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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 921: Do Something Real Big

Chapter 921: Do Something Real Big

"There's nothing that's impossible. Well, it's not as though you could possibly block a punch that's the size of a sandbag."

Lin Fan walked up ahead with a carefree expression on his face. It was as though the duel earlier on was nothing but a warm up for him.

"Has he already lost?"

All of the disciples who were busy running off realized that it hadn't been long since they had started running. But, when they turned their heads around, all of them could only watch with their jaws agape as their eyeballs nearly popped out.

Lei Kuanglong lost?

Bloody hell! This was some big sh*t now!

The Holy Master came to a stop, and so did the other people from the other Halls. All of them stood up in the void and looked at that absolutely unbelievable figure right there with a dumbfounded expression.

Lei Ming won? He took down Lei Kuanglong?! This was not a dream…right?

This was especially the case for the Holy Master, whose tongue was entirely tangled right now. She hadn't expected that Lei Ming would have won!

But, Lei Kuanglong was someone who possessed the Thunder City! This Thunder City was a treasure crafted out by the Old Master Thunder himself! To think that Lei Ming could take down the Thunder City along with him! How could anyone believe this?

"My young Little Brother Kuanglong, how does it feel right now?"

Lin Fan stood before Lei Kuanglong and chuckled out softly. However, in the latter's eyes, that laughter was nothing more than mockery.

"Damn it…!" Lei Kuanglong's voice was hoarse as he roared out. That fist from the other party earlier on clearly did not pack that much of a power to it! But, there was no way of dodging it at all! Everything that had happened was entirely within the control of the other party!

"So, the Disciplinary Hall is going to belong to me, Lei Ming, from now on forth. As for you? You can go elsewhere to play now. However, if you can't bear to leave this place, I suppose we have room for someone to do some odd jobs here and there." Lin Fan said.

"Oh, this Thunder City seems pretty interesting though. However, there's not much use to it." The Thunder City that was in Lin Fan's hands had long been subdued by him. The Thunder Pool within was pretty decent. However, Lin Fan did not have much use for it.

Something to cultivate one's body? Lin Fan's physical body had long reached the Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state. What was there to cultivate anymore?

"RETURN THE THUNDER CITY TO ME!" Lei Kuanglong howled out. That Thunder City represented everything about him. If he did not have the Thunder City, there would be a huge dip in his powers. From now on forth, there would be no chance of him making a comeback any longer.

"Do you want it?" Lin Fan dangled the Thunder City before Lei Kuanglong's eyes and tempted him with it, who looked at him with bloodshot eyes. He could not help but stretch out his hand to try and grab it. However, he caught nothing but air.

"If you want it, say it. But, you can't get violent now!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"What do you want from me!?" Lei Kuanglong seethed through gritted teeth. If looks could kill, Lei Kuanglong would have already killed Lin Fan thousands of times over by now.

"It's nothing much. All I am asking you is whether you admit defeat or not." Right now, Lin Fan wanted to suppress that haughty heart of Lei Kuanglong entirely.

Lei Kuanglong lowered his head with an extremely grim expression. He would absolutely not say something as humiliating as such.

"Seems like you're not going to admit defeat, eh? Since that's the case, this Thunder City… Hmm, I guess I'll just have to give it away." Lin Fan chuckled before turning around to the masses who were spectating, "Anyone out there who wants to get their hands on this Thunder City? All they have to do is say that they acknowledge my strength, and I'll give you this toy then!"


"So what? We're all from the Thunder race. Does it matter whose hands it is in as long as it's within the Thunder race? How now? If you refuse to acknowledge my strength and admit defeat, this Thunder City will just have to belong to someone else who would." Lin Fan replied.

This offer of Lin Fan had many people feeling itchy in their hearts.

Naturally, the Holy Master of the Holy Thunder Hall could not say out something as such. But on the other hand, Qingxuan, who was beside her, spoke up, "Hall Master Lei Ming, I acknowledge."

