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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 691 — You Too, You Too

Chapter 691: You Too, You Too

"Bald monk, you've got to be careful. This guy here is much stronger than us." Lin Fan was truly afraid that the bald monk might not be able to hold out.

Even though Reverend Shakya was pretty decent in terms of his physical body state, if Lin Fan had to compare it with himself, they were still worlds apart. If he were to be caught by that Gleaming Blood Lord, coughing out blood would probably be the least consequential outcome of it all.

"Thank you for your concern, benefactor. However, do not worry. This poor monk here has a treasure that can cause this demon to feel pressured." Reverend Shakya said with confidence.

"Holy f*ck! A treasure that can suppress this demon? Why aren't you taking it out yet?" Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy when he heard that this bald monk had a treasure of that sort! Could it be that there was a chance of tormenting this Gleaming Blood Lord to death by working with this Reverend Shakya today?

"Benefactor, this poor monk was about to take it out when you started speaking to me. No matter what, you've got to give this poor monk sometime to prepare for it." Reverend Shakya replied.

"HAHA! Suppress me? Bald monk, you've got to be dreaming! Within this world, there is nothing that can suppress me! Killing you guys is as simple as killing dogs to me!" Gleaming Blood Lord's tone was frosty. As for the treasure that this bald monk had mentioned, he did not believe in it at all.

"Gleaming Blood Lord, I'm telling you this once more. Please refer to this poor monk as Reverend Shakya. You have to know, even a Buddha has a temper. Once I'm angered, blood shall paint the skies." Reverend Shakya warned the Gleaming Blood Lord sternly once more.

"Bald monk! You better hurry up! What crap are you still spouting to him? Hurry up and take out your treasure!" Looking at how this Reverend Shakya was still yapping nonstop, Lin Fan was feeling exasperated. It was quite the miracle that he could remain alive till now given that character of his.

"Alright. Benefactor, please do not rush me. This poor monk is coming now." Reverend Shakya nodded his head.

Instantly, Reverend Shakya placed his palms together in prayer and revealed a compassionate and solemn look.

"The world of Buddha's Land shall purify the masses. May I turn into a Buddha and bring might to all celestial beings!"

A bright radiant Buddha light shone out like a banner as it descended down the back of Reverend Shakya. This light spread out in all directions as a Buddha's Land floated up from Reverend Shakya's back.

Heavenly petals were dropping out from all directions as the floor was filled with golden lotuses. The sound of a Buddha was akin to heavenly music. Buddhist dragons, Arhats, and all sorts of phenomenon were appearing around the vicinity of the Buddha's Land.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, his heart shuddered momentarily. To think that Reverend Shakya would have such methods as well. Indeed, this guy did have some capabilities to him after all.

"Just how many Ancient race beings has this bald monk reformed?"

The only thing Lin Fan could see within the Buddha's Land was that it was cramped with those vile Ancient race beings. All of these evil Ancient race beings were seated cross-legged with a benevolent look on their faces. Chanting sutras along the way, golden lights of faith were emanated out. As though they were being guided somewhere, they all floated up into the skies of the Paradise.

Within the skies of this Paradise, a single bead of Sarira that possessed a boundless amount of solemnity to it churned repeatedly.

As these Sariras received the power of prayers, an illusory figure of a Buddha appeared with a solemn look on his face. He was flickering as he gradually materialized. As he chanted out his Buddhist sutras, golden scriptures began to float out of his mouth, filling up the entire world.

"The Dragon Elephant Buddha!" The moment the Gleaming Blood Lord caught sight of that illusory figure, his face turned extremely venomous.

The Gleaming Blood Lord would never forget this damned monk in his entire life.

If not for this damned monk, the blood sea within his body would not have dried up into nothingness, and neither would he be in the state he was today. The hatred within him burnt furiously as the boundless rage coiled itself around his heart.

Back then, the three Buddhas had joined forces together to suppress the Gleaming Blood Lord. Amongst them, the Dragon Elephant Buddha sacrificed himself and converted into a boundless amount of supreme might that caused the blood sea of the Gleaming Blood Lord to dry up entirely.

Ever since then, the power level of the Gleaming Blood Lord had depleted to its lowest point. In fact, it was so bad that his entire soul was almost devastated as he disappeared from the world ever since.

If not for the fact that he met with the Utmost Being, Saint, later on, he might have truly just died right there.

However, even now that a thousand years had passed, the Gleaming Blood Lord had yet to recover from his injuries fully. That blood sea of his that was dried up is only now a mere 10% of its peak capacity.

If this weren't the case, he would have long entered Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state, instead of being where he was right now.

