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True Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1484 — Breakthrough

Chapter 1484: Breakthrough


Bai Yueyin looked towards Yi Yun. After he entered through the stone wall, he exuded the air of a perfect lifeform. His body was pure and flawless, without a single impurity. The Yuan Qi in and surrounding his body automatically circulated as though it was a tiny universe. The surrounding laws were subtly attracted to Yi Yun, prostrating around him like he was a overlord.

Had he actually obtained its power?

Bai Yueyin found it unbelievable. She had been cultivating in this area for tens of millions of years, so she understood the Blood Fey Bone very well. It had its own set of rules. Even if it knew that it had little time left, it continued holding its ground in the Fey God Tomb. But today, it had actually handed its powers to a junior who was only at the Supremacy realm.

And at that moment, Yi Yun had already taken a step forward and entered the divine pool. He began absorbing the Divine Stalactite Marrow freely.

Bai Yueyin knew that Yi Yun's body was holding too much power, so much that he was unable to fully absorb it in time. He wanted to refine all of it for himself inside the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool.

When that happened, his cultivation level would naturally undergo a qualitative improvement.

The moment Yi Yun entered the divine pool, he made a tiny whirlpool form in the Divine Stalactite Marrow. Its very essence constantly flowed towards Yi Yun!

Bai Yueyin had previously promised to give Yi Yun half the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool. As such, she did not stop him from freely absorbing its essence.

If an ordinary warrior tried to absorb the Divine Stalactite Marrow at such a speed while digesting the ancient Fey's powers, they would have long exploded. However, Yi Yun managed to withstand it.

Bai Yueyin could sense that Yi Yun cultivated in a very domineering body-tempering cultivation technique. It made his body a hundred times stronger and robust.

What she identified as a body-tempering cultivation technique was none other than the Dragon Emperor Technique.

This divine technique he had obtained from within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron required large amounts of natural treasures to fuel its cultivation. However, due to this special characteristic, the natural treasures could be consumed extremely quickly once the Dragon Emperor Technique was circulated.

Bai Yueyin silently watched Yi Yun cultivate. She could feel that his cultivation level was rapidly rising, and it would only be a matter of hours before he broke through to the late-stages of the Supremacy realm.

And then—


There was a loud boom that left the space trembling violently. Bai Yueyin frowned slightly.

It was starting again!

The space's location had already been pinpointed by that powerful existence. Of course He would stop at nothing to tear a spatial passageway open.

Yi Yun also sensed the spatial changes even as he cultivated. If the demonic servants were to swarm in, he would have to stop his cultivation. The effects on his cultivation would be nontrivial.

The space continued quaking as a black rift suddenly appeared above them. Furthermore, it began constantly expanding. Behind the rift, one could already see countless demonic servants packed tightly together. The number of demonic servants was far greater than the previous horde.

Bai Yueyin hurriedly stood up inside the divine pool. With a wave of her hand, a blinding white light immediately flew towards the rift.

Instantly, countless chunks of frost appeared around the rift. The terrifying and harsh coldness froze the spatial rift.

A dull sound they could hardly make out came from the rift. It sounded like a warning that came from ancient times.

As for Bai Yueyin, light emitted from her body as her aura was extremely austere. Her pretty face contained bloodlust as she coldly cried, "Begone!"


The frost exploded as the ice sealed an entire area. The spatial rift was torn into countless pieces amid the frost before being completely annihilated.

He had forcibly opened a spatial passageway but Bai Yueyin closed it before it could fully open.

Immediately following that, Bai Yueyin set up a spatial array to seal off the entire space.

Yi Yun watched Bai Yueyin and found himself inwardly astounded. After Bai Yueyin got her injuries under control, the strength she released was far greater than before. He couldn't fathom how powerful she was at her peak.

The dull sound from before likely came from the Ancestor God. It was unknown how far He was from the spatial passageway yet He was able to transmit his voice right to them.

Bai Yueyin noticed Yi Yun watching her. She gave him a glance before sitting back in the divine pool.

"You can cultivate as you wish. He cannot leave that place, nor can His true body descend in here. As for those demonic servants, they no longer pose a threat now that I've mostly recovered from my injuries. I believe He will not waste his strength for nothing."

Upon hearing Bai Yueyin's reassurance, Yi Yun closed his eyes again and fully focused on his cultivation.

Several hours later, a mystical change happened within the sealed cave. A massive Yuan Qi vortex appeared above Yi Yun's head as it stirred the entire divine pool.

It was absorbing large amounts of Divine Stalactite Marrow from the divine pool. Following that, the Yuan Qi vortex formed a funnel that fed all of its energy to Yi Yun.

Large amounts of Yuan Qi surged into his body, constantly raising his aura.

Late-stage Supremacy!

After long periods of accumulation, Yi Yun was already just a sliver short of the late-stage Supremacy realm. His current breakthrough was only natural with these ripe conditions.

