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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 247.3 — The Continuously Strengthening Tang Sect

Volume 26, Chapter 247.3: The Continuously Strengthening Tang Sect

Jing Ziyan said, “You are so narcissistic, of course there’s something wrong with your brain! What kind of dirty stuff do you have in your brain? Stay far away from me in the future! Don’t infect me.” As she spoke, she even shifted a few steps away from Xu Sanshi.

Although Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were watching what was going on in the arena, their shoulders were twitching slightly as they hid their laughter.

A wicked person would be afflicted by a similar personality. Xu Sanshi was mocking everyone, but Jing Ziyan gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Xu Sanshi was in a daze as he stood there. After a while, his lips started to twitch and he flung his head to one side. “A strong person doesn’t need anyone to understand him.”

As they were conversing, the fight between Bei Bei and Ji Juechen began.

The two of them were standing in the Sparring Arena, separated by fifty meters. Their soul rings rose at around the same time.

While Bei Bei appeared gentle and refined most of the time, he turned serious when he was going to fight. Two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings rose from his feet. He also looked slightly bigger. Bluish-purple electricity surrounded his body, and dragon scales started to surface on his skin.

As his cultivation increased, the scales didn’t just cover his arms anymore.

The left side of his face was completely covered in scales, and his right arm ballooned in size. As the scales spread, they quickly engulfed his entire body. His shirt was almost torn apart as he grew in size.

As electricity sparkled, Bei Bei seemed to be filled with boundless strength. He slowly lifted his right claw in front of his chest, and his eyes turned bluish-purple. As electricity revolved around his body, the space around him also started to distort. It became very difficult to tell where his actual position was.

Ji Juechen’s fighting style never changed. He grabbed the hilt of his Judgment Sword with both hands and slowly lifted it up.

Initially, this sword was used by Ma Rulong against Ma Xiaotao during the tournament. Its power had activated Ma Xiaotao’s evil fire completely, causing her to eventually be overcome. The results were tragic.

Right now, the situation appeared to be different, as the Judgment Sword was in Ji Juechen’s hands.

The auras of darkness and light surged out from this sword at the same time. The sharp sword intent from Ji Juechen’s body rose and combined with the aura of darkness and light.

A strong sense of danger caused Huo Yuhao and the rest to turn serious.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected Ji Juechen to activate both the strength of darkness and light from the Judgment Sword at the same time. He didn’t plan to use the skills that came with this Judgment Sword, but intended to combine the strength contained within the sword with his sword intent. Huo Yuhao had to admit that Ji Juechen was indeed a madman in terms of cultivation.

The words ‘madman’ and ‘genius’ were usually synonyms. At least, that was the case for Ji Juechen.

The sword radiance that shot into the sky was unpredictable. It extended more than ten feet into the air, and was much stronger than Ji Juechen’s original sword intent. This was the strength of a Class 8 soul tool!

However, darkness and light were opposing forces. When they appeared at the same time, they were bound to conflict with each other. If one party gained the upper hand, it was bound to swallow the other party.

The powers of darkness and light covered different sides of the Judgment Sword. To ensure the balance of the sword, the strengths of both forces were equal. At this point, they were activated by Ji Juechen and there was no conflict between them. However, it was more dangerous like that.

The powers of darkness and light were about to cause an explosion.

At this point, a layer of silver light shot out from the sword tip. It squeezed in between the powers of darkness and light, segregating both forces. The unstable sword intent a moment ago slowly started to stabilize. The sword radiance also started to turn golden, silver and black. The sword radiance changed into a tri-colored blade in the air.

Only one day had passed! Ji Juechen had actually understood the Judgment Sword to such an extent. Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected this to happen.

He had passed the Judgment Sword to Ji Juechen because he had thought that Ji Juechen was more suited for it. As for Huo Yuhao, using a Class 8 soul tool would greatly restrict his freedom, as he had various other abilities.

Elder Mu had once told Huo Yuhao that the Judgment Sword wasn’t ordinary. Although it was a Class 8 soul tool, its brilliance wasn’t inferior to Class 9 soul tools. Otherwise, why would Jing Hongchen make a sudden trip to Shrek Academy to demand the sword back?

At this moment, the Judgment Sword gave off a different feeling in Ji Juechen’s hands. The pure sword intent segregated the forces of darkness and light. However, these two forces were attracted to it like it was a magnet. The two forces wanted to overwhelm the opposing force, but this only served to consolidate Ji Juechen’s sword radiance.

