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The Wizard World (Web Novel) - Chapter 593: Opportunity (2)

Chapter 593: Opportunity (2)

Time passed. Yun Song closed his eyes and opened them agai, and the red light quickly disappeared.

"I'm still alive?" He raised his hand and gripped forward. "Such a young body… I made the right decision to send part of my soul into this body…"

He shook his head and straightened his back. The bones inside his body made some strange sounds.

"I'm Yun Song and Angele Fenrir Rio… I should just call myself Yun Song and fit into his life before I get everything sorted out, but his body is way too weak…" Angele was hit in the back by the old woman and the only thing he could do was turn himself into a crossguard sword. He sent out a part of his soul to find a new body for himself—he would be able to wake up his own body by sending the soul back.

"My own body is severely injured and all my life masks were destroyed… Other sealed forms would already be dead…" he muttered in a serious tone as he checked his back. He found a large purple birthmark on the back, but it was actually a wound that was reflected on his new body.

The painting was destroyed and the dimension separated. Angele had to destroy two of the strongest magic devices he had had to fight back. The old monster was slightly injured but she still hit Angele hard in the back. He felt like he was hit by a train because the injured monster's blood splashed on his back.

"Well, at least I didn't explore the tunnel for nothing…" Angele rubbed the birthmark on his back.

"The blood of the monster already became part of my soul. After my wound is healed, I can try to break the limit with the blood and become an ancestor of the origin."

Closing his eyes, he recalled the moment he saw the old monster's head leaving its neck. The dimension waves were infused with a strange forcefield when that happened; it felt like the force field had the power of numerous realms.

"Maybe this is my opportunity…"

He inhaled deeply, turned around, and walked to the cliff. He started moving down the cliff using the rope used by Yun Song.

His movements were fast and smooth. Angele had no problem using the robe and the hook. He knew where he should throw the hook at.

About two hours later, he successfully climbed down the mountain and landed in the forest.

'This body has never meditated; Yun Song trained himself as a knight. He only knew the basics…' Angele could still use his biochip—there were blue light dots flashing in front of his eyes.

'I need to start over from scratch, however, it won't take me too long. Maybe I need around three years to get all my power back…' Angele checked his body condition quickly.

Yun Song had the same power level as a knight apprentice; in other words, he would be just stronger than a mortal if he was in the wizard world.

'Zero, check the knowledge of Yun Song for me.'

'Task created…

'Retrieving memory…

'General data: 1. Basic Social Skills. 2. Basic Math Skills. 3. Basic Fitness. 3. Night Monkey Fist, Snake Palm, and Wavy Footwork.

'Analyzing memory… Categorizing data…

'Yun Song, Angele Fenrir Rio. Strength, 1.1. Agility, 1.2. Stamina 2.0. Mentality 1.1. Mana 0. Gene limit not reached. Healthy.'

Angele hesitated after checking the data.

'Categorize his combat skills and show me the levels.'


The detailed information of Night Monkey Fist, Snake Palm, and Wavy Footwork was quickly displayed in his sight.

"Huh? Interesting…" Angele was surprised by the skills. They looked way different from the skills the knights in the wizard world had.

In the wizard world, the knights all had a similar set of basic combat skills; the only difference was that they had their own special skills.

However, the three combat skills Yun Song knew was a complete set of skills. He needed to learn the basics first if he wanted to proceed further, which meant that the skills he knew were better than the basic combat skills in the wizard world.

'Chinese Kung Fu… A good set of skills with a decent learning curve…' Once Angele checked the information on the three skills, he was impressed.

"My soul is still strong, but there are no energy particles here. I have to rely on my bloodline if I want to cast a spell. It's just not worth it. I should probably practice the skills here so I can fit into the environment."

Angele wanted to make sure that the realm guardian of this realm could not find him. He needed to recover from his injury and break through his limit.