After Yi Yun broke through to the late-stages of the Supremacy realm, his eyes remained closed as he continued cultivating.

The divine mountain cave was an excellent spot for cultivation. He had both the Blood Fey Bone's power in him as well as the Divine Stalactite Marrow helping him.

Yi Yun had decided to seclude himself here for a long period of time. He estimated that he could improve one step further once he completely digested the energy.

Cultivation knew no time. Yi Yun no longer had any sense of time's passage.

The beginning of the ancient battlefield would last from ten plus years to thirty years. The warriors that entered would first seek out opportunities before seeking a wonderland where they could spend most of their time in cultivation. After all, there was a need to refine whatever opportunities one had found. After increasing their strength, they would have more of an advantage in the competition.

The seasons passed as years flew by one by one.

Bai Yueyin had fully recovered from her injuries but she did not leave. To a Godly Monarch that had a lifespan of hundreds of millions of years, a few decades was like the snap of a finger. A short meditation would take that long.

She quietly rested while regulating herself until one day, a light cracking sound suddenly emitted from the youth who was immersed in the Divine Stalactite Marrow. Like a baby dragon coming out of its shell and immediately soaring into the heavens, Yi Yun's body suddenly released a terrifying primordial strength after the light crack.

The divine pool spun around Yi Yun crazily as his body seemed to be like a ferocious beast with a gaping maw. It was frenetically absorbing all the surrounding energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yi Yun's body emitted the sound of thunder as the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence and Primordial Chaos Destruction space, as well as various other phenomena, constantly appeared around Yi Yun.

When these phenomena disappeared, Yi Yun's aura turned calm once more. He opened his extremely bright eyes which sparkled like the heavenly bodies in the sky.

Peak Supremacy!

Yi Yun took a deep breath, and the air in the cave became two vortices because of his mere exhalation.

Yi Yun stood up from the divine pool and took in his newfound power, Then, he punched forward. He did not use any of his body's strength or power it with Yuan Qi.

It looked like a light punch.


As Yi Yun swung his fist out, nomological Dao patterns naturally condensed on his fist, splitting space apart as he slammed it heavily into the mountain walls.

Immediately, the wall shook as the stone cracked. The extremely hard mountain was left with a deep fist imprint that would forever be there, with even time finding it difficult to wipe it off.

Only then did Yi Yun reveal a satisfied expression. His strength was not far from that of a Divine Lord. By becoming one would he dare to be confident, confident that he had many ways of preserving himself in the impending storm.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt the laws around him change. Bai Yueyin also sensed it, and she had a deeper understanding of it than him.

"Oh? It seems like it's some change of the ancient battlefield. It has reached all the way here…" said Bai Yueyin.

The cave was almost fully isolated from the external world but it was still part of the ancient battlefield. Only the changes of the ancient battlefield's laws could be transmitted inside.

But why now?

At that moment, Bai Yueyin realized that the nomological changes seemed to be circling Yi Yun.

After a clear hum, an ancient beam of light flew out of Yi Yun's body.

"Oh? It's the Decimation Token?" Yi Yun wore a look of shock.

Countless laws lingered around the token as it immediately transformed into a point of light that flew towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun did not dodge and allowed the point of light to land on his chest. It was very close to the runic mark from before.

The point of light gradually turned corporeal as it became a blood-red mark. It was ancient and mystical in a way that could send one into a daze just by mere sight of it.

Yi Yun circulated his Yuan Qi, and when the Yuan Qi passed through the blood-red mark it would emit resplendent light. Sensing that,Yi Yun punched out again.

This punch emitted a ear-piercing whistle as it landed on the imprint Yi Yun left just moments ago.


The divine cave mountain seemed to explode as the extremely solid wall produced numerous fractures then, with a loud crack, was reduced to countless bits of rubble that peeled off.

Following that, the rubble gathered together again, mending the cracked spot on the wall, slowly restoring itself to how it was formerly.

This was the second mark…

Yi Yun pondered slightly. He had obtained the first mark in the Divine Perish Hall. He had used the Shura token to absorb the nebulous Primordial Chaos in the Divine Perish Hall.

As for the second mark, he had obtained it from the Fey God Tomb. It was likely related to his absorption of the Blood Fey Bone's powers.

Bai Yueyin had witnessed all of this from the side. She noticed that Yi Yun already had another mark when he obtained the second mark.

"Is that the Shura mark…"

She sighed lightly. This youth had too many miracles happen to him. He had actually condensed two Shura marks. It was the recognition of the ancient battlefield. Over hundreds of millions of years, the number of Shura marks born from the ancient battlefield could be counted on one hand. Yet, Yi Yun had obtained two already.

However, Bai Yueyin clearly did not wish to raise the issue. Instead she said, "It has been twelve years. You are also at peak Supremacy. It's time to leave this place. I will be leaving too. I have sealed the space here but once I leave, this space will open once more."

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