Ji Juechen was like a stone statue as he stood there quietly. Only the sword radiance was unleashed. At this instant, Bei Bei felt a great sense of danger. He knew that the might of that sword was going to be extremely great once it was unleashed.

Solitary Sword Domain!

When he had faced Wang Qiu’er yesterday, Ji Juechen didn’t use his strongest offensive ability, as he was unfamiliar with his opponent. Once he entered his domain state, his spirit, energy and mind would fuse together. It was impossible for him to show any mercy then. That was why he had used his evolved Dragonslayer sword intent. However, Wang Qiu’er had been much stronger than he had expected, and thus he suffered greatly at her hands.

However, he wasn’t going to hold back today. As the eldest senior of the sect, Bei Bei’s abilities were immense. Ji Juechen had just received his Judgment Sword, and thus he was raring to go. He was giving his all the moment he appeared!

The last time Huo Yuhao had faced this domain, Ji Juechen had needed Jing Ziyan to help protect him. That was because incubating the domain required time. But this time, he used the domain immediately, as if he wasn’t afraid of being disrupted by his opponent.

Bei Bei moved!

Just as Ji Juechen settled into place, Bei Bei initiated his attack.

Bei Bei’s abilities had been increasing steadily over these past few years. His fighting will had been affected by Tang Ya’s disappearance, and there were changes compared to the past. He had slowly infused his yearning for Tang Ya and his internal sorrow into his fighting strategy, complementing it with his soul skills. Although it didn’t involve a fusion of spiritual and soul power as great as the Sovereign’s Descent, his own comprehension was getting better and better. He was slowly seeing the path that belonged to him alone.

Bei Bei stomped on the ground with his right leg, and his body shot forward like a bolt of lightning. In the air, he waved his right hand in Ji Juechen’s direction. His Thunderous Dragon Claw enlarged in the air and swept towards Ji Juechen.

Even though his Dragon Claw was formed using soul power and lightning, it still projected a vivid form in the air. When it was about to hit Ji Juechen, the size of the claw was just at the right size to envelop Ji Juechen completely.

At this point, the electricity surrounding Bei Bei’s body retracted. However, his scales turned bluish-purple. A bright bluish-purple light that undulated slightly emanated from beneath his feet. He also let out a deep dragon’s roar.

It was very easy to tell if one was strong. Although Bei Bei had only unleashed his first soul skill, his control and judgment left Jing Ziyan extremely impressed.

Ji Juechen’s Solitary Sword Domain needed to have some accumulation before it could be unleashed. However, he had reached a level where he could unleash an attack without accumulating very long.

Undoubtedly, his domain would be stronger if the accumulation was greater. Bei Bei sensed this threat, and thus he immediately made his move. If it were any other soul master, he might delay because of Ji Juechen’s weirdness. But every second of delay would strengthen the Solitary Sword Domain.

With Ji Juechen’s current cultivation, he could accumulate his strength for fifteen seconds straight. Once these fifteen seconds were over, he would have gathered his entire cultivation into one strike. After this strike, he would lose all fighting strength. However, even a Titled Douluo would find it difficult to deal with such a strike.

When Huo Yuhao had faced this domain in the past, Ji Juechen hadn’t made it so extreme yet. After modification, he had carved out an extreme path for himself, and developed an extreme attack. He had turned all his strength into a single attack. He wanted an explosive strength that was lethal.

Bei Bei didn’t give him the full fifteen seconds. To be accurate, the Thunderous Dragon Claw reached him after only two seconds had passed.

The Solitary Sword Domain was unleashed!

The radiance on the Judgment Sword dimmed. The original tri-colored sword radiance was covered by a dim layer of grey. As the sword radiance swept out, it converted into a streak of flowing light that dragged Ji Juechen’s body along.

The Thunderous Dragon Claw couldn’t stop it from moving forward. In Bei Bei’s eyes, Ji Juechen had disappeared at this moment. What was left was only a sword blade without any aura, shining with a tri-colored glow.

Sheet! Bei Bei cursed in his heart. It was his first time seeing such a sword intent. However, he was much more acute than others. When Ji Juechen’s sword swept out, he knew that he couldn’t resist it head-on. However, it was impossible to dodge it!

When Ji Juechen’s sword was unleashed, it completely locked onto Bei Bei. The sword radiance pursued Bei Bei, so fast that it couldn’t be avoided.

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