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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 642 — Guide to the World of Poisons

Chapter 642: Guide to the World of Poisons

Chu Yang's silhouette was speeding along the main road. A long time had passed, and his heart had finally calmed down. Moreover, he hadn't met with any ambush along the journey. However, he had seen several scenes of people fighting in the Jianghu.

The more he approached the places where the great clans would gather, the more frequently he saw those fighting scenes. Corpses were lying everywhere along the way…

The great chaos of Jianghu had already arrived!

Chu Yang had been researching and studying the entire way. He had been thoroughly going through the 'Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book'. He felt that he had understood a few things from it.

[It seems like this 'Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book' isn't necessarily useless.]

['Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book'… Chapter one —'Poison Spirit Evil Technique'… Chapter two —'Ten-thousand poisons of the world'… Chapter three —'Use Poison to counter Poison'… Chapter four —'World's poisonous creatures'… Chapter five —'Indissoluble poisons'… Chapter six —'All the poisons of the world'…]

[The names and pictures of Poisonous Flood Dragon and Lust Dragon are impressively presented in detail in chapter four —'World's poisonous creatures'.]

[And, the lust poison of the Lust Dragon is categorized under the 'indissoluble poisons'.]

Sword Spirit inside Chu Yang's mind frowned. He had felt some unusual fluctuations in Chu Yang's energies. So, he couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing?"

"Reading a book," Chu Yang replied while looking over the book.

"What book?"

"Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book!"

"Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book?!" Sword Spirit was startled. So, he said, "Let me take a look."

Chu Yang used his intention, and put this book which was full of strange methods into the Nine Tribulations Space.

Sword Spirit's entire face turned serious. He read the book page by page, and finally closed it once he was done. He then heaved a long sigh, and shut his eyes. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something.

A long while passed. Then, Sword Spirit finally opened his mouth and said, "So it turned out to be that… this book isn't called 'Ten-Thousand Poisons Evil Book'. The correct name of this book is…'Guide to the World of Poison'…"

"'Guide to the World of Poison'?" Chu Yang was puzzled as he asked.

"That's right." Sword Spirit took a deep sigh, "This Guide to the World of Poison contains the methods of using various effects of poisons to poison people as well as the special methods which had made the 'Poison Doctor' Wu Jue Cheng famous in the past."

"Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng?" Chu Yang racked his brain. However, he realized that he had never heard this name before.

"Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng was one of the nine brothers of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword forty-thousand years ago. And, Wu Clan used to be one of the nine dominating clans of the Nine Heavens thirty-thousand years ago. Wu Jue Cheng would move unhindered in the Jianghu in those days relying upon his poison techniques. He would kill people, but also save them. However, he never lifted a hand or used any weapon. In fact, he would kill people while chatting and laughing with them. Even outstanding heroes would become helpless in front of him. Their valor would be of no use.

"The most thrilling fight of that time was Wu Clan's battle with the Heavenly Wolf Gang of the Upper Three Heavens. The Heavenly Wolf Gang had their foundation high up in the mountain forests. So, they stubbornly resisted. However, Wu Clan gained complete control of the battle after Wu Jue Cheng arrived and unleashed a plague. The area within a radius of fifteen-hundred kilometers had turned into a dead zone! No human or animal had survived!

"Wu Jue Cheng was indeed a highly proficient poison-expert. But, he was also a highly skilled divine doctor. He could heal any injury and counter any disease using poison. In fact, he could eradicate the illness while leaving no future worries. However, he subsequently started to develop an evil character. He started to do whatever he felt like doing. He was truly a 'monstre sacré' of that time!

"However, Wu Jue Cheng disappeared ten-thousand years later. A new Master of Nine Tribulations Sword had been born, and the Wu Clan had started to decline. It slowly disappeared from the Upper Three Heavens. After that, the 'Guide to the World of Poison' never appeared in the Jianghu.

"However, some people of the Wu Clan had managed to escape. I suspect that Supreme Expert Chen Feng who had once shaken the world was a descendent of Wu Jue Cheng."

