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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 920: Complete Oppression

Chapter 920: Complete Oppression

Lin Fan challenging the entire Disciplinary Hall alone was something that no one from the Thunder Sect could have possibly imagined. And right now, four of the Vice Hall Masters had all been taken down by Lin Fan, leaving Lei Kuanglong alone.

Lei Kuanglong's aura was torrential, and that Thunder City of his was even more bedazzling, with lightning flashing out all over in a berserk manner. Right now, he was truly angered. To think that a mere unaffiliated disciple would be causing so much of a ruckus here. Where was he to put his dignity in the future?

"Holy Master, who do you think will stand victorious between Lei Ming and Lei Kuanglong?" Qingxuan asked. Right now, the situation had gone way beyond her imagination. Everything was so surreal that it seemed unbelievable.

"It's hard to say. However, Lei Kuanglong should stand a greater chance. After all, that Thunder City is a treasure that was gifted down by Old Master Thunder. Even I do not have any confidence of breaking through the defenses of that Thunder City. If Lei Kuanglong were to fuse together with the Thunder City, he would be in a state of invincibility. As long as he expends all of Lei Ming's powers at that point, the outcome of the fight will be clear." The Holy Master said in a soft voice.

For her, no matter who won the fight out of the two, it would be a good thing.

As long as she could grasp the depths of Lei Kuanglong's strength properly, she could naturally have an easier time planning how to deal with him in the future.

"Lei Ming, kneel down and I shall spare your life." Lei Kuanglong's voice was authoritative as his entire body was coiled with lightning. It was as though a supreme God of Thunder had just descended upon the world, bringing forth fear among the masses.

When Lin Fan took a look at this Lei Kuanglong and felt displeased momentarily. Was this guy retarded or something? To think that he would still put on an act at a moment like this? Seemed like there was no way Lin Fan could let him off without subduing him a little.

"Lei Kuanglong! YOU kneel down, and I can promise not to whack your face." Lin Fan chuckled out and curled his finger while saying.


Hearing this, Lei Kuanglong burst out into an enraged roar as his body turned into a streak of lightning that tore through the void. With the power of thunder surging through his entire body, he slammed out at Lin Fan with a punch.

The entire void was filled with thunder and lightning. Every single disciple of the Thunder Sect could feel the amount of power that those punches possessed and they felt their hearts skipping a beat. They knew that Lei Kuanglong had gone completely crazy, and if they were to be touched by even a single bit of this power of thunder which possessed such devastating strength, they would most likely be destroyed along with the area around them.

But, Lin Fan was neither panicked nor fazed as he casually threw out a single punch. The way this punch traveled was extremely mysterious; even though it moved in a straight line, there was no way anyone could dodge it.


Causing everything in its path to wither, Lin Fan suppressed down everything in front of him. While Lei Kuanglong's strength was indeed pretty strong, in his eyes, the latter was still way too weak.

In the next instant, the body of Lei Kuanglong exploded.

"To think that it's just a Thunder Clone. Now that's interesting."

Lin Fan took down Lei Kuanglong with a single fist. But, he hadn't expected for this to be a mere clone.

Right now, the masses were completely astounded by everything before them. Within the entire Thunder Sect, Lei Kuanglong's strength was practically among the top. But, to think that the strength of this Lei Ming would be THIS frightening as well!

He took down the Thunder Clone of Lei Kuanglong with just a single punch! Not only that, he didn't even seemed to have broken a sweat in doing so!

"Lei Ming, you will not be able to win against Your Hall Master in this battle. With my true body infused into the Thunder City, other than the Old Master Thunder, there's no one who will be able to kill Your Hall Master in this world! Even if your strength is formidable, it's all useless!"

The might of Lei Kuanglong reigned down across the world as everything behind him transformed into a World of Thunder. With every single word he spoke, the entire world quivered as he wielded control over the thunder.

"The Thunder City is a treasure crafted out by the Old Master Thunder himself, and can adjust the entire world such that he can make use of all the Power of Thunder to boost his own body! For Lei Kuanglong to be in possession of such a treasure has already placed him at a state of being unmatched in this world! No matter how strong the cultivation state of one might be, they might not even be a match for him!"

When the Holy Master caught sight of the Thunder City that was up in the void right now, her eyes shone with a slight tinge of envy. She did not know why the Old Master Thunder would have such high regard for Lei Kuanglong. If only she was the one who had gotten her hands on this treasure, she would have been able to use her martial arts mystic skills to refine her entire body with it. At that time, even if she wanted to advance to the Immemorial Ancient state, that wouldn't be something impossible either.

"Lei Kuanglong, you're still far too weak."

Lin Fan laughed out calmly as he strode forth and exploded with a fearsome might. A repressive pressure burst forth in all directions, converging towards Lei Kuanglong. That formidable power had the latter feeling as though a boundless might was pressuring down on his body, making him spit out a mouthful of blood.

