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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 640 — Beats Them At Their Own Game, And Exterminates to the Last Man!

Chapter 640: Beats Them At Their Own Game, And Exterminates to the Last Man!

Ou Du Xiao became so angry that it seemed as if blood would come out of his eyes, "You damned son of a bitch! I'll execute you right now!"

He pulled his sword out to attack as soon as he was done speaking.

"Stop!" Ou Cheng Wu extended his hand, and stopped his son. Then, he said with an evil laughter, "Minister Chu, your schemes are very deep! You're at your last moments, and you still want to die with a content heart? How can things be so convenient?"

Ou Du Xiao immediately regained his composure. He then clenched his teeth and said, "Chu Yang, I'll make your life worse than death! I want you to go down to the 18th layer of hell. And, I want you to stay there for eternity so that you can repent for all the sins that you've committed."

Chu Yang couldn't help but burst into laughter, "You hate me so much… So, why don't you come over, and catch me without wasting time? What is the use of standing so far away from me? Could it be that you want to make my life worse than death by using only your words?"

Ou Cheng Wu chuckled, "Minister Chu, I admit that you have great wisdom. Your eloquence is exceptional as well. However, you're trapped like a turtle in a jar now. Do you still think that you can escape?"

Chu Yang indifferently said, "Keep in mind… You mustn't… praise the day before sunset…"

"But, you won't live to see the sunset!" Ou Cheng Wu ferociously said, "I know that you're vigilant. I know that you're sly. Therefore, how could I have dared to use excessive poison? This reckless poison can make one lose their mobility, but it's making you fight like a trapped beast at this moment. However, it'll show its real effect after a quarter-of-an-hour!

"This poison has the potency to make a person lose their mobility on the spot. But, I had made discretionary reductions in the amount of poison in this dose. I had done so because I was afraid that you might notice it," Ou Cheng Wu sneered, "But, it'll take effect in fifteen minutes. And then, your entire body will turn limp. So, why should we take risks?

"Moreover, your reinforcements are thousands of miles away at present. So, they can't rush here by any means," Ou Cheng Wu said with an evil smile, "King of Hell Chu… you're doomed!"

Chu Yang angrily glared at him, "You…!"

"Ha ha ha…" Ou Cheng Wu looked up to the sky, and pleasantly laughed, "King of Hell Chu, accept your fate!"

Chu Yang was gasping for breath with sounds of heavy breathing. He tried to take support in order to stand up. But, he rose to halfway, and then sat down again. He then said with a grieved smile, "It's no use…!"

Then, he closed his eyes!

Ou Cheng Wu and the others still surrounded him. However, they didn't act. It was clear that they wouldn't attack him before it was time. After all, they couldn't allow this hateful King of Hell Chu to counter-attack at the time of death. And, that's because they want him to shed even a single extra drop of blood of the Ou Clan's people!

Fifteen minutes passed…

Chu Yang's vitality had become increasingly worse. And, there were faint traces of sweat on his forehead.

"Waiting for death is very unpleasant, isn't it? Ha ha ha…" Ou Du Xiao wildly laughed, "Brother Chu, get ready to come with us. Let this little brother entertain you properly, and repay you for your big favor on my Ou Clan!"

He had clenched his teeth while speaking the last few words. But, every word had squeezed out one by one from the gap between his teeth.

Chu Yang weakly opened his eyes, and looked at Ou Du Xiao disdainfully, "Ou Du Xiao, you and the Xie Clan had the same chances of having good or bad fortune. But, do you know why I hadn't gone against them instead? It's because your Ou Clan was blinded by greed. It was avaricious and insatiable. It was despicable and shameless. You people are filthy and low class. We all know whose is at fault here."

Ou Du Xiao became angry and said, "Death is near at hand, but you still aren't ready to admit your sins… Go and capture him for me."

It was clear that Chu Yang didn't have the least bit of ability to move. But, Ou Du Xiao still didn't dare to take any risk himself.

After all, King of Hell Chu was renowned for being extremely vicious… Who could dare to take him lightly?