'With the energy from the negative emotions, I don't need to do anything and my soul will recover in three years. I can use this time to learn more about this realm…'

Raising his head, he looked at the sky and found a silver star among the clouds.

'I should just practice the Kung Fu skills he had… I'm severely injured and just like a mortal in this body…'

Although Angele recovered his soul power, he should not waste his bloodline power on other things. He needed the bloodline power to fix his body.

He took over Yun Song's body, but nothing really changed.

Yun Song's attributes did not change; a strong soul of a sealed form that was hundred years old controlled his body, but that was it.

Angele's advantage was still the biochip—the upgraded biochip was strengthened as Angele progressed. It would help him fit into this world.

After making up his mind, Angele took out a map from a leather pouch on his belt. He checked it and rushed into the forest.


Several days later…

In a small city by the edge of the forest.

It was a small city called Lin Hai; the buildings in the city looked old. The tallest buildings had more than ten levels and were the symbols of the city.

There was a long river around the city—probably an old city moat.

Cars and motorcycles were moving among the buildings. Although the former had different colors, their surface was all covered with things that looked like blue veins.

Only some of the luxury vehicles were covered with red veins.

By a middle school that was far from the downtown, there was barely anyone walking on the street. A Kung Fu dojo was built by the middle school; the place was quiet.

The entrance of the dojo was supported by two red pillars; there was a stone sign hanging on top of it. The words on the stone sign meant "Ultimate Training".

The black wooden gate was half open and there was a training platform behind it. The platform was covered with grass and illuminated by the bright sunlight.


A blue taxi slowly stopped in front of the dojo. The door of the vehicle was pushed open and a young man quickly got off. He paid the driver in cash, looked at the broken sign over the entrance of the dojo, and sighed.

The man was around 20 years old. However, he looked younger than he should. Also, the young man looked a bit different—there was determination in his eyes.

He was wearing a white sports outfit and a pair of white snickers. He looked like a normal student with the white backpack on his back. The yellow stains on the backpack indicated that the backpack was old.

"Finally, I'm back…" Angele sighed. He was still in Yun Song's body. The young man had a below-average face and the furrowed brow made his looks even worse.

The owner of the snack vendor on the right looked at Angele and asked, "Yun, you're back. Were you traveling again? Where did you go?"

"I visited the Triangle Hill, it's not far from here. How's your business, Ma?"

"Not bad. The students are on holiday right now, so…"

The owner of the snack vendor told Angele how hard his life had been. The conversation lasted for a while.

He finally entered the dojo. There were some small houses around the training platform; each had three rooms.

Angele saw a man with a pair of big blue eyes who was practicing fist skills in the shadow.

The man had short black hair and his muscular body was covered with sweat. Although his face was average-looking, the man still looked wild and strong.

He was practicing the Night Monkey Fist, which Yun Song also practiced. The man's fist skills were powerful but slow. It was obvious that the man had a different fighting style than Yun Song. He was standing steadily on the ground in a special position.

"Senior Brother!" Angele quickly stepped forward and greeted the man.

The man raised his hands and exhaled slowly. It almost felt like his body was steaming.

"Yun, you're finally back. Your sister and Nian were looking for you. Also, there were soldiers here several days ago. I think the man you fought with called the police."

Angele made it look like that he was sorry.

"It's my own fault. I know our teacher is cleaning up the mess for me again…"

He knew that the senior brother and the other members of the dojo treated him very well. Although Yun Song was not talented, he knew that he needed to pay them back one day.

The name of the senior brother was Xiulin Li. He always had a blank expression on the face, but he would take care of every member of the dojo.

"Yeah, think twice before you do things. Officer Chen is a friend of our teacher; otherwise, it would be a big problem. Everything was handled yesterday, just be careful the next time."

"I understand, Senior Brother." Angele nodded.

"Where are the other members? Where's the teacher? Are they in the training room?"

The training room was the dojo's main source of income. People who liked Kung Fu would pay to train here. They could also enroll in the basic Kung Fu classes.

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