"How could this be?"

Lei Kuanglong's face was at a shock, unable to believe everything before his eyes right now.

"Damn it! Everything I'm going to do is all because you forced me to!" Lei Kuanglong roared out. Evidently, he hadn't expected Lei Ming's strength to be at this level.

Some of the surrounding disciples felt their hearts skip a beat as well. Obviously, they too hadn't expected Lei Ming's strength to be formidable to such an extent!

Back in the past when he was amongst the unaffiliated disciples, he was just silent and did not make a name for himself. But right now, he had arrived at the Disciplinary Hall with an imposing might, and was forcing Lei Kuanglong to his wits end!

This was simply way too horrifying.

At this moment, the Thunder City started shaking. The Power of Thunder within spread out and filled the entire sky, causing boundless thunderbolts to explode out within the void.

The Weapon Spirit of the Thunder City was at the Supreme state full cultivation level. In fact, it was even close to being at the Immemorial Ancient state lower level!

This power that was emanated out could only be described with the word 'terrifying'.

As the boundless Power of Thunder covered the sky and the world, the normal disciples could only tremble and shiver under its might. They had an urge to bow down in the face of this.

When this power burst forth, it was enough to suppress all demons and devils within the world. This was something that could even challenge the might of the gods and have them suppressed.

"Indeed, that's a pretty good treasure." Lin Fan looked at the Thunder City carefully. This was a treasure crafted out by the Old Master Thunder himself, and was infused with the power of the Thunder race's bloodline. Every single level of power had an additional pressure brought forth by the bloodline's powers.

At this moment, Lei Kuanglong was just like a God of Thunder that was in control of all the thunderbolts. His mighty presence shone out with a brilliant radiance that pierced through the entire sky.


Lei Kuanglong roared out as the furious might of the thunder rumbled. The Thunder City even exploded out as it crashed down from the sky and was bent on taking down Lin Fan entirely.

As the pressure that was being exerted up above got stronger, some of the surrounding disciples naturally started retreating. Under this formidable might, they truly had no way of holding out any longer. They even had a feeling that their entire body's powers were flowing out of their bodies.

As for Lin Fan, he just stood there calmly and observed the plummeting Thunder City on their faces. His robes floated out with the wind as his long hair danced as well. A series of lightning burst forth from his body; then he raised his arm up and spread open his palms, grabbing out at that Thunder City.

"Courting death!" Lei Kuanglong roared out.


Lin Fan grabbed that Thunder City, causing the berserk Power of Thunder within it to struggle furiously. However, against him, there was nothing it could do at all.

"How could this be?!" Lei Kuanglong was alarmed as though he had just seen a ghost.

"Huehue. Seems like that's all you can amount to. Although, this treasure is pretty decent. I'll borrow and use it first then!" Lin Fan chuckled while saying.


Lei Kuanglong was burning with rage, "To think that this b*stard would want to steal away my Thunder City! Today, I'll let you know the true meaning of horror!"


Lei Kuanglong opened his mouth widely as countless Shengyang Pills poured out of it before turning into a continuous stream of energy that surged right into the Thunder City.

With one billion Shengyang Pills, he unleashed all the berserk powers within the Thunder City.

When all the Hall Masters of the various Halls looked at everything that was unfolding, they revealed looks of utter shock. To think that Lei Kuanglong would have gone all out to unleash the powers of the Thunder City!

With the berserk unleashing, the power that burst forth was unusually horrifying.

"Back off, everyone! The berserk power that's unleashed by the Thunder City will engulf the entire Thunder Sect!" The Holy Master yelled out and enveloped Qingxuan within her aura before making a run for it.

As for the other disciples, how could they dare to linger any longer? They ran away almost immediately.

"Huehue. A billion Shengyang Pills? That's way too little. But, I suppose for someone like you, that should be considered quite a lot, right?" Lin Fan laughed out indifferently, totally unbothered with this in the least bit.

Even though the strength of this Lei Kuanglong was pretty decent, his foundation was simply way too shallow. Those billion Shengyang Pills might probably even be his entire family fortune.

If he were the one on the attacking end, he would be spending Shengyang Pills in the 'trillions' range. Compared to him, the amount of Shengyang Pills that this Lei Kuanglong had was simply way too pathetically little.


At this moment, Lin Fan slightly used some strength, causing all the powers within his body to rumble out furiously. In the blink of an eye, he suppressed the power that was sent forth from the Thunder City entirely.

"Lei Kuanglong, it's all over now. From this day forth, the Disciplinary Hall shall be under the governance of me, Lei Ming!"

Lin Fan's eyes shone with a series of godly glint as he slammed out with his fist and forced the entire void into exploding. With that single slam of his fist, all the Power of Thunder around Lei Kuanglong was destroyed entirely.


Lei Kuanglong opened his mouth wide and spat out a mouthful of blood as his eyes shone with fright.


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