Sword Spirit told the life history of this legendary character bit by bit… as if he was very familiar with the story. And, Chu Yang became fascinated only by hearing it.

"I see." Chu Yang silently heaved a sigh.

"However, the book in your hand isn't complete. It doesn't contain the most important methods of using poison to counter poison. Moreover, it is clearly visible that the poison technique has undergone some tampering…" Sword Spirit smiled in a strange manner.

"Oh?" Chu Yang immediately noticed that Sword Spirit's tone had changed. He asked, "How do you know?"

"Ha ha… It's because… I've rewritten this book!" Sword Spirit didn't have any expression on his face as he replied, "However, I hadn't expected that I'd see this book after thirty-thousand years."

"You rewrote this book?" Chu Yang jumped in fright this time.

"Yes. I had obtained the Guide to the World of Poison at that time after the Wu Clan was exterminated. The Sword Lord of that time had said — this book can leave a mark on the generations to come in the hands of a noble person. But, it can lead to great suffering for the common people if it falls into the hands of a person with evil intentions. I want to destroy this book, but I hate to part with it. So, tamper this book, and then keep it with you. Remove all the evil and cruel methods that violate humanity, and decrease the might of the poison technique to the minimum. Also, separate the book into two volumes — first and second."

"This book in your hand right now is the first volume," Sword Spirit said.

"So, you still remember everything?" Chu Yang's eyes lit up.

"Yes, I remember everything. But, this martial art can do great damage. You can't let someone else practice it since they might not be able to have a good control over it… Moreover, who'll ensure that it doesn't get used for harming people after you and your brothers are gone from this world?" Sword Spirit meaningfully looked at Chu Yang.

"There isn't any martial art in this world that is necessarily good or evil. Even the so-called prestigious clans don't have any shortage of nasty people and disciples with wild ambitions. It's like that saying —'even those who follow the demon's crooked path aren't necessarily the monsters that cause torment to common people'. In fact, great men and true heroes also emerge in abundance from among these monsters." Chu Yang indifferently said, "Besides, you destroyed the book at that time because you and that time's Master of Nine Tribulations Sword had already seized the Nine Heavens. However, I haven't even started my journey."

A solemn expression appeared in the eyes of Sword Spirit, "You want to practice it?"

"I have the 'Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique'. So, why would I bother to practice this poison technique?" Chu Yang said, "However, I need to know some of the methods no matter whether they save or harm people. This would only be useful in the future… It won't be harmful."

Sword Spirit hesitated for a long while, and then said, "I don't mind letting you know as long as you don't circulate it… Alright, I'll give you the complete Guide to the World of Poison!"

Chu Yang was overjoyed to hear this. So, he said, "Your brain is indeed loaded with a lot of good stuff. Let's do it this way… How about I give you a big pile of papers and a pen, and you write down everything you have in your mind for me? After all, it must be troublesome to squeeze information out of your head when things come to a head like this."

Sword Spirit became angry and said, "I was able to remember things because this book evoked my past memories. Do you think that I can retrieve everything from my memory by just trying to remember? You don't have any catalyst to evoke my memories. Anyway, what would be the use of it? Would you study all of my memories of ninety-thousand years if I wrote everything down? It would be equivalent to the learning obtained from the meticulous lifetime study of tens of thousands of people! You're truly the greediest. You're never satisfied!"

Chu Yang touched his nose, and forced a smile.

[This guy definitely has a lot of good stuff hidden inside his mind! I can know many suitable ways to help my brothers upgrade their strengths if I can dig out more. But, where can I go to find so many catalysts?]

Chu Yang was thinking all this as he watched the Sword Spirit trying hard to recall his memories. However, Chu Yang's feet had never stopped moving during this time. He had climbed to the top of a mountain by this time… He could only see green grassland in front of him at the moment. The trees seemed to be verdant and lush. In addition, there were buildings stretching endlessly into the distance. And, a crystal-clear river was flowing in a zigzag manner. The residential areas were in the surroundings of this river.