More than twenty experts orderly crowded around with Chu Yang in the center as soon as the order was issued. Everyone wanted to capture King of Hell Chu in order to do a great service for the clan. Therefore, each one of them had an eager and cruel expression in their eyes.

Over twenty experts threw themselves at him at the same time.

Ou Cheng Wu closed his eyes and muttered, "All the ancestors from all generations… the great hatred of the Ou Clan is finally going to be recompensed today!"

Ou Du Xiao slightly tilted his head. And, two lines of teardrops streamed down his eyes. He then loudly roared, "Catch him. I'll chop his head with my own hands. Then, I'll take out his internal organs, and offer them as sacrifice to the spirits of the eight-thousand martyrs of my Ou Clan!"

But then, an indifferent voice suddenly said, "One ray of cold light… pierces ten-thousand fathoms!"

The voice was indifferent. However, it still had a majestic killing intention in it.

A radiant sword-light suddenly and ferociously broke out from the center of the crowd along with this sound. It looked as if the dazzling radiance of the ardent sun had blossomed on this flat ground!

Ou Cheng Wu and Ou Di Xiao - both father and the son were startled by this. And, their attention got fixed at this scene as result. They couldn't help but stare in hate.

Screams echoed all around. And, a loud 'clang' also resounded.

Then, the entire ground turned into a sea of blood before their eyes!

Every single expert that had rushed forth was killed. Their dismembered limbs were sent flying in all the directions. Even the weapons on their waists were no exception. They were also snapped in two.

These people had gotten too close to Chu Yang. In fact, they had reached to a distance of just ten feet away from him. Moving to such a close distance in front of such a peerless sword move of the Nine Tribulations Sword was equal to throwing their lives away! After all, the Nine Tribulations Sword was the sharpest sword in the world.

They had effortlessly thrown their lives away!

Only the King Level Expert who had been rushing ahead of everyone had clearly seen that… Chu Yang had suddenly straightened up even though he had been wearily sitting cross-legged on the ground. Then, a sword-light had burst out from his palm. And, ten-thousand sword-beams had mystically erupted from that sword-light afterwards!

It had seemed as if a volcano had suddenly erupted. It had been a magical and frightening scene!

But, that King Level Expert's thoughts had stopped here!

"What harm is there… in slaughtering the entire world…" a dragon-like sword-light was issued along with this recitation. It streaked across the legs of dumbfounded Ou Cheng Wu like a meteor, and then disappeared with a 'clang' sound!

Ou Cheng Wu let out a cry. His legs were separated from his body, and he fell on the ground with a splashing sound. However, he was still looking at the scene with a look of disbelief in his eyes… as if he wasn't feeling the pain in his own body.

The dismembered bodies and limbs were littered in a gory mess in the field.

Meanwhile, Chu Yang straightened his back and stood up with a cultured and gentle expression on his face. His eyes looked bright as he looked at Ou Cheng Wu with a smile on his face, "Clan Lord Ou, you look surprised!"

The present Chu Yang seemed to be bursting with energy. Where had his previous 'about-to-die' appearance gone to?

Blood was flowing like a spring from the lower half of Ou Cheng Wu's body. And, his face looked like dying embers. He was in a daze… His lips were opening and closing, but not even half-a-word had come out of his mouth. Also, there was a look of despair in his eyes.

The more-than-twenty remaining experts of the Ou Clan had been wiped out by King of Hell Chu's sword. Not a single one of them had remained. All of them had died in an extremely miserable way. Moreover, their corpses were weirdly crumpled.

It seemed as if someone had extracted all the energy from their bodies. These were fresh corpses, but they seemed like piles of rotting flesh instead.

This was due to the Nine Tribulations Sword's power of devouring life energy!

"Ou Du Xiao, I'm sorry to disappoint you," Chu Yang faintly smiled. He was trying hard to breathe evenly since he had erupted all of his martial power in the sword move. That was how he was able to kill twenty King Level Experts without a hitch in a split second. Not a single one had survived!