"Bald monk, not bad, eh? To think that you would have such techniques." The power of Buddha that was being emitted out by the Sarira was causing Lin Fan to get some slight jitters in fact. What a formidable power of Buddha that was!

The moment Reverend Shakya heard the words of Lin Fan, his heart leaped with joy as he pursed his lips, trying to contain that smile of pride.

"Benefactor, this is the Sarira of the Dragon Elephant Buddha. This contains all of his essence within, and can contain all the demons of this world. Even though this Gleaming Blood Lord may be strong, he would be restricted under this Sarira still!"

"This, coupled with all the Ancient race beings that this poor monk has reformed, would generate a suppressive power that's more than enough to let the Gleaming Blood Lord take quite a mouthful."

Reverend Shakya was bursting with confidence right now. Showcasing a treasure of such quality, how could it not shock everyone around?

And furthermore, he had managed to brag a little before Benefactor Lin. This was something absolutely pleasurable for him.

"Alright. Let's go then!" Lin Fan could feel the powers of the Gleaming Blood Lord being reduced quite significantly. As such, he was filled with confidence in his heart right now.

Bloody hell! He was almost walloped into a dead dog earlier on. Time to get some revenge for himself now!

"Bald monk, I'll have you dead!" Meeting with his foe had him additionally incensed. This time around, the Gleaming Blood Lord was truly going berserk.

Turning into a long streak of light, the Gleaming Blood Lord burst forth towards Reverend Shakya.

As for Lin Fan, there was no way he could give Gleaming Blood Lord that opportunity. With So Near, Yet So Fear, he crossed a hundred miles instantly as he appeared behind the Gleaming Blood Lord straight away.

Lin Fan slammed out with his fist that took on many forms.

A palm.

A finger.

A chop.

The changes were continuous as all sorts of Skill Spirits were being channeled out.

"Gleaming Blood Lord! Eat the strongest move of Yours Truly!" Lin Fan's aura was radiant right now and way more encompassing than before. Throwing out a single punch, the entire world started breaking apart as this powerful force tugged the void along. In fact, a single punch like this could shatter a world by itself.

"Evil demon! This poor monk shall accord you with a cleansing Buddha fist! Do receive it properly!" The face of Reverend Shakya was compassionate right now as millions of Buddhas swiveled around the knuckles of that fist he just sent out.

"Both of you are courting death!!!" The Gleaming Blood Lord roared out as a limitless amount of Blood Qi began to rumble out.

Just as that fist of Reverend Shakya was about to make contact with the body of the Gleaming Blood Lord, Reverend Shakya's expression tensed up all the more. The fist suddenly transformed into two fingers that changed their directions.

"Angered Buddha's Eye Pokers!"

"F*ck! Bald monk! You're really way too sinister!" Looking at how the attack methods of the bald monk had changed suddenly, Lin Fan was stunned for a moment. However, when he saw how the attacks were directed towards the eyes of the Gleaming Blood Lord, he started chuckling out as well.

"Benefactor, you too, you too!" Reverend Shakya turned over to Lin Fan. He was thoroughly impressed with that low blow that Lin Fan had just pulled off as well.


The combined attacks of these two men had the Gleaming Blood Lord wailing out. A strong surge of energy repelled both Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya away.

This tremendous amount of energy found itself infiltrating the bodies of Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya.

"Bald monk! Even though this is the repressed Gleaming Blood Lord, he is still pretty horrifying!" Lin Fan warned out cautiously as his lips were now dirtied with his blood.

"That's right! However, I've got to say that the move you've just deployed was simply way too fabulous, benefactor! To think that it would deal such immense damage to the Gleaming Blood Lord!" Reverend Shakya was stunned by how tragic the Gleaming Blood Lord looked right now.

"Hoho… That goes without saying. This is a skill that can create the Heavens itself, one which possesses the Dao of the world. No matter who it is, there is no way they'll be able to endure something like this." The moment this Twisting Heaven and Earth of Lin Fan was deployed, it would bring forth with it an incredible amount of mysterious powers.

"Damn it. DAMN IT!!!" At this moment, the Gleaming Blood Lord was blinded in both eyes while his groin area was being consumed by pain.

"Gleaming Blood Lord, you've lost completely. There is no way you can defend against this Twisting Heaven and Earth from Yours Truly. Anyone who is struck by it shall suffer a pain so deadly there's no way you can even describe it. If you've got any last words, now's the time to say them." Lin Fan was filled with confidence towards this move of his. Even if Spirit of Biggra had no use, there was no way Twisting Heaven and Earth could be blocked against.

"D-DESPICABLE FELLA…!" The Gleaming Blood Lord croaked out hoarsely.

Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya exchanged knowing looks at one another and sniggered out, "You too, you too…!"

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