The river looked like a beautiful belt of crystal-clear water. Its waves were gleaming with the reflection of the sunlight. In fact, it seemed as if this stretch of land had come straight from a painting.

He had arrived at Mo Clan!

Gu Du Xing was passing through a forest. He suddenly felt that there was something fishy. Then, an aura came through from his front. It was carrying some kind of oppression along with it.

[But, taking the detour at this moment won't do. After all, the Gu Clan is just a hundred kilometers ahead from here.]

[I have to take this road. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I would have to go around for a few thousand kilometers… if I take the long route… The timing and terrain that the enemy has chosen is truly impeccable!]

Gu Du Xing suddenly thought in his heart as he strode over.

[I can't go around. So, I'll just have to kill!]

Gu Du Xing saw a man when he came out from the forest. This man was standing upright and unafraid in the narrow seam between two mountains that were pressed together. The tassel of the sword on his shoulder was waving in the wind.

This man's figure looked like a sharp sword at the entrance to the gap between two big mountains… In fact, it seemed as if this sharp sword had cracked-opened that gap between those mountains.

This man's stature was tall and sturdy. He had a towering figure. He also had fine beard on his face. He looked like a black-iron tower. He stood high and mighty like a mountain in the middle of the road. Wide sections of road were left on both sides of his body. But, it still felt as if he had blocked the entire road.

It seemed as if not even a drop could trickle through.

"Brother Gu, long time no see!" This man grinned as soon as he saw that Gu Du Xing had arrived. Then, he softly said. Simultaneously, an imposing aura of dominating the entire world suddenly spewed out from his shoulders.

Tu Qian Hao!

"Brother Tu?" Gu Du Xing's body landed like cotton wool and stopped. His complexion was cold! He insipidly said, "There's a scorching sun in the sky. However, Brother Tu looks lively and pleasant. Taking a leisurely sunbath under the blazing sun, are we?"

Tu Qian Hao spread a smile on his face. He then shook his head and said, "Brother Gu, you haven't seen this old friend for so long. But, you're still showing a poor attitude to him."

Gu Du Xing sneered. He then said without showing any trace of politeness, "Tu Qian Hao, you're blocking my way. Are you telling me that you have good intentions behind doing this? Just tell me… What do you want today?"

Tu Qian Hao took a deep breath. He then slowly pulled out the sword from the sheath behind his back. Then, he seriously said, "I had suffered a crushing defeat at Brother Gu's hands in our last fight. So, I've come to ask for some advice from Brother Gu."

Gu Du Xing took a step forward. And, cold sword energy emerged from his entire body. He then slowly swept his eyes around. After that, he lowly shouted, "Have you come by yourself?"

There was disdain in his voice. And, not even a bit of it was concealed.

Tu Qian Hao coldly snorted. He stared at him and said, "I won't hide the truth from you. Twenty people from my Tu Clan have come with me. So, we are twenty-one in total. And, our goal is to kill you!"

"He-he. You have a plan!" Gu Du Xing gave a false smile and snorted, "But, why haven't you ordered them to set into action? Why has this Great Young Master been left alone here to wrangle with me?"

Tu Qian Hao's face turned red. He fearlessly said, "Because… I want to fight with you before besieging you. A battle of life and death…!"

It seemed as if Tu Qian Hao's eyes would shoot flames. He then continued in a heavy tone, "I want to have a fair fight with you. Either I'll kill you… or you'll kill me…! And, I'll commit suicide on the spot if any of my men dares to set into action before this decisive battle is over."

Then, he turned around and fiercely shouted, "Did you guys hear? Come out for me!"

Several 'shua' sounds were heard as twenty men came out from behind a boulder in quick succession. They then stood behind Tu Qian Hao.

Tu Qian Hao's complexion turned as stiff as iron. He then shouted in a strict voice, "The one who dares to set into action before the fight ends will be responsible for my death! Understood?! I've been wild, arrogant, mean, and sly for my entire life. But, I've never been called 'spineless'. We can't allow anyone to call our Tu Clan spineless. Understood?!"

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