every single one of those incoming skills.

Boom! Crackle! Crack!

As these pieces of flesh and meat were sucked into Lin Fan's Paradise, they were refined immediately.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 7, All to One state Demon-Slaying Sword Lord.'

'Ding…Experience Points +700,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 7, All to One state Old Master Ru Yi.'

'Ding…Experience Points +690,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state Old Master Triple Corpse.'

'Ding…Experience Points +800,000'

The notifications from the system were endless as Lin Fan's experience points skyrocketed up. Just like that, dozens of powerful beings were killed by Lin Fan. Hence, the experience points received were akin to a vast ocean.

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 7, All to One state.'

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan's mind shifted. His Paradise vibrated over it. All of the skills that he had ever cultivated shot out instantly and floated in the skies of his Paradise.

'All to One, gather!'

The so-called Divine celestial level 7, All to One state was one in which one was able to gather all the skills that he had ever cultivated in his life and fuse them together, evolving from there and evolving once more.

Just as Lin Fan was arranging all the skills he had ever learned in his lifetime, the powerful beings in the void were startled.

"This man is really vicious! To think that he would kill all of them with a single strike!"

"Just what sort of a move is he using? Demon-Slaying Sword Lord, Old Master Ru Yi and the others all seemed as though they couldn't snap out of it at all!"

"I've got no idea. However, if this guy killed all of them, that must mean that everything they possessed is with him! That's one hell of a fortune right there! This is especially so for Old Master Triple Corpse! His wealth was astounding!"

"So what if it's astounding? We might not be his match at all. This is a fella with some supreme might right there. We've got to keep our cool."

"Guys, check it out! That being of the Buddha race over there! He's reforming them!"

At this moment, Reverend Shakya was elated beyond anything else. He had not expected Lin Fan to be this kind to him, leaving him these many powerful beings to reform.

However, it would take some time for him to reform these powerful beings. After all, the inner hearts of these powerful beings were akin to a rock, firm and resolute. Even if he wanted to reform them, it would take him quite a bit of effort.

However, the methods of Lin Fan which killed all of them with a single strike was pretty startling for Reverend Shakya.

"To think that this plain looking fella would be this strong." Mu Manfeng was looking at Lin Fan in surprise as well.

Back when they were outside, he wasn't really bothered with Lin Fan at all. However, by the looks of things now, this guy seemed as though he might even be even stronger than the fella from the Buddha race!

"Things are going to get sticky this time around." Emperor Nan Gong's eyes were filled with a look of worry. There were so many powerful beings there. Even with their combined efforts, they might not really get too many benefits out of this.

Xing Wangong, Jia Yongye, and Yu Liutian frowned as their minds started going into a whirl. Given the state of things right now, if they wanted to get some treasures out of this, they might have to resort to some other methods.

At this moment, Lin Fan opened up both his eyes as they shone with a bright glint. He had grown stronger once more.

All to One… Right now, all his skills were interlinked and fused with himself. However, the most important thing for him right now were the storage rings of the powerful beings.

Even though there were some treasures in there, they were way too inferior for his liking.

Though, there were some Shengyang Pills that he was coveting right now.

"Bald monk. You can refine them, but their storage rings shall belong to me." Lin Fan did not wait for the bald monk to reply before he swept the storage rings clean immediately.

"Not bad! To think that there are 400,000,000 Shengyang Pills." Lin Fan arranged the loot and smiled out.

However, if he were to split them apart, all of these powerful beings were akin to paupers individually.

Coupled with all the treasures he had swept from the previous encounter, there were a total of 600,000,000 Shengyang Pills.

"Hais! Seems like the Utmost Being of the Ancient race is still the richest. All of those Shengyang Pills could only be counted in trillions." Lin Fan lamented. It was a pity that the Utmost Being was someone incredibly strong. One could only get lucky once, and that would be all. There wouldn't be a second time for that any longer.

'One Qi To Three Corpses.'

'Peerless Indestructible Sword Will.'

'Big Tiny Wishes.'

From these powerful beings, a number of skills popped up as well. None of these skills were really weak in terms of their grades. However, they weren't really all that important for Lin Fan.

Although, there WAS one skill that had Lin Fan's interest piqued.

'Ding…Do you wish to learn Big Tiny Wishes?'


'Big Tiny Wishes: Change one's body. A single thought can enlarge your body to encompass the entire heaven while another thought can turn you into a dust particle.'

"HAHA! Awesome! This is plain awesome!" Reverend Shakya was giving it his all to reform those powerful beings. His face was flushed red right now in exhilaration.

Even though Reverend Shakya wasn't all that weak himself, being able to reform powerful beings of this level was something that had never ever crossed his mind.

However, Reverend Shakya knew that all of his good luck right now was all thanks to this Motherfoocking Human King.

At this moment, Reverend Shakya's impression of Lin Fan was changing pretty starkly. In fact, he was starting to not mind that swollen chest of his all that much as well.

After all, if Lin Fan could revert his chest back to normalcy, Reverend Shakya would have to leave him. But if that were the case, all these affairs of reforming powerful beings would have nothing to do with him in the future any longer.

The more he thought, the more Reverend Shakya was hoping that the matter of his chest being reverted to normal would not come so swiftly.

"Finally feeling good now?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yepp. Really good." Reverend Shakya nodded his head.

"Then, can you leave me now?" Lin Fan asked again.

"No can do, nopes! This poor monk's chest has yet to be returned to normal! How can I leave?" Instantly, Reverend Shakya shook his head furiously.

Gotta be kidding him! Even if his chest returned to normal, he wouldn't want to leave! After following this Motherfoocking Human King, Reverend Shakya's luck had been improving all the while.

How long has it been only and yet, he was able to reform so many powerful beings! If he were to follow this guy for a couple of years, wouldn't he have it made by then?

"Gosh, your greed is endless." How could Lin Fan not tell of the thoughts running through Reverend Shakya's mind right now? However, he did not say anything much. Once he was out of this secret ground, he would then think of ways to shrug this guy off.

Though, the powerful beings that were hidden in the void right now were causing Lin Fan's heart to palpitate a little.

'Even if you guys don't mess with Yours Truly, it doesn't mean Yours Truly can't mess with you guys instead.'

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