"Oh, see! Someone's acknowledging my strength!" Lin Fan smiled out.

Following tightly after Qingxuan was a series of shouts from various other Hall Masters, "Hall Master Lei Ming, I acknowledge your strength too!"

"Me too! Please give that Thunder City over to me!"

As long as it was someone from the Thunder race, there couldn't be anyone who could possibly not want to get their hands on the Thunder City. And now that Lei Kuanglong had been suppressed by Lin Fan, there were even more disciples of the Thunder race who were no longer fearful of his might.

With such a treasure right here, wouldn't they be silly if they gave up on it?

At this moment, Lei Kuanglong was entirely incensed, "LEI MING! YOU'D DARE…?"

Lin Fan could only laugh out coldly before turning his body around, "Why wouldn't I dare to?"

When Lei Kuanglong caught sight of that figure of his, he truly felt a sense of defeat. He mustn't lose that Thunder City; if he lost it, everything would be over.

"I admit defeat." Lei Kuanglong growled out in a low ruff as though he was venting out all the frustration in his heart.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he smirked out and tossed the Thunder City back into the embrace of Lei Kuanglong.

The moment Lin Fan got his hands on this treasure, he had already noticed that there was the presence of the Old Master Thunder's imprint within it. If he were to forcefully snatch it over and wipe away the imprint of the Old Master Thunder, it would naturally raise the suspicion of the Old Master Thunder. At the same time, Lin Fan would have no use for this treasure.

As the Old Master Thunder was not appearing just yet, it must mean that he was just observing how everything would develop. If Lin Fan were to go overboard, it might be probable that the Old Master Thunder might descend himself because of that.

At this moment when Lei Kuanglong received the Thunder City in his embrace, his face was filled with relief. As long as the Thunder City was in his hands, he felt at ease.


Lin Fan reared his head and laughed out wildly before stomping down on Lei Kuanglong's face and walking by him.

"From now on forth, I, Lei Ming, shall be in charge of the Disciplinary Hall! If anyone wishes to join the Disciplinary Hall, you've got to seize this rare opportunity right now! Tomorrow, Your Hall Master shall personally take a team out to go train outside. This is an opportunity not to be missed! If you miss it, it's not coming again!"


Being stomped down by Lin Fan had Lei Kuanglong's heart surging with flames of indignance. However, at the same time, he knew that he was no match for the other party. Therefore, he could only endure silently.

That tyrannical behavior of Lin Fan on the other hand shocked all the disciples who were present.

This was especially the case for the Holy Master, who hadn't expected Lei Ming to suddenly take on the seat of the Hall Master of the Disciplinary Hall with such lightning fast speed that no one could ever have hoped to prepare for!

All the original disciples of the Disciplinary Hall yelled out in a high voice, "Welcome to Hall Master Lei Ming!"

For them, it didn't matter who the Hall Master was. As long as there was someone who could bring them out and about to put on an act and carry them in life, that was all they needed.

And now that this Lei Kuanglong had been defeated, all it meant was that the strength of the new Hall Master was even more formidable. From now on forth, which other Hall would dare to bully them within the Thunder Sect?

And, the fact that the new Hall Master said that he was going to take them out personally the next day had them feeling even more emotional.

While they had gone out for training back when they joined the Disciplinary Hall, most of the time, it would be something they did on their own.

This Lei Kuanglong had just been cultivating in seclusion the entire time. And, the other Vice Hall Masters did not take them for something either. Who in the world would bring them out to show off some might to the rest?

This single gesture of Lin Fan had attracted the affection of the masses.

This new Hall Master was pretty nice!

All the masses of the other Halls felt their hearts skip a beat. This Lei Kuanglong was someone tricky to deal with to begin with. But, to think that this newly minted Hall Master would be even more troublesome!

How else were they going to lead their lives from now on?

Lin Fan was too lazy to compete with the other Halls. As long as he could bring those from the Disciplinary Hall out to create a mess, that would be more than enough.

Tomorrow, he was going to do something real big.

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