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True Martial World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1485 — Exiting Seclusion After Twelve Years

Chapter 1485: Exiting Seclusion After Twelve Years

Yi Yun had been cultivating the entirety of the past twelve years. He had absorbed nearly forty percent of the Divine Stalactite Marrow, which did not exceed his promise with Bai Yueyin.

"Senior, how are your injuries?" asked Yi Yun.

"I'm fine," replied Bai Yueyin simply.

Yi Yun nodded. He knew that the root cause of her injuries were not that easily resolved. She probably only meant that she had her injuries under control.

Noticing that Bai Yueyin was about to leave, Yi Yun had to ask the question that was burning inside him.

"Senior, pardon me for asking, but do you have a disciple named Lin Xintong?" Yi Yun took a deep breath as he calmed his emotions and asked this important question. After he did so, Yi Yun stared at Bai Yueyin intently, watching for any changes in expression. He felt slightly uneasy. Although he had spent twelve years in the cave with Bai Yueyin, he gained no understanding of Bai Yueyin's character. Although she had never harmed him and had kept her promises, he couldn't help but remember that she had heavily injured Azure Yang Lord, causing his defeat in battle that made him enter the lower realm in a downtrodden state. Yi Yun found her an enigma.

However, a person like Bai Yueyin was filled with mystery to begin with. It was impossible for him to easily see through her.

Lin Xintong had been taken back to the White Lunar Divine Empire by this unfathomable woman. He was naturally filled with speculation and questions.

Bai Yueyin gave Yi Yun a surprised glance. She guessed at his motives through his expression.

"That's right. Xintong is my disciple. Why do you ask? Xintong has been focusing on cultivation and remains undistracted. She shows no interest in anything else."

Bai Yueyin was uncertain about Yi Yun's motives and could only warn him to forgo any wild thoughts.

Yi Yun remained silent. The way Bai Yueyin put it implied that Lin Xintong was very safe at the moment. Her tone also seemed to imply that she placed great importance on Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun did not plan on telling Bai Yueyin his relationship with Lin Xintong. If he did, she could very well hinder them in various ways or even act against him to ensure Lin Xintong's carefree cultivation. That would be trouble.

"Senior, you are overthinking things. I have long heard of Fairy Lin's fame and am only a little curious about her. Senior, I heard that Fairy Lin chanced upon you and that you brought her back to the White Lunar Divine Empire, is that true?" continued Yi Yun.

Bai Yueyin gave him a glance, her eyes emitting a look of displeasure. Clearly, she had no intention to entertain the topic further.

Yi Yun had no choice but to shut his mouth. He did not have a strong enough grasp of Bai Yueyin's character. She was just too mysterious.

Yi Yun was puzzled over the reasoning behind Bai Yueyin taking Lin Xintong in as her disciple. Perhaps some spectacular event had happened to Lin Xintong?

But after seeing the great importance Bai Yueyin placed on Lin Xintong, Yi Yun no longer worried for Lin Xintong's safety, at least for the time being. He could not continue asking for more, afraid that it would raise Bai Yueyin's suspicions.

"It's time to leave," said Bai Yueyin.

Yi Yun stood up. He took one last, longing look at the Blood Fey Bone on the cave wall and the Divine Stalactite Marrow. He left the divine cavern together with Bai Yueyin.

The moment they left the divine mountain, Bai Yueyin said indifferently, "Your talent is extraordinary and the light from providence shines on you. I wish you the best."

With that said, she raised her hand and shot a cold beam at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's heart leaped but he did not dodge. When the cold beam landed on his chest, he immediately felt as though a certain spot on his body had been stabbed by an ice needle. Following that, a gray light surged out of his body before Bai Yueyin snuffed it out with a frost beam.

Yi Yun looked at the gray light and knew that it was a mark left behind by the Ancestor God. He had broken through to the peak Supremacy realm and had his body nearly reconstructed but he had failed to discover the tracing mark. From the looks of it, the mark's purpose was much more than just tracing.

Compared to that legendary existence, he was still too weak.

"Thank you, Senior…" Yi Yun looked up and thanked Bai Yueyin. But in that short time, there was no one in front of him. Bai Yueyin had already vanished.

A figure like Bai Yueyin naturally had many things and people that required her attention. It was impossible for her to stay with him any longer than she already had.

Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief now that Bai Yueyin was gone. It was time to continue his journey through the ancient battlefield alone.

The Fey God Tomb's originally chaotic Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had calmed down greatly. The terrifying source of it—the Blood Fey Bone—had been taken away by Yi Yun. However, the dangers that surrounded the Fey God Tomb would continue for some time. It was like a furnace. Even if the firewood was removed, the remnant could still continue burning for quite a period of time.

Perhaps this place would become an ordinary but massive chasm after a few more centuries.

There were too many wonderlands, perilous lands, and mystic realms in this world. They would come into existence for different reasons and give birth to great dangers and even greater opportunities. They might cause a stir for a period of time, making people revere or fear them while flocking to see. Perhaps there were many stunning elites that once ended up perishing in there but, eventually, these perilous mystic realms would be forgotten in the long rivers of time…

Yi Yun sighed as he gave a deep bow in the direction of the Blood Fey Bone.

It had spent its mighty life waiting in this area for hundreds of millions of years alone, experiencing the endless barrage of time until it finally could rest…

From this day forth, those that knew of its existence would be few in number. The Fey God Tomb would eventually be forgotten.

"Senior, rest in peace. I will continue Senior Pure Yang's legacy and complete it for him!"

Yi Yun bowed once more as he got up and proceeded out the Fey God Tomb!

"It's been twelve years. I wonder how Luoyue and company are." He never expected to spend so much time inside the Fey God Tomb.

Back then, they had come so far only by accompanying the warrior that had possessed the Blood Fey Bone. Yi Yun did not have the time to send them out and could only have them stay where they were. He never expected to encounter the Ancestor God in the Blood Fey Bone cave, which resulted in the need to seal it. Then Yi Yun received the Blood Fey Bone's lifeblood powers and had to cultivate immediately. If he stopped midway, he would have wasted a great deal of energy for no reason.

"The danger in the Fey God Tomb should have decreased drastically after I absorbed the Blood Fey Bone's powers. Luoyue and company should be fine. Besides, Fairy Yourou is there. She's no ordinary person, so it shouldn't be difficult for them to leave the Fey God Tomb!"

With this thought in mind, he went to where he separated from Luoyue and company. He scanned the area with his psyche and indeed, they were already gone.

Twelve years was too long for young warriors. Yi Yun felt a little sorry. He did not know how much danger they encountered while waiting for him.

"I think it's best if I confirm they are safe. I hope that nothing ill has befallen them."

Yi Yun stepped past the region and saw the dried riverbed from before. Twelve years ago, they had entered the Fey God Tomb by walking parallel to it.

"Oh? Someone's there!"

Yi Yun's mind stirred as he immediately hid himself. He saw a group of warriors approaching him while following the riverbed…

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