So, he was very exhausted at the moment.

Ou Du Xiao's entire body trembled, and he finally woke up to reality. He was sorrowful and indignant, "You… weren't you poisoned?"

"No sh*t!" Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, "Wouldn't I have been at your mercy at this moment if I had been poisoned? Moreover, all of your men have been killed by my hands. What else is there to doubt?"

Ou Du Xiao felt as if he had been dropped in an ice cave. His entire body turned ice-cold within an instant. His hands and feet felt numb.

[This damned butcher wiped out Ou Clan's residual strength in just one move!]

Then, a doubt swept past his heart, [Why didn't Chu Yang set about to kill us - father and son — earlier on? Could it be that he still wanted to humiliate us?]

However, Ou Du Xiao didn't know that Chu Yang's power was completely exhausted at present. He had issued his second move 'what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world' with one last strong push. So, he didn't have the least bit of power left at this time.

Consequently, Chu Yang would inevitably fall in a difficult situation if Ou Du Xiao were to attack him at this moment. Similarly, Chu Yang wouldn't be able to chase after Ou Du Xiao if the latter decided to run away.

Otherwise, Chu Yang's nature would've already driven him to kill them with his sword, and be done with it. After all, what was the use of humiliating an enemy who's about to die anyway? This would be an idiotic thing to do.

What if the enemy suddenly restored his strength or his reinforcements arrived while one was humiliating them? Wouldn't it be useless to repent afterwards?

Chu Yang would never handle a matter like that. He had always believed in the lesson that his master Meng Chao Ran had taught. In fact, he had found that lesson to be most reasonable, [Kill your enemy if you want to ensure that they aren't the least bit of a threat to you.]

[Humiliate them if you feel like doing so. But, do it after they're dead. They won't even be able to resist you in that case… not even if you take a sh*t on their faces.]

[What's the point in humiliating them before their death?]

Ou Du Xiao had great wisdom. So, he would've been able to notice this anomaly if his mind weren't in chaos. And, he could've run away from there as a result. However, his entire body had frozen at the moment. He had become utterly confused due to the sudden turn of events. There was still time to think over this situation… However, he had even lost the ability to that.

"King of Hell Chu… King of Hell Chu…" Ou Cheng Wu wriggled on the ground. He had a look of intense unwillingness on his face. Ou Du Xiao came back to his senses, and hastily went to lend a hand to his father. But, Ou Cheng Wu put out his hand, and pushed him aside.

Ou Cheng Wu had fixed his eyes on Chu Yang's face, "You… how did you find a flaw in our plan?" He extended his hand, and sprinkled a light-yellow medicine on his chopped legs. And, the bleeding immediately stopped as a result. However, he was still staring at Chu Yang, "This old man had examined this plan himself. It didn't have the least bit of oversight. How did you find out? How did you… beat us in our own game?"

Chu Yang looked at him amused, "It didn't have the least bit of oversight? Clan Lord Ou, you're too self-confident! I think there were at least four loopholes in your plan," he quickly circulated his martial power to restore his strength as he said this.

"Four loopholes?" Ou Cheng Wu was startled by this. He suddenly let out a hissing sound as he said, "I don't believe it! I don't believe it!" He had racked his brain to come up with this plan. Moreover, he had practiced this plan several times along the journey. That had obviously led to the death of several innocent experts. After all, all of them had become scapegoats in Ou Cheng Wu's experiment. Thus, Ou Cheng Wu had been fully confident that he could deal with Chu Yang using this plan. So, he spiraled into utter denial when he heard Chu Yang say that there were many loopholes in his plan.

"First, your brows were beaded with sweat. However, I found out that only you people were sweating when I looked carefully. Why were the horses not sweating even though they were pulling the carts? The horses should've been more tired than the people, right?" Chu Yang snorted as he stretched out one finger.

"Second, the goods should've been very heavy since the people were so tired. But, I saw the ruts left behind by your carriages. They weren't deep at all! They were so shallow that they were almost invisible. So, how did the people become tired? It was clearly fishy!"

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